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What did you say?


Summary:  Baz has recently learnt Dutch and has decided to practice it, much to Simon’s sorrow.

Word count: 1k

Rating: T

Tags: canon divergence, enemies to lovers, exchange student, fluff, ust

Note: I don’t speak Dutch, so I asked my friend Google for help. Please don’t cringe at the weird expressions. Also, I regret nothing

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He’s done it again. Baz has found a new way to torment me.

Ik vind je heel mooi,” he says as I step into our room, which I guess means something like “I wish you were dead”.

“Yeah, you too,” I tell him. “Moron.”

I go to my bed and take my shirt off. It’s so hot in here, lately.

Lekker ding,” Baz continues with his insults.

“That would be you,” I reply, as I change into my pyjamas.

He lets out a short, mischievous laugh. “You don’t know what I said.”

“I don’t need to speak German to know that you’re insulting me.”

“Please, Snow, it’s Dutch.”

“Whatever,” I say, going into bed.

Slaap lekker schatje,” Baz says, and it must mean “may you never wake up again” or something similar.

“Same for you,” I retort. I have to learn Dutch.

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I conquered one of my biggest fears this month

It sounds dumb but Hydrus from Shadow of the Colossus terrified me. After I first came across them in game I stopped playing for over a year, and after I beat them, Dirge stopped me playing for several months. These two creatures genuinely scared me to the point of panicking and sweating and genuinely dreading every second with them. I was too scared to step one of Wander’s feet into the lake in which Hydrus resides, but this month. This month, I destroyed them in Time Attack. I beat Dirge in 3:20:69 out of 6:00:00 and Hydrus in 5:36:97 out of 12:00:00. I’m genuinely so proud. It sounds so stupid that these two guys terrified me this much, but I feel I’ve finally conquered them. I beat my “colossal” fear through just keeping on going. It may have been my first year at Uni but honestly, this felt the bigger accomplishment. Keep at it dudes, you will triumph.


I’ve spent my whole day in bed today. But I actually got dressed and didn’t wanna waste my outfit.

A Gem in a Wolf’s Heart: Pt 5

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Robb Stark and Lady Stark survive the Red Wedding. Talisa/Jeyne died and Robb gets his sisters back, there is a new and better King in Kings landing. The North is independent and the Starks killed everyone that betrayed them. Now you are the gem of the North, your father a great general that promised Catelyn Stark to marry you to Robb Stark so he is to remain King in the North.

Part Three  Part Four 

(Y/N)= Your Name

(Y/L/N)= Your Last Name

Warning: Shit is about to go down ladies and gents! 

It was the day of your wedding, you never felt more nervous. In the morning, Robb went off with his men and guards to hunt for the feast, you can imagine Robb being nervous as well. You pace around the room, a tub filled with warm steaming water. 

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I hope he sees this.

I don’t want to bash my ex but there’s just so much unsaid that I’m afraid I’m realizing will never be said. I don’t have closure. I want it. That’s all. I want to be friends with my ex. I don’t want things to be this bad. I just want to reset with him. In the best way. I write this hopping he will see it because.

I will always remember the day we fell in love. The day you told me you loved me. The times you would make me laugh everyday even when I didn’t want to. Remember when we would sit next to each other every opportunity we got. Remember when you used to pretend to get up in class to get water but you would drop a note on my desk. Remember the day you asked me out. Remember when we would text each other everyday all day no matter what we were doing. Remember when we stayed up until 3am on the phone planning our wedding and picking our children’s names. Remember when we would rant to each other and the other would just listen. Remember when we loved each other. Remember our first kiss. Remember when we were happy. Remember when you promised to marry me and never leave me. Remember when we would sneak around school just to have a hug. Remember when we would do each other’s homework in the classes we struggled in. Remember when we had it all. Seeing your name on my screen made my day. Hearing your ringtone made me smile and run to my phone. Now every time I hear that ring tone my eyes water. Now every time I see you my smile fades off my face. I have to pretend to be ok. But I’m not. I just want to talk to you. Ask how your doing. If you see this, remember I’m still here and I’m still the same girl you met 5 years ago, ok?

Ripples - Part 5:B

Vegas Baby Vegas

Synopsis: What happens when you wake up married to Steve Rogers in a Las Vegas hotel suite? Especially when you have feelings for his best friend and his best friend has feelings for you? Only time can tell.

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Warnings: NSFW 18+ Yep, its beginning…

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A/N: I have been waiting forever for this part! Things are starting to get real…. I‘m posting two parts in a day on behalf of Seb’s birthday though this chapter isn’t especially kind to our dear Bucky…

New to the Series. Catch up here

Steve POV 

“You’ve never been to Vegas!?” She asks surprised before she stands, walking to the dashboard. She punching too many buttons as she mumbles,

“Of course you haven’t. You aren’t a sinner. Well Vegas it is Steve. I’m breaking your Vegas cherry and we’re going to gamble, and watch a crappy show, and go to a strip club and ride roller coasters and pass out and wonder how the hell we got there. That’s what Vegas is all about.”

She swivels in her chair, turning toward me.

“And it’s on autopilot and we should be able to park in a hanger of a friends and be in and out. Tony will never know and you can get the first round of icky Sharon blues out of your system. This is perfect.”

She giggles as she runs toward me, jumping back in my lap. Its another side of her. Y/N wasn’t playful, as least not with anyone outside of Bucky. It was nice to see her in this light, to see her be vulnerable, carefree and fun.

“You need this Steve! We’ve been so worried about you. Oh!,” she jumps off of me, going to another dashboard and typing out a message. “Gonna tell Bucky we will be back in a jiffy. That we just need to go on a mini vacation because I asked him to wait for me but I don’t want him worrying.”

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I can’t handle the fact that every day that goes by is a day less until Supergirl S3 and probably until the end of Sanvers. I need my badass girlfriends together. I. Just. Can’t. Handle. It. Nope.

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33 and 38 with sister!winchester please!

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Walking into the bunker felt strange. Because, you thought you’d never return to it. It felt amazing, relieving but unreal at the same time. You were excited to meet your brothers again, even though already knowing how their reaction would be. First they would be relieved and then they would be angrier than you probably ever seen them. You knew, because you would feel the same way.

You had just gone after Amara, all by yourself. Because, your brothers refused to act, and you all were just sitting ducks. And well, you came up with your own plan, and left when they were sleeping. Everything had gone as planned, except that you didn’t expect to come out alive.

You walked quietly through the large hall of the bunker, towards one of the hallways. But when you turned the corner, you were splashed with something in the face. You instantly staggered back, shocked, with water in your eyes and your mouth. 

When you had collected yourself and wiped some water out of your eyes and off your face, you opened your eyes to see Sam staring at you with round eyes.

“Holy water? Thanks for that. Now my makeup is all over the place.” You annoyedly declared, looking like a wet, angry, cat.

“Y/N, is it really you?”

Right. Before you left, you had informed Cas about your plans and told him to tell your brothers some time later, so that they didn’t have time to go after you. He must’ve done so, because Sam definitely didn’t think you were you.

Before he could say anything, Dean showed up behind him. Firstly he hugged you, just walked up to you and wrapped his arms tightly around your neck and back. Then, he broke it off, giving you a slight shove. Not hard, of course, but enough to make a point.

“What the hell were you thinking?! We thought you died!” He exploded, yelling at you. 

“Look, I just saved the world. Give me a break.” You frowned, actually feeling exhausted. Yes, you came out alive, but you were quite banged up from the whole experience. 

Sam sighed, shoulders drooping. “Yeah, you’re right. And we’re so impressed, Y/N. Really. You did great, just…”

“Just don’t ever do that to us again.” Dean filled in, sounding stern. 

But then, his angry expression broke into a shy smile, just barely there. You noticed it instantly though.

I know the backstory is a bit wobbly, I just quickly came up with some big-bad from the series, so yeah.

You & I (Part 5)

           We had woken up in the fall and we both knew Halloween was coming up.  Both of us had decided that we’d make costumes since most of the town was terrified of the two clowns terrifying the streets now.  While it would have been fun and entertaining to scare everyone, we had no interest in being arrested for whatever reason.  We found ourselves in our human forms at a thrift store just browsing to throw a costume together.  I had made my way over to the wedding gowns and decided on being a sort of zombie bride.  Pennywise had picked a black suit and would be a vampire.  He was admiring one of the dresses I had thought about.

           “So when are we getting married?”  He said looking over at me.

           “What do you mean?” I raised an eyebrow at him a bit shocked.  He walked over to me and lifted my hand up that had the ring on my finger.

           “We have been engaged for some time.  Don’t you think it’s time we actually got married?” He pulled me in close to him staring into my eyes. “I know it’s a human thing but I’ve sat in enough to know I wouldn’t mind having one myself.” His mouth curved into a toothy grin

           I looked at the ring on my finger.  I knew he had been confused when he gave it to me.  Had I said yes in a way?  I mean we were already bound together as monsters.  When I was still human I knew that someday I wanted to get married be it in a church or by a river.  I could feel the blush forming on my cheeks as I began to giggle and hold him tightly.

           “We’ll have it in the summer.” I wrapped my arms around his neck. “Have it by the river at sunset. Then we’ll go munch on someone after covering them in frosting as our cake.” I chuckled and gave him a passionate kiss.

           “Sounds good to me my little monster.  Now hurry up and get your costume.”  His hands slid down my body to grab my butt tightly for a brief moment. “I want to sit at the diner and observe people.”

           After I picked a basic white dress and some accessories we went down to our favorite diner.  I noticed the waitress was being a little too friendly with him and I could feel the anger welling up inside me.

           “So what can I get the handsome man and his guest?” She chimed.  My eye twitched.

           “Just some water for now.”  Pennywise wasn’t paying attention as he flipped through the menu.

           “His fiancé,” I wiggled my hand at her, “will have a water as well with the chicken soup.”  I fought back my fangs as I gave a friendly smile.  She wrote it down and walked away. “Do you not pay attention or just don’t know when people hit on you?”  I looked over at him with an eyebrow raised.

           “I know they do.  I have been around a while.” He shrugged and he looked at me.  He saw the anger in my eyes and my eyes flashing colors every time I blinked. “Little one you need to calm down.  I’m yours and you’re mine.  She’s a pathetic little pest.”  He took my hand in mine and gently rubbed the back of my hand with his thumb.

           “Here you go handsome.” She set down his water gently in front of him.  

           When she put my water down she almost spilled it on me as well as my soup.  I refused to make eye contact as I know they were that vibrant purple.  I heard her giggle as she walked away.  Pennywise was looking around at the other people, reading them, studying in a way.  That’s when I noticed the waitress going into the restroom.

            “I’ll be right back darling.” I stood up and headed to the bathroom.

           She was the only one in there.  Silently, I locked the door and waited for her to come out of the stall.  When she did I had her pinned to the wall with a clawed hand around her neck.  She was squirming and cussing at me.  I gave her a quick glimpse of my teeth and she shut up quickly.

           “When it’s made clear that something isn’t yours,” I gave a brief tight squeeze, “especially someone, I would suggest you just stick to smiling.  If you keep pushing my buttons,” I slid my thumb to under her jaw so the claw would dig into her skin, “I’ll make you float.  Understand?”

           “Y-Yes.  I’m sorry.” She whimpered and gulped.

           “Good.  I’m glad we could have this civilized chat.” I let go of her neck and lightly tapped her cheek with my regular hand.  I turned, walked out of the bathroom and sat back at the table with Pennywise.

          “You threatened her didn’t you?” He looked over at me from watching some people walk by.

         “Just some advice.” I shrugged as he gave me a serious look.  A couple seconds later we both let out loud laughs at the same time.

         “Oh goodness.”  He wiped a tear from his eye.  “You are a perfect little monster.”

         The rest of the time at the diner went well. The girl barely made eye contact with either of us any time she had to come over.  I left a decent sized tip when we left and decided to walk to the river after bringing our things to the house.  When he knew he was out of sight he turned back into his clown form.  With our hands intertwined we wondered through the woods.

         “Penny, we need to start expanding the grounds soon.” My free hand rested on my lower abdomen.

         “Will you be alright by yourself?” He looked over at me.  “It’s going to take me some time to do what I’ve done here.”

         “Yeah.”  I smiled sweetly over at him. “I think I can manage it.  Besides I learned from the master monster.”  We both let out a chuckle and with our stomachs rumbling for actual food we went out for a hunt.

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Prince & the Pauper

HEY hi I love all your imagine and they make me melt inside and UGH Anyways my request is maybe a prince!Shawn falling in love with a maid!Reader and those two working out a way to get married <3 thank you love you

Alright people, this one is about to be hella cheesy as hell and I’m not mad about it. As you know I try to be as realistic as possible with these imagines, but, this was something fun to write so love it or hate it, I thought it was damn entertaining. Love you all ❤



‘Okay, Y/N. You finish making the prince’s bed, I need to get started on the master sweet for the king and Queen.’ My co worker and friend, Maria, smiled at me.

'Have a grand ole time doing that.’ I chuckled, fluffing up the prince’s pillow. She rolled her eyes, before leaving room and shutting the door behind her.

I sighed in content, looking around his room. I checked my watch, seeing it was almost 2 o'clock which meant the prince was almost done with his duties and that I could see him for a few minutes.

Being in a secret relationship with a prince whilst I worked here was a very unsuspected. I never thought I’d fall for him, but, his amazing personality with those beautiful, brown, soft curls with the brown orbs to match, it was impossible.

The only surprise though, was one night when everyone was asleep and I was working late, he kissed me and told me he was falling for me. I, of course, told him I felt the same way, our relationship being secretive ever since.

It had been 8 months since that night and I’d never been happier.

I heard the door open as I turned around, seeing his beautiful face appear, a grin planted on his face.

'Shawn…’ I sighed, running towards him as I wrapped my arms around his neck tightly, feeling him wrap his arms around my waist tightly, holding me as close as he could.

'I’ve missed you and it’s only been one day.’ He mumbled in my hair, grabbing my face and kissing me passionately. I sighed, lifting my hand to touch his wrist, holding it gently.

I pulled away, resting my forehead against his. 'I’m never going to get sick of kissing you.’ I chuckled, caressing his face with my hand.

'You don’t have to,’ he smiled, grabbing my other hand, staring down at me. 'I’ve been thinking, Y/N, what’s stopping us from getting married?’ My eyes widened, staring at him in admiration.

'Shawn, your country and your parents…you have to think of them too. They wouldn’t want the help being married to you.’ I reasoned, giving him a half hearted smile.

'I don’t care what my parents want. My people, they’ll learn to love you and accept you for who you are. Y/N, we can do this!’ He grabbed my shoulders, staring at me.

'What if they don’t? What if I’m not good enough? Think about it, Shawn.’ I grabbed his forearms, biting my lip.

'Then I’ll give up my title.’ He concluded. I frowned at him, stepping away from him.

'Shawn, you do that and I’ll never forgive you. You can’t just say no to what you’re born to do.’

'I’m born to find happiness and you make me happy.’ He grabbed my face, holding it in his hands. 'Please, Y/N…’ he lowered to the floor, getting down on one knee and staring up at me. My eyes began to water, my heart thumping in my chest. 'I know that I have a title that will forever follow me around until the day that I die, that I have to take care of a country and place that is my home and you may not be a princess or royalty…but to me - to me you are so much more then any of that. I can’t promise you a fairytale wedding, but I can promise you my heart. Please, Y/N Y/L/N, will you do me the greatest honour of becoming my princess?’

I let out a chuckle, tears cascading down my cheeks, my heart warming at the sight of him. 'When you put it like that…’ I joked, grabbing his hand. 'Yes. One thousand times, yes.’ I exclaimed, jumping on him, kissing his lips.

He held me tightly, the kiss starting to get a little more heated as I heard the door open, pulling away immediately to see his mother and father, standing outside the door.

'Son, what is the meaning of this?’ His father asked, shock and a mixture of utter confusion on his face.

'Father, I can explain everything…Y/N and I-’

'I don’t want to hear this, son.’ His mother interjected, anger planted on her features. 'With the help? If all people…’

'If you’ll just listen to me-’

'How long has this facade being going on, Shawn?’ His father asked, standing closer to us. Shawn put his arm out in front of me, almost as if he was protecting me.

'8, glorious and happy months. Haven’t you noticed since I’ve been seeing Y/N secretly I’ve wanted to go to the events you make me go to, I want to do the balls, galas and anything else you can rope me in to. Knowing I have someone to come home to that can make me feel normal for even just five minutes is what I want in my life. Which, is why I’ve asked her to marry me.’ Shawn sighed, staring at his parents shocked facial expressions. I remained quite, feeling small and helpless in this situation. 'I don’t care what you say; Y/N makes me happy and loved, I wouldn’t have it any other way.’

'That is out of the question.’ His mother dismissed. 'The press would have a field day of the fact that our son, in only a years time to be crowned King of our country, is playing fairytales with the maid, who is not of royal blood.’ She glared at me, her features serious and terrifying. 'You’re fired. Pack your things and leave as of immediately.’

I closed my eyes and sighed, knowing this was bound to happen. 'Yes, you’re majesty.’ I bowed my head down, going to move around Shawn before he stopped me.

'She doesn’t go anywhere. She stays here, with me or we both leave.’

'Are you threatening us?’ His father bellowed, getting closer to his son, who was taller than him by only a few centimetres.

'You’re not being fair. You’re sticking to tradition which can always be changed, starting a brand new tradition of not having to marry royal blood to be royal can be something that can connect us with the people more.’

'Shawn! Stop with this nonsense! You’ve left me no choice but to do this the hard way.’

'Shawn,’ I whispered, touching his shoulder, 'it’ll be alright, sweetheart. You’re going to have to let me do this, please.’

'No, you’re not leaving me. I need you.’ He turned around, grabbing me and pulling me into his chest.


My eyes widened, feeling panic starting to erupt in my stomach and throat. I heard the stampede of feet hitting the ground as four guards made it to Shawn’s room.

Shawn gripped onto me tighter. 'I order you to stand back.’ Shawn warned, the guards now conflicted on if they should follow the current king or soon to be king. 'Take one more step near us and when I’m king, you’ll be returning your amour.’

'Shawn, stop being childish!’ His mother ordered.

'I’m not being childish! You are! I’m trying to be happy, to have some normality, please let me have some normality in my life. I love her, mother.’ Shawn kissed the top of my head, whilst I felt the first tear fall since this conversation. 'Please, don’t make me lose the one thing that makes me happy.’

His mother stared at me before sighing, 'Come here, child.’ She ordered me, making my palms sweat. I let go of Shawn, walking slowly over to her, curtsying in front of her. 'Do you love my son?’

'With all my heart, your majesty.’ I answered honestly.

'You’re willing to give up your normality to live this life?’

'Yes.’ I answered without hesitation. She stood closer to me, giving me a small smile.

'I’ll have to train you to be the best princess you can. There’s no backing out of this now.’

I nodded, feeling my eyes water in happiness.

'Is she truly the one you love, son?’ His father asked, staring between the two of us.

'Yes, father.’ Shawn gripped my hand, intertwining our fingers. 'She’s the only one for me.

'Then you have our blessing.’

Those were the only words I needed to hear. I could finally marry the man that I loved and who I’ll always love.

Of Course Pt. 5 (Kim Seokjin)

Originally posted by jitamin

“Truthfully if I had a good answer for why I left I probably wouldn’t have left in the first place, Kookie.”

Word Count: 1,363

Genre: Angst

Warnings: Smoking, swearing


Sorry this took so long, I’m also working on requests along with dealing with some other things right now so I’m hoping you don’t mind?? Btw the poem was written by me. Thank you, I hope you enjoy this <3

|Part 1|~|Part 2|~|Part 3|~|Part 4|~|Part 5|~|Part 6|~|Part 7|~|Part 8|~|Part 9|~|Part 10|~|Part 11|~|Part 12|

“For fuck’s sake Namjoon,” You snapped as you walked from the balcony again to the front of your living room where someone was pounding ruthlessly on your door.

“You’re going to break my fucking door down.” You mumbled angrily as you unlocked the door, only to find the last person you’d ever want to be in your apartment.

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Summary: When Castiel goes off to be God, thanks to the Leviathans, he abandons his sister (Y/N). When Y/N is captured, things go very wrong. Her grace is taken and Y/N is now human and has no idea what to do…

Pairings: Castiel x sister!reader, Dean x reader, (mentioned): Sam and Bobby

Warnings: angst, language, fluff, violence?, Dean being a flirt (yes this is a warning because have you seen him)

Word Count: 1075 sorry not sorry :D

A/N: This was written for @luci-in-trenchcoats Michelle’s 2k follower celebration. My prompt is in bold. This is my first write, so I hope you like it. Also, this isn’t beta’d, so all mistakes are mine. Flashbacks are in italics.

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Two Sides to Every Story

Author: @redstringlovers

Characters: Thomas x reader

Prompt: “You’ve only heard his side of the story. You never asked for mine.”

Warnings: man whore Thomas (jokes), mentions of cheating, some angst and swearing

Word count: 2,015

A/N: A big thank you once again to @susybird for proofreading this and continually telling me my writing is great even if I don’t think so lol! Hope you guys enjoy, let me know what you think :)

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Being one of the few girls here in the glade was stressful and exhausting. The first girl to the group, Teresa, was one of the few people I trusted here, along with Thomas and Minho.

When I first came to the glade, I got nothing but stares. No one talked to me for a week straight until Teresa came up to me, telling me this was normal when new people came in. She offered to help me with my job that I had, which was finding wood to make fires, along with weapons in case the Grievers ever came back. I wasn’t here when it happened, but Teresa had filled me in on everything that had happened since she joined the group a couple months ago. Since then, she’s been my closest confidant.

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Undertale (and AU) Characters as Things I've Said/Thought
  • Asriel: Hello Kitty can be punk rock.
  • Also Asriel: *while drinking a Capri Sun* I can be hardcore if I want!
  • Flowey: Why is it socially unacceptable to laugh like a psychopath?
  • Omega Flowey: Yeah so basically I'm practically god.
  • God of Hyperdeath: Time to play "How Long Can I Ignore my Emotions"!
  • Frisk: What the fuck I wanted happy friendship time not this.
  • Chara: This is why I'm going to hell.
  • Toriel: Take a fucking nap, babe.
  • Also Toriel: I'm adopting her. She's my daughter now.
  • Underfell Toriel: Hello naughty children time for death.
  • Asgore: Tea makes me feel warm and cozy inside.
  • Undyne: I wanna be buff enough to intimidate men and to attract women.
  • Underswap Undyne: I am too gay and beautiful to participate in gym class.
  • Underfell Undyne: Apparently, choking people who hurt my loved ones is "unorthodox" and "illegal".
  • Swapfell Undyne: If a mad scientist turned me into a grotesque sea creature monster I'd thank them with tears in my eyes because now I can be the shambling water husk I was born to be.
  • Alphys: Yes I'm smart but why at the cost of my mental stability?
  • Underswap Alphys: I am small but I am willing to punch someone.
  • Underfell Alphys: Why isn't "mad scientist" a viable career option?
  • Swapfell Alphys: Unfortunately, I was too short to strangle him. But if I could've reached...
  • Sans: The skeleton looks like it's judging us.
  • Also Sans: Wow. That looks like a lot of work. Good thing I'm not doing any of it.
  • Underswap Sans: I wanted to do something for all of my friends! It would've been easy, because the number of friends I have is... actually... rather small. Oh.
  • Underfell Sans: Woah, turn down the edge, bro.
  • Papyrus: I can't just leave this puzzle unfinished are you a madman?
  • Underswap Papyrus: Idk bro. I'm just, like, chilling.
  • Underfell Papyrus: I'm the only qualified person here to be the boss.
  • Mettaton: You were born without music in your heart and dance in your veins and frankly I pity you.
  • Underfell Mettaton: God I love this gel pen. It's pink. And glittery! And I could stab someone with it!
  • Napstablook: Ghosts are pretty sweet. Undead and shit. I'd be a ghost.
  • Underfell Napstablook: I'm haunting all y'all motherfuckers when I die.
  • Muffet: I mean... I guess some money would be pretty neat.
  • Underswap Muffet: Not even the rowdy boys down the street wanted to buy my cupcakes. I don't blame them they were nasty as shit. And green. Why were they green?
  • Underfell Muffet: Aww that's a cute little spider! Look at you go- ew don't fucking touch me do you crave death?
  • Gaster: If you'll excuse me, I'm off to the void.
  • Also Gaster: Beautiful doctors are ANESTHETIC. Haha! That was a joke. You can laugh. Y-you go the joke though, right?
  • Annoying Dog: Sick ass dog bro.
  • Monster Kid: I can pick stuff up with my feet!
  • So Sorry: My art skills are like a pantry stocked with food. Unfortunately, all the food is expired and spoiled.
  • Temmie: Damn, that could've paid for my college tuition.

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I have this weird thing going on with my eye (it's all gross and yellowish and has been for a few days- it's fine. I got meds for it!) and I was sitting on the couch with my brother, looking at it in my phone, and I whispered "now I have the septic eye". So my brother dumped his water over me and yelled something in Latin bc he "didn't want me possessed by a glitch bitch" (he says it was the closest thing to holy water he had)

oh…my god

little does he know that anti already got to u

Sidney Crosby - sassy pants

Originally posted by puckducky

Sassy beach day with Sidney Crosby please <3

“Scout, can you help daddy?” Sid asked your daughter.

Your little family was having a relaxing beach day before Sidney had to start the new season. You knew Sidney was very adamant when it came to hockey, but you knew he needed a relaxing day before his crazy hockey schedule took off.

“Buttt daddy, I just got my nail done.” She said sassy with a hand on her hip and her pink sunglasses halfway on her nose.

Sid just smiled as he pulled out the beach towels and handed them to Scout. She huffed but took the towels from him. You tucked two under each arm making her small body look big. You grabbed the beach bag, along with the pool noodles. Once everything was out of the back, you three made your way over to the beach.

“How’s this spot?” You asked.

“Prefect.” Sid said as he laid down the big blanket.

Scout dropped the towels on the ground before folding her arms. She watched Sid fix the corners of the blanket, before pulling her beach dress off and place it next to the towels.

“Can, we go in the water now?” She huffed.

“In a moment, Miss sassy pants.” Sid said with a chuckle.

Once everything was in place, you, Sid, and Scout made your way down to the water. You stopped to look at the different shells, as Sid and Scout went out in the middle. Scout was in Sid’s arms as you finally made your way out towards them. Scout smiled as she splashed water towards you.

“I see how this day’s going to go.” You giggled as you grabbed Scout from Sid’s arms and pulled her under the water with you, than up. Making Scout giggle like a madman.

“AGAIN!” She yelled happily with clapped hands.

You and Sid laughed as you went back under and back up like before, only to get another “again!” from your daughter. You kept at it for a while, until you saw that Sid hasn’t gotten his head wet. You gave an evil grin as you spoke in your daughter’s ear.

“Yes!” She giggled as you moved closer to Sid.

“NOW!” You yelled.

Scout pushed her hands in the water and pushed just enough water up so it got Sid’s hair wet.You and Scout started laughing as Sid whipped the water from his eyes.

“Now, my hair’s wet.” He sassed back like Scout did earlier. You couldn’t help but laugh harder as you looked at Sid’s face.

“Okay, Miss Sassy Pants.” You laughed at Sid. “At least I know where our daughter get’s it from.”

“I am not sassy!” Both of them yelled at the same time.


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“With every passing moment, I fall more and more in love with you.” for Ucevi/Quinn

Sorry this took a while! I was working on it, then got another one from @gerdavonrinnlingen that gave me the perfect ending: Kiss ask: “Awkward kiss” for Ucevi and Quinn cuz I’m weak :3     

I’m rewriting the canon scene, though be aware I’ll probably rewrite this before then. Slightly spoilery for Dance in the Shadow of Honor. Definitely a bit angsty.

Also, the next chapter (18) has been slightly delayed because I decided to rewrite the POV completely, but also wanted to catch up on some prompts on other characters.

Quinn blinked in the dark, trying to remember where he was and why he hurt so much, then why warm hands were injecting something into his upper arm. His second fuzzy thought was that the hands were somehow familiar, though hesitant, even fumbling.

Then memory returned and he bolted upright. Quesh! Baras…Lord Drahg…the bomb…Ucevi, no! She slammed into me and knocked me to the ground just before the blast…oh, please, not Ucevi

“Shh, Quinn.” The almost-whisper came from the owner of the hands that had been treating him, and he slumped abruptly in relief. She survived! “I’m afraid I caught you off-balance and you were knocked out when you hit the ground, but I don’t think you have a concussion.” Her voice was surprisingly light, then he recognized a forced cheerfulness completely alien to her. “It’s a good thing you have all the medical supplies labeled so they can be identified by touch during a fight because I can’t seem to get either of our torches work. The blast must have damaged them. Odd, I thought I shielded enough of the blast.”

Both torches? That doesn’t sound…oh. Damn, I hope I’m wrong or Baras may have already won. Quinn swept his hand slowly to the side opposite her, locating a torch by feel, then switched it on. Kneeling next to him was his lord, covered in small scrapes, shallow scratches, and dirt. He could identify some minor burns, but his heart sank when he saw the burn marks around her eyes, eyes which were watery and half-closed in a squint that did not react at all to the light from the torch. She continued sorting through the medical supplies by touch, apparently completely unaware that there was now light, or that he could see the lines of pain in her face or the lower lip caught in her teeth.

“Luckily, I still have a good sense of direction, and I can feel fresh air moving from the direction of the exit, so it’s probably still open. Well, as fresh as air on Quesh gets.”

Emperor help us, please let this be temporary, and damn Baras and damn this situation! What I wouldn’t give to be able to hold her right now while I tell her…and can’t. She won’t thank me for embarrassing her or trying to hide it from her even for a little while. She can’t afford any weakness, much less one she is unaware of. Still…

“My lord, can you see any lighter and darker areas? Any glow from more distant lights that survived the blast?”

“Black as a sarlacc’s stomach.” She forced a cheerful tone again, but he could see no amusement in her face, just pain. Someone who didn’t know her well would only see someone calmly in control, but he saw pain and determination and under it all, fury held in check. Quinn reached for the bag she held and deftly extracted it from her grip.

“My lord, I’m fine now, thank you, but you should let me examine you. You were between me and the blast, after all.”

“Just a few scrapes and bruises, nothing to worry about until…” She stopped dead in the middle of her sentence, then began to turn her head as if scanning the room, blinking rapidly. “Quinn, how did you know exactly where I was holding that bag?”

“I turned a torch on, my lord.” He spoke quietly and matter-of-factly, but watched for her to process the implications. She closed her eyes for a few moments, then sighed.

“The torches aren’t broken, I am. Is that it?”

“My lord! You aren’t ‘broken!’ Even if…” he found he couldn’t bring himself to say ‘blind’ just yet, but doggedly continued, “even if your eyesight has been affected, it may not be permanent.”

“May not.” The Sith woman dropped from the kneeling position to sit more solidly on the ground. “Well, this is a fine turn of events, isn’t it? At least now I know why I couldn’t get my eyes to stop watering.”

Silently, Quinn examined Ucevi, forcing himself to keep his movements brisk and professional as he treated her minor injuries, but when he touched her face, she flinched. “My lord, I need to look at them.” Her chin jutted out for a moment, then common sense overcame pride.

“Of course, Quinn.” He worked as quickly as he could, but realistically, the torch didn’t provide enough light for him to make a proper examination. He was able to reassure himself that whatever else was wrong with her eyes, at least no object had penetrated them.

“I can’t see a visible injury, my lord, which makes me hopeful that this is merely a temporary state. Did you retain consciousness when the blast hit?” He tried to sustain a calm, brisk tone and her clenched jaw relaxed slightly under his hands.

“More or less, though the last thing I saw was the blast, and I think I was stunned for a few minutes. I had the oddest hallucination about two people discussing me, a very odd conversation. I remember feeling quite offended at the way they talked about me, actually.”

His mind was racing with a hundred thoughts in different directions, and he felt certain most of the same thoughts were occurring to her. If the exit was collapsed, they simply faced a slower death unless Ucevi’s crew found them. If no one else came, Joran would look. For all his mixed feelings about the Chiss officer, he felt confident that he would never abandon Ucevi, though Quinn couldn’t quite say where his certainty came from.

If they could leave, though, there was still the problem of reaching the surface then traversing it to the nearest Imperial camp where they might find transportation. They didn’t dare risk transmitting any call for help that might be intercepted. He wasn’t at all certain that he would be able to protect them both that far, especially if Drag was maintaining a watch to make certain the trap had succeeded. Ucevi was far too vulnerable at the moment and he certainly wasn’t at his own peak.

And although his first overwhelming instinct was to get her medical help at the first Imperial outpost, he knew she would, probably rightly, resist that. If the blindness was permanent, they’d be putting valuable information into the hands of someone who might cheerfully sell it to an enemy. Even as he was already running through possible medical and technological remedies and replacements, he knew those would still mark a weak point that could be exploited.

At another level, he was cursing the luck that left him alive. Beloved. He allowed himself the luxury of using the word this once, one he’d banished even from his thoughts. If you hadn’t saved me, Baras could never use me against you, but now…We both know he owns my debt, and I’d rather die than be dishonored, but he will eventually demand that debt be repaid in your blood.

He’d fallen silent long enough that she had noticed, startling him out of his reverie with a falsely cheerful tone. “Is there a problem, or rather a problem I’m not already aware of, Captain?

Of course there’s a problem. With every passing moment, I fall more and more in love with you. And, I think, you with me. You should never have risked yourself to save me. And now that Baras has moved against you, neither of us can hope that this will end in anything other than catastrophe.

“No, my lord, just thinking through the best way to get us to an outpost where we can call the ship.”

“Hmm.” Her voice was even, but non-committal as he reluctantly removed his hands from her face. Determinedly, he drew his blasters and checked them to make certain they hadn’t been damaged, then rummaged in his medical bag for an analgesic, preparing a hypospray before bracing himself.

“My lord, I know normally you prefer to use your pain, but perhaps in this situation, you will allow me to administer one that will last until we are safely on the ship.”

From her instant scowl, she was about to refuse him, then her shoulders sagged. “You’re right, Captain. The pain in my head is going to affect my ability sense through the Force, and we’ll need every advantage we can get right now, especially if Drahg has left a watch for us on Baras’s orders. Normally I would have no doubts about my ability to defeat Drahg, but I need time to…adjust my fighting.”

“Of course, my lord.” Very gently, he touched the hypospray to her temple, holding her head still with his other hand on her jaw. To his surprise, she reached up and covered the hand on her jaw with hers, not concealing the slight shakiness of her hand from him or the tension flowing from her as the pain eased. Much worse than she was willing to admit, as usual, and it isn’t helped by how much she hates feeling trapped in the dark, is it? Damn the Sith and their pride. Except it isn’t really pride as much as survival, is it?

When he tried to draw his hands back, though, she held onto that hand, turning her head to plant a light kiss into his palm. “Thank you, Quinn.”

Quinn’s stomach flipped over at that delicate contact. Who could have guessed that we would find ourselves living one of those Sith operas we both love so much, the ones that no one survives…? Impulsively, desperately, he leaned forward and brushed her lips with his, then froze. Ever since that very…uncomfortable discussion in the middle of the night on Hoth, they had been so carefully formal with each other, and they had both just crossed that line they’d drawn between them. Her hand let go of his, but to simply to caress his cheek down to his lips, fingertips stopping there for a moment, and her face relaxed into an expression even he couldn’t quite read before replacing her fingers with her lips for her own light kiss. The lightness of her touch wasn’t gentleness; it was a durasteel restraint, and he knew that they both realized just how close they were to crossing another line. Here, in the gravel and dirt, surrounded by dead Republic troopers, alone, in a turbulent whirl of passions…

Then she pulled away, sitting up briskly to begin checking her armor with sure fingers, already more familiar with it by touch than the sight she lacked at this moment.

“Well, let’s get ourselves out of here, Captain, and back to the ship. I need to start planning how I’m going to deal with Baras and Drahg.” Then she tilted her head in his direction with a peculiar smile. “At least I know I can trust in your honor absolutely, Captain.”

Quinn’s stomach flipped again at her oblique meaning. She knows I hold a weapon now that Baras could use against her and knows I won’t give it to him. But we’re on a course that can’t be stopped, and we’re both fools who won’t step away.  Just as I was a fool to hope it would never reach this point.

No. At least you will survive, beloved. Somehow. I swear it.