now of course the question is

Also on the whole Edward shaping his pubes thing, I imagined him having a Karen Smith moment. In which his uses a mirror to help him, but the question mark is backwards.

He doesn’t realize it until he goes up to Jon, dramatically throws off his robe, and asks if he notices anything different. Jon would groan and shake his head claiming this was worse than when he shaved his head into a question mark mohawk.

Or at least he would have if he hadn’t started laughing and asked if his dick was confused. Edward is of course offended and sneaks a glance at himself in the full body mirror still not understanding why Jon is lau- ooohh he sees it now. There he goes stomping off to the bathroom to shave everything off.

A Passion for Fashion?

Right off the bat I would say that if Lord Elessar Volundir had won the prize that there was some sort of favoritism involved. Naturally, with that head thing he wore that gave him the look like of a bald man trying not to get a sunburned head; he did not. Of course, that didn’t stop from one keen observer to notice that he seemed to be in very cozy conversation with the Vice Legate Cavalli and begs us to question if he’s no longer single and ready to mingle?

But if there’s anyone hotter this season it’s Minister Savik Mirvolan. Number one right now for most date-able minister, which isn’t hard because the rest are women or Whistles. Savik won last nights competition and it’s no surprise as he is always the highlight of Ossan fashion trends. But it begs the question, are all the ladies of the kingdom falling over themselves to see him actually barking up the wrong tree?

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“Just please be my best friend right now, not the guy I just confessed my love to.” /Wilford and Dark\

Dark had fled shortly after confessing his love to Wilford. Now, here he was, kicked out of his house again. 

“Wilford- Just- Please be my best friend right now, not the guy I just confessed my love to.” Dark begs softly, and Wilford blinks.

“Of course.” He murmurs, keeping his tone low and hushed to soothe Dark. 
“Of course, Darkie. You want another blanket?”

Wilford can question Dark later, for now he’ll do just what Dark asked. He’ll be his best friend. 

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How did you learn Russian? And why? :)

I started learning Russian in college, in a classroom setting. At first I had American professors, then Russians; I also did an intensive summer program after my first two semesters of normal classes. That got me to probably about a B1 in CEFR terms. Then I went to Russia a few times (different places around the country) and developed my skills a great deal more in more natural settings, as well as in the context of Russian university courses. I haven’t taken a formal exam in a while, but I’d guess that I’m at about C1 now.

Why, in this case, is not as straightforward a question as how… When I was a kid I really loved Russian/Soviet orchestral music, I suppose it started there. There were other factors, later: in middle school I wanted to be involved in space science and realized that the U.S. space program was undergoing considerable cuts, so I figured I’d better eventually learn Russian, and then in high school I did a competition called “Academic Decathlon”, and the subject my first year of that happened to be Russia. So I read Doctor Zhivago in English about five times, as well as assorted poetry (again, in translation) by Pasternak and others, and decided I wanted to find out what all this really sounded like. Five years later, here I am, knowing what it all sounds like.

My friend told me a story he hadn’t told anyone for years. When he used to tell it years ago people would laugh and say, ‘Who’d believe that? How can that be true? That’s daft.’ So he didn’t tell it again for ages. But for some reason, last night, he knew it would be just the kind of story I would love.
When he was a kid, he said, they didn’t use the word autism, they just said ‘shy’, or ‘isn’t very good at being around strangers or lots of people.’ But that’s what he was, and is, and he doesn’t mind telling anyone. It’s just a matter of fact with him, and sometimes it makes him sound a little and act different, but that’s okay.
Anyway, when he was a kid it was the middle of the 1980s and they were still saying ‘shy’ or ‘withdrawn’ rather than ‘autistic’. He went to London with his mother to see a special screening of a new film he really loved. He must have won a competition or something, I think. Some of the details he can’t quite remember, but he thinks it must have been London they went to, and the film…! Well, the film is one of my all-time favourites, too. It’s a dark, mysterious fantasy movie. Every single frame is crammed with puppets and goblins. There are silly songs and a goblin king who wears clingy silver tights and who kidnaps a baby and this is what kickstarts the whole adventure.
It was ‘Labyrinth’, of course, and the star was David Bowie, and he was there to meet the children who had come to see this special screening.
‘I met David Bowie once,’ was the thing that my friend said, that caught my attention.
‘You did? When was this?’ I was amazed, and surprised, too, at the casual way he brought this revelation out. Almost anyone else I know would have told the tale a million times already.
He seemed surprised I would want to know, and he told me the whole thing, all out of order, and I eked the details out of him.
He told the story as if it was he’d been on an adventure back then, and he wasn’t quite allowed to tell the story. Like there was a pact, or a magic spell surrounding it. As if something profound and peculiar would occur if he broke the confidence.
It was thirty years ago and all us kids who’d loved Labyrinth then, and who still love it now, are all middle-aged. Saddest of all, the Goblin King is dead. Does the magic still exist?
I asked him what happened on his adventure.
‘I was withdrawn, more withdrawn than the other kids. We all got a signed poster. Because I was so shy, they put me in a separate room, to one side, and so I got to meet him alone. He’d heard I was shy and it was his idea. He spent thirty minutes with me.
‘He gave me this mask. This one. Look.
‘He said: ‘This is an invisible mask, you see?
‘He took it off his own face and looked around like he was scared and uncomfortable all of a sudden. He passed me his invisible mask. ‘Put it on,’ he told me. ‘It’s magic.’
‘And so I did.
‘Then he told me, ‘I always feel afraid, just the same as you. But I wear this mask every single day. And it doesn’t take the fear away, but it makes it feel a bit better. I feel brave enough then to face the whole world and all the people. And now you will, too.
‘I sat there in his magic mask, looking through the eyes at David Bowie and it was true, I did feel better.
‘Then I watched as he made another magic mask. He spun it out of thin air, out of nothing at all. He finished it and smiled and then he put it on. And he looked so relieved and pleased. He smiled at me.
‘'Now we’ve both got invisible masks. We can both see through them perfectly well and no one would know we’re even wearing them,’ he said.
‘So, I felt incredibly comfortable. It was the first time I felt safe in my whole life.
‘It was magic. He was a wizard. He was a goblin king, grinning at me.
‘I still keep the mask, of course. This is it, now. Look.’
I kept asking my friend questions, amazed by his story. I loved it and wanted all the details. How many other kids? Did they have puppets from the film there, as well? What was David Bowie wearing? I imagined him in his lilac suit from Live Aid. Or maybe he was dressed as the Goblin King in lacy ruffles and cobwebs and glitter.
What was the last thing he said to you, when you had to say goodbye?
‘David Bowie said, ‘I’m always afraid as well. But this is how you can feel brave in the world.’ And then it was over. I’ve never forgotten it. And years later I cried when I heard he had passed.’
My friend was surprised I was delighted by this tale.
‘The normal reaction is: that’s just a stupid story. Fancy believing in an invisible mask.’
But I do. I really believe in it.
And it’s the best story I’ve heard all year.
—  Paul Magrs
  • Namjoon: Now, let's say you haven't eaten for days and you're in desperate need of food. What do you do?
  • Jungkook: If I haven't eaten for days, then I'll die, duh!
  • Namjoon: Suppose you're alive, then what?
  • Jungkook: I ask Seokjin-hyung to cook me something. Simple.
  • Namjoon: What if Seokjin-hyung isn't here?
  • Taehyung: Why, where did hyung go?
  • Namjoon: It's not important. He left the country.
  • Hoseok: He left the country?
  • Yoongi: Why?
  • Jimin: Is he okay?
  • Seokjin: Of course, I'm okay. I'm fucking fantastic, have you seen my face?
  • Namjoon: Yes, Seokjin-hyung is fine. Jfc, answer the question.
  • Jungkook: Well, if he's fine, I don't see why he can't cook me something.
  • Namjoon: *flips table*

 Here are a few language headcanons, because I know you kids love them:

Viktor’s English doesn’t really get proficient until he’s in his late teens, probably after the Turin Olympics. He’s spoken French flawlessly since he was small, but English doesn’t come to him as quickly for a variety of reasons, so there are plenty of remnants of his pre-fluency days–interviews where his accent is thick and his articles are nonexistent. Viktor is embarrassed by them; Yuuri covets them.

Yuuri, on the other hand, has been more or less fluent in English since a young age, through the combined efforts of Minako and maybe his father. His time in America only improved his fluency. He speaks in a midwestern lilt, tends to speak with sibilant S’s, and drops double consonants. People have called his accent ‘feminine’–which is hilarious to Yuuri, because he grew up speaking Japanese in an incredibly gruff accent.

(An accent, by the way, that Viktor picks up)

There are many people, however, who don’t realize that Yuuri speaks such good English. He has a long history of letting others–his coaches, Viktor, Phichit–speak for him, and many people assume that this is because he doesn’t speak English well. Of course, the truth is that Yuuri just doesn’t want to talk to the press. 

Yuuri is perfectly happy to let them think he’s not fluent–and even encourages this misconception by bowing-and-nodding his way through crowds of reporters.

Sometimes, when he’s caught by a reporter and has to say something, he deliberately says something to Viktor in Japanese, who then translates it into something more palatable than what he actually said.

“Tell her my legs feel like they’re going to fall off and I want to go the fuck home, Viktor.”

“Yuuri’s very tired right now! We’ll answer questions at the presser tomorrow, thank you!”

(This has gotten them in trouble a few times. Yuuri’s Japanese is difficult to understand for even a native speaker, unless that speaker also comes from Kyushu, but Yuuri receives a very cross Skype call from his mother after a press interview during which the microphone picked up Yuuri telling Viktor to tell a reporter that his toupee looked like a bird had made its nest on top of his head. Toshiya was in the background of this Skype call, trying to look stern and failing because he kept having to look off into the distance and push down his laughter. Mari wasn’t even trying–Yuuri could hear her laughter from the kitchen.)

Yuuri’s Viktor Nikiforov Obsessed Ass took a Russian minor in college. He’s conversational in Russian by the time Viktor drops into his life, and his fluency only increases from there. 

It gets to the point where Yuuri and Viktor flip semi-randomly between Japanese and Russian. This is 50% because they don’t even notice themselves doing it anymore, and 50% because neither of them likes their marriage being surrounded by microphones and cameras 24/7.

Of course, there are large teams of dedicated fan translators who have made it their solemn duty to figure out what it is that Yuuri and Viktor are muttering about in the kiss-and-cry, because sometimes it’s boring stuff (Technical things, groceries, Makkachin’s next vet appointment) but sometimes it’s things like “I’m going to eat a whole cheesecake when this competition is done and you can’t stop me” / ”I’ll watch you.” 

“Who on earth has this much time on their hands?” Yuuri mutters to himself, when someone sends him a link to an archive of translations, and Viktor just makes a vague noise and keeps scrolling.



Two things:

1) the tattoo is real

2) he tagged it with “supernaturalfanart” and “supernaturaltattoo”

So is it actually show related, then???

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this is a silly question, but what do you mean, "the flavor profiles might have shifted?"

Not at all silly! I’m referring to the fact that changes in manufacturing processes, ingredients, and breeding of both flora and fauna mean that the food we eat today may taste significantly different from the food of 100 years ago and yet we still refer to it by the same name.

The most well-known example of this, of course, is the Gros Michel/Cavendish issue; until the 1950s, Gros Michel bananas were the most common export, but now mostly in the US we eat Cavendish bananas, which have a different flavor. Cooking with Gros Michel and Cavendish bananas are going to get you different end results because they taste different; Rex Stout’s banana bread won’t taste like Sam Starbuck’s, and also any seasoning in the recipe (spices, etc) is aimed at complimenting the Gros Michel, and may not work as well on the Cavendish. (This is in theory, I don’t know if he has a banana bread recipe or if it was written pre or post Cavendish.) 

The same goes for a lot of fruits and vegetables – we haven’t necessarily changed breeds but we’ve certainly begun aggressively breeding for flavor or size or color, and we’ve also begun importing from hundreds or thousands of miles away, affecting freshness and flavor along the way. Which means a tomato today is a different beast from the tomato of fifty years ago. 

In one of the Nero Wolfe short stories, Wolfe gives a recipe for corn: roasted in the hottest possible oven for forty minutes, husked at the table, and served with only butter, salt, and pepper, “it is ambrosia”. But that’s for corn grown at a farm less than three hours from Wolfe’s home, picked less than half a day before it was cooked, and picked by hand just as it came fully ripe – Wolfe knows there’s something wrong and solves a murder because one delivery of his corn is of poor quality (too old, and picked too far previously). Stout acknowledges in his recipe that it’s unrealistic to be able to get corn like that, but corn grown from different strains, picked in Mexico, sorted by machine and shipped to Chicago where it sits in a misting box on a shelf for a few days before I buy it and take it home, that’s going to taste different. I’m not slamming the globalization of food (though elements of it are certainly an issue), but it’s simply a fact: they won’t taste the same. My corn, due to breeding and preservation techniques, might even taste better! But it will be a different taste. And when you’re dealing with the delicacy of flavor that Rex Stout often does, that can cause real issues. 

This extends to all kinds of things. Flour is milled differently now, and made from different grains; most things that used sugar cane or sugar beet sweetening prior to 1970 now use high fructose corn syrup (though this is a trend that is slowly reversing). Processed foods, like macaroni and cheese boxes or Cheerios or Jello, have changed ingredients to improve flavor or ease of cooking or health benefits to the people who eat them. Meat is fed differently (beef being fed primarily on corn because it bulks cows up like crazy is the most evident example) and that affects the flavor of the meat, too.

This gets even more bonkers the deeper you go. The reason modern recipes, especially baking recipes, often call for both butter and milk is that they used to call for cream, but people stopped buying cream and started buying lower fat milk, so now you have to use your lower-fat milk plus butter added to simulate cream. A recipe that called for cream was less likely to be made when people stopped buying cream, and new recipes in the second half of the 20th century were primarily the province of ad companies, who wanted you to buy their product and cook with it. If people were more likely to cook with a product that used butter and milk instead of cream, the ad companies would design recipes that way. 

So if you’re looking at a recipe from before the 1980s or so, understand that the recipe is designed with ingredients that might be vastly different from, and yet share a name with, the ingredients of today. Which affects the flavor of the finished product.  

Time travel is so weird, am I right? 

If you enjoy reading about food history, consider passing me a ko-fi!

wicked in her veins.

pairing: jimin x reader

genre: fluff, minor hints of sexual tension / demon!jimin

word count: 1,460

prompt: Getting to dress your demon boyfriend up for Halloween

note: october prompts masterlist

“Hell no. Not happening — fucking ever. Not in your wildest dreams, princess.”

His response was immediate as you made your way down the hallway with the costume in hand. The look on his face as he realized the certain… entity that you were holding was beyond priceless. It was of course the exact reaction that you had been expecting. His brows furrowed while his top lip curled in disgust, the physically aversive response to something as simple as a Halloween costume only causing your amusement to run thicker. No, not even your boyfriend’s harsh refusal could deter your mood, or your powers of persuasion for that matter.

“Oh, is that so?” You replied to Jimin, your brow arched in a way that told him how so far from over this conversation was. “I seem to remember that a certain someone lost a bet to me a few weeks ago? Remember that game of poker? The deal was—”

“—This is what you want to use your win from that on? Baby, c’mon anything else. You’re not this evil, I know you aren’t… Are you?” He was pleading a little, his bottom lip jutting out to try and tug at your heartstrings. Admittedly you felt a tiny pull, but it was quickly overtaken by the image of Jimin wearing the costume that was still dangling from the hanger in your hand.

Your mouth curved into a sultry smile as you made your way closer to him. He was sitting down on the living room couch, a look of despair flooding his eyes as he realized that there was no way in hell that you were backing down from this. You sat the costume onto the open space next to Jimin, his reaction a harsh flare of his nose. However, the tension soon dropped as you went to straddle his lap, your hands swiftly moving to take their place on either side of his face.

“You know, I really thought that a demon would be a lot better at a game all about lying and deceit.”

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I am growing increasingly concerned that Edér does not actually experience fear. 

The birds & the bees

A/N: Someone requested this from somebody else who didn’t wanna write it & I couldn’t help myself. Reader walks in on Dean with a lady friend & the boys have to explain what was happening.

Dean’s age-22   Sam’s age-18   Reader’s age-8

Dean x Sister!Reader    Sam x Sister!Reader

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“Why can’t we go to the library?” You asked as you hurried to keep up with your older brother walking down the sidewalk.

“I already told you Y/N,” Sam replied, looking behind him he noticed you were struggling at the rate he was walking and slowed down, “Gimme your backpack.” He told you as he reached for it.

You quickly took off your old green hand-me-down backpack and gave it to Sam, “Thanks Sammy. That was heavy.”

“No problem.” Sam replied as he shrugged it onto his shoulder, “Let’s go, I wanna get back to the motel so I can start my project.”

“Okay, but why can’t we go to the library. I wanted to get more books on animals, if I’m gonna be a vetra-vetrana-what’s the word again?” You questioned.

“Veterinarian.” Sam answered, “And we aren’t going to the library because they’re closed today; they’re renovating the ceilings.”

“Ohhhhh.” You exaggerated, “Will you help me with my math homework when we get home?”

“Course, we gotta get you through third grade math before you can be a vet.” Sam told you with a smile.

“Thanks Sammy.” You said, returning the smile he gave you which showed off the gap in your front teeth.

“No problem bug, now…race you to the motel room!” Sam shouted as you rounded the corner into the motel parking lot.

You took off as fast as you could; Sam was close behind you, however you had the advantage since he was being weighed down by two backpacks. As you approached the motel door you looked behind, “Too slow to keep up Sammy!” You shouted as him before turning back towards the door and quickly swinging it open so that you could gloat about beating your brother to Dean.

Stepping inside you started to talk to your oldest brother, “Dean! You won’t bel-what are you doing to that lady?” You questioned with a confused face when you realized Dean head was between her legs.

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To the lovely kind people who tirelessly answer requests and finds enormous amounts of fic recs! I really liked wolf in the house by joe Lawson. It's angsty for derek, lots of hurt and lonelyness to then comfort, stilinski family feels and sterek. Basically it has hurt and lonely derek trying to become part of the stilinski "pack" of two. Really recommend it! Would love to know if there are more fics like that out there. If you find something I would be very greatful!

Yes! I love those kind of fics. - Anastasia

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Wolf in the House by JoeLawson

(1/1 I 33,481 I Teen I Sterek)

“What? It’s totally an improvement. He’s not scowling, or dating bad guys, or slinking around in unsanitary places. Still a bit paranoid, but what can you do. At least he’s a lot easier to get along with when you can buy his affections with ear rubs.”

“And you always wanted a dog,” Sheriff added wryly.

“And I always wanted a dog.”


Temperature by nogitsune_lichen

(1/1 I 2,030 I Teen I Sterek)

“Wait he let you use a thermometer on him? How come you wouldn’t let me?” Stiles asked, a little wounded.

Derek looked to him with a raised eyebrow, “because last time you shoved it in and I almost choked.”

“Well there’s a lot of things I shove–”

“Son,” his father warned.

Bonding over Burgers by Lonaargh

(1/1 I 2,598 I General I Sterek)

Sheriff John Stilinski feels guilty. Stiles falsely accused Derek of being a murderer. Now, granted, the Hale boy did have a certain broodiness over him, but he didn’t deserve being called a murderer. And Stiles is his son. A mere apology won’t do, there must be something else he can do to make things up to Derek.

“Hey! Get in.”

Derek looked up, keeping his leisurely pace. “Am I under arrest? If so-”

“What? No. Of course not.”

“Then why…?” Derek didn’t finish the sentence, but let the question hang in the air.

John sighed, audibly annoyed, “Because it’s raining, it’s cold, you’re not wearing anything that’s remotely appropriate for this kind of weather, and I somehow don’t think you had dinner yet.”

A penny saved by Nival_Vixen

(1/1 I 3,395 I Mature I Sterek)

Stiles knows how much it cost for him to be in Eichen House, and tries to think of a way to save money. His brilliant idea? Cooking every single meal. Only, Stiles doesn’t actually know how to cook.

Derek helps Stiles with cooking when he realises he misses him at the pack meetings. He eventually finds out about the Stilinski’s financial problems and wants to help however he can.

The Morning After by mikkimouse

(1/1 I 3,635 I Teen I Sterek)

After the night he’d had, John just wanted a quiet cup of coffee and some toast before his son woke up. This, he felt, was not too much to ask from the universe.

Apparently the universe disagreed, because John came downstairs at 7:30 in the goddamn morning to see a man he’d previously arrested for murder grinding coffee beans in his kitchen.

I didn’t know I was broken ‘til I wanted to change (I wanna get better) by KeepGoing

(2/? I 4,829 I Explicit I Sterek)

Derek realizes if he is going to stay in Beacon Hills he needs to make some changes. He’s not the same person he was and he needs to build upon his new found realizations.

Stiles wants to help.

And help he does.

John rests his hands in front of him folded, with a look of calm on his face towards his son. “Stiles, everyone deserves a second chance. Everyone deserves the right to change and be better. Derek came to me and expressed this. I gave it to him. So why don’t you cut the young man some slack and be happy and supportive and not look down at him all the time?”

Stiles eyes bug out of his head, hands still flailing as he looks between his father and the new deputy. Derek finally nods at him, eyes warm and inviting, a new look Stiles has never seen on him before.

“Derek?” It comes out like a question but Stiles isn’t sure why it does. Derek just nods again.

“I wanna get better.”

can’t be hateful, gotta be grateful by HalfFizzbin

(1/1 I 6,260 I Teen I Sterek)

“Be cool, Dad, we’ve decided to con Grandma.”

(Or, the one where the Stilinski men drag Derek to Thanksgiving dinner at Grandma’s and she gets the right wrong idea.)

Through the Ashes by JusticeBanana

(7/7 I 11,615 I Teen I Sterek)

Stiles didn’t really know what he expected when he walked into the kitchen coming home from Scott, Isaac and Melissa’s. It sure as hell wasn’t his dad sitting and staring at a Wolf. A wolf, in their kitchen.

The Werewolf Who Built his House of Brick by Ionaonie

(1/1 I 39,932 I General I Sterek)

Now that Scott’s human again, Derek isn’t their problem any more.

So why can’t Stiles stop thinking about him?

Wolfsbane by DiscontentedWinter

(17/17 I 48,231 I Mature I Sterek)

Kate Argent has kept a little trophy of the Hale fire for all these years - Derek Hale.
When Deputy Stiles Stilinski finds him, he doesn’t just need to rescue Derek from the Argents. He needs to rescue Derek from his past.

Dirty paws and furry coats by queerly_it_is

(1/1 I 57,621 I Explicit I Sterek)

Stiles is eight years old when his dad brings Derek home.

[AU based on Disney’s The Fox and the Hound]

All Mine

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A/N: This a requested imagine about Harry getting protective with y/n when a guy starts to hit on her at a party. (Harry looks kind of annoyed in this gif but it’s really hot?? the daddy vibes got me feeling some type of way. Anyways let’s get on with it)

Warnings: Smut, a guy being pushy with a girl also PSA i did not proof read so warning you of typos, v sorry I’m tired but i want to get this out!

Word Count: 2.7k


It was Harry’s first night back in town and you could not be more excited. As much as you loved seeing him living his dream, it was always hard to be away from him when he was on tour. All that sadness was forgotten now, as the two of you and a couple of your friends decided to go out to celebrate Harry’s return. 

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Strawberry Kisses

Pairing: Richie/Eddie

Inspired by @eddiessecondfannypack ‘s post about Richie wearing strawberry chapstick

Richie was almost exclusively seen with chapped lips. He had a habit of biting and picking at them so they naturally became dry and cracked in some places. He learned to deal with it for years, but he wanted to do something to combat it.

So when he casually overhears a conversation with Eddie and Stan talking about food and how Eddie loved strawberries while Stan loved blackberries, Richie gets an idea.

He thinks he’s always deep down felt something different for Eddie, but only in the past couple months of his 16 years of life had he realized he felt romantically towards the small boy. He’d been thinking about telling the boy for a while, but never knew how. He thinks this could be his way.

He meets with the losers the next day at school, the strawberry chapstick he had purchased the day before smeared carefully on his lips. He sits beside Eddie casually, not making a big deal out of anything.

Eddie smells the scent of strawberry almost immediately after Richie sits beside him. He’s confused, to say the least. He doesn’t say anything to the older boy and dismisses it as a one time thing.

But Richie continues to wear the strawberry chapstick, and Eddie continues to be curious as to why Richie, the boy who never smelled bad necessarily, but had his own regular scent, smelled of strawberries.

The following week Richie and Eddie are at Richie’s house, pretending to be working on schoolwork but were actually doing more talking than work. Richie still smelled like strawberries, and Eddie still couldn’t figure out why. He couldn’t keep his curiosity at bay any longer.

“Richie, why do you smell like strawberries lately? I mean…it’s nice and all, but you didn’t smell like it before.” Eddie asks.

Richie’s heart flutters. He’d been waiting for the boy to ask about it, but he couldn’t stop his heart from beating faster now that he had.

“Uhh,” Richie starts, “my lips had been chapped for a while now, and I wanted to fix them. So I got some chapstick to help.”

“Okay, but why strawberry Rich? I figured you’d just get a plain kind, you don’t seem like the strawberry type.” Eddie persists.

Richie takes a deep breath. “I’m not the strawberry type. But you are.”

Eddie’s eyes widen at that.

“W-what? You picked strawberry because of me?” Eddie questions.

“Yeah,” Richie confirms, “I thought if I smelled like strawberry…had strawberry on my lips…that maybe…” Richie trails off.

Eddie is blushing furiously now. Does Richie want to kiss him? Does he want to kiss Richie? He barely had to contemplate that question. Of course he did. The boy was a total whirlwind of a person, but somehow exactly what Eddie wanted.

“Can I kiss you then?” Eddie asks quietly.

Richie’s heart is pounding now. “Please.”

So Eddie faces Richie. He notices now how much softer the boys lips looked after using so much chapstick. He cups the boys face in his hand and goes for it, shyly pressing his lips to Richie’s strawberry flavored ones. He pulls away, only for Richie to kiss him again, this time more confidently. Richie’s lips are soft and plump, and the more he kisses them the more the scent of strawberry rubs off on him. He wants nothing more than to stay like this forever. Strawberry kisses with his favorite boy? Everything was perfect then.

And the next day when Stan asks the two of them why they both smell like strawberries, they just look at each other and smile.

Ok so @coralreefskim asked how the creators could say that deep inside Keith is a happy kid after everything the vlog has shown us. Here’s my take on that:

Keith on his own is a pretty self-confident person. He knows very well what he’s capable of (even if his emotions sometimes blind him to knowing when to stop like when he took on Zarkon). Here, have some examples of that:

He isn’t self-depreciating when it comes to his skills, he even has fun facing challenges he knows he can win. He isn’t afraid of calling other people out if they do something wrong or don’t take something seriously enough. He can also handle getting criticized without lashing out/wallowing in self-hate:

So yeah, Keith is self-confident. He knows he can depend on himself - he knows his faults as the vlog has shown us but they don’t stop him. Never have, never will. He dislikes his temper and really tries to work on it (Keith constantly strives to improve himself; his battle skills, his temper, everything) but it doesn’t stop him from being self-confident. 

Same goes for his abandonment issues. He knows they are there, they hurt if he thinks about them - but he doesn’t let them stop him. Not when it comes to the team. Yes, he shies back when someone genuinely seems to dislike him like Allura in s2, but he really genuinely loves his team and tries to work past it. He is incredibly protective of them, has always been right from when they first formed voltron in e1:

and he tries opening up to them!

Thinking about his past hurts. Thinking about how unsure he is if the team really understands him hurts too. But Keith is a logical person, he rationally knows that the team values him as a member. He teases and plays around with them. 

The way I see it, 90% of the time he doesn’t dwell on his issues. That’s just not the kind of person he is. Fuck, yeah, of course it hurts, of course there will be bad days where he can’t help but think of his mom, where he can’t help but ask himself if he will ever reach a point where he can normally connect with people. Where he will question if he will ever be able of walking out of a heated argument where the other side seems to hate him and not ask himself if their friendship is over now. 

But when he others don’t hurt him, when they hug him and include him in their jokes and tell him they believe in him and that he belongs to the team-

-he’s happy!! Looking at all these screenshots it doesn’t surprise me that Lance is the paladin he grew closest to in s3, he is the one that most often makes him feel included. Keith has issues, sure, but most of the time they don’t stop him from being happy. He is a fighter, he takes what he gets and runs with it. In s2 he wasn’t angry at his dad for not being around anymore, he sees his shack in the desert as well as the castle ship as his home, he likes quiet places despite being left alone to his thoughts there, the thing that excited him the most about going to space back at the garrison was “exploring it”. 

So, to summarize: Keith has issues and insecurities and is very much aware of them but he’s still making the most of everything he’s got!! :D He’s a strong boy ♥

Leonardo at MoMA

Last week, an 8 ⅜ × 6 ¼ inch drawing quietly went up in our fifth floor galleries and made history—for the first time, a work by Leonardo da Vinci is on view at the Museum of Modern Art. Of course, there are questions: Why here? Why now? Is Leonardo da Vinci modern?

Artist David Hammons selected the brush and ink drapery study to be placed on display with just one #MoMACollection work of his choosing. What do you think he chose? If you were given the keys to our galleries, what work or artist would you pair with Leonardo da Vinci?

Image Credit: Leonardo da Vinci. “The drapery of a kneeling figure.” c. 1491–94. Brush and black ink with white heightening on pale blue prepared paper. The Royal Collection/HM Queen Elizabeth II. Photo: Royal Collection Trust/© Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II 2017] #ArtistsChoice

Imagine being a famour actress and dating Bill for a very long time in secret until, during a live stream, he suddenly appears and reveals you are living together.

“It is yet another morning in my home, and more specifically bed because I am such a lazy bug that loves to snuggle all day.” you said to your phone, livestreaming and smiling when you immediately saw how many people were fast to respond “Yeah I know my bed hair sucks, please try to ignore that. I’ve been awake for a good hour now and yet I look as if I’ve been asleep for days!” you ran a hand down your face, chuckling.

“Doesn’t matter, I made you a promise and I’ll make sure to keep it. I love these livestreams as much as you do! I guess after almost 15 hours of filming I am entitled to some- oh!” you giggled when your boyfriend hummed, wrapping his arms around you even more tightly.

“Someone’s a cuddler.” you said with a smirk, still making sure he wouldn’t show up on camera, just a small portion of his hair “But we are not going to let him steal the show, I’ve promised everyone that at this exact moment I would give you a small sneak peek of the script, I’d read it to you, and tell you what to expect and-”

“What are you sayin’?” he mumbled, and even if his voice was laced with sleep and was all muffled and raspy you knew it wouldn’t take long for the fans to put one and one together and figure everything out.

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BTS Reaction: You're Savage When Irritated


You were in a seriously bad mood. In an effort to make you laugh he comes up with one of his famous dad jokes. You just look at him with a blank stare as he laughs at his own joke. There’s an awkward pause until you say: “Oh, I get it. That was like a joke, except not funny.”

He looks so devastated that you can’t help but laugh.

“I’m sorry, baby. That was mean,” you murmur as you pull him into a hug.

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It was the day of the week when you do some hard core cleaning around the apartment. Yoongi made the excuse that he had to go shopping for ‘stuff’. He came home several hours later.

“You’re like a blister,” you mutter. “You only show up once all the hard work is done.”

“What do you mean? I bought groceries.”

“Only two bags worth!”

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You had a horrible day at work. One of your coworkers had a problem with you for some reason and went out of there way to cause trouble for you. You just wanted to vent to your boyfriend without him going all philosophical on you. But, let’s face it, this is Joonie.

“You want to know what I th-”

“No,” you interrupted. “I’d rather be pecked to death by a murder of crows.”

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He had made you really angry earlier that day and to make up for it, he said you guys could do whatever you wanted. So you go to a haunted house, one that is terrifying and you can easily get lost in. He’s so scared, he jumps at every sound and clings to your arm before you have even entered.

“Remember, Hobi,” you whisper to him. “If you hear ominous chanting, the appropriate response is to run.”

He stops in his tracks and looks at you, his face draining of color. “That’s not funny, Y/N.”

You giggle as you pull him inside with you.

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You’ve been emursed in a novel for several hours and Jimin’s tired of it. He just wants your attention.

He resorts to sitting down right next to you on the couch and staring at you in a ‘seductive’ way, hoping to distract you from your book. And it does, just not in the way he was hoping.

“You’re right above ‘clown’ on my creepy scale right now,” you say as you bury your face in your book.

You see his face fall from the corner of your eye. He whines miserably, and you give in. Aegyo Jiminnie is impossible to resist.

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He’s been talking your ear off, making your migraine worse. You sigh and rub at your temples, trying to listen because he’s just so cute, but he’s getting on your nerves.

“Can I ask a dumb question?”

“Better than anyone I know,” you say without thinking. You hate hurting people’s feelings, especially Tae’s.

He pauses for a second, then laughs. “I was just going to ask if your head hurts, but I guess that’s a 'yes’.”

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You’ve lost a bet with Jungkook and now you have to go on any ride at the amusement part he wants. He, of course, picks the scariest rollercoaster, knowing you don’t like them. As you’re standing in line with him, you watch as people are launched from the platform. You hear their screams as they race down the first drop.

“If I die,” you shout over the clatter of the coaster. “I want you to donate all my organs to those in need. Except for my middle finger.”

“Why your middle finger?”

“Because that’s reserved for you.”

He just giggles and ushers you into your guy’s row of seats.

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