now kiss pls


He gotta give him that air you know

A piece of my soul dies every time Nicky Hemmick is treated like shit or dismissed

snaxolotyl  asked:


opening credits:  Lights - Fourth Dimension
meeting for the first time:  Paper Aeroplanes - Ribbons
hey, i kinda like you:  Sara Bareilles - Send Me The Moon
i’m going to kiss you now:  Sleeping At Last - You Are Enough
falling in love: Tori Kelly - I Was Made For Loving You
your place or mine: Trading Yesterday - May I
naked in bed: MAX - Lights Down Low
first fight:  London Grammar - Metal & Dust
maybe we should take a break:  Lune - Healing Song
i want you back: James Bay - Incomplete 
will you marry me: Sassa Dagdag - La Vie En Rose (cover)
we’re getting older: Mirah - While We Have the Sun
if you die i’ll go with you:  Lewis Watson - Bones
End Credits: We The Kings - Sad Song

-mod Lance

yes i like edgy songs you caught me

Lion Queen

You sat on the couch, your legs dangling from the edge with Robbie inbetween your legs on the floor. You two sat in perfect silence letting Orange Is The New Black play while you absentmindedly played with Robbie’s dirty blond hair. You messed it up so it stuck up in different places, sometimes combing your fingers through or ruffling it up.

After a while, Robbie spoke up “Why are you playing with my hair?”

“It’s fun” You answered with a smile “makes you look wild

“Wild? like a lion?” He teased, climbing up on the bed slyly over you as you backed up on the couch letting him hover over you. “Let’s play then”

“Robbie, I know that look…” you backed up farther but to no avail, he trapped you between his hands.

“You dare defy the king?”

“Please, don’t-” But it was too late, the brit had started tickling your stomach, knowing your weak spot and taking advantage, showing no mercy.

You gasped for breath unable to hold back your laughs “Please!” You managed between laughing “S-stop!”

Eventually, Robbie pulled back with a smirk, he was still on top of you and you wanted to slap him. But his expression quickly changed as he glanced at your lips then back to your eyes.


“Yes?” You answered

“Be my lion queen” and with that, he leaned down, connecting your lips.


  • news: taehyung will be having a kissing scene in hwarang
  • people: imma hurt the girl he kissing
  • me: hoe don't