now just admit you love each other already!

bandit regina and robin live happily but secretly in love with each other (obvious to everyone but them, of course), until one day a prince comes along

robin, honorable thief that he is, tries to convince regina that said prince can finally give her the life she deserves

regina, who likes the one she already has thank you very much, says okay fine just to teach him a lesson

and robin, after moping around in the forest, rushes back to change her mind, admitting to all the ways she’s ever made off with his heart, only to realize she never packed a single bag

Just some thoughts

This just isn’t coincidence anyone. None of this is. You’ve all seen the gifs. This is just a summary (also this has to be out there rn and I can’t search through 12355 gifs now. Too excited) 1) They’re are beautificly in sync. Clap clap. Hands in pocket. Look to the left. Look to the right. Make a “nah dunno really” gesture with your hands. 2) They are gazing at each other when they think the other one isn’t looking. Like constantly! Not to mention Seb literally eye-fucking Chris when he thinks the camera’s not on him. 3) Seb has to get some water whenever someone mentions “love interests” or the relationship between Steve and Buck. His mouth is probably dry because he’s sure Chris is about to spill the beans this time!

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How does one moment feel like
A year already gone? I
Suspect we’ve
Already known each other and
Now we’ve reconvened, just
In time.

I’m learning that self-love includes being able to know and define how you wish to receive love from an outside party. And, I feel, it takes the pure love of self to go on and make requests for what you desire. I’ve been wondering lately what part of life made me too bashful to admit that I want someone who will watch cartoons with me, eat too much with me, crack lewd jokes. How did I become too ashamed to say I want to feel like the most important part of someone’s day? Why aren’t we ever exact with our requirements for love? Why have I taught myself to feel like I don’t deserve?