now kill her


those fluttering eyelashes are killing me… and that tiny smile at the end…


August 7th is Hanamori’s birthday! i hope he likes his present! 🌸DR OC🌸 

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Hello! How would you write a dialogue in which a character is freaking out about something? I generally have them word vomit but I don't really like that style. If its too much could you show me an example as well?


You could definitely word vomit – especially if your character is hysterical – but that’s not the only way to do it by any means. I know a few other ways.

1. Calmly.
This is strange, considering your character is freaking out, but the freak-out is internal – they’re shutting themselves off due to shock. In this case, they would be quiet, sane, and even if what they’re saying is illogical, it would probably sound reasonable.

“I was right there when she shot him. He dropped like a sack of flour. I figured he was gone as soon as the bullet hit his chest. So now I’ve decided I’m gonna go after her. Right now. And I’m gonna kill her.”
“What? You can’t do that!”
“Sure I can. She killed him, so I kill her. It’s called justice.”
“But- With just your bare hands?”
“The way I feel right now, my bare hands are more than enough.”

Notice how the character who just watched their friend die in front of them isn’t yelling, isn’t stuttering, isn’t getting angry or crying – they’re perfectly calm, almost to the point of complete emotional shutdown.

2. Angrily.
Some people get angry when they lose control and freak out – it scares them, and the fear manifests itself as anger. This type particularly happens when they’re upset about something and other characters aren’t taking it seriously or are shrugging off their concerns.

“No! It’s happening tonight! We don’t have time to think, or weigh things, we need to fucking leave! Now!”
“We can’t. You know that, and you’d remember that, if you were thinking straight-”
“I am thinking straight! It’s you who’s fucked in the head. I don’t give a damn what you think we can and can’t do, we need to clear out of here, right this second.”

As you can see, this character is freaking out – their concerns may or may not have a firm foundation, but obviously they are concerned, and that concern is manifesting itself as fury.

3. By stuttering.
For some people, it’s hard to talk when they panic, because their minds race forward ahead of their mouths and they get tongue-tied. I typically see/use this with more anxious characters, or with characters who aren’t typically good at speaking anyways (in other words, who are uncomfortable talking).

There are a couple of different ways to stutter:
a. Repeat the beginning of each word.

“I tr-tried to s-save him, but he wuh-wouldn’t l-let me … he knew it was g-going to happen. It’s my f-fault!”

(However, keep in mind that this kind of stuttering is more as if your character is crying and trying to talk through sobs and hiccups. Please use it sparingly – it can get old fast.)

b. Repeat words.

“No. No, I don’t know what’s going on, Ricky. Ricky, why would I have any idea? Don’t fucking look at me like that, Ricky. Don’t look at me like I’m lying.”

c. Insert filler sounds: “ah”, “uh”, “um”, and/or curse words.

“I, uh, I- fuck. I, ummm, I think maybe, ah, maybe we should leave?”

For more on stuttering – it can be hard to peg correctly – check out this post.

I hope this helps! If you need anything else, please feel free to ask. - @authors-haven

who is Kylo reaching out to?

So we all know that the two scenes at the end are most definitely different, which leaves us to the question asked in the title of this post.

So whoopdeedoo let’s do some digging™, shall we?

not quite zoomed-in enough…

oh? i see something…

now, hmm…

oh? what is that???

what in the world could that horizontal line that looks like a glowstick be?? wait- let’s use the eyedropper tool… before we-


So basically what I’m trying to say is that by judging the color of the actual part of the lightsaber that should be the most coloured, the choices of who he’s holding out his hand to are narrowed down to the wielder of said lightsaber, be it Rey or Luke (if he accepts it and decides to actually keep it) or by some extent, a person that is standing next to either one of them.

It’s all just speculation but I saw a person asking for a zoom-in of Kylo’s eyes and got inspired.

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Do you think Senketsu would make a cool Little witch academia out fit ? Like his face on the hat like the sorting hat from Harry Potter?

YUP! Senketsu can be a great LWA outfit!! ALSO the funniest one!! XD

MAYBE he can fly by his own. Like…
“boring event, BYE BYE RYUKOOO!”


I will be honest. I sketched a lot of hats when I read this. I did one that I liked the most, so I will post it here too

The hat is inspired in Lilith’s one, from Yami to boushi to hon no tabibito (my very first yuri ; w ;) the dress in Senketsu Seijin and, obviously her expression in Junketsu!Ryuko XD.

I wanted her to look like a villian in LWA ( her outfit use the blood to generate magic (afterall is senketsu), not necessary her own, but others). she ended looking more like a MMORPG character….. -crying blood-

Do you ever feel scared thinking that one day you may also become an abuser, just like the way your abuser told you how once they were also abused?

“I grab both sides of her face and force her to look at me”

“I don’t want to ever see you like that again.”
“I’m alright. I’m still here. Okay?”

Droughtlander Art Challenge
Week 15 - After the Battle

I seem to be stuck in a b/w realism rut right now. Sometimes it’s easier to get the details right without color to worry about. And I know I already did a painting for this scene, but it’s just such a good scene!

Hope you all have a great Monday!
We’re another week closer to September!


~The Holy Trinity~

So i heard you sinners had a Priest kink for Eddie. sick fucks

also i haven’t posted much of the costest i did the other week and feel real bad so here. Also i have yet to edit my Vampire!Eddie. For shame on me i know. also this Priest!Eddie was kinda inspired by this fic on AO3

I’m so glad that CR’s three best villains are all intelligent ladies with world-shattering powers and deep ties to the main cast and who just won’t mcfuckin die.