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Luke Evans starring in Mick Jagger’s video for “England Lost”.


So…this is my favorite song of all time and every once in awhile I feel like reminding y'all because it’s kinda out of left field, no?

A smidge of background: So, I was visiting my parents for a birthday or anniversary or something when I was in college, and I grew up in an area where my hometown had less than 500 people. The closest “town” where you could get groceries and shit was less than 10,000 people and it was about twelve miles away. I was in town one day and went to the gas station to fill up the tank, and I randomly saw this CD by the register, because in tiny southern towns, you can buy CDs at the gas station. I bought it because it was like three dollars and then I put it in the CD player to listen to on the way home. When it got to track three, I knew every word and got my ENTIRE LIFE because apparently I grew up on VH1 music videos before the school bus came and heard this song a whole helluvalot. When I got home, I ejected the CD, read all the liner notes, and then dug deep into Duncan Sheik’s catalog because obviously we were kindred musical spirits.

Anyway, this is my jam. I’m drunk & I’ve been out and about since like noon, so here go my favorite song for y'all.

Ok this is really something I like.

I heard a song called You and I by John Legend and I just searched it up on YouTube. Now the music video shows girls of different races, body shapes and all that who don’t like their bodies and what not. Now i think this is an inspirational song that really goes well with the video. It’s basically saying “love yourself for who you are.” And i agree wholeheartedly with it. So please if you ever ever hate your body, face, hair or any other part of your body remember that you are beautiful and don’t let anyone tell you different. This is coming from me, a girl who has stretch marks, thousands of freckles on my face and shoulders, braces (yes I have braces but I don’t care anymore), and the reddest, most untamable hair ever and pale skin (which results in me burning after being in the sun for about an hour and a half), and i have giant ass feet, which makes it difficult to find nice shoes in the ladies section. Not to mention I’m overweight too. So really don’t think I’m a person who doesn’t care about you. I understand you I really do. So love yourself and don’t let anyone ever tell you you’re ugly or fat or any of those things. @sinnam0n-roll this is for you too. I may not know what you look like but you’re beautiful anyway.


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