now it's her turn to teach

Aight but can Feyre FLY??

If so I ssooooo want Cassian to teach her.

“Just, fly. Like your breathing, its a part of you”

“Oh goddamit Feyre, thats the fifth time you’ve almost fallen to your death.”

“Ok good so far. Now turn. What do you mean how just tilt- fEYRE N O”

After that I’d want Rhsyand to give it a go.

“Ok my darling just flap slightly like so-” Feyre smacks Rhys away “Was that intentional..”

“Ok hold my while flying, Feyre where are going. Feyre your going to fast, Feyre no left, Feyre drop down, Fey-”

Before Rhys can get another word out she drops him. “Rude! But improving!” Rhys would say as he plummets to his death

By then Amren can’t stand for this and convinces Azriel to teach her. Within two weeks Feyre’s got the handle on it.


In Hindsight...

A/N - Mini fic in which Finn learns binary and BB-8 makes inappropriate comments, which turn out to be rather helpful, in fact. So yeah, this happened. It’s not exactly fluff, but it’s not angsty its just somewhere in between I guess… Anyway, enjoy!

In hindsight, Poe realizes that teaching Finn binary was probably not one of his best ideas. As if Jess and Snap weren’t bad enough with her less than subtle teasing while Finn was around, he now had to worry about BB-8 spilling secrets and making ‘helpful’ comments intended to encourage Poe to just have sex with him already, like he would with anybody else he liked. Unfortunately BB-8 didn’t seem to understand what he meant when he said that Finn was different from the other guys, and he wasn’t someone Poe just wanted to ‘hump and dump’ as Jessika had so nicely put it. Poe only had to hope that Finn’s obliviousness to Jess and Snap’s open comments would continue when it came to BB-8.

Unfortunately Poe had no such luck when Finn walked past in trousers so tight it should be illegal. Coupled with Poe’s jacket, it was enough to make any man swoon, and unfortunately in his case, enough to make him trip and spill hot coffee all over BB-8.

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