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HOLY MOLY 4000 FOLLOWERS!?!?! I’m amazed! I’m astounded!! I’m shocked!!! I’m crying, I’m so happy right now! Thank you so much for all the continuous support! I’m going to be taking a little break from tumblr for awhile for spring break to finish a lot of project I have rn, but as soon as I’m done I’ll come back and post all the goodies I’ve been working on! Thank you so much again babes! Please enjoy some Big brother Percy

ok but SO MUCH happened in these tweets I’m still wrapping my head around all of it!  I’mma bulletpoint it:

  • they hired a new manager!  
    • nobody is more stressed out about it than dex
  • tater is texting bitty
    • you know that when bitty was on that point streak that Jack was bragging (gushing) about it to everyone within earshot
  • bitty and jack’s first valentine’s together
    • who’s surprised that Jack was 110% extra?
  • rans & holster planning for the future
    • I’m so stressed out about this actually like the thought of them fighting about it makes me so sad
  • SO MUCH nurseydex flirting.  
    • SO.  MUCH.
  • Tango is a Devils fan
    • I don’t know why I find this so endearing but I do.  does this mean Tango is from Jersey?
  • Jack requests that Bitty send him a selfie every morning
    • they are so gross
  • Bitty mentoring Whiskey!
    • even though whiskey is still hanging out with the lax bros
  • actually the most concrete confirmation we have in canon yet that Lardo and shitty are dating
    • I mean you could argue that the tweet only confirms that she’s dating a white person 
    • so you can pretend it’s like Camilla or whatever
    • but the way chowder talked about it as if it’s common knowledge who Lards is dating and we’ve only ever seen her in canon with Shitty
    • it basically confirms that she and shitty are an Established Relationship

And then there’s Bitty being not even remotely subtle, once again:

immediately followed by:

I mean JFC BITS.

god just LET THEM KISS i am SICK of all of this they deserve to MAKE OUT and TREASURE EACH OTHER FOR THE REST OF THEIR LIVES

Bring on the “Stydia though the years” compilation videos. I want every scene, every look, every touch, even every simple mention of the other’s name from fucking season 1 episode 1 to season 6 episode fucking 10. The show started and ended with Stydia, and i need all those scenes in one place right the fuck now. I need to see their entire journey right before my very eyes. It will be the most glorious thing to ever exist. Give it to me.

jealous - draco malfoy

request: Could you please do a jealous fluffy Draco imagine with a pure-blood Slytherin reader? Thank yooouuuu

pairing: draco malfoy x reader

warnings: slight swearing

you hurriedly jumped around your dorm room, rushing to gather all your supplies you needed for potions. you had promised harry you would briefly explain a potion he did not understand before the class and were told to meet him at the dungeons in ten minutes before class started; but now you only had six after not being able to find your potions book and scurrying to find it. “where is it?!” you hissed as you tore everything off of a nearby desk in desperation.

“aha!” you yelled in triumph after finally finding your book before tucking it under your arm and sprinting down the stairs. you were almost out of the common room when your boyfriend, draco, called your name from behind you, making you sigh in annoyance.

“y/n, what’s the hurry? you’re not even late to class,” draco chuckled at you. “i can walk with you if you’d like.” you almost swooned at the gesture but you were on a mission to help your friend and no matter how much you loved your boyfriend, you would not let him get in the way.

“i’m sorry, draco, truly, but i promised harry i’d help him with a potion and i’m already late so i need to go!” you breathed out and turned around to leave, but not before seeing draco’s face, which had tinted to the color of a tomato and his brows were furrowed in thought. you frowned, but left the common room without saying anything more and ran as fast as you could to the dungeons to harry. “harry!” you gasped when you saw him leaning against the wall. “i’m so sorry i’m late, i couldn’t find my book, then draco–”

“y/n, it’s alright, i’m just glad you’re here.” harry smiled at you causing you to blush.

“okay, so you don’t understand which potion?”

“uh, it’s the pepperup potion.” he answered lowly.

“really, that’s one of the easiest potions we’ve learned, harry.” you giggled but once you saw harry’s frown you immediately stopped. “i’m sorry. okay, the pepperup potion.”

you quickly explained the potion to him and before you got the chance to ask him if he understood it or not, the doors opened and the other students migrated into the potions classroom. “thank you, y/n,” harry nodded at you as he walked in with the other students. you caught sight of draco and made your way over to sit next to him like you did every potions class, but when you got to the desk you saw that your typical spot was already occupied by pansy parkinson.

“y/n, i thought you’d be sitting next to potter so i insisted that pansy sit with me instead. i think we all need a little change once in a while, hope you don’t mind.” draco said, pansy smirking at you from beside him. you did not say anything, instead you turned around and walked straight to harry, who thankfully no one was already sitting with. you had never liked harry as more than a friend, but you refused to tolerate draco’s immature behavior.

as soon as potions class ended, you followed draco out the doors and when you both reached the hallway, you pulled him by his arm around the corner. “what the hell was that, malfoy?” you seethed at him. his eyebrows shot straight up his forehead when he heard you use his last name, which you only used when you are mad at him.

“what was what, y/n?” he asked, playing innocent.

“you know exactly what that was, mr. ‘i think we all need a little change’, you asshole,” you shoved him by his shoulders in frustration. “what provoked that? was it me being with harry, because i swear, draco, if it was because you were jealous–”

your rambling was cut short when draco’s lips caught yours in a passionate kiss. he pulled you towards him by your hip with one hand while the other one held your cheek, your hands laying still at your side. “i’m sorry.” he breathed into your neck once he pulled away from your lips.

“i forgive you, now can you please kiss me again?” you grinned at him and wrapped your arms around his neck as he leaned in and kissed you again, this one more passionate than before.

Where is my sana bakkoush season?

I’m so salty about this season treatment of sana. No other season has had so many characters arcs in the background -like for example that evak vs balloon squad fight - it has nothing to do with sana!! They could have covered that last season if they hadn’t rushed it so much!! But instead we keep getting this 30 minutes eps focused on this subplots and lose ends from other seasons!! they keep giving us updates on evak and magnus and vilde and william ¿¿¿¿why??! Can we please get the focus back on sana? Please??

oooh i just looked at the stats and in the past handful of episodes, percy and vex have soared past vax and keyleth as the couple with the most kisses, on the lips or otherwise - they actually doubled vax and kiki’s amount

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