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Can I ask ‘8’ with 'earphones’ for the color palette challenge? I’m curious what will you come up with ;)

That’s me trying to convey an idea in a fairly quick way (─‿‿─)

anyways I decided to make this a reblog only account cause anxiety but ill be on this blog (homestuck) and this one now (overwatch)  ill still reblog art here and homestuck stuff, just not posting art only reblogging and itll probably be less frequently too

will you believe me when i say i love you

will it hurt to heart the words falling from my lips
will it take you back to moments you don’t want to relive
girls you wish you didn’t give,
so much to

will you look at me and see her shadow
will i be outlined
by songs about someone else

will you tell me you love me
because you need an escape from her
will you tell me you love me
because i do not make you hurt like her

will it hurt,
to look in my eyes
because you can’t forget the color of her’s

will you stay up late at night,
remembering the sound of her voice
will her favorite paintings remind you of how she looked;
by golden evening light
like the brightest star in the sky

will you love like i have loved
haunted by people from my past
haunted by memories i kept

people i shouldn’t have let stay
with me
everywhere i go
i remember him
and him
and him

i have his name written under my skin,
underlined by my veins.
his name encircles the sun,
remains intermingled with falling rain.
his name sits,
in the craters of the moon; in the curve of my waist, meeting my hip

will you love like i have loved
not knowing how to forget

meanwhile on the quiet isle
  • brienne: i am looking for a highborn maid of three and ten with auburn ha-
  • elder brother: (heavy sigh)
  • elder brother: sansa stark
  • brienne: oh
  • brienne: how did u kno
  • elder brother: OH PLEASE
  • elder brother: do you know how many fucking times a day i have to hear about sansa fucking stark
  • elder brother: its always sansa this and little bird that
  • elder brother: i cant take it anymore
  • brienne:
  • elder brother: the hound is dead by the way
  • elder brother: i killed him cuz he wouldn't shut the fuck up about sansa fucking stark now get off my island b4 i do the same 2 u

Tododekuweek 2017 - Day 4

loyalty | Quote

“I tried my hardest. I don’t know what else to do.” - The Darjeeling Limited (2007), Dir. Wes Anderson

Izuku didn’t know what else to do. There was nothing he could do anymore.
Only pain and regret were left. If he had been only a little faster. Would have been a little more alert, the child wouldn’t have been bruised. But he was dismissed for this day. Other heroes and heroines would take on the rest, as well as the nurses and doctors did everything they were able to keep that child alive.

He thought it was his and his fault only that the kid might not make it.

And somehow he knew it wasn’t but he couldn’t really help but thinking it was his fault. An outright gray day ending with a downpour in the late afternoon. Matching his mood. A distant roll of thunder made his way into town.

Fortunately he was almost home. He stopped for half an hour to shower at home at his mom’s to at least wash off the blood that wasn’t his, at any rate most of it. He knew Shouto would only worry again, so he avoided coming home right after work.

Today was Shouto’s day off, they promised to each other to go out this night but with this inclement weather it seemed like the both of them would prefer to spend their time at home cozy in a pile of coverlets and cushions cuddling instead of leaving into this freezing night in the midst of autumn.

When he arrived with the bus it was almost dark outside. Since he hadn’t got the chance to look on his phone once in a while he took a glance now.

4 missed calls, 3 text messages.

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please stay

My friends know me as an impatient person, but for you, I try to be patient. So patient that sometimes I feel like I’m losing my mind because of it.

A word from you is all I need right now. I never ask much from you. Never. A simple text to let me know that you’re alive and well, that you’ve been taking care of yourself is what I need. It’s going to put my mind at ease even if it’s just for a little while.

If you could just spare a moment of your time to read my text and let me know how you’ve been, that would be really nice. That’s enough to be a birthday present, actually. A birthday that I’m not even sure you would remember. But you do, right? Right?

Just, talk to me. Let me know if you’re busy, so busy that you can’t be on the phone that much. Let me know so I don’t have to wait days and nights for you to text me back or come over. Let me know. You promised you would let me know.

Now I don’t even know if you’re reading this, but if you do… Text me, call me , or just do something to let me know how you’ve been. I’m tired of texting you without getting a single reply of it for the past few weeks.

Never thought I’d be this desperate, but gosh, it’s been weeks since the last time we talk, and right now, they way you act makes me wonder if you ever care about me or if there is ever a relationship between us, if the past five months ever means something to you. Because right now to me, it seems like you’ve been stringing me along and I’m just waiting for you to cut the rope and let me fall.

I’m trying to be patient. I really am. But I’m a human too, and honestly I don’t know how long I can do this anymore.

(aka where I write Harry Styles fan fiction based on my 6-month shitty relationship) 

jesse’s hands are calloused and his palms are rough, but genji remembers every touch being so gentle that he never even noticed how rough those hands were. he remembers five warm fingers sneaking up the back of his shirt and resting between his shoulder blades; he remembers a scratchy palm cradling his jaw while he laughed at a joke jesse told; he remembers falling asleep with both of jesse’s hands holding him close to the rhythmic beat of his heart.

things are different now, but genji still feels that warmth when jesse ends a bone-crushing hug with a kiss so soft it makes genji’s chest ache.

More like Lee KINKi - Onew x Reader (smut)

Anon : Will you please write some Onew daddy kink smut?

- Had this for a long time in my draft, even BEFORE the request came, but never actually wrote it.

Enjoy ~ 

“You never knew your lovely boyfriend could be like this when you came home to him, 

waiting for you with dark, lusty eyes, staring at you intensively. 

Drawing you in his power.

Making you his prisoner for the night. 

And there was no escaping”

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*this gif is killing me*

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He wants them to be together as much even more than she does.

THIS AINT DONE YET(i mean the gif set since i was suppose to include everything i discussed below) but its sitting way too long in my drafts already so watever im gonna post it now before the next ep even comes

I specifically love Naoki in this episode for so many reasons but what struck me most is his change was much more evident now.

  • he mentioned in ep12 that she must pass her exam at one take which indirectly means that he doesn’t want anymore delay for them to be together.
  • He had mentioned twice already that finally they’ll be able to work together so that just means thats how much he has been longing to be with her.. i even bet he requested to be transferred to Tokyo for he can no longer wait for her to come!!!! 
  • He is more vocal now, he says that line in front of the patients and Dr. Nishi like they dont exist like “excuse me guys i just need to say something sweet to my wifey”. Also that “I’ll be busy, but Kotoko and I will do our best” line which makes me think of pervy things because this was his response after mama irie said about having a baby thing, but nonetheless I’m so happy.. he used to be just always an alone man that will do everything by himself but now he considers Kotoko to be his special partner that he wants to be working hard together with be it pervy or not lol!!! Lastly, when Kotoko said that from now on they be together forever,he gladly nods… AND EVEN SEALED THAT WITH A KISS!!!! (oh gawwwddd what is air!)
  • He doesn’t mind them being PDA anymore. just lets her hug him and even tho he already said they at the hospital and Kotoko continues to cling to him, he just lets her and even teases her like saying “ah so we are going to be apart again.”  Even if its in front of his adviser, NAOKI YOU FLIRT!. And we all know they are gonna make out on that staff cafe lounge next ep *cough-cough*
  • He even shows his jealousy now. I loved the part wherein he blocks Dr. Nishi’s face from getting close to Kotoko and looking pissed off ryt after like saying  “no one’s getting near my girl’s face but me brothah!!oookkk i know i’m exaggerating again!
  • He doesnt want to let her go and he believes that she can do it. See that disappointing face when she said she’ll transfer to another department??.. and when He still asked her to assist him even tho she already said she cant and said that if she just can live without trying then she’s free to go to other dept but that pleading face after he said this says "Please just do it with me.” and threatens to call other nurse (thats a nice move btw) and when she said she’ll do it, look at that victory face when he said “yokata” thats how much he believes in her.

6/? of my favorite fics (in no particular order)

» young & beautiful

author: velvetoscar (tumblr

wordcount: +227k

summary: Louis, to his horror, attends an elitist university in which the name Zayn Malik means something, Niall Horan doesn’t stop talking, there are pianos everywhere, and Harry Styles, only son of a drug-addled, clinically insane ex-rocker, has a perfect smile and empty eyes.

Officially off hiatus! St. Berry Writes makes a return!

It’s been a grand while since I’ve been on here due to severe lack of muse and overall being other places. I’m back now though and ready to start completely fresh. 

I’ve cleared out all my old drafts and inbox and am excited to get new starters out there and seek out new verses! So as of right now I’m open to plots and memes! 

I am primarily a Jesse St. James and Rachel Berry rper but also dabble in Noah Puckerman (Theo James RP), various OC characters, and currently have an obsession with the show Nashville I’d love to take a stab at. 

Much like before I disappeared, I am always around through im if anyone has any specific ideas in regarding of writing with me or just wants to say hey!


Chad Michael Murray was actually the worst friend a person could have.

It all started on what began as a normal Friday. Jared woke up, knocked loudly on Chad’s door, took Harley and Sadie for a run, came back to shower, knocked loudly on Chad’s door again, and started breakfast. He hummed a happy tune quietly with a smile in place as he grabbed food from the refrigerator and cabinets.  Eventually Chad stumbled in, more squinty-eyed than usual, and running his hands through his spiky-blond, unruly bed hair.

“Morning, Sunshine,” Jared grinned, breaking the eggs into the sizzling pan.

“Fuck you, asswipe,” Chad spat.  Pulling on a chair at the breakfast bar so rough it screeched across the linoleum floor, he hauled himself up in it and glared at the back of Jared’s cheery head.

“You’re in a worse mood than usual,” Jared snorted, knowing that no matter how bad of a mood Chad was in, it was just an inherent part of his personality - nothing personal.

“Yeah, I am,” Chad groaned, nearly slamming his forehead into the counter top as he let it plop down.  “I was having a great night – made out with Sophia for, like, three hours straight, ate pizza, jacked off –“

“Really, dude?” Jared interrupted.

“– listened to some music, and then fell asleep, but not before fucking remembering that your gay boyfriend was coming over today,” he finished as though Jared never spoke.  

“Did you just call my boyfriend gay?” Jared asked incredulously.

“Uh, yeah.  Because he is.”  There was a pause.  

“Yep, that is true,” came with the shake of a head.  “But what’s the big deal?  Jensen comes over almost every weekend.”

“I know, but, like,” Chad groaned and slammed his head back against the counter top, “when he’s over you’re all mushy and gross and I can only handle so much gay in my life, okay?  And when he’s here, it’s double the gay.  It’s gay multiplied.  Gay squared.  That’s too much gay.”  Jared rolled his eyes and tossed the English muffins in the toaster.  

“Why don’t you go stay with Sophia or one of your other friends?” Jared suggested.

“Sophia is having a girl’s night or something tonight, I don’t really know.  She said, ‘Me and the girls want a wine and pedicure night,’ and I was like, ‘Fine, I’m gonna have a beer and video game night’ – which isn’t different than every other night, but, y’know.  And I have no other friends, Jared, why else do you think I’m living with your gay ass? That and you have the best gaming system so it was kind of a no-brainer.”

“Feelin’ the love, Chad.”

“Don’t feel the love from me, your boyfriend’ll be here in a few hours.”  

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Harry being super busy as the new Arthur and Eggsy lashing out from the lack of attention: talking back, reckless on missions, etc. Now that he's got a loving man in his life, it's nearly impossible to let him go.

Ok so I’m here for this.

The first time Eggsy disobeyed a direct order Harry was shocked. There’s no reasoning, no response, just Eggsy’s labored breathing as he pushes on down a corridor.

Merlin gets on the line, commanding him to pull back and wait for Roxy to back him up, and Eggsy doesn’t respond for half a moment. When he does its clipped and gruff, “sorry, Merlin. No can do.”

Merlin growled and relayed the information to an irritated Roxy.

Harry hadn’t believed Merlin when he’d told him Eggsy had been acting strangely. Harry felt he knew Eggsy better than most but Merlin was quick to remind him that he’d been busy lately.

“There’s a reason you’re Arthur now, Harry. It’s not just because you’re the best person for the job, but because you really can’t be in the field anymore.”

“What are you trying to say?”

“I’m trying to tell you that it’s easier to get things past you now.” Merlin sighed, “You’ve got to understand, I hear everything. Eggsy and Roxy talk about everything. They’re best friends. I’ve heard what’s going on in Eggsy’s thick head.”

“Is there a point you’re going to make?”

Merlin ran a hand over his face, “Look, it’s not really any of my business. So I’m just going to leave you with this: I think you’ve gotten so wrapped up in being Arthur that you’ve forgotten to be Harry.”

Merlin turned back to his monitor and Harry stood there for a moment before turning and leaving the room.


Harry had gone home early that night. After getting the confirmation from Merlin that Eggsy’s mission had been completed and to expect him home that night Harry decided to wait up for him.

He had showered and was sitting in the front room in his favorite robe, drinking a scotch, when Eggsy walked in.

For a moment, Eggsy stilled and they both locked eyes. Harry could see the beginnings of a few bruises on his face. 

Then he began to notice other things. Like the dark shadows that had grown underneath Eggsy’s eyes or how he seemed slightly thinner than he remembered. 

Eggsy seemed to shrink in on himself slightly, breaking eye contact first, and then moving briskly through the living room and up the stairs without a word.

Harry sat for a moment before setting his scotch down and following Eggsy up the stairs only to find the door closed. He tried for the knob and was shocked to find it locked.



“Eggsy, will you please open the door.”

Harry could hear Eggsy breathing softly on the other side of the door. He waited for a moment, listening for a response or the sound of the lock being turned. 

“Eggsy, I-”

“Harry,” Eggsy whimpers, “Do you want me to leave?”

Eggsy sounds so broken that Harry is stunned into silence. The door lock turned and it sounded heavy in the quiet.

The door opened slowly and Eggsy stepped back. He was changed into street clothes instead of pajamas like Harry had expected. Harry looked down to see Eggsy had shoes on as well. 

For whatever reason Harry couldn’t put words together. All he could do was stare at Eggys’s shoes.

“Alright, then.”

Eggsy moved forward and tried to shoulder past Harry. Harry’s heart jumped into his throat and he grabbed Eggsy’s arms. 

The air was tense and for a moment Eggsy had stopped breathing and could hear his heart beating out of his chest. 

Harry pulled Eggsy to him in a bone-crunching hug. He rested his head on top of Eggsy’s head. Eggsy stiffened for a second before he sagged against Harry, 

“I thought you wanted me to leave,” Eggsy cried, “you don’t return my texts, you stay at work late every night - I’ve waited up for you.”

It all fell together for Harry. He couldn’t believe it but he’d really been distant. He’d forget to return his text for one reason or another, he’d been staying late in an effort to prove himself, and all the while he’d been abandoning one of the very few people who believed in him wholeheartedly. 

“Eggsy,” Harry kissed the top of his head, “my darling boy, I’m so sorry.”

“I’ve been thinking this for weeks and I just couldn’t make myself ask if you wanted me to leave until tonight. I couldn’t let you go. I still can’t, but I would’ve if you asked me to.”

“Eggsy look at me.”

Eggsy lifted his face from Harry’s chest and blinked the tears from his eyes. Harry brought up his hands to rest on either side of Eggsy’s cheeks and brushed his thumbs across them.

“You are the most important thing in my life. And I’m eternally sorry for making you feel this way.”

Harry leaned down and gave Eggsy a slow, deliberate kiss before resting his forehead against Eggsy’s.

“I love you.”

Eggsy smiled and pecked a kiss to Harry’s lips.

“I love you, too, Harry.”

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In case you needed angst today: headcanon that Jason exclusively uses his phone as an alarm because he still can't handle analogue clocks. Especially red ones. Having found that out, none of the bats use analogue clocks, not even on microwaves and ovens, anymore.

I… alright.