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Her Muse (KaitlynxMC)

Kaitlyn x MC

MC’s Perspective

SO, here’s a fluff piece I wrote. It’s been a while since I’ve posted a story. Things have been busy. It felt great to finally write another piece though, even if it is a short fluff one. I hope you enjoy it!

Sitting in my room attempting to write. The sound of Kaitlyn’s guitar faintly reaches my room. I looked back at the blinking cursor on my laptop screen, “Maybe a change of scenery will help” I pondered. So, I made my way into the living room, laptop in hand.

“Hey babe, sounding good” I said as I walked over to greet Kaitlyn with a kiss. “Mind if I join you? I need to get some writing in” I asked.

“of course not, I’d love it actually” replied Kaitlyn as she patted the cushion of the couch next to her.

I playfully plopped down on the couch, very close to Kaitlyn, “oh ‘love it’ huh?” I nudged her with my elbow.

“Yes, you dork. It helps to have one’s muse around” said Kaitlyn as she softly bit my shoulder; “now scoot over, you may be my muse, but when you’re this close its only distracting” Kaitlyn ordered.

“Her muse.” I mused, as a huge smile formed across my face.

“Gosh Kaitlyn I’m trying to write over here, can you please keep your mouth off my body parts” I joked as I scooted to the other end of the couch “it’s very distracting.”

Kaitlyn laughed and threw a pillow at me; I just blew an air kiss back.

We sat there for a while. Kaitlyn working on her music, while I finally got some writing done. I took a break from my screen to watch her. “Damn my girlfriend is talented” I thought to myself.

Suddenly Kaitlyn’s face forms a small frown as she scratches something out in her notebook. “oh no, her smile” I worried.

I extended my foot out to touch her leg, “that sounds really good, I like the melody you were playing” I told her. Kaitlyn looked up with a half-smile, “Thanks babe. I really like this one too.”

I placed my laptop on the table and faced Kaitlyn, “You should, you’re amazing. So, what’s wrong then?” I asked giving her my full attention.

“The music is done for this song… Now I’m just trying to write some lyrics” she responded in a tone of defeat.

I moved closer, wrapping my arms around Kaitlyn and said, “Well, I may know someone who might be able to help in the writing department.”

Kaitlyn looked up at me, “Really? I know you have a lot on your plate MC, please don’t feel obligated to help me with this.” she avowed.

I sucked in air between my teeth dramatically, “I was actually talking about James, but…” I joked.

Kaitlyn bit my arm again. “Well if that’s the kind of thanks I’ll get, I’m going to start helping a lot more.” I said as I pressed a kiss to the side of Kaitlyn’s face. Kaitlyn’s smile had fully returned, “There’s my beautiful girlfriend” I silently acknowledged.

She nibbled at my cheek and I said, “one more bite and we’re going to have to take a bedroom break before we even start Kaitlyn.” I felt her laugh against my cheek, “okay, okay, no more” replied Kaitlyn. She pressed her lips to mine for a moment, “until later.” she whispered.

I let out a chuckle; “god, I love her.”

To be continued…

I hope you enjoyed it! I will probably continue it, but I really wanted to get something out; It’s been a while. Feel free to leave comments  

izzyindefini  asked:

Yikes, now I'm thinking about Sam getting caught in flashbacks from the Cage while they're torturing him. By the time Dean shows up Sam is pretty far gone, mumbling incoherently about how he's dead, they're all dead and nobody's coming for him this time. This is all followed, of course, by a large number of scenes involving hurt!Sam and caretaker!Dean where everyone gets the love and care and healing they need... Well, I just made myself sad and I need to go write fic immediately right now.

*whimpers* PLEASE TAG ME IF YOU WRITE IT. ♥ Also what if Mary was there for her huge youngest son and it was awkward and perfect? And maybe Cas too because I’m greedy? And Sam is drowned in love and they live happily ever after?


anonymous asked:

Can you please motivate the fandom again to vote today and tomorrow? Sh00t has a huge chinese fandom and every time it's daytime there they catch up really quick. We need to build a big advantage or we will lose.

We need to KEEP in the mindset that we are losing until we get to 50%+. THAT is the goal. 

Looking at the numbers right now, we are closer to 50% now than we were yesterday, a good .5%. ALSO!!!! We aren’t as far behind as yesterday either!! DO NOT get discouraged and just ‘give up’. 

Yes, they pulled ahead, but we have narrowed the gap. That is a plus you need to look at. We also need to look at maintaining the percentages we are at as a plus too, maintaining means that they aren’t gaining. 

If everyone votes at least once that will produce mass amounts of numbers. Don’t think that others will vote so you won’t have to. If the majority of the fandom thinks like this, we will lose. 

Also, don’t look back at the percentages after you have voted. Just click the ‘refresh’ button once you hit ‘vote’.