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Poly JNPR for the kids meme thing

Omg that is the best response to the kids ask meme i could have hoped for here we go

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Who in your OT4 carries them from the couch/car to the bed?

Ren, and Jaune to an extent (if they’re in the car, Jaune will carry them, but if they fall asleep on the couch, he’ll just cover them with a blanket and make sure they’re tucked in warmly. Ren will make sure they get into their bed no matter where they fall asleep). Pyrrha’s in favor of gently waking them and guiding them to the bed, but she’ll carry them if waking them up just doesn’t work. Nora does not wake them up gently. RISE AND SHINE, KIDDOS, it’s time to get out of the car!

And who soothes the kids after a nightmare?

Jaune and Pyrrha. Pyrrha’s the most naturally soothing of the parents, and Jaune’s the one who always knows exactly what little joke to make to coax a smile out of the kids. They’ll work together on it too, so whichever kid got scared will have two people to hold them and will generally feel like the most loved person in the history of people.

Bonus: If Ren’s awake, he’ll go right to the kitchen to make tea.

Bonus 2: Once Pyrrha and Jaune have done their work and the kid is no longer shaking and terrified, Nora will burst in with a big smile and a hug and push the kid firmly over the edge into Happy.

Bonus 3: Nora’s actually pretty good at calming down nightmares when the duty is left to her. She’s helped Ren through worse in the past, after all, and she’s surprisingly mature for all her bounce and vigor. Ren is the worst at calming the kids down after a nightmare, despite having such a calm demeanor, but when he needs to, he’s there to pat their backs and hold them anyway. He prefers when he can assist with tea, though. Even as a parent, Ren still doesn’t exactly quite know how to People.

Who wants to throw out the car seat because the stupid thing won’t strap in?

… Jaune. Let’s be real. I even read the second half of that sentence in his voice. Ren has to step in to stop him from loading the whole thing into the dump because “Jaune, look, it’s simple, you’re the only one who can’t figure out how this works.”

Who cries on the first day of school?  

Pyrrha cries the moment they disappear into the building. They’re her babies, she doesn’t want to let them go! The other three make it until they get home, at which point Nora breaks down, because “the house is so empty with just the four of us in it!” and Jaune’s just like, “… are you… even listening to yourself right now?”

Gets the kids into the local sports team?

Nora. She wants an excuse to turn her kids into little warriors. The other three come home and find Nora and all the kids practicing their snarls in the mirror together and just sloooooooowly back out of the room.

And who’s the parent that gets way too aggressive at these games?

Pyrrha and Nora. Nora would be on the sidelines yelling at her kids to break the “enemy’s” legs (“I’m pretty sure that’s a foul,” Ren points out calmly, and Jaune’s just like, “Pretty sure in sports we call them the opposition.” “DON’T SAY THINGS LIKE THAT IN FRONT OF THE KIDS, YOU’LL TURN THEM INTO PACIFISTS.” “Nora, what the hell.” “Jaune,” Ren says reproachfully, “that’s a bad word.”).

Meanwhile, Pyrrha’s the one who watches the referee like a hawk and calls out every single unfair ruling and won’t back down until the ref agrees to take it back. She has been escorted out of the game before, protesting the whole time that the call wasn’t fair. The others found her sitting on a bench by the school bus with her arms crossed, looking very petulant indeed.

Who in your OT4 lets the kids stay up and watch movies and who sends them to bed?

Jaune loves to stay up watching movies, and the kids love to join him. If they know they’re staying up too late, he’ll drape them in a giant blanket so they’re watching from underneath a Super Secret Blanket Fort, because of course if they can’t see the other parents, the other parents can’t see them. The kids think this is hilarious, and love snuggling up to him and getting all giggly and secretive while they hide.

The other three parents do not find it quite so hilarious. Many a daring stakeout has been ruined by Pyrrha Nikos at the end of her tether carting the kids off to bed while Ren cleans up the remains of the blanket fort and Nora glares down at their husband because “they have a game tomorrow, Jaune, do you WANT them to be exhausted?”

Who sneaks candy to the kids before school, whilst the other pretends not to notice?

Nora would never let her kids go to school without enough lollipops and marshmallows to share with the whole friend group. Jaune gets upset, because “I thought we were saving those for ourselves.” Pyrrha will generally pretend not to notice, but sometimes she’ll make commentary, like “all the kids these days are eating Candy XYZ, maybe you should toss some of those in next week” *pretends to be very engrossed in her weapons catalogue and no, she didn’t just say something*

Ren just sighs and makes sure the kids’ lunches are super extra healthy. He’s had this argument with Nora too many times.

Who is the parent that yells at the kid for being called to the principal’s office and who is the parent who yells at the principal?

They all have their own reactions.

Ren will sit down and calmly listen to the principal’s story, and then, in measured tones, tell the principal exactly what the school did wrong.

Nora will get offended at the very notion that her kids could get in trouble, unless they’re accused of something really awful like bullying, in which case she’ll turn on them (HOW COULD YOU DO THIS).

Jaune just gets really snippy about the whole situation. He’ll snap at the kids for getting in trouble, and then he’ll snap at the principal for putting his kids in trouble. He brings his glowering A-game to principal meetings at all times.

Pyrrha will talk to the kids first and get their side of the story, and if the kids honestly did do something worth getting in trouble for, she’ll apologize sincerely to the principal. If the punishment is unfair, though… Lord help that principal. Hell hath no wrath like Pyrrha Nikos in the face of injustice.

Who teaches their son to tie a tie?

Ren. He hates wearing ties, but he still remembers how to from their Beacon days. Jaune actually does still wear ties every once in a while, and he knows how to do it well enough, he’s just shit at teaching it.

Explains periods to their daughter?

Jaune and Nora, who, according to my headcanons, are the two members of JNPR who have ever actually had periods (I headcanon both Jaune and Pyrrha as trans). Nora makes the whole thing out to be this horrible, gory experience, and Jaune’s role mostly consists of him sitting there and going “…. nope, not like that. … Nope. … Um, no? That isn’t what it was like at all?… Nora, what are you doing? Get off the counter and sit down, there are no bears involved, just tell the kid about tampons or I’ll have to do this whole thing myself.”

… It does sort of end up being mostly Jaune.

Who cries at graduation?

All of them. Jaune’s the first one to go, and he starts fucking bawling, and once he goes off, Nora does too, and Pyrrha can’t take it, it’s an empathetic response, and there’s Ren, trying to be calming, but darn if he isn’t tearing up a bit too. (They’re all just really proud of their kids, okay?)

Who reads the book in silly voices?


All of them.

Have you seen RWBY Chibi? [x

Who’s the one against sweets before dinner and who lets it slide?

Ren: “So help me, if I find out you let the kids have sweets before dinner again, I’ll–”

*freezes as he emerges from the kitchen*

Pyrrha: *shrugs helplessly*
Jaune and Nora: *stare guiltily up from where they’re feeding candy to the kids.*

Who gets rid of the monster in the closet and under the bed?

They take turns (they are all professional Hunters, after all!).

Which parent sneaks veggies into the kids’ dinner and who doesn’t like veggies themselves?

Ren doesn’t sneak veggies into the kids’ dinner, he lectures them on the beneficial aspects of vegetables and they nod and listen along and eat their veggies like good kids because they’re smart like Baba and Mama (Ren and Pyrrha). Nora feels personally betrayed, because vegetables? Blegh.

… Ren does, on the other hand, sneak vegetables into Jaune’s food, because while Jaune very much likes the idea of vegetables in theory, you’d be hard pressed to get him to eat anything green. He’s straight up told Ren before – make dinner heatlhy, and don’t tell me when you do.

Who in your OT4 does the “hurt my baby and I’ll kill you” speech when their kid brings someone over?

Nora, to such a terrifying extent that they now make sure she’s elsewhere whenever any of their kids leave for a date (“I swear, if you hurt ONE HAIR on our baby’s head, I will TAKE MY HAMMER AND SHOVE IT SO FAR–” “NORA!!!” “… Yes, Ren?”). So then Jaune took over, and his version consists more of:

*stares down kid, who is shaking, because to a teenager who Does Not Know What We Know, six-foot-tall relatively muscular dad-of-my-date Jaune Arc looks pretty terrifying*

“So. You’re taking my daughter out on a date. Before you go, let me lay down a few ground rules. Rule 1: I don’t make the rules. You don’t make the rules. She makes the rules. Her body, her rules.”


“But if you break her rules, so help me, I will take my wife’s hammer and shove it so far–”
“… Yes, Ren?”

And that’s why Ren’s the one who meets the potential dates now.

(Pyrrha was too entertained by the hammer thing to discourage it.)

Who goes on all the rides with the kids because their partner gets queasy on rides?

Well, the great thing about having four parents is that Ren, Nora, and Pyrrha get to split going on the rides between them while Jaune sits on a bench looking purple because he somehow manages to forget he has motion sickness, every single time.

Kuroo Tetsurou x Reader; Not in the Least – Part IV (Last Part)


And one last big thank you to the awesome Lyn for reading over the story!!

Part IV

You follow the throng of people through the gates of the school, hugging your own body in the meager attempt to protect you from the biting cold of the snowy night. You curse yourself for having decided in favor of the more fashionable – yet much thinner – coat on a whim before you headed out earlier. You can barely lift your gaze, because as soon as you do, tears begin to form in the corners of your eyes from the snowflakes relentlessly being blown in your face by the icy wind. So you more or less blindly stumble along in the general direction of the cherry tree you are supposed to meet up with the team before walking to the auditorium together, in which the annual Christmas party of Nekoma is held. You just hope you are the last one to arrive at the designated meeting spot, because you can hardly feel your hands anymore and are desperate to finally get some warmth back into them.

You almost knock over several people from keeping your eyes downward for most of the way, but for once in your life you don’t really care and keep walking on while mumbling half-hearted apologies. When you feel that you’re almost there you squint your eyes and lift your gaze. A wave of joy surges through you as you make out a well-known rooster comb not too far away, but just a moment later your heart sinks as you realize what that means. Letting out a string of curses under your breath, you hug your body tighter.

“Where are the others?” You fume when you finally arrive, not even bothering to greet Kuroo properly.

“What others?” He replies and despite your reluctance to have a new set of snowflakes blown into your eyes and nose, you look up.

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this is me and my mom ( motherofaswiftie ). i just wanted to let you know that we both adore you and will hopefully be seeing you together this summer! we’ve bonded a lot throughout the years because of your music. we listened to it in the car when she would drive me to school. When Speak Now came out, both my parents went with me to Target during release week and we bought the cd together. When Red came out, my mom wrote me a note so i could get out of school early for it. she bought me the cd and we drove around for 4 hours listening to the whole thing and watching the leaves change (because were from CT and that happens tremendously here!). thanks for giving us such special memories together. Were certainly a swiftie family and we just wanted you to know that.❤️

I Got A Boy - Chapter 6

Part 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5



“So what’s her name? What’s she look like? Wait - that’s a stupid question, right? - if you’re twins and all -”

Annabeth tugged on Leo’s wrist but he held on tight as he practically dragged her down the hallway. It was getting hard to breathe, and even as she struggled his forearm dug harder into her throat. He didn’t seem to notice though because he was talking a mile-a-minute and grinning the whole time.

Perhaps she should look into lip-sealing surgery so she could stop herself from opening her stupid mouth and make things worse. Now there were more lies on top of more lies to keep track of.

“Leo, get off,” she grunted but he didn’t listen.

“- but probably not as ugly as you. Where does she go to school? Does she have Instagram?”

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What I Call Life (Part 9)

Part Nine of the blangstpromptoftheday mpreg fic.

Parts 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8

Played with time a little bit this chapter since Glee’s timeline’s so effed up anyway. It’s probably really confusing and I apologize for that, but I was confused myself when I tried to go back and sort everything out for this flashback portion. If you have any questions about it, message me on here and I’ll try my best to explain. If not, just take it all in stride. That’s what I’m doing lol.

This fic is on too.

May 2014

“Did you hear? Anderson’s gonna break up with Hummel soon. I guess June Dolloway’s got this huge plan involving him playing straight to get more backers and since he’s engaged to Kurt, it’s like a liability or something.”

“Do you really think he’ll break up with him though? I mean, come on. Hummel’s a catch. He beat Rachel Berry at Midnight Madness!”

“Yeah, but what’s he doing now honestly? Berry’s on Broadway, his fiance’s June Dolloway’s new pet, and he’s singing at a diner while he serves fries! Personally I think if Blaine wants to make it big like the rest of us, he’d ditch that one trick pony and go with June.”

“So you think he’ll do it?”

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