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A New Court  Part II

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Rhysand was already waiting at the camp by the time Lucien and I managed to convince Tamlin of our good intentions—and that we really, truly didn’t need him to accompany us. We’d tied our horses to a couple of trees and grabbed each other’s hands before winnowing to the war camp.

Rhys was leaning against a tree, but unhitched himself as soon as he caught sight of me.

The pain of seeing him was agonizing. The pain of knowing that I couldn’t get too close to him, couldn’t touch him at all was even more so. Still, I dropped Lucien’s hand and ran to him, my heart pounding in my chest, my mouth still foul tasting from this morning’s bout of nausea.

We ran to each other, close as we dared without catching each other’s scent. I saw my own pain mirrored in his eyes and for a moment, I saw the situation from his point of view. He had spent so many years in agony—most of it before I was even a thought, before I was even born. He spent three more years in even more pain because he knew I existed, but he couldn’t touch me, or see me, or feel me. And when he finally did, I was not his. I loathed him. I spurned him. I was a member of the household responsible for killing his family. His pain was unfathomable.

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