now let me be tumblr famous

dear anonymous,

hey you! yeah you!

i see you! you might think that since you’re hiding behind those big ol’ sunglasses that no one can see you. you also think that everyone on the internet is nanoexistant, or that they dont exist at all. you probably believe that everyone is perfectly fine.

well greyface, let me give you another story.

im shaking with rage as i write this.

im suicidal.

im insane.

and if you push me far enough,

i will end up institutionalized, 

cause h*** no, im not going to be the one to pull the trigger.

but one of my friends pulled it.

he’s gone now, and its because of you.

so **** off and leave people alone you greyfaced jerks.

there are a lot of nice anons out there.

if you’re not one, become one.

dont drive people over the edge.

you’ll probably regret it.

dont shame “tumblr famous” people like @hntrgurl13 or @learningftw or @ anyone with over 100 followers

dont harass or bully or pick up fights with great people or people that you dont share opinions with, like @autisticninjacole or @ any one you dont like/share opinions

theres a blacklist button for a reason

a lot of these people on this site are my friends, like @mr-universe99 , @themindofcc , and @keleficent

if you have nothing nice to say, dont say nothing at all


1c3814k3  asked:

Poly! BBS. Sorta a Mario Kart au where Brian is a famous racer. At the final race in a series, he wins and everyone comes down to congratulate him. (I wasn't logged into my Tumblr. This is the person who was sending some of the prompts, like the zoo one, the skittles, ice skating, and the Pokémon one. Just let me know if you want some more!)

Yo, you are really flippin’ good at creating prompts, my dude. Like, HoT DaMn. And yes, Mario Kart au.

I love it. Now I know your identity, Mr. 1c3814k3! It’s okay, I allow bots on here. Haha!!

Thanks for all these requests. Haha

How to show Friendship

Hello, dear followers (I’ve got nine, and I love you all so so much, thanks for following me!)

I made a lot of friends trough my half year on tumblr, and you all cannot imagine how thankfull I am to everyone!!! I would like to show you how I send my friendship to people I know for a too long time! Please do not try what I’ll show now, I did this because I know her ( @arandomgirliam) for a loooong time, and we kinda like each other, and I know she’ll forgive me (or kill me).

I wrote down 6 steps how I like to irritate her.

1. Find a beautifull famous cinnamon roll.

2. Tell your friend about him/her.

3. Let her be interested in him/her.

4. When the time’s ripe (you’ll know it), search for gifs of him, like this one:

Originally posted by edge-of-the-blade

5. When your friend’s irritating and you want him/her to shut up, send another gif.

Originally posted by witam-cie

6. Keep on going!!

I know she’ll hate me for this, and @arandomgirliam will probably block me immadiately when she sees this post, but it’s worth it. 

Please forgive me for this terrible post, I do not do this often, but I’m sick and crazy and it’s evening, so yes, it explaines something maybe… 

Hope someone liked this, and sorry, Lou, I had to do it once, it was just a matter of time…

Originally posted by sebsbuckybarnes

let it be written that “Stinky Widdle Pee Pee Boy” was some shit I FUCKIN STARTED but will NEVER GET CREDIT FOR because im not POPULAR on TUMBLR

“i’m a stinky widdle peepee boy!!!” became my personal meme because it was the BLOG TITLE of an adult baby blog that followed me for no reason in 2014 or 15!!!!! I WAS IN A SKYPE CALL, LOST MY SHIT, AND HAD TO EXPLAIN MYSELF. I HAVE BEEN SAYING IT EVER SINCE


This bitch right here had a mimosa in her hand, decided she didn’t like it, and just dumped it on the tile floor. Dumped it. Then she went and got napkins… clean off her hands. After watching two people walk through it (safely) and being terrified they were going to slip and fall, I went and got napkins and cleaned it up myself (until an employee noticed and politely refused to let a customer finish the cleanup job). She didn’t even glance at me as I cleaned up the mess next to her feet.

That was absolutely despicable. Well, guess what bitch, you’ll be tumblr famous for it now.

a few valid reasons to criticize social justice on tumblr

  • huge sex-positivity focus even tho that movement is harmful to a number of marginalized people
  • no effort to fix those issues at all
  • no collective effort to remove ableist terms from our vocabularies.
  • a huge american focus;
  • OR issues outside of america in nonwhite countries are given the time of day but are completely covered in a white savior mentality
  • white ppl apologizing all over the place. that helps no one.
  • famous white dude said it too and now tumblr accepts this point that has been reiterated so often it is a dry barren landscape
  • aromantic/asexual erasure
  • non black sj bloggers appropriating aave
  • essentially no queer spaces free of islamophobia or bigotry for queer muslims
  • ‘muslim issues’ are narrowed down to 'homophobia’ and 'israel/palestine’ (let me list the ways ur a piece of crap) and '9/11 wasn’t our fault’
  • collective avoidance of calling out anti semitism or topical discussions about anti-semitism
  • intra community issues are nearly impossible to discuss easily due to some of those above points
  • so we’re forced to basically accumulate into pillars or 'sections’ even w/ differing ideals/focuses between us

not valid reasons to criticize social justice on tumblr

  • everyone is angry and i got my feelings hurt like 3 times man
  • if ur white/cis/straight u get! no! opinion!
  • all this tagging of 'triggers’ wwow i am affronted and i cant express myself and my blog’s aesthetic is RUINED 
Tumblr AU ideas
  • My ship is better than yours.
  • Holy shit, that’s a nice selfie.
  • Help me, I’m new and my friend says you’re surprisingly tumblr famous. What the fuck is a promo?
  • I’m having a sexuality crisis in your inbox.
  • I wrote a ficlet for your AU idea, so…here ya go.
  • You wrote/drew something for me?!
  • You agree with my unpopular opinion. Thank you for existing.
  • You are reading that scene all wrong and therefore let me systematically destroy your argument. I will defend this to the end of the earth do don’t even bother trying to argue with me.
  • I accidentally misinterpreted your post and started arguing with you about it. I realize my mistake, but now my honor is on the line so I can’t back down.
  • You run the confession blog I’m pouring my heart out too and i forgot to put anon on.
  • I hacked your popular blog.
  • Wait, I recognize that place. Do we live near each other?
  • I accidentally reblogged your post like eight times because the button got stuck. Please don’t look at my blog.
  • I commissioned you for art but I have no idea what I actually want. I just wanted to somehow break the ice and talk to you. Also your art is amazing.
  • We’ve been RPing for months now and our characters are totally into each other. The only reason I can write it so well is because I’m hopelessly in love with you.
  • I keep adding bad puns to your post.
  • You asked the one question on an ask meme that I didn’t want to answer.
  • Oh my god, you’re talking to me. I’ve been stalking your blog for months. I am not worthy.
  • I added a Supernatural GIF to your post and you hate Superwholock.
  • I accidentally followed because of tumblr mobile but I actually like your blog?
  • We are competing blogs. I will destroy you.
  • We got put in a network together because our mutual friend started it and made us join. I don’t even like the show that much. Wait, your blog is quality.
  • Dude, why are you suddenly spamming my dash with pictures of bees?
  • You posted something sad and I wanted to say I understand and that I hope you feel better.
  • You forgot me in your Follow Forever.
  • We’ve been mutuals forever but I suck at talking to people.
  • You’re my guilty pleasure blog.

Stormy weather in March does have a few wee compensations… and the rainbows which sometimes appear during torrential showers of hail are especially bright. So when Algy saw the massive black clouds sweep in from the sea, with the sun still shining through from the south, he leaned back happily on the waving bed of Marram grass and gazed at the sky. Algy loves rainbows, so he was inevitably reminded of Wordsworth’s famous rainbow poem:

          My heart leaps up when I behold
             A rainbow in the sky:
          So was it when my life began;
          So is it now I am a man;
          So be it when I shall grow old,
             Or let me die!
          The Child is father of the Man;
          And I could wish my days to be
          Bound each to each by natural piety

[ Algy is quoting the poem The Rainbow by the 19th century English poet William Wordsworth. ]

When I Least Expect You

Summary: After a career spanning five-and-a-half years, group Fifth Harmony break up, all going their separate ways. Lauren and Dinah are both starting solo careers, hanging back in California, while Normani moves to New York to dance, Ally moves back to Texas to be with Troy, and Camila sets out on a year long journey around the world, filming a t.v. show with three of her best friends. For the last year, the girls had shared an apartment in LA. While cleaning it out to move to a new one, Dinah finds a box, left in her room by Camila that holds three-and-a-half years of letters, memories all meant for Lauren. What happens when she opens the box and starts on an emotional journey that Camila has left behind? Their relationship had been torturous, but everything will change when Lauren finally finds out the truth about how Camila felt until the very day that she left. 

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pardon the intteruption: quick message to the darkipliers

sooooooo guys i have called you here to introduce you to a darkiplier on this person’s awesome blog and let me tell you he is such a cutie:

not to mention, he’s actually a big fan of you more famous darks:

so i am here to nOW RIGHT THIS WRONG IN THE DARKIPLIER COMMUNITY *makes determined face*


king dark

that asshole & that really cool witch-doc

the other cutie

sex-driven eye shadow that’s his official nickname for from now on okay

the dark i am currently obsessed with

the glitchy guy

that hottie from hell

  • Taylor: *wakes up*
  • hmmmmm today feels like the perfect day to call all of my famous friends and invite them to my show and ask some of my bad blood squad to come on stage with me in their full on bad blood costumes and ask the U.S. women's soccer team with their World Cup trophy and heidi klum to walk the runway with me. oh and let me email the weeknd and ask him to perform with me and oh wait, one more thing, I think I want to curl my hair today

anonymous asked:


Sweetie if you think that post with 60k notes is my first exposure to tumblr fame let me give you some bad news….

Fanfiction (Steve Rogers x Reader)

 Requested by Anonymous:The reader is teaching Steve about social media and leaves him alone for awhile and he reads a fan fiction about him self and when she comes back he’s freaking out cause “I never did any of this!”

 You had a crush on Steve Rogers since you first joined the team. You were with them since the battle of New York. Steve was your best friend but you didn’t tell anything to ruin the friendship that the two of you shared. You didn’t know that the feelings were mutal.

 You’d always help him to adjust to the modern world but you never helped him with technology like phones,computers, and stuff like that so one day when he came to you to for help you were more than willing to help him. So you went to the best shop in New York and bought him a phone.When you came back to the tower you two sat on the couch to the living room and beggined.

“Are you ready for our lesson,cap?” You asked as he nodded and you took out his new phone. “This is yours.”

“Thank you so much y/n! You didn’t have to do that.”

“I wanted to .Now come on , lets start.” 

 You beggined with the basics. How to make a phone call, send a text message, take photos and videos ,google things .The you moved to the other things.You taught him how youtube , facebook and twitter  works but he seemed interested about something else.

“Let me guess, you didn’t understand?”

“No I understood everything y/n.. I want you to teach me about that app.. The blue themed one with the ‘t’ logo?”

“Oh you mean tumblr ? Yeah it’s a great  app , you can search photos about famous people, interesting articles , memes , fanfiction..” His eyes shot wide.


“Fanfiction. There are stories about people from both genders that like a special character of a movie and tv series, celebrities, superheroes that make up stories with their imagination from things that may happen between them” You bit your lip. You were writing fanfiction for Steve for a long time ago. It was the only way to express your feelings about him without telling.

“You mean there are fanfics about us?Can I see some?”

“Yeah of course.” You typed ‘Steve Rogers Imagines’ and passed the phone to him. Suddenly you heard Tony’s voice from the kitchen.


“Ok I’m coming! Steve I’m coming back in a bit.” He nodded and continued reading the page. In the kitchen stood a very drunken Tony and Clint trying to drink a glass of milk with a raw egg. “What the fuck?” You stayed there a bit to prevent them doing something stupid.


Steve tapped to a blog that seemed interesting to him. The name was u/n. He started reading the first one of the blog. Smut. The letters next to the title were writing. He read the first five paragraphs that freaked him a little but not as the two last. Steve crawled up to you and took your shirt off exposing your body. You weren’t wearing any bra so he lost no time and took your nipple to his mouth earning a moan from you. The other things the paragraphs said shocked him. He closed the phone screen shut with a very confused look.You finally entered the room.

“Hey Steve. What happened?” You asked looking at his kinda scared looking eyes. “Um, Steve.. Which blog did you read?” Now you looked as confused as him.

“The latest post on u/n.. I never did any of this..”

“I did.”

“You did?”

“Yeah.. I mean from a long time ago I had a crush on you.. And ..I like you a lot Steve. I didn’t tell anything because you don’t like me back and..then it would be awkward..” He came closer to you.

“Who said I don’t like you back? I really like you a lot.” He cupped your cheeks with his hands and pressed his lips to yours.

“Guys do you want to try milkshake with eggs and beer it’s really tasteyyyyy!! OH FINALLY!” Tony’s drunken voice interupted you and you laughed.

Tumblr Famous  ;)

LOL and as my young friends at work like to say, eff my life.  My dash seems to have officially died yesterday, but no that’s not what I’m currently laughing or whining about.  I just reblogged my prose (Life Happens) from last night and it actually now has one less heart than it had 5 minutes ago.  Glitch in The Matrix, or is that new math they tried to teach us back in the sixties making a comeback?  Dear God I hope not.  It took us several pages of writing to prove that two plus two equaled four.  Don’t know how we survived that one. Anyway back to said prose, I definitely plan to rewrite that when I have the time and/or energy.  I like what it says, though not quite how I said it.  I’m on the case, and of far greater importance, whatever holiday or holidays you may be celebrating I pray each of you will be surrounded by friends, family and loved ones.   Now for the big and hopefully not too overused finish.  If no one’s told you yet today. let me be the first to say…

I love you,
Mike <3