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Meeting Pride

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Title: Meeting Pride

Pairing: Dwayne Pride x Reader

Word Count: 886

Warnings: FLUFF

A/N: I know it’s late, and I NEVER post this late, but I was encouraged by @cm-ncis-writings / @scribe-of-winchester to try my hand at writing Pride from NCIS: New Orleans (NOLA). I love Pride because he’s just so adorable. Feedback is welcomed and appreciated. I hope I just didn’t butcher this wonderful man omg. I hope you all enjoy this <3 <3

You strolled into the bullpen, tilting your head to the side.  There was someone unfamiliar standing next to your boss.  Every one of Gibbs’ friends was always a pleasure to meet, but this one was different.  This man was handsome; this man had caught your eye.  He had been watching you since you stepped out of the elevator.  

The strange man pardoned himself from Gibbs, making his way to your desk.  Your cheeks quickly flushed pink.  What should you do?  What should you say?  Why were you so nervous meeting this man?  In the few seconds you had, you pulled yourself together, flashing him a warm smile.

The tall man extended his hand out to you, “hello there miss.  You must be [Y/N] [Y/L/N].  Gibbs told me you apart of his team, but he didn’t tell me how beautiful you are.”  He chuckled at your obvious nervousness, “name’s Dwayne Pride, but most people call me King.”  His smile was contagious; you couldn’t help but smile back at him.

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Keep in Touch

Characters: teen!Dean x Reader

Words: 1052

Request from @soaringeag1e: “Ok, One where Dean saves you on a hunt in high school and you both stay in touch, but irregularly, and one day he sees on the news that you’ve gone missing under suspicious circumstances. I’ve been wanting to write this one but have no time….But I REALLY want it!!!! Lol Love you!!!”

Part 1 In Keep in Touch series.

So, as I was writing, I realized the way I wanted to write this request wouldn’t fit into one part. So, a short series it is!! Enjoy, and look for part 2 soon! It will be titled “Calls”. ;)

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