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Just dropping a note here for all who are confused–

Sorry for the current lack of activity on this blog! I’ve been having trouble getting answers done and further plotting for stories due to some events that came up recently. The blog isn’t on hiatus, but I’ll be taking frequent breaks from this blog to get myself together.

I hope no one minds this. I just need to build-up my motivation while I get things sorted out personally. I’m just strongly in need of some time away from this blog, but I also would like to keep it running as regularly as possible.

Your asks are here and will be replied to in time! The Home Arc is still a-go!



Echo is now on a kibble diet! When she stopped eating/drinking that one week I found she was more excited to try eating kibble than her raw, so we made the switch. Also kibble can stay out all night so she can have access to it whenever she’s hungry + not stressed! Which means she’s eating the proper amount for her weight!!! Keep your fingers crossed for us that this keeps up :3

I’m so ready to give up on life. Like, I’ve joked about it before, but now it’s scary that it’s on my mind 24/7.


This one is to redraw~ (bc screenshot it’s based on is adorable and this is failed af. xD)

I started it, I had to do stuff so I stopped drawing and now when it’s late and I want to finish it I lost reference screenshot. So I improvised (oh irony~ xD) and it just don’t look good xD.

The official SU page on Facebook posted a clip from the episode with this description and, I dunno, I just really like that they did that


That was probably the wrong answer…


this is legitimally one of the gayest scenes that I ever had to witness in my entire life. like I’m not even joking. you have to make some intense leaps of logic to find a hetero way to read this scene. how was this aired in 60’s television. i’m amazed