now let's just get you a jacket that fits

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hc's for the paladins with an s/o who keeps stealing their clothes

≫ shiro:

✦ nosebleed tbh

✦ all of his clothes look like they have big sleeves on you because his arms are fricken jacked lmao

✦ you end up borrowing a lot of his high school/college letterman jackets, which are way too long

≫ lance:

✦ almost a perfect fit !!! his hoodie is just a size bigger than you

✦ you’ll steal his jacket mostly before he wakes up just to irritate him, but secretly lance thinks it’s adorable

✦ he likes the fact that, since you borrow his clothes so frequently, now they smell like you

≫ keith:

✦ probably gets really confused like where did his jacket go?? it just disappeared??

✦ doesn’t even notice that you’re wearing his jacket until lance makes a joke about it


✦ he only lets you borrow certain pieces of clothing now. his jacket is too special it’s off limits. you gladly settle for his long shirts and baggy pants

✦ his clothes are really warm?? they smell like a forest

≫ hunk:

✦ finds it EXTREMELY endearing

✦ he thinks you looks super cute because his clothes are hilariously too big for you, and everyone knows that oversized clothes = automatic increase in cuteness factor

✦ hunk tells you every chance he gets that you’re free to borrow his clothes whenever

✦ you end up wearing his shirts as pajamas

≫ pidge:

✦ why would you wanna borrow her clothes?? they haven’t been washed in weeks and they smell like old pizza and they’re wAY TOO SMALL ON YOU

✦ seriously though. do you have a death wish?? when she catches you, she’ll hide all of her clothes from you

✦ …..but you did look pretty cute trying to put on her hoodie

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Can you please make a scenario where you visit chanyeol at his comeback stage with snacks for them members and you havent seen him for almost 2 months and he missed you so much so when he saw you he automatically became a baby, almost crying and wanted to cuddle. You missed him too. The waiting room is chilly so you guys ended up in his warm oversized coat that can fit both of you and just cuddled on the big couch, waiting for exo's turn to perform. Thank you :))))

this is … so.. cute…i adore writing clingy/attention needing boyfriend chanyeol haha!!!! here is some for you guys  (*≧∀≦*)

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Menswear Jackets to Try This Fall

Gentlemen, brace yourselves; fall is coming and so is your new collection of jackets. Check out these pieces that will keep you warm and cozy yet very stylish and ready to charm that special someone you’ve been crushing on.

Denim is always in fashion and never gets old. The borg detail around the neck adds the perfect amount of grace to this jacket.

ASOS Denim Jacket With Borg Collar

Do you want to look like a bad boy? There’s definitely a good chunk of the population that go crazy for the mysterious badass look. Leather gives you this in the ideal touch.

Leather Moto Jacket

Going for the boy next door look instead? That works as well. This royal blue bomber jacket looks very comfy and inviting. The color is versatile and looks good with whatever you decide to wear.

ASOS Bomber Jacket

With its interesting mix of colors, low-key camo design and excellent warmth this puffer jacket is just what to need to make that grand fall entrance! You can wear it now, and also when temperatures get even colder for winter.

‘Corbin - Camouflage’ Tailored Fit Insulated Puffer Jacket

So which look are you going for? Let us know!

(Main photo by Insider MYBELONGING)