now kiss gif

[X] ^Also on this VC casting note, some ppl have suggested Paul Boche as Lestat and I have resisted it, but seeing him w/ Miles McMillan here, it’s very Louis & Lestat, oui?They look like they have really good chemistry and that matters more to me than looks alone w/ acting *u*


[►] *removes lamp thingy and pushes their heads together* NOW KISS!

But seriously, though, WHAT ARE THEY TRYING TO DO TO ME!? I’m late to the party as usual, but I don’t care! So many things happened in this moment that is making me squeal of complete happiness!

1. Anthony’s hand isn’t on Ian’s facing the camera, but you can clearly see THAT IT IS ON THE OTHER SIDE! You ain’t slick, boys!

2. Anthony suggesting that he get closer to Ian AS PER USUAL!

3. Heart eyes GALORE! Watch the moment in the video for a complete look at that.

4. Ian was reluctant to do it and had the option to back out, BUT HE WAS LIKE “F-IT” AND DID IT ANYWAY!

5. All Anthony had to do to convince Ian to do it was to say: “Everyone wants to see it.” WHAT THE FUCK!? If that’s all he has to do, THEN TELL HIM WE WANT TO SEE ANOTHER KISS, GODDAMN IT!

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