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*slides into your inbox with mt svtfoe theory on miss henious* I think when Eclipsa was frozen Miss heinous was still a baby. An with Eclipsa gone and then the high committie and mewni probably taking out the father. An Instead of raising Metora they tossed her away and probably got brainwashed/simply forgot and became heinous. She seem to live in fear of changing and did everything not too. Mewni even went as far to put a gaurd in the castle to stop her from coming home and remembering.

Shit I think you might be right. I mean considered all the shady secrets being hidden and also all the racism against monsters that the Butterflys have, this could very well be possible. But damn, to have so much hate for monster kind to the point they’d banish a baby from Mewni though?? Horrible. If that’s the case, I think the plot twist for the entire series is having Mewmans/Butterflys as the true villains instead (which I kind of like the idea of).

I had a different theory in mind though that involved Eclipsa being the one to erase Heinous’s memories to protect her from the Butterflys. By having her never learn about her blood relation to them, her daughter could have lived embracing her monster side instead without being tied down/burdened with being hated on (basically start a new life that didn’t involve hardship from monster prejudice by her own Mewni family). But idk, I may be missing some details that could make the theory more solid but that’s all I got for now.

I’m now left wondering on Heinous’s backstory even more now.

So, I was watching Star Vs. The Forces Evil episode Into The Wand and something caught my attention. Lil’ Chauncey, Moon’s war pig-goat pet thing, was in Star’s memories. She remembers him.

 She knows Chauncey died in battle but no specifics on which battle or when. Then we get to The Grandma Room and we see Moon’s tapestry and her poem which I sum it up as: Toffee dun goofed. Toffee is clearly terrified and there have been lots of theories as to why this happened. Most of which tend to be shippy or something else.

But look at Moon’s face. Look at that rage, that pure open hatred. What did he do? What could warrant such open hostility from someone we’ve seen as being so cool and reserved? Then is hit me: Star was alive when this event went down. Because Chauncey died in battle, shown here in this tapestry and Moon is clearly an adult and Star remembers Chauncey. Then I remembered how the royal guards used to babysit Star. Why? Where were the nannies? The caretakers? The royal nurses? They taught her how to fight, how to use a sword and weapons, how to kill an enemy with her bare hands before she ever hit puberty. Why would Queen Butterfly, Mrs. Prim and Proper, allow her only daughter to be cared for and basically raised by guards

Because she felt it was necessary to better protect her young daughter. I’m willing to bet this is Moon unleashing some serious mama bear rage against someone who threatened her very young child. Star was old enough to remember Lil’Chauncey, but perhaps not the attempt on her life or whatever it was Toffee was planning on doing to the royal family. Maybe it was a betrayal on his part since there are so many hints and theories revolving around the two.

(Just as a side note, I am very aware of the Moon/Toffee ship and while I do think it is kind of out there, I also kind of like it too. Unless it ends up being like the Luke/Leia thing like one new major theory proposes. In which case, NOPE.)

I also thought it was strange that Moon and River decided to send their daughter to Earth to better control her powers….without any other supervision except for Glossyrick who they and we all know probably isn’t the best person to be keeping a rein in on Star. It probably had something to do with keeping her from setting the whole kingdom ablaze in glitter and flaming rainbows, but I also feel there was something else to it. While there are no mentions of Toffee after Storm The Castle, Moon is clearly afraid. 

I don’t know if we’re doing the right thing River.

Also, for all of Moon’s faults, she loves her daughter more than anything. Star’s safety is paramount to Moon and even the cleaving of her family’s ancestral wand is no where near as important to her as Star’s safety. 

Oh, I’m always mad. But I’m happy that your safe.

I love this theory because it explains so much: why Moon acts distant but at the same time is a constant presence in her daughter’s life. Moon maybe trying to do what she can to protect her only child while also living up to the very high and difficult position of being a Queen of an entire…planet? Like, she’s trying her best to be a good parent and Queen even if she doesn’t go about it in a way that Star can respond to.

Also, don’t tell me we aren’t going to learn something new on Monday about Moon. Look at this image I found for Page Turner’s preview. She just looks so tired and so sad. This is a woman whose seen some shit, done some things she’s regretted and probably has a lot of dangerous enemies.

All to protect her only child. At least, that’s my theory until canon will most likely disprove it.

EDIT: OK, so…I am both awed by and grateful for all the likes and re-blogs this post has gotten so BIG THANKS TO EVERYONE! XD

           Also, after watching the last few episodes of the season I feel like this sort of at least helps support my theory. There is no proof – yet – I hope – but give what we’ve seen it makes me happy. Moon clearly is worried about Star. She wants her training to progress farther and quicker, there is urgency in her voice and it’s clear that she’s scared. Also, all the magic in the universe is disappearing? Makes me wonder just WHAT that wand even is, or at least what makes it so special if Ludo having half of it means it has negative effects on a universal scale.

           Also? Toffee’s picture comes up on the screen with the corn and everything? Like, Moon, pay the frick attention!        

           Another thing is that while Glossyrick claims to be doing his job to train Star to be a good Queen I still don’t feel…like he’s a good teacher. He plays the vague-advice thing way too much but then he kind of just lets Star do whatever she wants to anyway so…I don’t know if this is the most effective way to train Star since she is still just a young kid and has a hard-enough time paying attention. I don’t know if there is something to it but I don’t like how cavalier he is about things. The final few episodes’ kind of bugged me. Like, dude, this is her child’s future were talking about. She has every right to stick her nose in thank you very much.

           But Moon’s fears and the lesson she learns in this episode tug at the heart strings. This woman has to accept that her young daughter is growing up fast, into a universe that is facing some serious peril and Star will undoubtedly have to fight soon enough. Moon is afraid, the fear is palpable and she wants to make certain that nothing can go wrong. She probably does have some suspicions of what’s causing it but she can’t be certain. Also, Eclipsa? Heck yeah is she going to be important given how frequently she’s been name dropped.

           Things are getting serious in the universe of the show, Moon is afraid and she’s know that Star is going to end up in the middle of it. For a woman who already has so many huge responsibilities on her shoulders and yet she probably feels powerless to protect her only child.

           Gah! The feels!


We know two things for sure...

First, Star Butterfly’s magical ability is nigh-unparalleled and she is shaping up to be the most powerful Queen of Mewni to ever live.

And second, the only one who ever matched her is Eclipsa, who Queen Moon just completely and deliberately fucked over instead of making good on their deal. 

While Eclipsa is obviously not the evil being of legend, I bet she’s not the forgiving type.


All my updated QUEENS OF MEWNI SKETCHES! Featuring, STAR BUTTERFLY NOW COLORED! @artgirllullaby@marionette-j2x@weather-art I actually did this a while back and actually thought it looked good Crystal. to be posted so….here it is! I hope you guys like some of the Sailor Moon inspired outfits😉

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morgana from merlin, regina mills from once upon a time, anyone u set ur mind to cuz ur writing is amazing

anonymously suggest a muse you think I’d be good at writing for based on what you’ve seen from this blog.

okay, i had to google morgana because i’ve never watched merlin before but she is GORGEOUS. she looks almost like she resembles a similar katherine feel. now i want to watch the show ( once i finish the originals now i probably will thanks i needed a new show lmao ). AS FOR REGINA.  REGINAAAA. i love her SO FUCKING MUCH & i actually ?? never considered writing her … you have now given me a new show to watch and a new muse to consider. bless you. ♡