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STELLA!!! our bby girl miss yoon bora got herself a MAN and lawd he is fine as hell. She escaped the evil clutches of starshit, got herself an acting contract AND has nabbed herself a fine slice of man look at the TRUE WINNER of sistar yaaas lmaooo (i love all my queens relax yall lol)


I always knew she was the smartest lmao!


  • Person A: *a optimist* you're not going to die.
  • Person B: *a pessimist* you're right! I'm going to fail, and suffer the rest of my life, knowing that I failed.
  • Person A: why are you like this?...
  • Person B: ...
  • Person A: It's just monopoly! Now roll your dice, and take your turn!
  • Bones: Look, we both love Jim so let's make peace. What do you say we change the tone a bit and both say something nice about each other? I'll go first. Look at you. There's no way around it, you're a beautiful man.
  • Spock: Thank you, McCoy
  • Bones: Now it's your turn.
  • Spock: I never agreed to that.
  • Bones: You beatiful son of a bitch.

ML: Captain Chat Noir from “Turn loose the mermaids”

  Started as an art trade for @taulun but I got so into this AU and it turned into bunch of fanarts hhahaa XD  I blame these 2 so badly for this:

@taulun @marinette-buginette

This AU idea belongs to @taulun,
and fanfic was written by talented @marinette-buginette

@taulun’s music lists are so inspiring and amazing too, so please don’t forget to listen to them during your reading!

And here is some love for Nino, and my favorite scene from chapter 3♥:

I still find this scene HILARIOUS😂😂😂

Please go ahead and read: [Turn Loose the Mermaids] for more!

Sherlock belongs to us now

Seriously, the writers essentially gave Sherlock William Scott Holmes to us. 

Moffat and Gatiss completed their part in his story, and set up each happy ending that we could want.  Now, it’s up to us all to make that happy ending into the story we all want to see.  No one’s end wasn’t real.  No lies were told.  All I Love You’s and texts and caresses gave us all exactly what we wanted and they were all as real as we want them to be.  Sherlock belongs to us now. 

Steven and Mark are finished telling the story they wanted to tell.  Now it’s our turn to continue that into whatever we wish.  Don’t talk yourself out of your happiness.  We all deserve our happy endings.




If this isn’t love then I don’t know what is.

I think people are forgetting how well Silver played everyone in 405 

Even though we knew he would never betray Flint we were actually convinced that he was going to. Why? Because Silver can act. Better than we ever thought he could. Yet Hands, Billy, the crew AND the audience are still underestimating him in this situation now

Silver told Billy to kill Flint in 405

Now he’s telling 6 men to go kill him in 408 

Events are being repeated like they have been throughout this season yet people are STILL believing what is being fed to them

And look.. we know there is going to be some sort of twist. It’s what will make it, as Luke said, his ‘favourite written episode’. We’ve always been right about how important Flint and Silver are to each other. Don’t let this fool you. Don’t be like Billy and fall into the trap of thinking it was that easy to turn them against each other. He has underestimated their relationship again. Just like he underestimated it before. 

  • ot*yuri shippers: reaching a certain age doesn't instantly make you an actual adult!! otabek just turned 18 and it didn't automatically make him mature a ton
  • also ot*yuri shippers: lol yuri's 16 aka he's an adult in his country so it's legal :)

After a round of some very simple communication, Stan manages to convey that he is quite proficient in mechanics, but to his disappointment it wasn’t with much kindness that he was offered a job by this alien, it was for more labor with little to no pay. But as far as he cares at the moment it’s better than being stuck out in the multiverse with nothing to his name, fairing only a little better than he was on Earth before this catastrophe.

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everyone are always saying that Nicaise would tease Damen but I think Damen would be all MEH bout his words, got used to them. So could you please Nicaise teasing (tormenting) Nikandros

“Does he ever stop?” Nikandros asked, his voice pleading.

Damen looked up, face momentarily puzzled, then snorted with laughter as he realized. “Not unless he gets bored, no.”

“Don’t laugh at me, Damen. It’s your fault I have to put up with this.”

“I’d say I’m sorry, but I’m really not. Better you than me, my friend.”

“Why isn’t it you?”

“Because it used to be, and then I stopped being fun. It’s your turn.”

“I don’t want a turn.”

“Too bad. What’s the matter, you can’t handle one Veretian teenager?”

“Not that one. I’m not even sure he’s a teenager, he might be a demon pretending.”

Damen laughed. “He’ll keep doing it as long as you keep reacting, you know.”

Nikandros sighed. “He’s very good at riling people up.”

“He gets a lot of practice. I think he and Laurent get together sometimes and exchange notes.”

“I’m hiding. From a teenager.”

“He stabbed me with a fork once. Hiding is probably a good idea.”

“You aren’t helping, Damianos.”

“To be perfectly honest, I’m not trying to.”

  • Kuroo: Look, we both love Tsukki so let's make peace. What do you say we change the tone a bit and both say something nice about each other? I'll go first. Look at you. There's no way around it, you're a beautiful man.
  • Yamaguchi: Thank you, senpai.
  • Kuroo: Now it's your turn.
  • Yamaguchi: I never agreed to that.
  • Kuroo: You beatiful son of a bitch
Hamilton  songs explained by my friend
  • Alexander Hamilton: "did they just rhyme father with father and farther?"
  • Aaron Burr, Sir: "this antisocial man is so done with this overeager puppy and this random ass boyband"
  • My Shot: the overeager puppy joins the boyband. somehow becomes the front man of the band. they gain lots of fans.
  • The Story of Tonight: The boyband covers a song from les mis???
  • The Schuyler Sisters: WHERES YOUR GOD NOW @ boyband.
  • Farmer Refuted: boyband has a hater. Front man puppy roasts hater before he can he even start to talk.
  • You'll be back: to be sung draped over a piano with with champagne fake crying into a handkerchief
  • Right Hand Man: "there's a moment you know... you're fucked. aND THATS RN PEOPLE I SWEAR TO GOD.
  • A Winters Ball: "20 year old males who drink are gross and do gross 20 year old drunk male things"
  • Helpless: "this could be the start of something new it feels so right being here with you"
  • Satisfied: "I've done fucked up"
  • The Story of Tonight reprise: the boyband gets drunk and harass the antisocial man (again)
  • wait for it: the song that could get away with going on the radio
  • Stay Alive: tfw ur dad doesn't trust you to lead an army #relatable
  • Ten Duel Commandments: "Revolutionary men have fragile pride and I don't know why they were trusted with guns"
  • Meet Me Inside: "the puppy gets fired because he got mad that his father figure acknowledges the fact that he's a father figure"
  • That Would Be Enough: "you're not even a father figure you're a legit father"
  • Guns and Ships: "surprise bitch, tis I le baguette here to win the war"
  • history has it's eyes on you: I fucked up once. and now it's your turn to.
  • Yorktown (the world turned upside down): surprise BITch (part 2) herCULES MULLIGAN-
  • What comes next?: I'm petty as shit.
  • Dear Theodosia: "Burr imma let you finish but, loOk AT MY SON
  • Non-Stop: the puppy and boyband have been separated since the war so the puppy decides to go into law then government
  • What'd I miss: the war??? wtf???
  • Cabinet Battle #1: "I know more than you" -Ron Swanson
  • Take A Break: use your fucking commas and don't use child actors to play your children
  • Say No to This: ... you are singing the word "no" you should be able to say it
  • The Room Where it Happens: the banjo turn up of the century
  • Schuyler Defeated: antisocial man and the puppy have a falling out
  • Cabinet Battle #2: (sips tea) (slowly puts it down and turns)..... you must be out of yoUR GODDAMN MIND IF YOU THINK-
  • Washington on your side: I am ready to throw punches
  • One Last Time: I'm tired... I think I'm gonna go home now.
  • I Know Him: The John Adams Roast begins
  • The Adams Administration: The Roast continues
  • We Know: well fuck,we actually didn't know
  • Hurricane: I will roast myself and save everyone else the trouble of doing it.
  • The Reynolds Pamphlet: "YOU MUsT BE OUT OF YOUR GOD DAMN MIND" -Angelica, and literally the whole cast
  • Burn: I have no words, only tears.
  • Blow us all away: you thought it would be okay... you were wrong.
  • Stay Alive (reprise): tears intensify
  • It's Quiet Uptown: full fledged sobbing 2 minutes into the song
  • The Election of 1800: ham and jefferson roast burr to the point of no return
  • Your Obedient Servant: the slightly bitchy passive aggressive anthem
  • Best Of Wives, Best of Women: a single tear because we all know what's gonna happen next
  • The World Was Wide Enough: "most disputes die and no one shoots" is the biggest goddamn lie in the show
  • Who Lives Who Dies Who Tells Your Story: hello death I welcome thee.