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Finished version of the art homework! Speedpaint should hopefully be uploaded soon, I’ll edit a link here when it’s done :3

I don’t think I’ve posted this on here, have I? I’ve been really busy, or rather tired, due to my internship, health, personal stuff (both good and bad) … that have made me be online less. But I’m excited for the new episode! Unfortunately I won’t be able to watch until Friday evening, when I’ve invited my best friend over for dinner and tv. I’m gonna need a quiet night bc I’m getting a nasty headcold! Although I actually always have a quiet night in, lol.

The photo was taken on my birthday last month, having coffee to celebrate. (A ginger and honey capuccino with oat milk … don’t judge me!)

The problem with most of us is that we try to live in our past or our future instead of living in the now. We can’t go back and we certainly can’t launch forward, so why not just live for now? Why is it so difficult for us? Mainly it’s because we think our “now” isn’t good enough… we hope and long for a more happier, sunnier place to stand. Try to focus on what life is now and I bet you will smile more.


<i> mcr albums as instagram profiles
please do not repost/remove caption </i>

<b><i> inspired by @wentzilla </b></i>

Nine extra minutes will be available in the DVD and Blu-ray editions of The Beauty and the Beast. In the same interview, Condon revealed the desire to release a version of the film without visual effects so the audience could see Dan Stevens' acting as the Beast on the set and realize that even with CGI, the actor's facial expressions and performance remained Intact.

Me: Okay, i want it… NOW 

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i’m glad that dizzy isn’t too freaked out by the candlelit shrine dedicated to him in my basement that i may or may not pray to for good luck every night before i go to sleep

(i mean, he’s wearing a shirt of himself so he must be into it lmao)