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chris has done a lot of funny things on the age of ultron press tour, so naturally i had to draw steve doing some of them… my favourite is the second one down on the right ✌

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Pairing : Past!JaredxReader, Jensen, Gen
Word count : 2,244
Author :Mel

Part 1 in ‘My son, Bringer of Storms’.

Making his way across the lot from his trailer to the set, Jared was looking down at his phone, smiling at the picture of his boys, when Jensen seemed to pop up out of nowhere. “Jesus, Jen..” He shot his friend a look. “What’s up?”

“Uh. Hang out out here with me for a bit?”

Jared furrowed his brow. “Dude, we just got called to set..”

“Yeah but.. You don’t want to go in there right now..” Jensen licked his lips, hoping he could convince Jared to stay out just a bit longer.

“What did you do?” Jared smiled.

“What? Nothing.” Jensen scoffed.

“I heard there’s new people working on set. Did you prank someone without me? This I gotta see.” He chuckled and pulled open the door.

“Fuck.” Jensen grumbled and followed him in.

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Sweet Child O’ Mine

wrote a sweet n’ spicy ficj (does this count as erotic friendfiction???? it’s a question that’s been haunting me…) featuring @kmclaude‘s character Father Adam Gagnon & my boi Luci B/C FATHER ADAM GAGNON HAS NEVER DONE ANYTHING WRONG IN HIS LIFE & I KNOW THIS & I LOVE HIM AND HE DESERVES A HAPPY FUCKING ENDING THNX. spicy ass fic is below the cut.

ya, i’m posting this from my sex sideblog; don’t want my sibs unintentionally stumbling upon it & shaming me for writing fanfic about my own characters b/c THAT’S EMBARRASSING.

all characters are 18+ or older

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