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i was reminded of your Poor Unfortunate Shoals fic (which i still hold dear to my heart) and it made me wonder if you draw homestuck anymore? i sure miss those pretty amporas you did...!

not much any more, no!  But I can be persuaded. ;D


Post apocalyptic Yuuri + Victor from my Inferno: Yuri No Ice AU.

AU Intro/synopsis HERE

Played with some frames from the Program:01 comic with the Portra app ^ ^


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🌳 on the hunt 🌳

@linipik did THE most adorable comic about Lance and Keith meeting as kids (which you can and should read right >here<!!! <3) and in it Keith declares to his “big brother” Shiro that he was hunting for Mothman! and i could NOT help but make a little tribute to Lini’s WAY TOO CUTE idea!!! i would watch a feature length movie about tiny Keith and Lance’s hunt for Mothman any day! XDDD

I was crying over blupjeans on twitter so @chasertiff told me to write some HP!AU for them so here’s a start of something. 

Also, someone tell me if it’s Taaco or Tacco for their last name the fan wiki says Tacco but I’ve been putting Taaco uhhh….

The Taaco twins were famous throughout the halls of the school.

Or perhaps infamous was a better word.

Barry didn’t know much about them except that they were those powerful and beautiful people. Ones who thrived off natural talent as much as they did attention.

The fact that they were in two separate houses made the classrooms they shared even more dangerous. Taako in greens and silvers, Lup in red and golds, dishing out cool looks and smiles that might be considered leers to their fellow students.

They fascinated Barry, in the way that a Muggle scientist might like to watch a predator from a distance. Look, but don’t touch. Don’t draw attention.

That was one of his personal rules. His personal rules also included ‘stay on the other side of the library’, ‘always do homework as quickly as possible’, ‘avoid confrontation with students bigger or louder or stronger than him’, and ‘never make eye contact with either Taaco twin’.

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me: hey nice I have time to make something for the matsus birthday but idk what to do. hm. what did I do for my bday? right. nothing

me: well what did we do for my sister’s bday


(Anyway, Happy Birthday Matsuno Brothers)