now let's all hold hands and sing kumbaya

anonymous asked:

Have any of you seen buzzfeed's new video "I'm a guy"? What do you guys think? Why do you think someone like this would identify as male?

I actually covered this a while ago, but I hate it. I think it’s stupid and immature to expect people to call you a male when you are intentionally, without valid reason, presenting yourself as a female.

This shit is a result of the fucking identity politics. Now we’ve got all these bow-tie-short-hair-bad-attitude-ifoundoutinmyprivateuniversitygenderstudiesclassthatimsuperoppressed girls bouncing around calling themselves trans men, non-binary people etc. They have no idea what we go through on a daily basis, and what our actual needs are, and here they are, claiming to represent us. They are taking over the voices in our activism, and forcing us to focus on things that don’t actually help us (like the whole “you don’t have to transition at allllll to be trans, lets all hold hands and sing kumbaya” thing) rather than what actually matters (like getting trans people proper medical care - what’s actually been statistically proven to save lives).

The whole problem is, you can say you are trans nowadays, without having any real consequences on your life. You can claim “IM A MAN” while wearing a pink dress and pigtails, everyone in your life calling you she, with no intention of transitioning at all, and to be “properly supportive of trans people” people have to agree with you. It doesn’t matter if you are actually male, the rule states that if you say you are something, you are. That’s how we end up with all these tumblrites who think their gender is starfish and such. Cause the rules state, you don’t have to actually be the thing to get people to call you the thing because no one can ever question your identity.

Like when I was still doing my truscum arguing blog, I got hundreds of reblogs and messages of people telling me that “YOU CANT TELL OTHER PEOPLE HOW TO IDENTIFY” and it didn’t even matter if the people were claiming to be non-binary, genderfluid, binary trans, cis, a dragon, didn’t matter one bit. 

We have to seriously rethink our “how to be a good trans ally” rules. Respecting trans people is vastly important yes. Validating trans people is super important as well. Hell, that’s what over half this blog is.

But we have to make sure we are validating the truth, not the lies kids are telling themselves. We have to make sure that how we treat people (especially young kids) is with love and respect, but not blindness. We have to be smarter than this.