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I wrote a quick interaction of an AU in which she hadn’t died, but had been put to rot in Impel Down, Rosa reuniting with Dragon from Sabo’s perspective after being freed. I meant to turn it into a comic but i have no time lately :’<

She met his eyes and stared hard, disbelieving, up at the man who lead the Revolutionaries. 

“You left Luffy? You left our son?” she whispered. 

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Oh if you please, could you doone where steve is injured and tries to ignore it, but the reader (or me) together with one of the twins and tony force him to sit and rest...bc i can totes imagine that


Stand Down Captain


Steve stumbled through the deserted hallways, pushing off the walls off so he wouldn’t stumble to the floor, groaning as the pain increased in every step he took towards his desired destination.

Finally he reached the dining area where Tony, Wanda and Pietro were, starting dinner off, all chattering away earnestly as they prepared the ingredients.

As he stumbled into view, Wanda instantly looked up from her chopping board and up at him with a large smile on her lips, ‘Hey Cap! Just got back from a mission I see!’

‘Yeah, it went really well …’ He said, gritting his teeth as he lent against the wall. ‘Are you okay Cap?’
‘What? Oh yes I’m fine Pietro! Just a little tired thats all ….’

‘Why don’t you come and sit down, relax a little?’ Pietro said, pulling up a chair beside where he was sitting and pealing the vegetables that needed to be done.

Steve looked at him wide eyed, knowing that if he took one more step that he would fall, and he didn’t want to look like a fool in front of Tony who always mocked him for being a weak ice cube.

So quickly, he took long strides towards him, gritting his teeth as he lent against the table now, picking up a peeler.

He gave Pietro a smile, shaking his head, ’No its okay Pietro, I’ll stand …’

Pietro gave him a confused look before shrugging and getting back to pealing the veggies. Steve sighed silently in relief, knowing now that he was playing it safe around them.

But without his knowledge, there was soft tapping sound, as if droplets of water hitting the bottom of the shower. Tony looked around at this instantly, becoming slightly annoyed, ‘Wanda could you turn that tap off, its really starting to bug me!’

‘Its off Tony …’

He looked suspiciously at this before looking around at Steve, only to realise that he had a large wet, red stain inking through his uniform.

And when his eyes traveled to the floor, only in horror to find a giant puddle of what looked like blood, still dripping from his leg.

‘Cap?’ Steve looked up to see Tony looking at him in horror, Tony realising that Steve’s face paler than he had ever seen it before.

Suddenly Steve felt dizzy, grabbing his head and letting out a groan as he had looked up too fast. Pietro and Wanda looked up at this instantly, their eyes widening in horror.

Pietro caught Steve before he could fall to the floor and injure himself even more.

‘A little help? I need to get him to the couch!’ Wanda and Tony abandoned their things instantly before making their way over, Tony helping Pietro carry Steve towards the couch as Wanda grabbed the first aid kit.

‘Guys I’m fine, really!’ Steve said as he tried to push Tony away as he tried to examine him, ‘Stand down Captain! Your going to get yourself killed if you don’t let Wanda and I take a look at this wound!’

Steve sighed heavily before letting Tony and Wanda get to work on cleaning the wound, Pietro running off instantly at his sister’s words to get some other essentials that might be needed.

Finally, after the blood had been cleaned and wounds on his chest and his legs had been checked, and after all the stitches had been sewn and medicine had been taken, Steve now lied on the couch.

Now covered in a large blanket, leaning against some large pillows and a heat pack to his head which was throbbing from the pain and painkillers.

‘Feeling any better?’ Tony said as he sat beside the Captain, bringing another round of painkillers for him to take along with a glass of water.

‘Feeling like I’m being punched in the head,’ Steve said as he quickly took the painkillers, swallowing them down with a gulp of water. Tony smirked slightly before clapping his hand onto his shoulder.

‘Don’t push yourself like that when you get a wound like that. You lost about a gallon of blood, maybe two even if I hadn’t seen that you were bleeding. If you ever get a wound as bad as that or just a wound, always go get it checked!’

Steve rolled his eyes at this, ‘Since when have you been so caring?’

Tony gasped, placing a hand over his heart, ‘I have done everything in my power to help these people who I VOLUNTARILY brought on to the team I mean I could’ve been an Avenger all by myself and everything would’ve been perfect! I mean I still have my company and all my products still running smoothly and I am also a full-fledged hero who-’

‘SHUT UP TONY!’ Steve erupted into laughter at the twins outburst, both of them staring at him with annoyed eyes and their hands raised in threat to him. Tony held his hands up in defence, ‘What! Its true! Anyway what I was TRYING to say was that you need to be more careful!’

‘I think I got that Tony!’ Steve said as he wiped the tears from his eyes, chuckling slightly as Tony whacked his head lightly, ‘Okay so do you need anything else Cap?’

Steve smirked at this, ‘Ice cream?’

‘Now your asking it for it Rogers!’