now it's her turn to stare at him lovingly without him noticing

Act Like You Love Me - Part Three

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Word count: 3,647


January 11 th, 2023

“Hey baby” you said lovingly when Leah jumped out the black jeep and starting running towards your apartment door.

You opened your front door and met her in a huge hug, picking her up from the ground. You kissed the top of her head, hugging her as close to you as possible.

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3 Billion Dollars [Part 6] - G Dragon Mafia!AU

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Summary: When your father owes 3 billion dollars to the mafia, he must repay his debt. Although things don’t  exactly the way he hoped.

Genre: angst? a little fluffy at some parts. this low key is another chapter filler

Warning: None really here, at least I don’t think

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Ji Yong hated mornings. He just wanted to sleep, and the clearly irritated expression on his face showed it. He had to start his day though. A meeting, then grabbing Seungri and going for a quick check up on a special talkative someone. Ji Yong raked a hand through his hair, walking out of his room and down the hall. His eyes met with Youngbae’s tired ones.

“How are you doing?” Youngbae sighed rubbing his eyes with his hands. “Why the hell did you make me do this Ji Yong?”

“You were the only one that I trust and was free. Plus she knows you, maybe that’ll help her cope with this.” Youngbae nodded his head, sleep hanging in his eyes. Ji Yong looked at the door, a little anxious to see her. He needed to get his day started. He had an important meeting that he called for. No skipping this one.

“She was crying until, I think, two last night.” Youngbae’s words made Ji Yong perk up. He was paying full attention to you now. concern and a little regret on his face. Youngbae looked at him expectedly.

“I’m just gonna go in and check on her.” Ji Yong mumbled. He opened the cream door, and light flooded into the dark room. The dark colored walls turned everything into a shadow, the only other light source was the light shining from the window. As he stepped into the room, he saw you.

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i loved you, then i lost you {0}

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pairing: taehyung x reader

genre: fluff + angst

summary: you watched and watched as taehyung suffered from his one-sided love, comforting him when he cried, comforting him as he threw up those fucking flower petals. it hurt you whenever he would stare lovingly into that girl’s eyes, giggling and playing with her hair. it pained you when he kept throwing up flowers, pushing the thought that his lover didn’t love him away; he was so dejected, yet he never saw how much happiness he brought to you.

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“Fuck!” The limp, weak male curled over the toilet as he slammed his hand on the ground, tears slipping out from his eyes and dripping down his face. You rubbed his back as he threw up, watching as the flowers cascaded down and into the water. They were quite beautiful, actually - the varieties of shapes and colors, how they seemed almost too perfect to exist. Yet, they had to exist in Taehyung. 

Kim Taehyung, 21 years of age. Always sweet and kind, not to mention that his looks and personality caught women’s attention quickly. He had been dating a girl for almost two years now, a girl named Suha. You hated the girl’s name, not understanding how Taehyung was still by her side; the girl would date other boys behind his back, coming back to him with obvious visible hickeys that formed over time from her other “boyfriends.” He never seemed to notice them - you felt sad for Taehyung. He had searched for the one for almost his whole life, being dejected and having two day girlfriends. Suha was the only one he seemed to connect with. Well, that was what he thought. She was a liar, god damn bitch and never deserved Taehyung’s love - it made your blood boil. Your eyes watched him as he let out a dry, painful cough with a choked sob, his shaky hand clutching onto your arm - he clung to it as the flowers kept flowing out, as if he were hanging onto it for dear life. The dim light flickered for a split second, the quiet honking of the cars passing by muted by the walls of the house. 

“(y/n),” Taheyung choked, attempting to speak while the flowers were beginning to become smaller in groups, hinting that the end was almost near. “I-I- water..” you let out a small sigh, putting a finger to your lips. 

“No talking, Tae. It’ll be painful if you do.” You whispered softly, stroking his head slowly. The two of you sat there for about two more minutes before he could finally breathe, looking up at the ceiling. His eyes were bloodshot from the countless nights of throwing up and extremely red from the crying. You smiled and ran your thumb over his knuckles, patting his arm. “It’s over now. I’ll get you some water, alright? Stay here and don’t move.” He nodded, lowering his head and removing his hand from your arm. Standing up, you quickly forced yourself to walk towards the kitchen and grab a glass of water, staring at the clock with tired eyes as the cup was being filled. It read 3 AM, and even after all the times you stayed awake to help him, your body wouldn’t damn adjust. 

Returning to Taehyung, you sat down next to him and helped him drink the water, tipping the water into his mouth. He wiped his eyes quickly, smiling at you weakly. “Thank you, (y/n). What would I ever do without you?~” He faked a sob, wrapping his arms around your waist and hugging you tightly. You let out a quiet chuckle, rocking him side to side while he drifted into sleep. Gosh, time really did seem to fly when you were with him. It was already about 5 AM, and you had classes at seven. 

“Alright, lets go,” you murmured, helping him up and wrapping his arm around your neck, stumbling to his room and dropping him on his bed. You stared at him sleep peacefully, his face paler than usual. A small sigh escaping your lips once again, you turned around and shut the lights off. “Good night, Taehyung.”

Picking up the phone as it vibrated against the bathroom counter, you answered the call. “Heoo?” You asked as you brushed your teeth, staring at the mirror. 

“(yn)! I’m going on another date with Suha!” Taehyung’s voice piped loudly, causing you to move the phone away from your ear. You felt yourself rolling your eyes, spitting the toothpaste out and rinsing your mouth. 

“What help do you need now?” You asked, wiping your mouth with a towel and walking to your bedroom and opening the closet door. 

“Aish, don’t act like I’m such a burden, (y/n)!~” He giggled over the phone while you picked out clothes, laying them on the bed. Placing the phone on the dresser and pressing the speaker button, you groaned loudly. 

“Just tell me what you need help with, Tae.”

“Okie dokie!”

You quickly changed into your clothes, standing up correctly and staring at the body mirror in the corner of your room. You chose a plain, flowery blouse with the color of comforting pastel pink along with a simple pair of light blue jeans.You slipped your socks on, taking your phone off the dresser and grabbing your bag. “Alright, so what did you need again?” You spoke, taking him off the speaker and bringing the phone close to your ear, walking downstairs and grabbing your shoes. 

“Okay, so I heard she likes flowers and stuff, so should I bring her flowers?”

“..Taehyung,” you let out another groan, walking out the house and shutting the door closed behind you. “yes. you should, you idiot.” He giggled as you locked the door, turning around and walking towards the college building. “I gotta go. Have fun, Taehyung.” Ending the call with a glare at the phone, you shoved it in your pocket and opened the doors to the building, rushing over to your friends waiting near the classrooms. 

“(y/n)!” A girl with large, rimmed glasses waved excitedly, her short, black hair bouncing up and down. 

“Hey, Jenny.” You smiled, giving a hug to everyone else. 

“Somethin’ wrong? You sound tired.” Another girl spoke up quickly, her doe eyes wide and filled with worry. 

“I’m fine, Yoni. Taehyung just asked me to help with Suha again, that’s it.” Your hand clutched the strap of your bag tightly as they both let out a groan of frustration.

“Come on, (y/n). Just make him break up with her. Has he not seen her with other boys already?!” Yoni sighed, tucking a piece of her loose hair behind her ear. “I mean, I know he’s been searching for, um..” quoting the air with her fingers, “the one, but he’s just super..”

“Don’t say it, Yoni.” You held up your hand, shaking your head slowly. “It’s fine. He’s just gonna keep chasing after her.” Jenny stared at you with a stoic expression, grabbing both of you and Yoni’s arm, dragging you to class. 

“Whatever, that dude is too stupid anyways. Lets go to class.”

Her stingy response caused Yoni to look at you with a confused expression, eyebrows raised and mouth agape. You shrugged. Jenny never liked Taehyung in general because he was too naive and slow-minded; she, of course, according to the cliche, was the smart kid who hated the “dumb” ones. Taehyung did not fit your definition of dumb in your book, just..caught up in his own mind sometimes. Jenny proceeded to drag the two of you to class and plopped you down smack into two empty seats, ignoring the yells from the professor for walking in so abruptly, interrupting his lesson. Her face wore a smug smirk, grabbing her pencil case out and laying the supplies down on the table.

“This is..gonna be a long day, isn’t it?” Yoni whispered.

The day went by quickly, and before you knew it you were outside the college door and dialing Taehyung. It was silly, actually - how you would call him right you went out of school. People were considering that the two of you were dating, but you quickly denied that ridiculous rumor. Of course, the two of you were close; he had been friends with you since you could first remember. The light breeze blew your hair in your face as Taehyung answered the call, letting out a tired sigh.

“Let me guess,” You began to walk away from the entrance, moving the hair out your face. “she said she had something to do and left.”


“Taehyung, come to my house. Sleepover.”



You hurried over to the convenience store, grabbing as many snacks as you could and stuck a box of Pocky in your mouth, furrowing your eyebrows while you counted the price. “Okay, if I just get rid of the chips, I should be fine.” You smiled at your math skills, returning to the cashier and laying the snacks down on the table. 

“Oh my, that’s a lot. Party?” The man asked as he began to scan the items, placing them in the small bags on the side. 


“Have fun, then.” He smiled, handing you the bags. You nodded, giving him the money and smiling back. 

“Thank you!” You hurried out the store, rushing to the front of your house, bumping into Taehyung. 

“Oh! (y/n)! You got snacks!” He grinned, taking some bags off your hands. You grabbed the key out of your bag, sliding it in the hole and opening the door for the two of you. 

“Of course I did. We do this every time.” You told him, dropping off your bag and walking to the kitchen, pouring the snacks down. 

“There’s so much! Did you get like, money from the heavens or something?!” Taehyung gasped, staring at you with wide eyes. He stared at the snacks with awe as you took a bottle of water, taking a small sip.

“I wanna make sure you don’t feel so bad when those flowers come up again.”

His face fell almost immediately, bringing his hand up to his throat and setting the bags down. “Oh, yeah. Lets get ready,” he whispered, rubbing around his throat and chuckling softly. 

“She what?!” You shrieked, sitting up from the floor and dropping a chip. Taehyung laughed, laying down on the pillow. 

“You’re really funny, (y/n)!” He wrapped his arms around his stomach, trying to catch his  breath. “Don’t be so serious, it’s fine! She’s super busy with her job, so she had to go!”

You fought back the urge to tell him how slow he was being, hugging your knees tightly. Taehyung continued to laugh as you played along, biting your tongue in hopes that you’d forget about it and have fun.

That was the problem; you couldn’t get rid of that feeling. That feeling that was slowly eating you up, it’s sharp teeth biting in your flesh and ripping it apart from you.The feeling when Taehyung held hands with Suha so happily, tightening his grip, then releasing her hand after she said “I don’t like that, you’re hurting me.” Your mind was swirling with questions for him - why did he love her? Why would he stay with her? Why is he making himself suffer? Doesn’t he know that he could die because of what he’s doing? Will he ever break up? Those questions pounded inside the walls of your mind, staying in place for the rest of your time with him. Fuck, he looked so happy when he finally told you he had gotten a girlfriend. His eyes were wide open, cheeks pink, almost trembling from excitement. You, of course, were also happy that he had gotten a soulmate. You thought that she would be different since he was acting so happy; but no. She was only there for his looks. For his hands to crawl all over her - she obviously didn’t think about it thoroughly and found out he was too..kind for that kind of act. She became bored, became annoyed by his presence, yet she never gave him up. She knows how much you care about him, how close the two of you were. Having the audacity to keep him to herself and make him suffer made you so angry you wished you could take him away, away from her. Away from what was giving him the most pain, the one who made his hell visible to him.

You stared at Taehyung with a smile, turning on the television. “What movie do you want?”

“I dunno..can we just watch the news?”

“The news?” You scrunched your nose, staring at him with confused sprawled all over your face. “Why?”

“Just ‘case. I wanna see how boring it is.”

You shrugged, changing the channel to a news channel and set the remote down, leaning your head against the couch leg. The news was in fact, very boring to you two. They talked about the weather, and too many commercials annoyed you. Looking up at Taehyung again, you noticed his expression changed completely. His eyes didn’t seem very..sparkly anymore. You swept it off, returning your attention to the television. After all, it was about midnight. He must feel tired, right?

“Tae, you tired?” You asked quietly, your eyes still glued to the screen. 

“No, why?” He responded softly, glancing at you. 

“You look off today,” you turned to face him, sitting up on your knees. 

Taehyung brushed the hair out of his eyes, raising an eyebrow. “I do? Do I look sick?” He sat up, grabbing his phone out and checking his face in the camera. Letting out a loud sigh, he flopped back down on the couch, shaking his head. “I’m not tired, just bored. I wanna do something. You aren’t fun today.”

“I ran out of jokes.” You mumbled.

“But I’m bored.”

“If you’re bored, shouldn’t your girlfriend be comforting you right now!?” The words slipped off your tongue before you could think, eyes widening and clasping your hands over your mouth. Taehyung stared at you, drawn back from the sudden burst of your words and slumped down, staring up at the ceiling.

“Hey, lets not go that far. She’s busy.” He whispered, rubbing his eyes. “She told me she has a huge, huge possibility of getting a pay raise and stuff, so we have to be patient!” He sat up again, his eyes gaining it’s sparkle once again.

“Oh, that’s nice.” You replied, standing up and shuffling over to the kitchen. Pay raise, your ass. She was with one of those other boys who fell for her tricks and shit, hoping to be noticed but only broken inside. You tightened your grip on the chair as your sat down, staring at Taehyung. “Lets go to sleep, Tae. Turn off the TV.”


The brightness from the television screen dimmed as he turned it off, the news reporter’s voice dying quickly. The two of you went upstairs and into your room, plopping yourself down on the ground. 

“What are you doing? Go to your bed.” Taehyung pointed at the bed, tilting his head.

“Sleep on my bed tonight.”

“Are you sure?”


He shrugged, jumping onto your bed and giggling to himself, slipping underneath the bed sheets. “Night, (y/n).”

He waited for you to say goodnight, letting out a soft chuckle when you said nothing and turned off the light.

You stared in horror as flowers flew out of Taehyung’s mouth, petals, leaves, all kinds fluttering down onto your bedroom floor. He was on his knees, gasping for breath as he threw up, the noise he made tightening your heart into a knot. “Taehyung, why didn’t you wake me up?!” You rushed to his side, turning on the light and pulled his hair away from his eyes, gulping nervously as his body began to shake. 

“Breathe, Tae. Breathe, okay?” You whispered, patting his bad comfortingly while you whispered in his ear, telling him to breathe and saying he’ll be alright. His eyes began to tear up as the flowers continued to grow in group sizes, and began to worry you as it kept flooding out his mouth longer than usual. 

Three hours passed before he finally calmed down, wiping his mouth and collapsing on his side, falling onto the pile of flowers. “Tae, are you alright?” You asked quickly, staring at him with concern. 

“Why do flowers come out?! This isn’t normal, (y/n)! Shouldn’t we go to the doctors? There must be something wrong, I know Suha loves me, it’s-” He broke down in tears, grabbing your arm and pulling himself closer to hug you. You sat there, frozen, as his tears soaked into your shirt, his loud cries echoing throughout the small room you had. Your shaky hand ran through his hair, using your free arm to hug him tightly. 

“We can’t go to the doctors, remember? Everything will go wrong,” you explained, keeping your voice quiet so he could stay calm, which wasn’t a very good idea, since he was crying after all. “I’m sure she..loves you.” You cringed at your words, knowing damn well she hated Taehyung. 

“T-Then why are th..these flowe-rs c-c-coming out?” He choked, burying his face in the crook of your neck, scratching the back of your shirt with his nails. You stared at him, wondering how hard it was for him to go from a happy man to such a miserable person in such a short amount of time.

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Call Boy (Taeyong x Reader x Yuta)

Someone please take my computer away from me, this is a perfect example of what happens when I stay up too late. Anyway, how are you guys? This was supposed to be a Daddy type smut, but it got WAY OUT OF HAND. Idk what possessed me while writing this lol But shout out to my homeboy SoMo for being my soundtrack while writing this, Hide & Freak is a blessing.

ps This was the only gif I could find of them together, I’m so shook #STOPYUTA2K16

Part II

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The bright summer sun blared overhead, not a cloud to obstruct its rays as people walked through the busy street, enjoying their weekend as best they could. It was the type of warm weather that felt good for the first few hours you were outside, but quickly wore off as the sweat began to collect uncomfortably on your lower back. That morning when you leisurely woke up to the smell of coffee brewing in the kitchen, you’d checked the weather app on your phone, eyes bulging out of your head at the nearly triple digit number.

You dressed accordingly, knowing you would be outside most of the day for shopping and walking around. You chose a green floral dress that was lightweight and breathable, topping it off with a shady straw hat you’d bought at the beginning of the season. It’d been sitting in your closet until now, finding yourself too nervous to wear it since you weren’t usually a hat kind of person, but the promise of a cloudless hot day prompted you to give it a spin.

You found yourself adjusting it self consciously now, secretly thankful for the shade it gave you. From beside you, Taeyong gave an amused glance while swinging your joined hands, noticing your nervousness, “It looks really cute,” he reassured, reaching over and tugging on the brim playfully.

You gave a small smile, letting him guide you down the bustling street, tugging on his hand when you saw a shop you wanted to look at. He patiently let you peek through the windows, laughing whenever you looked at the price tag with a gasp and shoved the piece of clothing back on the rack. Taeyong picked out clothing that he thought you’d look nice in, most of the choices consisting of soft colors and dresses. You lifted the skirt of a dress he held up to you in appreciation as you laughed, “What’s your obsession with dresses, Tae?”

He blushed and gave an embarrassed smile, “I think you look the best when you wear them.” You giggled at his confession, spinning around to continue sifting through the racks of clothing. You missed the way his eyes dropped down and ate up the flash of your bare thigh hungrily, his fingers itching to grip your supple skin.

Taeyong took a deep breath, putting the dress back on the clothing rack as you called him over again, “Hey, I’m kinda hungry. Do you feel like eating now?” You tugged on his shirt, eyes growing large in an attempt to win him over. Your hands felt shaky from not having anything except coffee this morning.

He laced his fingers through yours again, lips in a soft smile as he gazed down at you, “Yeah, sounds good to me.” The two of you exited the store and he peered up and down the street, nodding towards a brick building, “What about that place? Looks decent enough.”

You picked out the restaurant, seeing the sleek modern front that was decorated with plants and a standup chalk board that advertised specials. You felt your stomach growl, anything was good enough at this point, “Sure, looks yummy.”

Taeyong chuckled as you approached the cafe-styled restaurant, “We don’t even know what they have and you’re already like this.” You got in the short line that led to the host stand, waiting to be seated.

“Hey,” you pouted up at him, lip sticking out temptingly. “I’m so hungry right now, anything looks delicious.”

Taeyong smirked and pecked your lips playfully, “Does that include me?” His mouth lingered just above yours, his dark eyes staring at you intensely.

You gulped, thumb running over his finger nervously as you stuttered, “O-of course it does.” Taeyong had always been so much better at flirting than you, it made you wonder what exactly he saw in you.

He smiled then, eyeing you adoringly, “God, you’re so cute without trying.” You blushed and looked down at your toes, thinking how you didn’t deserve a guy like Taeyong who doted and treated you like a princess.

A host greeted you and led you over to a table by the front window, placing menus down that you snatched up eagerly when they walked away. Everything looked so delicious, but Taeyong suggested that you split something since the portions were incredibly big. You didn’t mind sharing though, knowing you’d get to feed him and see the cute way he groaned when he ate something good. Your order was placed and the two of you chatted about whatever came to mind until your food came out. The way the steam curled from it when the waiter placed it on the table caused a small moan to leave your lips. Taeyong’s eyes shot up at the sound, lips pursing at the semi-erotic sound, but you didn’t notice.

The two of you ate and fed each other happily, gobbling down the tasty food with ease. While polishing off your meal, you heard the front door open and close from behind you, the host greeting them warmly. You saw Taeyong’s eyes widen suddenly, a grin spreading on his face as he stood up, “Yuta!”

“Taeyong!,” a bright voice responded happily, as your boyfriend greeted the newcomer with a hug and a clap on the shoulder.

You looked up at the owner of the voice, breath catching in your throat as you were met with the most gorgeous smile. He was breathtaking to say the least, athletic body, tan skin, stylish clothes, and a head full of soft looking brown hair. There was something strangely familiar about him as well, like you’ve seen him somewhere before. Said boy looked down at you with interest, smile never fading, “Taeyong who’s this?” He stuck his hand out and you grasped it gently, neck craning as you looked up from him in your seat. “I don’t believe we’ve met before.”

Taeyong smiled proudly down at you, squeezing your shoulder lovingly. “This is my girlfriend _______.”

“Ahhh,” he grinned again, bending down towards you ever so slightly, “I’m Yuta, it’s nice to meet you.”

You felt entranced, barely mustering the strength to mumble back, “Nice to meet you too.”

Taeyong looked excitedly at the new boy, “Hey, why don’t you sit here? I haven’t seen you in so long,” the waiter was already pulling up a chair, even when Yuta lightly protested, “But you’re on a date right now, right? I don’t want to be third wheeling.”

Your boyfriend looked over at you for permission, “You don’t mind do you?,” his big eyes were hopeful, making you cave rather easily, “No, not at all.”

Yuta sat down, shooting you a beautiful apologetic look as Taeyong began to talk to him  excitedly again. You couldn’t help discretely looking at him, he was just too gorgeous to ignore and his smile really was beautiful. It was contagious as you felt the corners of your lips tug up when Taeyong recalled a story from when Yuta and him were younger. From the way things were going, you felt like you were the third wheel, making you laugh amusedly.

“Finally she laughs,” Yuta sighed dramatically, his eyes alight with mischief as you blushed.

Taeyong arched an eyebrow at you, “She’s usually so talkative too, what’s up ______?”

“Nothing,” you smiled to yourself, fingers tugging at your dress pensively, “I just thought that it feels like I’m the third wheel instead of Yuta.”

They both laughed and Yuta placed a warm hand on your shoulder, reassuring you, “Don’t worry, I’m not trying to steal him from you.”

Taeyong chuckled, pushing his chair back, “Excuse me, I need to use the bathroom real quick.” The two of you nodded at him, watching as he weaved in and out of servers to reach the restrooms in the back.

You turned back to say something to Yuta, but was shocked when you were met with a smirk on his pretty lips, “Staring is gonna get you in trouble, ______.” The hand on your shoulder was like a hot brand, “Don’t think I didn’t notice.”

You felt your cheeks turn red, stuttering, “I-It’s not what you think, I promise. I just-”

He chuckled, sliding his hand down your bare arm until his fingers tangled with yours. He played with them absentmindedly as he mused, “You probably thought I looked familiar, right?”

You looked up at him in surprise, seeing him regard your shocked expression in amusement, “Yeah, actually.” You shifted in your seat nervously, “But I’m probably wrong-”

“You’re not,” Yuta smirked, his eyes roaming around your body, shamelessly drinking in the smooth expanse of your legs. “I just didn’t think you were into those kind of things.” He released your hand and propped his chin on his hand, smiling at your obliviousness.

Those kind of things…?, you wracked your head for ideas to where you’ve seen his face before. An old woman near you snapped her magazine she was reading loudly, sipping on her coffee when you suddenly remembered. You’d been at a friend’s house recently, jokingly digging under her bed when you found the dirty magazine that depicted semi-nude images of attractive men. You dropped it in shock, its contents falling open as you scrambled to pick it up to shove it back under the bed. You tried not to look out of embarrassment, but your eyes happened to fall on a small headshot in the bottom corner of a page.

You snapped out of your thoughts, eyes wide as you stared at the boy across from you, “You were…you’re-”

The brown haired boy bit his lip with a grin, spinning in his chair, “Oh, Taeyong! We were beginning to get worried about you.” His face gave nothing away about the details of your conversation, taking a sip from his coffee cup as your boyfriend rejoined you.

“I thought I might as well take care of the check while I was up,” Taeyong lifted his wallet and wiggled it, placing it back into the back pocket of his jeans. He looked at Yuta apologetically, “We should probably get going anyway, I’m not sure how much more of this heat I can handle.”

Yuta gave another brilliant smile, “Yeah, no problem.” He watched you stand up and retreat to your boyfriend, Taeyong’s arm wrapping protectively around your waist. “Thanks for letting me crash your date.”

Taeyong returned his smile, clapping Yuta’s shoulder once again, “We need to hang out again soon, maybe this weekend or something?”

“If something doesn’t come up with work then I’ll give you a call and we can do something together,” he looked down at you, his hands stuffed in his pockets, “_______ can come along too.”

You forced a small nervous smile, heart still hammering as you watched his tongue unconsciously trace his bottom lip, making your own mouth part at the sight, “Y-yeah, sounds like fun.” You mentally slapped yourself, you couldn’t be thinking about Yuta like that. You had a perfectly fine boyfriend who loved you and whom you loved back. Everything that you were feeling for Yuta was just pure lust, nothing more, nothing less.

You finished saying your goodbyes and as you were walking out you couldn’t help but look one more time. Yuta noticed you again and smiled at you secretively, his dark eyes alight with mischief as he winked at you, “See you around.”

Back on the street, the sun was still harsh, making your head spin a little as you thought of the way Yuta’s hand had felt against your skin, the way his tongue licked his soft looking bottom lip…Stop it, you thought, calming yourself. You gripped Taeyong’s hand harder, causing him to look down at you in concern, “What’s wrong, baby?”

The temptation was too great, you tried to sound as nonchalant as you could, asking, “What does Yuta do for work?”

Taeyong released your hand and slid it around your waist, tugging you closer as you turned down a crowded street, “Oh,” his thumb drew circles on your hips through the thin material of your dress, “He’s a call boy.”

“Oh,” you gulped, accidentially tripping on a crack clumsily as you tried to feign innocence. “That’s an…interesting profession.” So it really was true, he was that same Yuta you had see in the magazine. It made sense now that you thought about it, there had been a phone number displayed by his headshot.

Taeyong steadied you easily, squeezing your hip with his gorgeous, veiny hand as he spoke, “Don’t hold it against him. Yuta’s like you and me, he just works in the sex industry instead of a normal job.”

You nodded, giving an uneasy smile as your mind quickly went south and you thought of all the things Yuta probably did for money. You pictured everything that you and Taeyong did, realizing that Yuta probably had done far, far worse things seeing as he basically had sex for a living. Images of him haunted you all the way home, your head spinning as you walked through the door.

The blasting air conditioning did little to ease your tension, slipping off your shoes and bag as you headed to your room. Taeyong followed you, a worried expression on his face as he watched you tear your dress off and flop down onto the bed, “Baby, what’s up?” He laid himself down beside you, fingertips tracing along the exposed skin of your back, biting his lip at the sight of you in your underwear.

You turned your head to look at him, “Nothing, it’s just really hot.” From the expression on his face, he didn’t buy your excuse at all, but his cool hands smoothing across your skin was enough to distract you just a little.

He smirked, tracing a finger on the waist band of your panties teasingly, “Does that feel good?”

You let out a small groan, burying your face into the bed sheets as one of his rings touched your bare skin, the freezing metal making goosebumps appear. Taeyong carefully rolled you over, leaning down to press a kiss to your stomach as his hands wrapped around your wrists to pin you down gently.

“Tae,” you whined softly, enjoying the feeling of his lips traveling up your body as he stopped at your neck to suck a bright red hickey into your skin. You gave a small gasp as he licked over it, placing a kiss there before he regarded your lips with a smirk, “Hm?”

You pouted, lower lip sticking out tantilizingly as you wiggled beneath him, “Kiss me.”

He leaned down a bit closer, his breath ghosting your lips as his eyes stared deeply into yours, “What do we say?”

“Please,” you begged, thighs rubbing together in anticipation as he watched you squirm.

“Good girl,” he praised, pressing his lips to yours as you sighed in contentment. Taeyong quickly deepened the kiss when he dragged your bottom lip between his teeth, a gasp leaving you when his tongue slipped into your mouth. He managed to wedge a knee between your thighs, moaning into the kiss as you rolled your hips on his leg. You gave a small cry, your clothed heat rubbing against the fabric of his jeans as he broke the kiss to allow you a breath. His hands released your wrists, pulling you by your hips so your back arched underneath him, dragging you against his leg slowly.

“Do you like that? Huh?,” he asked panting, fingers squeezing your hips in a bruising hold. Your fingers flew to his hair, tugging at the white colored tips as you pressed kisses to his razor sharp jawline.

You thought for a moment you were going to come, but the feeling left the both of you as Taeyong’s phone dinged loudly from his back pocket, “Fuck,” he cursed softly, stilling his movements with a groan before looking at you apologetically.

You smiled softly at him, “It’s okay.”

He pulled the phone out, still crouched over you as he unlocked it and read the text, “Yuta says he can hang out this weekend.”

Your mind jumped at his name, thoughts of him crawling back in as you bit your lip, “That’s good.”

Taeyong clicked his phone close, sliding it onto the bedside table with a groan before flopping down beside you. You could tell his libido was gone, but you could still try as you slid a hand up his chest, “Hey, it’s okay.”

“I’m sorry,” he pouted cutely, a hand pulling you close so he could kiss your lips in apology. You straddled his hips and he looked up at you in surprise, hands resting on your thighs as you looked down at him nervously. “What is it?”

You swallowed, fingers playing with the hem of his red button down, the color always looked so good on him you thought to yourself. “You know I love you,” you began carefully, seeing his immediately worried reaction.

“Did I do something wrong?,” Taeyong murmured self consciously, hands slipping off your legs.

You caught his hands, quickly saying, “No, baby! Of course not,” you leaned down and pressed a kiss to his lips reassuringly, before you sat up, “I was just wondering about something…”

“Like what?,” he asked, eyebrows furrowed together in confusion.

“You probably won’t like it,” you admitted, avoiding his eyes. “But it’s been on my mind all day, it keeps bothering me.” You took a deep breath, finally looking him in the eye as you said, “Can we…call Yuta?”

Taeyong’s eyebrows shot up, eyes quickly becoming guarded as he sat up, “Why? Am I not good enough for you or something?”

“No!,” you cried out, gripping onto his shoulders tightly, “Its just, I wanted to try something different and new with you.” You searched to find the best way to put it without upsetting him further, “I’m just curious about what it would be like. I thought this would be a good opportunity since you know and trust him.” You looked down feeling ashamed, “But if you don’t want to, that’s okay too. I want you to be comfortable.”

His voice was low, but he wasn’t as tense, “So you don’t like him?”

You shook your head, your hopes rising, “No! If we did do it, it’d definitely be no strings attached. You’re the only one I love, Taeyong.” You looked at him earnestly, seeing his eyes soften at words.

“Okay,” he sighed, but his face was stern. “But if I don’t like it then this will be the first and last time we do this, okay?”

You nodded happily, practically bouncing on the bed as he slid you off him so he could reach for his phone again, “Just know he might already have…business tonight.” Taeyong went into his contacts and found Yuta’s cell number, pressing his number and waiting. You felt anxious for some reason, urging wherever Yuta was to pick up his phone and answer.

You jumped, when your boyfriend spoke, “Hey, Yuta,” you noticed how nervous he seemed and realized how awkward it must be to ask his friend to come over to have sex. “Are you, uh, busy tonight?” You grabbed the phone from him and pressed the speaker button, giving Taeyong a look that said, we’re in this together.

No, why?,” came the sweet timbre of Yuta’s voice through the phone. “Is something up?”

“No,” Taeyong worried a lip between his teeth, bringing a hand up to nibble on his pinky, “We, uh,  _____ and I were-”

You leaned over the phone and blurted out, “We were wondering if you could come over?”

“_______?,” Yuta sounded surprised to here your voice, but a little pleased. “It’s getting pretty late, are you sure?”

“Yuta,” your voice was a little weak, the embarrassment of the whole situation made you want to bury yourself under the covers. “We needyou.”

“Oh,” there was silence on the other line for a few moments, making you worried as you realized he might not be interested in threesomes, or having sex with his friends at all. Your heart sank into your stomach, opening your mouth to apologize until Yuta spoke suddenly, “Alright.”

Taeyong seemed a bit shocked, “Are you serious?”

“Yeah!,” Yuta said, once again his confident, bubbly self. “Sorry for the awkward silence, I was just rechecking to see if I had anything scheduled for tonight.” You breathed a light sigh of relief, listening to the sound of other boy gathering his keys on the other side, “I’ll be there in twenty.” You could practically feel the smirk on his words as he said, “Don’t start without me.” With that, he hung up.

You sat back on your heels, looking at Taeyong in disbelief, who mirrored your expression, “I can’t believe…”

“Yeah,” he gulped, “This is actually happening.”

You looked around the bedroom, “Maybe we should clean up?,” you looked down at yourself, “Should I get dressed…?”

“What’s the point if you did, it’d be taken off anyway again,” Taeyong smiled at you amusedly, making you relieved that he was finally relaxed again.

The two of you quickly tidied up your bedroom, turning off the lights and switching on the lamps on your bedside tables in an attempt to make the room more mood appropriate. The minutes ticked by agonizingly slow, watching as Taeyong paced around the room nervously. He looked like a caged tiger, bare feet making no sound on the wood floors as he nibbled on his pinky nervously. “Hey,” you said suddenly, taking a hold of his hand, “It’s going to be okay. This is supposed to be fun, right?”

He nodded at your words, grateful as you sat him down on the bed next to you, “Sorry, I just don’t know what to do with myself.”

“If it makes you feel any better,” you massaged his scalp with your fingers, playing with his messily parted hair, “I’m nervous as hell too.”

Your words were the perfect conclusion as the apartment door bell dinged, causing the both of you to jump at the sound. Taeyong stood up, moving towards the bedroom door hastily and looking back at you, “I’ll get it. Just wait here okay?” You nodded, fingers picking at the bedsheets as you waited with bated breath for your guest to be welcomed in.

You barely heard anything coming from down the hall, only the barest hushed whisper as two pairs of bare feet padded down the hall. Your heart hammered in your chest, suddenly self conscious of your scantily clad body. You quickly grabbed Taeyong’s favorite blanket, wrapping it around your body to give yourself some decency.

Taeyong appeared in the doorway, his face at ease as he stepped aside to let Yuta in the room. The other boy looked absolutely gorgeous, dressed in a simple black button down and slacks, a develish smile already in place on his lips as he took in your form, “There she is.”

You blushed and pulled the blanket around you tighter, avoiding his eyes as you greeted him back as playfully as you could, “Here I am.”

Taeyong walked over to you and ran his fingers through your hair soothingly, as he spoke to Yuta, “If you couldn’t already tell, we’re both nervous.”

Yuta grinned, dumping a small black duffle that you didn’t notice he had before down on the floor, “It’s okay, that’s how most people are. They don’t know what to expect when being with a sex worker for the first time.” He casually strolled over to where you sat on the bed, “Don’t worry, this will definitely be enjoyable.”

Taeyong’s voice was a little mischievous to your surprise, eyes glancing towards Yuta as they shared a look, “_______ was the one to suggest it, you know.”

“Oh really?,” Yuta smirked down at you, your eyes meeting his as he boldly took your chin in his hand, “What a dirty girl.” He spoke towards Taeyong, but his eyes never left yours as he licked his lips, “I need to teach you how to discipline your girl, Tae.”

You saw out of your peripheral vision a small smile appear on your boyfriend’s lips, “Whatever you think, you’re the expert here.” Your body trembled as Yuta continued to examine you, a small gasp left your lips as his free hand took the blanket from your grasp and tossed it aside, “There we go, much better.”

Yuta tilted his head and regarded you in amusement, eyes roving over your exposed skin hungrily, “But you can do more.” He looked over at Taeyong, asking for permission, “May I?”

“No, by all means,” he spluttered, entranced with the way your body trembled from just his friend’s words, “Go ahead.” Some deep part of him liked seeing you being controlled by another man, the natural touch of jealousy pinching at him was just an itch as Yuta pushed you back onto the bed.

“Don’t worry,” Yuta whispered, licking his lips as he crawled up your body, “I won’t keep her for long, you’ll definitely have your fair share.”

When his fingertips touched your body ever so lightly was the moment all doubts left your brain, nothing but the feeling of his touch was left. He saw how willing you were for him, smirking as he leaned down, lips a breath apart, “You want me bad, don’t you? You’ve wanted me to put my hands on you since the moment we met.” His hands grabbed your hips, digging his fingers into your skin, “Am I wrong?”

You shook your head, whimpering as his lips brushed against yours ever so slightly. The smile he gave you was surprisingly cold, “Use your words, sweetheart.”

“Y-yes,” you breathed out shakily, glancing over at your boyfriend for support, but he only smirked at the scene, watching in dark amusement as you struggled underneath another man.

“Ah, ah,” Yuta tutted, nose brushing against yours, “Eyes on me right now, princess. He’ll get his time later. Now,” he smiled, hand coming up to cup your cheek, “Let me make you feel good, okay?”

With that he molded his lips against you, the shock of tasting another person other than Taeyong sent your mind into overdrive. He tasted like apple cinnamon tea or cider, warm, spicy, and addictive. You moaned into the kiss, opening your mouth obediently when his tongue prodded at your lips. He allowed you to pull on his hair, nimble fingers crawling underneath you to undo the clasp of your bra. You blushed but allowed him to slip the garment off, your breasts now exposed for him to grope eagerly. His mouth left yours, tongue messily running down your neck as he circled one of your breasts, your back arching into his mouth as he sucked on them. He left bite marks and hickeys in his wake, your chest completely covered as he soothed each one with a lick and a kiss.

It ended all too soon as Yuta pulled away from you, his lips shining and beautifully swollen as he regarded your mess of a body in amusement, “I think it’s time to punish this dirty girl.” He looked over at Taeyong, who’s eyes were staring at you hungrily, “Don’t you think so?”

He ordered the both of you around, the command in his voice made your womanhood quiver in want, “Taeyong, sit on the edge of the bed.” Your boyfriend did as he was told and Yuta strongly grabbed your wrist, pulling you so that you laid across Taeyong’s lap making you squeak in surprise. “Perfect,” he smirked.

You shifted, looking up at Taeyong through your lashes as you felt the tent in his pants press against your stomach. His eyes were hooded with lust as he caught your gaze, lips parted slightly as he took in your disheveled state. Yuta loosened a few buttons on his shirt, licking his lips as he saw your ass sticking up in the air,  "Isn’t that a pretty sight.“ He smoothed a hand over the skin, fingers teasingly sneaking under the waistband of your panties causing you to whimper.

“Taeyong,” Yuta said, his voice low and full of desire. “Here’s how you discipline her.” You didn’t have time to question what he meant before you felt a hand give your ass a hard smack, making you cry out at the strange feeling of pain and pleasure. It was wrong to feel that way, but it also felt so, so right.

“She’s been a bad girl,” Yuta growled, giving your ass another slap, “Haven’t you?”

You moaned, clutching the bed sheets as the stinging transformed into lust, “Yes.”

Taeyong groaned at the sight, hand soothing the bright red marks Yuta had left behind. He suddenly spoke, voice a little uncertain, “Can I…?”

You heard the smirk in Yuta’s voice, “Teach her a lesson she won’t soon forget.” The brown haired boy crouched down in front of you, cupping your cheek rather tenderly, though the devilish look on his face said otherwise.

To your surprise, Taeyong pulled your panties down your thighs, letting them stay there messily as he breathed in the aroma of your arousal, his pants becoming for too tight for his liking. Without warning, he brought his hand down hard on your ass with a smack, your voice cracking at the feeling, “Tae-”

Yuta swallowed your screams as he brought his lips to yours, pulling away as he whispered lowly, “Call him daddy.”

“What?,” you choked, crying out again as Taeyong spanked you again, much closer to your womanhood this time.

He grabbed you by your hair, knocking your foreheads together as he sneered, “Call,” he popped open a few buttons on his shirt, “Him,” bringing your hands to the black garment to finish the job, “Daddy.”

“Do you like this, kitten?,” Taeyong panted, hand coming down to grip the back of your thighs. He loved your ass and thighs more than anything else, loved to see the way the jiggled when he spanked you, loved to feel them wrapped around his waist as he fucked you into the bed. He’d never touched you like this before because he was scared of hurting you, but the way your arousal dripped down your legs made him believe otherwise. He teased a finger over your lower lips, breath catching at the slick feeling.

You practically ripped open Yuta’s shirt from the sudden contact on your soaked heat, ass driving back on instinct against your boyfriend’s fingers, “Yes, Daddy.”

Taeyong froze, fingers tightening on your leg as he whispered, “Say that again.” He eased a finger inside of you, slowly pumping at a pace that frustrated you.

You trembled under his touch, “Yes, Daddy.”

Yuta smirked from where he was sucking on your neck, tongue coming up to lick the shell of your ear as he purred, “Such a good girl.”

Taeyong added another finger, watching as Yuta left your neck a mess of bruises and bite marks, “Ruin her.”

You gasped at his words, his fingers picking up speed as he pumped them inside of you, “Taeyong, please!…” You needed something more than fingers, you wanted both of them undressed so you could finally lick and kiss their skin to your heart’s desire. Yuta’s shirt was opened, but in your bent over position, you could do nothing except claw at the tan skin in desperation.

You boyfriend’s fingers suddenly stopped, so did Yuta’s mouth working on your neck. His voice was low and dangerous, “What?”

You realized your mistake far too late as you received another smack on your ass, “Daddy! I mean Daddy, please…!,” you cried out desperately, fingers squeezing the bed sheets as tears of frustration leaked from your eyes.

“That’s what I thought,” Taeyong simpered, sliding your panties all the way down your legs and tossing them across the room carelessly. Yuta kissed your tears away before he stood up, looking larger than life from your low position.

“Taeyong, I think it’s finally time to give her what she wants,” he slid his shirt off his shoulders, “Don’t you think so too, sweetheart?” You were completely hypnotized by the way his hands worked to unbuckle his belt, the obvious bulge in his pants practically screaming to be free.

Your body shook in anticipation, “Yes, please!…,” you craned your head to look up at Taeyong, “Please, Daddy?”

His eyes softened and you saw your Taeyong underneath the shadow of lust, “Of course, you’ve been such a good girl, kitten.” He pulled you off his lap and set you on the bed gingerly as if worried he might hurt you as he noticed the deep red bruises that were printed on the skin of your ass and the violent purple hickeys covering your neck and chest.

Yuta didn’t seem concerned at all with your current state, in fact he looked completely pleased with himself, his pants falling to the floor as he stood before you in nothing but his briefs. As Taeyong got undressed as well, you admired the way Yuta’s length strained against the fabric of his underwear, the outline tempting you as he crawled on the bed. He bit his lip as a hand brushed the hair out of your eyes, “I’m going to let Taeyong go first,” he bent down so that only you could hear him. “Then I’m going to have my wicked way with you, baby girl.”

You couldn’t find words to respond to him, knowing you would stumble over your tongue anyway. Taeyong tossed his underwear aside, crawling onto the bed on all fours like a predator stalking his prey as he approached you and Yuta.

“Here’s how we’re going to do this,” Yuta said, already adjusting his body so that he laid against the headboard of your bed. He held something thin and black in his hand that you didn’t notice before. A smirk on his face as he held it up for you to see, confusion evident on your face. It was a long, black piece of what looked like silk, “Why don’t you come here so I can show you what it does,” he smiled, leading you over to him. Yuta gave you no time to protest as he suddenly tied the piece of fabric over your eyes, your vision gone. He took a hold of your hand, surprisingly gentle, “Lay back, princess.”

Taeyong seemed to catch onto his plan quickly, already moving to position himself in front of you. He was fascinated with the way your lips parted in bemusement, the blindfold completely changing the way pleasure was going to be felt.

You laid back down onto Yuta’s chest, his hands coming up to hold your thighs back as Taeyong prepared himself to enter you. You gripped onto Yuta’s forearms for support, head resting back against his shoulder as Taeyong bent over one more time to give the backs of your thighs a few quick bites that had you writhing from the pleasure pain. You could see nothing, your world was black from the silk blindfold Yuta had tied on you.

He noticed your anxiousness, lips against your cheek as he whispered, “Isn’t the mystery just so painful?” The brown haired boy pressed a kiss to the corner of your lips, “But it’s so wonderful too, princess.”

Without warning, Taeyong entered you, a scream ripping from your threat at the sudden intrusion. He slid in easily, your soaked walls allowing him to sheath himself in you with a groan on the first thrust. Your boyfriend’s hips were absolutely sinful, rolling into you languidly so that you felt every detail in slow motion. Yuta’s fingers dug into your thighs in an attempt to keep you still, letting Taeyong rock into you with a groan, “Shit, baby girl.”

Every touch was magnified by a million, the sound of Taeyong’s pants and the creak of the bed blaringly loud. His touches to your clit surprised you each time, never knowing when his fingers would rub your sensitive bundle of nerves next. You edged him along, now knowing his new favorite thing, “Ah! Daddy, yes.”

As Taeyong punished your womanhood by alternating between shallow and deep thrusts, Yuta was whispering the dirtiest things in your ears, things that would normally make you blush hadn’t you been so turned on. His breath was hot in your ear, “You’re such a dirty girl, _______. Wanting to get fucked by two guys at once. You like the thought of that, huh?” He suddenly bucked his clothed member up into you, “Do you touch yourself to the thought of that?”

You shook your head, biting your lips as he ground up into you while Taeyong continued to plow into you. Yuta’s voice was so low and sensual, nothing could describe how it made you feel, “I think you’re lying, baby girl.” He sounded so breathless and commanding at the same time, “Touch me. Touch this cock while your getting fucked by your boyfriend.”

You were obedient, reaching down to slip your hand under his waistband and grasp his length that throbbed at your touch. Your fingers were already coated with his precum, allowing you to easily stroke his member easily. Yuta moaned in your ear, the sound making you tremble as his fingers tightened on your thighs and he rocked into your hand to achieve more pleasure.

Taeyong was relentless, grunting as he approached his high. You struggled to continue touching Yuta, body shaking as his thrusts became rougher and rougher. You badly wished you could see his face, wanting to see the way his Adam’s apple bobbed and the sweat run down his jaw as he fucked you into oblivion. You felt his gorgeous dark eyes on you, burning holes into your skin as he watched you arch and release Yuta’s member, hands searching wildly for him. You somehow found his neck, following his muscles until you grasped his shoulders, nails digging into his skin so harshly that he growled. You cried out, feeling his hips snap into you a few more times before he came with a groan, his seed spilling into your heat.

He pulled out carefully, collapsing on his back on the other side of the bed as Yuta pushed you off him roughly. You fell on your side, frightened of falling off the bed as you felt around for your surroundings. Yuta’s voice was dark and amused, “Like I said, the mystery is justso awful.” You heard a soft thump, assuming that was his briefs falling on the floor.

You felt his hands pull you towards him so that you laid on your back, legs moving around his hips naturally as he bent over you. He took his time teasing you, dragging his tongue across your skin playfully at a slow pace, knowing that you had no idea where he would touch you next. Your toes curled at the feeling, hands somehow finding his hair after fumbling around and pulling on it anxiously, “Yuta,” you whined, hips rolling up in an attempt to feel him.

You heard the smile in his voice, “So eager.” But his mouth left your body, hearing him groan for some reason as he shifted above you. You felt his member at your entrance, when Taeyong suddenly spoke, smirking, “Do a number on her, Yuta.”

You heard the boy above you give a short laugh, a breathy gorgeous sound that you felt against your skin. Just like Taeyong, he entered you quickly, your fingers leaving his hair to rake down his back as you cried out, walls still sore from your boyfriend. Yuta didn’t give you any time to adjust, immediately starting to pound into you mercilessly, his hips snapping so hard that the bed rocked dangerously. You dug your nails into his back causing a groan to leave his lips at the feeling.

“Oh, fuck,” he cursed, his hands gripping onto your hips for support as he increased his speed. You cried out from the power of his thrusts, the headboard knocking loudly against the wall as Yuta fucked you senseless.

“Shit, I’m close,” he gasped, suddenly pulling out and you could hear his hand move over his member quickly. Curses spilling out of his mouth as he jerked himself to completion, his seed spilling over your breasts and stomach. You squirmed beneath Yuta still, wanting nothing more than to come as you whimpered, “Please, Yuta.”

Taeyong spoke again, his voice husky, “Don’t leave her hanging, Yuta. Show her what you get when you ask for a call boy.”

You felt Yuta’s tongue on your inner thigh as he chuckled, “You don’t have to tell me twice.” Your body shook as his tongue swiped up your folds, fingers once again fumbling for his hair as a cry left your lips. The way he ate you out felt so beautiful, almost choreographed like a dance as he sucked on your clit and licked your folds. You thought your soul was leaving your body when you felt his teeth nip at your skin, picturing that gorgeous smile of his appearing on his face as he fucked you with his tongue. You moaned in appreciation as he hummed and made some of the most sinful noises you’d ever heard in your whole life. His hands held down your hips to prevent you from moving, causing you to fight against him in frustration as your end approached.

You threw your head back in a silent scream as Yuta focused on your clit, your orgasm ripping through your body and causing your thighs to shake from the overwhelming pleasure. You felt familiar lips press kisses to your face lovingly as Taeyong murmured, “That’s right, baby. Let it all out baby, Yuta wants to taste you.” You heard the mentioned boy moan, slurping at your womanhood like a man starved.

You wanted the feeling to last forever, but all good things must come to an end. Hands untied the blindfold and you were greeted by Yuta’s smiling face, his hair a complete mess from your hands, “She lives.” You sat up, even the dim light of the lamps seemed bright as you blinked.

You smiled at him, realizing that you didn’t feel awkward at all after everything that had happened. Behind you, Taeyong kissed your shoulder, grinning cutely, “Was it everything you dreamed of and more?”

You comically sighed, a dreamy look in your eyes, “Yes,” you shoved him playfully, “Daddy.”

Taeyong blushed, but there was a smile on his face, “Sorry about that,” he gestured towards the bruises forming on your ass, running a hand over them softly.

You smiled coyly, tugging him close so you could press a kiss to his lips, “Don’t be. I liked it.”

Yuta smirked, lounging back against your pillows, “So did Taeyong, obviously.”

You crawled over to the brown haired boy, cupping his face and pressing a kiss to his cheek, “Thank you. For everything.”

He shrugged nonchalantly, but smiled brightly, “It’s not a big deal, you guys are my friends after all.” You thought about how it was a smile you could get used to seeing as you leaned your head on his shoulder, playing with his fingers.

“Oh, yeah.” Taeyong, ever the responsible one, got up to find his pants and pulled out his wallet, “Almost forgot. How much do we owe you?”
Yuta waved his hand, “Don’t worry about it, like I said, you guys are friends.”

Taeyong looked a little distressed, “But this is your job Yuta. I’d feel bad not to not pay you, it’s like working without getting any compensation.”

Yuta grinned, fingers tracing over the skin of your arm, “I’m serious, Tae! Think of it as a favor between friends.”

“There’s seriously no way we can repay you?,” your boyfriend’s shoulders sagged in defeat, tossing his wallet on his dresser with a sigh before he crawled back onto the bed. He had his favorite blanket in hand, the one you’d used to cover yourself up earlier, spreading it over your lap and laying his head there.

The other boy, looked down at him in amusement, “Well, I can think of one way.”

You weaved your fingers through Taeyong’s snowy hair, stroking the soft strands as you looked over at Yuta curiously, “What’s that?”

“Call me again,” he said laughing, the same familiar mischievous look in his eyes as when you’d first met him at the cafe.

Taeyong burst out laughing, snuggling his face further into your lap like a happy puppy, “As long as it’s still free. We’d be broke if we had to pay the price your other customers pay.” You smiled at this, amazed how much of a change he’d gone through in one night.

“Of course,” Yuta grinned, also moving closer towards you as he pulled a sheet over himself. “You two are special VIPs.”

You smiled to yourself, so happy that everything had worked out even better than you’d thought it would. Taeyong was still your Taeyong, you felt more than comfortable around Yuta now, everything just fell into place perfectly. The three of you talked into the late hours of the night, until you all eventually drifted off to sleep, a sense of contentment in all your hearts.

satanslilcherry  asked:

Hi! Today I'm feeling really bad about my body and stuff. Could you please write some hc about rfa+minor trio reacting to MC how's feeling like shit bc her father keeps bodyshaming her? Pretty please

Hey, I’m sorry to hear you’re feeling bad about your body. I hope these headcannons will make you feel a little better. I tried to keep this gender neutral and vary in body Imagine issues, because it’s not always about how big you are, I know some people are subconscious about how skinny they are, or if they don’t have an muscles. Also sorry these took so long, but I wanted to make each one as accurate as I could. 

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Sometimes Rain Falls

Type: AU/Alternative Universe

Summary: Sometimes a normal life is a good one to lead; its nice…its easy…
But sometimes, normal isn’t the way that things were meant to be. And when you’re chosen as a possible candidate for one of the kingdom’s 7 princes, life isn’t as nice and easy as you always presumed it to be…especially when you catch the eye of more than one of them…

A/N: Consider this part 1 of the ‘explanation’ of the Princes ;)



Part 10

 That …fucking hurt.’

Your hand trembles in Hoseok’s as you stare up at his brother, subconsciously having cowered behind him when Namjoon had come to stand before you both, and finding yourself gripping tightly to Hobi’s arm as he stands up to face him, pulling you up next to him as he goes.

‘You shouldn’t have had her by the throat like that.’ Hoseok growls defensively at his brother, the animalistic sound startling you and making your hand tighten in his, the second it happens the sound stops, and you see Hoseok glance worriedly at you from the corner of his eye, his free hand coming up to stroke your arm in comfort.

‘I wont hurt you.’

The sincerity in his gaze as he waits for you to respond has the tightness in your chest dissipating slightly where it had built up the minute Taehyung had pulled you from your bed earlier, the warmth from his hands seeping into your skin, and you find yourself second guessing everything you’d seen that night.

But you still weren’t ready to let your guard down just yet.

You don’t answer him, instead only staring at him for a few more seconds before bowing your head, acknowledging the promise in his words as you shift your fingers caressingly against his, before looking back up at Namjoon and feeling the fear begin to race through your veins all over again.

‘I wont let him hurt you either, Y/N. I promise. He wont lay a finger on you again.’ Hoseok murmurs, turning fully to face you and raising a hand to touch your cheek, the sudden invasion on your senses causing you to flinch slightly where you’d been watching Namjoon so fiercely. The look that casts over Hobi’s expression at your movement has guilt flooding your stomach, but despite everything in you telling you to pull him closer to apologize, with everything you’d seen that night, you just couldn’t.

‘I believe you.’ Is all you say instead, your voice quiet as you speak, just managing to flash Hoseok a small unconfident smile, before his brother speaks up behind him.

‘Stop being ridiculous. You know I don’t intend to hurt her. Besides…I think the more pressing issue would be whats going to happen now…’

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“Our Love” BTS Jimin & Yoongi- Drabble

Originally posted by ktaejin

@thelittlecheshirekitten requested: can i request a vampire angst bts drabble type thing XD ? with the prompts 26, 50 and 22 with jimin x reader x yoongi. thank you so much if you decide to do this i love you blog soo much <3 <3 <3

A/N: Thanks for requesting!! <3 Lovely choice of prompts!!  I enjoyed very much doing this request! :D Hope you like it n.n. Have Good Day! <3

Prompt:  “I’m both a lover and a fighter. I’ll take you down and then give you a kiss.” | “I’m losing my cold hearted reputation here” | “It’s ok, you don’t have to love me”

WordCount: 2.6k
Genre: Angst, Vampire!Au
Triggers: blood, violence, cussing, vampire.
Pairing: JiminxReader(she)xYoongi


“Fucking bitch” he grunted swaying his pocket blade.

A painful and stinging pain made your breath hitched.

He had stabbed you.

You recognized the warmth of the liquid sliding down and drenching your clothes before noticing the bleeding. Your hand reached to shield the open wound, legs trembling getting weaker and weaker until you fell landing on a small carpet of frosty grass.
The assaulter leaned down hovering above you, the dizziness of the alcohol made it difficult to take in an exact image, but the cold that touched your skin gave a certainty that he was, in fact, removing clothes from you, the shock of the stabbing trailed your mind somewhere far away from the scene.
Slowly everything faded; your sight turning blurry, making the street light transform into stars; The blood flowing between your fingers became a friendly almost pleasant feeling, reminiscing a strong hand holding onto yours.

‘I’m dying’
 you wept internally.

A sensation of void crawled slowly enveloping your body on its claws. It was a cold different from the one that accumulated on the spiky grass beneath you, wilder and vicious.
Said void had reached out enclosing your vision. Ironically you remembered how it was commonly said that when you die there is a tunnel of light where you reach for another world. But instead, darkness was reaching you, and the light of your own life ran away from it, escaping.
Tears rolled down your eyes as you felt his heavy and sweaty body pressing against you.

“You know,” someone spoke, interrupting.

‘Who is that?’ Your mind wondered

“Normally we don’t like to eat garbage, but for you scum, I’ll wash my mouth later” A gravelly voice chuckled, not far from you.

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The First Move

Requested by anon: Can I have something where a girl reader is over at stiles’ house sitting on his bed watching star wars with him? They both have HUGE crushes on each other and the reader knows but she’s waiting for stiles to make an move. Suddenly stiles starts playing with her hands. Can you add something in where she just starts rambling and he stops her by grabbing her face and saying “I’ve wanted to do this for so long” and kisses her? Thank you so much! I love your writing 😍    

A/N: Thanks for the request! I added a little at the beginning and changed the order at the end a bit so it would fit better into the story, I hope that’s okay. Enjoy! :)       

Pairing: Reader x Stiles

Requests are open!

„Oh come on, Stiles! I can’t see you sad like this!“, you exclaim desperately while you walk beside him towards your locker and look up at his distressed expression. It’s true: Your heart breaks at his sadness. You discovered that that’s an annoying side effect when you’re in love with someone. Stiles just shrugs and pulls up the straps of his backpack, not really encouraging you at all.

“I just can’t believe she’s dead. I mean, she has been a legend for me since I was a little kid”, he explains.

Obviously he’s talking about Carrie Fisher. He hasn’t been talking about anything else since it happened, although you’re really trying hard to cheer him up. You have tested pretty much every option you have and only one is left.

“You know what? Why don’t we just make a Star Wars marathon today?”, you suggest, leaning against your locker as he opens his own and hides his face in it. “I mean, it’s movie night anyway and honoring her in that way might make things a little easier.”

“I don’t know”, he mumbles. “What if it depresses me even more?”

“Well, you can’t stop watching Star Wars anyway and I think it’s worth a try. What do you say?”

He takes his time to grab his books and cram it in his bag while you wait for the answer hopefully. Finally he slams the door shut, looks at you and his brown eyes turn a little softer. “Why not? At mine at seven?”

“I’ll be there”, you promise, giving him a little smile.

He returns it, although it’s still somewhat lopsided, but you appreciate the effort. He quickly leans down to press a kiss onto your cheek before he turns around and walks towards the exit swiftly. The spot where his lips touched your skin seems to burn and you can’t suppress a longing sigh as you look after him.

In that moment someone clears her throat right next to you and you whirl around with a shriek. Your eyes fall on Lydia with her eyes raised and arms crossed.

“Damnit, Lydia! You scared me to death!”, you complain.

She just flips her long, strawberry blond hair over her shoulder. “Well, if loverboy wouldn’t take all your attention you might’ve noticed me standing there. Seriously: this is getting ridiculous! When will the two of you finally start making out instead of acting like four year-olds?”

You feel your cheeks heating up from something entirely else this time, although you know that she’s perfectly right. You know that he likes you back. You both have been pretty obvious about your feelings and it’s impossible to hide them anyway when you’re surrounded by werewolves. However, you really hate those kind of things.

“It’s not that easy”, you claim weakly. A sentence that will never convince a Lydia Martin.

“That’s nonsense and you know it. Every girl who is unhappily in love would punch you for that statement.”

“I know, okay? But…but we are friends and it could get really weird. And I’m a little old-fashioned when it comes to things like that. I want him to make the first move”, you admit.

Lydia observes you for a moment before she sighs, links her arm with yours and pulls you along. “I get that, but we are talking about Stiles here. It could take decades until he makes a move. He’s an idiot, especially concerning girls.”

“I’m really bad at this.”

“Then let’s hope that he surprises me for once.”

As you arrive at his house, Stiles greets you in a blue shirt and grey sweatpants.

“Hey! Do you feel a little better?”, you ask him after you hugged him tightly.

“A bit. I think this was a good idea”, he admits while he walks up to his room beside you. You grin.

“Of course it was. It was mine after all.”

As you enter his room, you notice that he already prepared everything. Star Wars episode four is in the player, a bowl with nachos stands on the nightstand and soft drinks lie in a box on the floor. For Stiles that’s pretty well-wrought.

“I suppose we will watch episode four, five and six?”, you ask him, snatching a nacho out of the bowl and throwing yourself onto the matrass.

“Obviously. Are you ready to honor her?”

“Absolutely!”, you exclaim and he dims the light and starts the movie.

Movie night is a thing the two of you do pretty regularly. However, today it feels a little different. You have no idea where it suddenly comes from, but there is a tension in the air as soon as he lies down next to you. You quickly grab a bottle of coke, just to have something to do. Does he feel it too? You secretly throw a look at his face but his eyes are fixed on the TV and his expression doesn’t tell you anything. Not very helpful. You gulp down a sigh and decide to simply concentrate on the movie.

At first you are both unusually quiet and just watch, but at some point in the movie you start to behave more normally and add your little comments here and there, make jokes and laugh together. You have both seen Star Wars so many times that you could speak along with the characters and watching it side by side is almost like a ritual. After you’re finished with the first one, Stiles already looks much better. He’s even able to smile at you and that’s all you wanted to achieve.

Somewhere along the second movie you become a little tired and snuggle deeper into the sheets, ending up closer to him than before. You are so close that you can smell his perfume and you immediately become a little nervous. At the same time you don’t want to move away from him because that would send the wrong message. You want something to happen. You are scared of it but you want it anyway. However, you are simply unable to do anything.

You feel Stiles body move now and then. He lifts his arm only to let it fall back onto the blanket. He clears his throat without saying anything. Your heart starts to pound a little faster and the tension returns with unexpected heaviness. All of that reaches its peak as he suddenly takes your hand in his.

You hold your breath for a second until you tell yourself to relax and act normal. It’s not the first time that he’s holding your hand, only the first time in this kind of context. For a moment it’s a little awkward, but then he starts to randomly play with your fingers and you realize that’s it’s really soothing. You like it.

You can hear Lydia’s voice in your head. “This is the moment. Just do it.” You tense up again immediately and instead of just turning around, realizing that he’s staring at you lovingly and kissing him, you start to ramble.

“You know, I really liked the new one but just watching the old ones really brings back that feeling of being a little child, that moment of nostalgia. You know what I mean? It’s really unfair to measure a movie’s quality like that but I just can’t help myself. I mean, when I watch all the new ones I will never have my dad beside me, laughing when I cover my eyes although it’s totally not spooky and that’s just something I’m missing and…”

You only see a flash of Stiles’ smile before he finally interrupts you by cupping your face and pressing his soft, warm lips onto yours. Your own lips respond immediately as if they only waited for this happen, which might be very true. Nevertheless, it’s better than you ever imagined it. Your brain stops to work and your emotions take control over your body. The butterflies flutter from your stomach to your head and you bury your fingers in his hair, pulling his face even closer while your press your body against his. You are feeling immensely drunk but without that stupid, bad feeling in your stomach. Drunk from pure happiness.

As you pull apart after an indefinable time you blink at him, confused and very pleased at the same time. His cheeks are reddened and he looks just as flustered as you feel.

“God, I’ve wanted to do this for so long”, he mumbles with a hoarse voice that gives you goosebumps.

You chuckle and lean your head against his shoulder. The movie is long forgotten, this very moment is so much more important than anything else.

“And I’ve waited so long for you to finally do it.”

Brother's Best Friend: Part 8 (Final)

Originally posted by rapmonsexpensivegirl

Your brother is away so his best friend comes out to play

Warning: Contains smut and violence in some chapters

Part 1  Part 2  Part 3  Part 4  Part 5  Part 6  Part 7

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Fanfic - Death Cannot Stop True Love - 1/1

Summary: Princess Iris confronts the Dread Pirate Roberts who killed the man she loved. Westallen!Princess Bride au written for Westallen At The Movies: Romance Edition

Rating: PG

Word Count: 1662

A/N: Happy Valentines Day to my lovely Westallen shippers❤❤❤

“Sit right here your highness.”

With a shove from her kidnapper Iris stumbled onto a nearby large rock.

Iris took a moment to catch her breath. The adrenaline of being kidnapped several different times over the course of one day thrumming through her veins. She glanced up to her new captor but it was not fear she felt. Contempt and hatred instead burned inside her. As her eyes fell upon the pirate who had killed the man she loved.

He was a striking figure Iris had to admit. His tall form dressed entirely in black. She could not make out his features with a black mask covering the upper part of his face. A black bandanna cinched at the base of his skull concealed his hair. To Iris he looked less like a man and more like a demon. The figure that had haunted her dreams for years as the one who killed Barry.

“I know who you are,” Iris glared at him. “Your cruelty reveals everything. You’re the dread Pirate Roberts, admit it.”

“With pride,” He grinned and took a mocking bow. “What can I do for you?”

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featuring Jaehyun

Genre: -

Request: Hello ahah I finally got the courage to request smth ehehe. Can I ask for a college au where u & jaehyun are gorgeous af twins & everyone wants u but u have a secret r/s with bad boi TY ooh & idk how to continue this hahaha ily thank u

A/N: Like the Soulmate! series i’d probably write this College! Au series in a storyline form , it’s much easier for me this way ! I seriously apologise beforehand if this wasn’t what you wanted , my writing is really going down these days idek why , but enjoy reading !!


You smiled to yourself as you glanced over to the bunch of boys standing at the corridor , fawning over your presence , simply just by sitting there and doing nothing but using your phone .

It was nothing new to you .

“ What’s up , beautiful ? Wanna hang out with me ? ” a tall and muscular boy appeared beside you , his arm snaking around your waist . Feigning a smile , you lightly pushed his arm away , as you replied in a calm and gentle tone ,“ No thank you . And i’d appreciate it if you respect my personal space ”

The boy beside you gave a smug expression as he moved even closer to you , his face leaning towards yours . He turned his head slightly as he whispered into your ear , his warm breath hitting the side of your cheek , “ What if i don’t want to ? ”

You heard the sound of heavy footsteps appear from behind you . Within seconds , the boy was pushed away from you and you were greeted with your older brother , who flashed you his warm smile . His expression changed as he shifted his focus back to the boy , “ Stay away from her , no one treats my sister like that ” . Scared , the boy got up and ran away , without saying anything else .

You spread your arms as you hugged your brother , the people around you staring at the both of you in awe since they stunned by your beauty .

“ Thanks so much Jae , and also i missed you so much . ”

He took a seat beside you as he drank a sip of coffee from your cup , before patting your shoulder ,

“ No problem ”

He paused as he nudged his head to the left ,

“ I had to do it since someone’s not happy , go talk to him Y/N ”

You turned your head and your eyes met his strong gaze .

He didn’t give you the smirk he gave everyday .

Despite you giving him a small smile , he did not budge . He kept a straight face as he got up from his seat . He pointed to the door before he left , signalling you to meet him outside - the way you two always did .

“ He looks very pissed . Be careful and call me if you need help alrights ? ” Jaehyun smiled as he pat your head . He took care of you very lovingly despite only being older than you by 5 minutes .

You assured him with a smile before rushing out of the cafeteria , making your way towards the quiet hallway .


His back was facing you and he was leaning on the row of lockers . He tapped his foot impatiently , as he stood there with his arms crossed .

You slowly wrapped your arms around his torso as you laid your head on his shoulder . “ Why are you so angry babe- ”

He brushed your arms off and pushed you lightly against the lockers . You gasped from the sudden impact as you tried to avoid his piercing stare .

“ Babe ? You could have done anything to stop him but you didn’t . ” his angry tone rang through your ears as he traced your jawline with his right hand , the other grasping your wrist tightly .

You tried to escape but his hold tightened . “ I did , i told him to move away but he didn’t . What else could i do Taeyong ? ”

He scoffed at your words and leaned even closer to you , his arms circling your waist .

Once again , you tried to get out of his hold but he pushed you back once more , as he rolled his eyes at your actions .

You hated when he got all aggressive and angry .

“ Well if you’re not happy then why didn’t you do anything . You’re my boyfriend after all , ”

You notice him clenching his fist as the veins on his arms started to become more visible . He took a deep breath before hissing at you , “ We are in a secret relationship Y/N , i can’t make it that obvious ”

You rolled your eyes as your tears threatened to fall . You looked away from him and attempted to push him away .

“ That’s the thing i don’t get , why must we still keep it a secret when we’ve been dating for 8 months now ? ”

He threw his fist against the locker beside you , so strong a dent had already formed . You flinched from his outburst as your tears started falling . You tried running away but he pulled you back .


“ Let me guess , another box of chocolates ? ” your friend teased you as she took a peek into the bag you were holding . You laughed at her words before giving her the bag , “ Yeah , you can have them ”

She jumped excitedly as she took the box of chocolates in her hands , opening it up .

“ Thanks to you and your admirers i get free gifts everyday , how great is that Y/N ” she teased you as she picked up a piece of chocolate .

You shook your head as you flipped through your textbook , trying to understand its contents .

“ But seriously though , almost everyone is after you in this school , are you not going to accept any of them ? ” your friend asked curiously , as she picked up another piece of chocolate .

“ Nah , i’m in college mainly to study and all i want to do is graduate , i have no plans on dating anyone ”

You caught her pouting for awhile before her expression brightened again , “ What about Jaehyun ? Is he planning to date anyone ? ”

You laughed at her question before replying , “ That , i’m not sure . Are you one of those fangirls too ” you squinted your eyes and playfully pointed at her .

She pushed your finger away before denying , “ N-No , i was just curious ”

The both of you turned towards the direction of the commotion . A table was flipped and books were scattered everywhere .

“ Don’t insult me like that , ” the man hissed as he charged forward to attack the other, only to be stopped by your brother who appeared just in time .

Your friend sighed as she whispered softly to you , “ Not Lee Taeyong again , when is he ever not angry honestly ”

Your eyes never once left him and when he caught you staring , his expression softened and he gave up trying to fight back . He pushed Jaehyun away as he wiped his sweat away from his face , before stomping out of the room .

He always had your attention . While every other boy was going crazy over you and showering you with gifts , he never once made the effort to talk to you . All he did was sit and stare at you from afar .

You first heard about him from your brother , as they were pretty close friends and Jaehyun would mention about him from time to time .

Everyone else was pretty much afraid of Taeyong because of his looks and anger . He hardly smiled and his strong gaze could set almost anything on fire .

But you trusted him . You trusted that he was more than just the ’ bad boy ’ and that he had a different personality than everyone else thought . You believed in him .

You wanted to know him better .

Then it happened , one fine night while the both of you were in your dorm , he started hugging you and it was the first time he ever did .

It was also the first time you ever saw him smile so brightly , and that sight made your heart melt as you slowly started falling for him .


“ Both of you are together ? How did ’ i don’t want to date anyone ’ turn to this ? And Taeyong ? Oh my god Y/N are you okay ” your friend stared at you in disbelief .

“ Lower your volume , i’m only going to tell you and Jae . Also , we want to keep it a secret , ” you whispered to her . She sighed before pinching your cheek , “ I’m happy for you , but if he makes you unhapy then he’s going to get it from me . ”


Everytime the both of you were together alone , he became a whole new different person , and you were glad that you were able to make him open up to you .

He smiled more often and he got less involved in fights - all just because of you .

You changed him completely and you loved it . But one thing that kept bothering you was being secretive in the relationship ,

Was he embarrassed of this relationship with you ?

Why couldn’t he just be open about the relationship with others , did he not care about your feelings ?

Yet everytime you asked him about revealing the relationship , he always gave the same answer ,

“ Not yet , ”


His strong grip on your wrist pulled you back and you landed on his firm chest . His arm was around your waist again , as he pushed you against the locker again , this time gentler .

His other hand caressed your cheek as he pushed his lips against yours . Your arms naturally wrapped around his neck , as you struggled to catch your breath in between the kisses .

He bit your lower lip gently before pulling back , his forehead resting on yours . Your eyes met his eyes and the anger that once filled them was now gone .

He gave a small smile before saying out truthfully ,

“ I wanted it to be a secret because i wanted to be happy with you , not the relationship status . I was afraid i’d go back to the old me , starting fights because those boys would probably want to start snatching you away if they knew ,

but now’s the time , i’m not afraid to show you off anymore .”

Jimin Scenario: Shy Hugs.

Request: fluffy jimin scenario when you bring food to him and the members, he’s being touchy; hugging and kissing you while u guys are eating ,but you tried to avoid him,  because you’re so shy infront his members, he thinks you’re ignoring him and he’s a little upset about it but then you explain it and he understands you and thinks you’re cute! 

Genre: Fluff / Romance.

You stared through the tiny windowpane at the door, thank god Big Hit’s practice rooms had these things or else you would have missed the glorious body wave Jimin was pulling off.

The beat of “I Need U” was playing loud, the boys giving their all as always. You were very proud of them, every time they did something they put their heart into it. But of course your heart was biased as your eyes drifted to your boyfriend.

Jimin was so talented, he had improved his dancing a lot and you admired his determination to always try to be the best version of himself that he could be.
The music stopped and you took the chance to enter the practice room. They all turned their heads when the door opened, Jimin’s face instantly lighted up.
-Jagiya!- he said going to you.

You gave him the same bright smile. -Hello Jiminie-

He gasped as if he was offended. -Why Jiminie? call me oppa-

You giggled. -Alright oppa-

-What is that?- he asked after he gave you a peck. You were carrying two bags that made Jimin curious.

-A gift for you guys- you said looking down at the bags that contained the food you had prepared for them.

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Anything & Everything

Summary: Tony Stark is a man capable of many things, but parenthood? Being the son of Howard Stark didn’t exactly give him confidence or prepare him for this new role.

Pairing: Tony Stark x Reader (Father/Daughter)
Word Count: 3624
Genre: Angst/Fluff
Warning: None
A/N: Based on this ask that was sent to @buckysbackpackbuckle Also, a big thank you to her and @avengerofyourheart for reading through this first, I adore you both. ❤ ❤
This is set pre-Civil War and I did take some liberties with the storyline and timeframe. I hope you guys like it and more of you are swayed to appreciate the Stark-Side!

Originally posted by sam-kaulitz

He walked out onto the patio overlooking the grounds of the compound. Despite the chaos inside, the night beyond the doors was actually quite peaceful. A gentle breeze cascaded around him and he shut his eyes to bask in its cool touch. Feeling more relaxed, he opened his eyes and smirked contently. He looked through the large windows of the compound at the scene within. A birthday party. A rather extravagant birthday party at that. One that he was hosting for a team member. No one put together a party better than Tony Stark.

After looking through the crowds for a few minutes he finally spotted you. A drink in hand and a smile gracing your beautiful face. Looking at you almost took his breath away. And it did once you turned to see him staring at you, your smile growing even wider.

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Originally posted by newtsobscuro

not my gif


Fandom: Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them

Characters: Newt Scamander

Pairing: Reader X Newt Scamander

Notes/Warnings: Short but cute, methinks.

Word count: 787

Imagine: Imagine Newt overhearing you singing some of the creatures to sleep.

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@goblindesert asked 21. someone is encroaching on their love interest. how do they respond? Thank you for the ask/prompt! <3

Cullen Rutherford x Evie Trevelyan (1548 words)

Evie stared at her reflection in the full length mirror before her. For the first time in her life she stood in front of the polished glass not to ensure her hair or clothing was in place, or that her jacket didn’t have a stain on it, but to examine herself. To truly look at her body and see it for what it was: unappealing.

Nimble fingers made quick word of the delicate clasps holding her jacket shut, allowing Evie to slip the violet silk and black suede from her shoulders to fall onto the floor at her feet. Next came her thin cotton tunic, leaving her in nothing but her breast band and trousers. At first she only gazed at herself, her eyes drifting slowly over her exposed flesh, but soon her hands joined in her scrutiny. There was no hesitation in where her fingertips would prod first. She pinched and pulled at the layer of flesh covering her stomach, watching with a slight grimace as the excess skin and fat snapped back into place whenever she let go.

Her body had never been a concern to Evie. No one had ever made mention of her thick thighs, her wide-set hips, or the extra flesh that blanketed her stomach. At least, not directly to her. She had never found a reason to judge her body in an unfavourable manner, or any manner at all. Surely it was what was in one’s mind and heart that mattered, not the shape or size of their flesh. But an hour earlier she found herself standing in the courtyard wondering if perhaps she had been wrong all this time.

It had been Cullen’s laughter that pulled her attention. She had only ever heard such a carefree and jubilant sound from him when they were alone. Scanning the yard, she found him standing in the shadow of the Herald’s Rest and he wasn’t alone. Evie had thought nothing of the lithe elven woman smiling and laughing with her commander, just another soldier or scout. But as she neared a duo of laughing soldiers her thoughts changed.

“Commander’s got another one. They just throw themselves at him. Lucky bastard.”

“Poor girl. Probably doesn’t know he’s spoken for. He’ll let her down easy, I hope.”

“I don’t know. If I were him I wouldn’t let her down too easy, if you catch my meaning.”

“You’re a real dog. Commander’s with the Inquisitor. And unless you’re blind and stupider than I thought, she’s more than enough woman for any man.”

“Pfft. Yeah, more than enough. That’s for sure.”

“What’s that supposed to mean?”

“Nothing, nothing… I’m just saying, if you like your ladies… pleasantly plump than she’s fine, I guess. But I’ll take a fit little thing like that one over there any day of the week. And I bet our commander would too.”

“You really are a piece of work. I oughta show you–“

The soldiers’ conversation cut out after that. Evie’s ears rang like Chantry bells and she found herself scanning the svelte lines of elven woman’s body: lean thighs joined with slender hips that tapered into a perfectly slim waist. Evie had never thought of or even truly noticed a difference between her body and that of some of the women around her. But now that she had, she could understand why someone would prefer such a compact frame over her own. Why Cullen would prefer it.

Evie had very nearly tripped over her own boots in her haste to exit the yard, unable to watch the only man she ever loved seem to flirt with another, more appealing woman. Racing through the main hall, she had kept her eyes trained on the flagstone, unable to bear the sight of anyone looking at her. She had dashed to her quarters as quickly as she could, wishing to hide from the truth. But when she arrived, she had gone directly to her mirror. And now she stood before it, studying her body, judging it, admonishing herself for her overindulgence. Telling herself that Cullen would be happier with the pretty little elven woman he had been speaking with – flirting with – in the courtyard.

“Maker, how I envy your mirror.” Evie’s eyes snapped from her much hated reflection to find the image of Cullen standing behind her. She hadn’t heard him enter and didn’t know how long he had been standing there, looking at her, gazing upon her unsightly frame. He held a lazy grin on his plush lips while his amber eyes skimmed over her exposed body. She could only assume his smile was a small act of charity.

“My mirror?” Evie asked, forcing a laugh past her lips. “I’ve never heard of anyone being jealous of a mirror.” Bending over, she snatched her tunic from the floor and held the tangled cotton over herself while fighting to unravel the sleeves.

“You don’t hide from your mirror like you do from me.” Cullen murmured, now standing directly behind Evie. He snaked his arms around her waist, settling them onto her bare waist. She froze under his gentle touch, fighting the urge to push him away. Resting his chin on her shoulder, he tilted his head to the side to lay his temple against hers. Without having to look up, Evie could feel the weight of his gaze traversing the curves that she was criticizing only moments before. “You bare yourself to it without any worry for how long it stares back. I wish I could be afforded the same privilege.”

Lifting her gaze from the tunic clutched to her chest, Evie met Cullen’s eyes in the mirror. She had thought she would find humour in his gaze, but peering into his warm and loving eyes, she realised he was speaking in complete earnest.

Shaking her head, Evie turned quickly in Cullen’s embrace. “I don't–“

“You do.” Cullen argued kindly before she could finish her denial. With his hand still holding her waist, he began to massage slow circles along her chubby stomach. Any other day she would melt into his touch, even chasing after it if he dared to stop, but today Evie found herself pulling her stomach into herself to make it seem smaller than it was. “You might not realise you’re doing it, but you hide from me. You’re doing it right now.” He nodded pointedly toward the cotton she covered herself with. Sliding his hands around the front of her stomach, Cullen took hold of the tunic and gave it a gentle tug. “You don’t need to hide from me, Evie.”

For just a moment, Evie tightened her grip in an effort to keep her body hidden from him, from herself. But when he leaned down and captured her full lips in a slow, sensual kiss her grip faltered. The tunic was pulled from her hands and away from her body for Cullen to toss across the room. At the same moment, she curled her fingers around the base of his neck, pulling him closer to herself selfishly.

Standing before him in only her breast band and trousers, Evie began to shift uncomfortably. She had never felt such disquiet with Cullen before. There had been times when she had tried to cover herself while with him as he had pointed out, but that had been from simple bashfulness and inexperience. She had never once felt as though she was unworthy of his touch, his love. But now, even as their lips and tongues moved together with such passion she could not silence a voice that shouted in her mind that she was undeserving of him. That he would be happier with another woman, a more beautiful woman, a thinner woman.

The voice screamed and screamed, drowning out all other thought and feeling. It mocked her as Cullen broke away from their kiss. It admonished her as he smiled down at her lovingly. It laughed at her when he lowered himself to his knees before her. When he wrapped his arms around her waist and buried his face into the almost imperceivable plumpness of her stomach, it reminded her that he was only being kind.

The bully that only she could hear continued on, seeming as though it would not stop until Evie had accepted the truth of herself and Cullen’s placation of her. She trembled helplessly under Cullen’s exploring hands, squirming self-consciously as he traced the ample curves of her waist, hips, and thighs. Tears began to well up in her emerald eyes, threatening to spill down her freckled cheeks when he gave her hips a soft squeeze and chuckled in a playful manner. Just as she was ready to push him away and tell him to go, free him from his perceived obligation to her, it all stopped. The voice fell silent, her body ceased its shaking, and her tears receded.

Cullen nuzzled the soft flesh of her stomach between kiss after tender kiss. He held her tightly in his arms, almost as though he could read her thoughts and knew she was about to flee from him. Lifting his eyes to meet hers, he peered into Evie’s unsure gaze with such open adoration and reverence that she found herself breathless.

“Maker’s breath, but you are so beautiful.”

Thank you for reading.
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Let's Run Away (Kai x Reader)

Request: In which Kai is your boyfriend but your parents don’t approve of your relationship. 

This is a two part series! Read part two here: Happily Ever Afters Are Real (Part 2)

Omo! My first request! I was really, really excited about writing this one and I tried my hardest to not throw in the typical, “But daddy I love him!”. *eyebrow wiggle* Requester also wanted some smut and I tried to deliver. I softened it up a little since I made this story a little sweeter. I can’t tell if I took this too far or I didn’t take it far enough. Again thank you so much to the requester and I hope you all enjoy this one!

You sat pensively in front of your vanity, running a comb sadly through your soft locks. It always seemed to end up this way after talking with your parents, with you feeling like the bad guy after they cajoled you into submission. With a sigh you set your expensive, silver comb carefully onto the vanity feeling defeated and lethargic. You turned your doleful eyes towards your reflection in the mirror. As you gazed quietly into eyes, you searched yourself for a solution, yet finding none. You honestly only felt numb afterwords, tired tears falling lazily without consent down your cheeks. You just couldn’t find any of the previous fighting spirit you had, or anything for that matter in the crushed girl before you that appeared to be only a hollow vessel. You didn’t want to admit it, but this last fight had finally shattered you, unlike before where a simple disagreement with your parents only etched a crack into your heart.

You sat there in the usual posh, high backed chair wanting to disappear into the fluffy cushions like a turtle in its shell, yet you didn’t want to appear submissive to your parents. You held onto the last fragment of your will as your father stalked around the expensively furnished room, not bothering to hide his irritation.

He stopped pacing and pinched the bridge of his nose, “We’ve had this same conversation countless times, _____, and I don’t want to prolong your pain any longer than necessary, but you already know the solution don’t you?” Your father suddenly slammed his hand onto a side table, decorated simply with a portrait of you and beside that a vase of flowers that had been given to you as a gift the other day by the very subject of the conversation. “So, why do you keep refusing to comply?”

Unflinching you stared silently into the crackling fire by the great fireplace that took up much of the large wall behind it that was adorned with art and photos. As you took in the rest of the familiar and lavishly decorated room, you felt your stomach turn, the amount of status and wealth around you was suffocating.

You heard your father give an exasperated sigh as he addressed your mother, who had been quietly sitting, obediently listening as her husband yelled at her only daughter. You turned your gaze to her, noticing how the graceful features on her face seemed too sag as if under a suppressing weight and her beautiful, motherly eyes were drained. Yet you could tell, underneath all that emptiness was a small spark of rebellion, the same small fire that burned in your own heart, burnt in your mother’s as well. 

“Can you believe this, honey? Our daughter is ‘in love’ with some vile, lowlife brat she found in a dumpster!” Your father exclaimed to your mother, whose back stiffened, her eyes narrowing sharply.

Your mother lifted her chin proudly, turning her gaze from him, “If she’s in love, she’s in love. _____ is not a child, she can make decisions for herself.”

Your eyebrows raised slightly, your mouth parting slightly, as your mother looked over at you, her eyes softening. You wanted desperately to run over and embrace her, you wanted to be surrounded by so much of her love that you could just escape from all of this.

Your father on the other hand, he looked completely stupefied, pointing over at you accusingly, “You side with her?!” He then let out a cynical laugh, “So what? You two are going to team up on me now?”

Your mother stood up furiously, looking more elegant and powerful than you had ever seen, as she stated coldly, “I think that we should resume this discussion some other time. Obviously your wits are not about you and you’re being ridiculous.”

Your father bellowed with laughter as he walked across the large room, grabbing one of his sides, “I’m being ridiculous?” He grasped one brass handle on the oak, double doors, turning back one last time with an amused expression on his face, yet behind it, you could detect some resignation, ”I think the one who has lost their wits is you my dear.” 

With that, your mother and you were alone. You saw your mother take a shaky breath before turning to you, a tender half smile on her face, “Well, I think we handled that fairly,eh?”

Your strength finally broke as you reached over to her and fell into those familiarly, warm arms that would always hold you comfortingly, you managed to croak out, “I’m sorry.”

Your mother looked down to find tears flowing freely down your porcelain cheeks, “Oh sweetheart, don’t ever let anyone talk to you like that about someone you love. For you it was that boy, and as for me I couldn’t stand seeing your father talk to you that way.”

She released you, holding you at arms length as she grasped your shoulders, “What I want you to remember is, that if this boy means so much to you, you must never let him go. Ever.”

You took in a shuddering breath as you remembered your mother’s words from a few hours ago, feeling something spark in you. Suddenly, your phone rang, its cheerful chirping filling up your heart as you saw the caller ID. You hurriedly answered the call, “Hello?”

The familiar voice you loved spoke across the line, “_____-ah?”

You felt yourself choking back sobs as relief flooded over you, “Kai?”

He immediately grew concerned upon hearing the tears in your voice, “What is it ____?! Did something happen to you? Should I come up there?”

You started laughing at his worry, wiping the stray tears that fell, “N-no I’m fine!”

He relaxed upon hearing your laugh, “Well if you say so.”

You stood up from you vanity and padded quietly over to your balcony that overlooked the small pond in front of your house, the moon reflecting its pale beauty onto the water. You bit your lip and let your fingers play with the ends of your hair nervously, adding as an afterthought to earlier, “Though I wouldn’t mind if you were here right now.”

You couldn’t practically feel his smirk through the phone as he replied, “I already am.”

You furrowed your eyebrows in confusion, looking around your balcony and room, “What are you talking about, Kai? I can’t see you.”

He chuckled softly and you suddenly heard a voice from below your balcony, “Look down!”

You hurriedly leaned over the railing of your balcony, your eyes instantly finding the form of Kai, a smile playing across his lips as he gave you a wink. Without a word, he grasped the tendrils of the ivy that grew thickly on the lattice that stretched down from the balcony and began to climb skillfully up to you.

Pressing a hand to you mouth in shock, you watched as he finally reached you, his face lighting up with amusement at the sight of your expression. Silently, he gently removed your hand from your face, his own face smoothly leaned towards you as he pressed your foreheads together, his eyes never leaving your own. Entranced, you hardly noticed that his lips were on your own before you were being lightly pushed back into your room, which was softly lit by only one small lamp and the light of the moon. You heard the creak of your mattress as you were softly pressed down, his perfect body hovering over your own.

Kai’s lips moved lovingly across your own, his hands devotedly caressing your skin underneath your simple nightgown. You let your hands trail up to his soft, brown locks, relishing the way his lips molded perfectly with your own as he tugged your bottom lip with his teeth. You happily let him deepen the kiss as his tongue entered your mouth, while his hands pushed your dainty nightgown up your body. Your creamy stomach and waist glowed in the pale moon, as Kai pulled away from you, admiring the perfection that was your body.

“You’re so beautiful, _____,” he whispered softly against your skin as he leaned down to press kisses to your hips, his hands slowly parted your thighs as he settled himself between your legs.

You watched breathlessly as he pressed open mouth kisses to your inner thighs, letting his cheek brush against your soft skin as he met your gaze. You couldn’t look away from his gorgeous, brown eyes, but you felt his hand press against your panties. Your breath left you in a single gust as he began to message your folds languidly, his eyes never once leaving your face. He wanted to watch every single expression that passed over your angelic features. You knotted your hands into the silky bed sheets, as pleasure began to envelop you, his own hands never stopping their wonderful ministrations.

Wanting more than just simple touches, you whimpered down at him, trying to slip your panties off of your legs. He chuckled lightly, complying to your request as he helped you rid yourself of the final barrier that separated him from your dripping center. He leaned back from you letting his cheek brush against the side of your knee, as he looked down at you lustfully. Biting your own lip painfully, you watched as he ghosted his lips against the inside of your thigh, pressing the occasional butterfly soft kiss to your skin, making your heart begin to race in anticipation.

You could feel the hot softness of his breath on your folds, causing you to mewl for want of him. With a final smirk, he let his tongue slip across your center, his eyes finding your own again. You watched as he kissed and licked your folds, your body temperature rising as you loudly moaned at his ministrations. You threw your head back suddenly as his teeth found your clit, humming contentedly at the sound of your voice, deliciously stimulating your heat. You sighed his name as you felt your peak approaching, “Kai…I love-.”

He pulled away for a moment, murmuring hotly against you, “Come for me _____. Tell me what you feel.”

His words alone finally pushed you to release as you came on his lips, your voice high as you wailed, “I love you so much!”

He licked your sweet release from his lips with a swipe of his tongue before he rested his head onto the crook of your shoulder. His dark eyes meeting yours adoringly as he brought one of your hands to his lips, kissing it affectionately as he murmured, “I love you too _____.”

He sat up suddenly, a smile plastered on his handsome face, as he excitedly stated, “Get dressed quickly, okay?” You watched as he began to climb back over the balcony, your head swimming with confusion.

You scrunched your forehead, bewildered as you called after him, “Kai where are you even going?” He didn’t answer, so with a shrug and a frown on your face you dressed yourself.

You froze when suddenly a few barely audible knocks came from your door. Panicking you tried to appear calm as you opened the door, “Yes?”

There stood your mother with a suitcase and two tickets in her hand, a sad smile playing on her face, “Hello, sweetheart.”

Shocked, you took a step back, tears springing to your eyes as you suddenly realized, “Are you leaving?” 

“No, honey. That’s not-,” your mother shook her head her lips pursed.

You turned away, sobbing, “No! Just stop,” you looked back at her, your eyes filled with hurt and betrayal, you gestured to the tickets, “How could you just decide to go and leave me here by myself? What is wrong with-.”

Your mother, suddenly grasped your face with her hands, looking deep into your eyes that were much like her own, “____! These are for you and that boy!”

Your heart stopped and your eyes widened as your mother pressed the tickets into your hand and wheeled the suitcase to your side, “These train tickets are only good one way. I’ve packed enough clothes to last you and I’ve hidden money in the compartments, but just enough to get you two started.” She pressed her lips together as tears began to fall down her pale cheeks, “After today, I decided that you are old enough to make decision for yourself and that you know what’s best for you. You know what makes you happy ____.”

“Mom…,” you mumbled, feeling your throat tighten with tears.

“Oh my baby i’ll miss you,” she enveloped you into her arms once more before releasing you, pressing a kiss to your forehead. “I love you _____. Now go to him, he’s waiting for you.”

Lips trembling you nodded, making your way over to the balcony once more. You leaned over and was greeted with the sight of Kai’s smiling face. Looking back to your mother one final time you whispered, “I love you, Mom.” She nodded with a smile on her face and that was the last time you would see your mother for many years. 

You gingerly made your way down the ivy, looking back down at Kai, who had his arms outstretched, “Let go, ____. I’ll always catch you.”

Your heart fluttered with love as you let the vines slip from your grasp, feeling weightless as Kai easily caught you in his arms. You cupped his cheek and stroked it lovingly, leaning in and pressing your lips to his. Pulling away, he smiled down at you before tenderly whispering, “Let’s go _____. Let’s run away.”

anonymous asked:

Welcome back! I was wondering if I could request STARISH' and Quartet Night's reactions to their SO telling them she's pregnant after they tried for a long time? Thank you!

Thank you! sorry it took so long!! my internship is reaaaally busy at the moment :C 
So I made this extra long~~ 
Hope you like it!


Ichinose Tokiya
After a long day of work Ichinose came home, his S/O was quietly sitting on the couch and when he spotted her he approached. Usually she would have gotten up already to greet him, mostly his dinner would be ready as well but when he noticed that she was not doing anything but just sitting and staring he got a bit worried. This changed however when his S/O looked up with gleaming eyes and without any hesitation blurted out the words he thought he would never hear “I’m pregnant, I’m finally pregnant ichi!” she had chimed at him. Ichinose stared at her, his eyes growing wider until not even a circle lens could conceal it anymore. He dropped down beside her and embraced her. He never thought he’d see the day but now she made him the most happy man alive on earth.

Shinomiya Natsuki
Natsuki and his S/O had decided to go out today, and why today? It was the only sunny day in the entire week. It had rained almost every day by now and they had not been able to have some fun whatsoever. It had actually gotten boring. So today, when Natsuki finally had his day off, they had decided to go out. It was not that bad outside now anyways. The sun was warm and birds where chirping. Natsuki and his lover where having a great time, until she decided that she wanted to go into a pharmacy. Natsuki was curious but obliged, his curiosity grew when she approached the baby section of the pharmacy. She kneeled down and looked around before pulling out a pacifier that she liked. She showed it to Natsuki who tilted his head “whats that…?” he questioned her. She smiled brightly as she looked up at him “for our baby” she stated. Natsuki nearly cried there and then as he hugged her tightly “then we need to go baby clothing shopping right away!

Ittoki Otoya
Finally a weekend of peace and quiet. Just strumming on the guitar he loved so much was all he wanted. Instead his loving S/O had decided that they should have fun today and thus his peace and quiet was over. But it was strange, when he came home their shared home was decorated and the smell of his favorite food was spread throughout the house. His S/O had send him out on an errand. “Get some chocolate cake… huh..” Otoya muttered as he entered the livingroom “do you know how hard it is to find chocolate cake in a store on a Sunday, not to mention that its fathers day as well!” he complained. His S/O was on the couch, waiting with….. presents? “HAPPY FATHERS DAY!” she cheered as she got up, approaching him with a small present. At first he was confused, but after he unwrapped the gift his dream came true. After all the trying they finally were getting their dream. A child.

Aijima Cecil
They never had expected that it would take so much time and effort to get a child. Especially not Cecil. He thought that it wouldn’t take too long, that one would get pregnant quickly, but now, they have been trying for so long and it didn’t work. It was a later evening and Cecils S/O had been feeling ill lately. She suggested that she’d try a test again, maybe this time it went well. So when he saw her return, he was a bit anxious. She sat down beside him with a warm smile and put her hands in her lap “well?” he asked curiously, leaning into her “are we getting a prince or princess?” he smiled brightly. She nodded “we are!” she answered him. Cecils eyes widened before he hugged her tightly and started spinning around with her “thank the muses!”

Jinguji Ren
It was their annual date night that Ren and his S/O where having dinner in a fancy restaurant. It had been a really long time ago that they had come here to have dinner and now they were fully enjoying it again. This time with a more grumpy female then the usual happy S/O that she was. Then again she was hungry and Ren was aware of this. He sighed quietly and watched his partner “my lady…. I love your smiling face so much more” he complained quietly. She puffed up her cheeks “well I got a fucking reason to be so grumpy, I just want food” she complained “the waiter will be here any minute now little lamb. Shall I order the usual?” he tilted his head. She nodded and sighed deeply. When the waiter arrived and Ren ordered she did interrupt him. He ordered a sweet white wine for her, which she loves, but now she asked for a coke instead. After the waiter left Ren turned to his S/O “why aren’t you drinking the usual, sweetheart? Does your stomach feel that bad?” he asked, laying his hand on hers. She shook her head “well when you’re pregnant you can’t drink right?” she shrugged, before her eyes widened “shit that was a surprise!!” she complained. Ren stared at her before smiling. He held her hand gently and squeezed it “of course you can’t drink then. Its fine” he nodded. Behind his calm expression was an excited little boy, and when they returned home. He carried her around with a warm smile on his face and couldn’t stop talking about it.

Hijirikawa Masato
Masato had been cooking for his lover when she approached him quietly. She was looking calmer then usual and was smiling gently as she wrapped her arms around his torso and hugged him. Masato was delighted, ever since they where married and decided that they wanted to have children together, his life had changed. the only sad thing was that having children together didnt seem to work out all that well… ever since they where married they where trying and it had been almost a year now and nothing changed. Thus they changed their eating patern. They even had gone to a doctor to see if she was infertile or he was but they both weren’t so why wasnt this working? A deep sigh left Masato’s lips as he glanced over his shoulder at his S/O who was smiling “you know….” she started before she looked up at him “I think we can finally start decorating our babyroom” she muttered. Masato blinked, but it didnt take long before he realized what she meant. But when he did he dropped everything and turned to her. Hugging her tightly “thank you….. thank you so much” he muttered “I’ll do anything to thank you” he muttered into her ear. His S/O laughed “I”m just happy that you are…” she hummed 

Kurusu Syo
Usually his S/O went to the gym with him and now he had to go alone. Well he didn’t mind, he just wanted to work out, but once there… he found himself constantly texting his S/o when he could and she texted back. After two hours of working out he texted her that he was quitting and he would come home. Strangely she didn’t respond. When he was changed and came at the entrance he saw her standing there, waiting. “you said you were done so I came to pick you up!” she cheered. Syo stared at her before grinning. On their way home he was boosting about what he did. How much weight he lifted, how long he ran and how fast. How much he had done in general and how manly he was. His S/O listened with a smile and focused on him. When they got home she started talking. “you know, we’ve been trying for a long time to get a child right?” She asked him as she left to the kitchen. Syo nodded and followed “yeah, but it’s not working.. and I wonder if we should go on… with your health and all” he answered, his voice growing quiet at the end. She laughed quietly “I think we should make a nursery” she hummed. Syo tilted his head “a nursery? But this isn’t working??” he questioned. She laughed “well, we need one now!” it took a while before Syo realized what she was saying. She turned around to face him and was greeted by his lips on hers .”I love you” he muttered after a long, loving kiss. She giggled “and I love you” she responded “come on” he hummed happily as he pulled her along “to what?” His S/O questioned. “we’re going to celebrate of course!” he chimed without looking at her. She giggled, but what she couldn’t see was that he had tears in his eyes from joy.

Quartet Night

Kototbuki Reiji
Reiji’s biggest wish was to settle down and to have a family. One of these things was coming true. His S/o, a wonderful girl that liked everything he did had agreed on marriage and they were engaged. The only thing missing was a child. She did agree though, she wanted to try it and have a family with him. They both wanted it so that wasn’t a problem. The problem was that it was not working as they wanted it to go. After a lot of trying she still wasn’t pregnant, the trying was not bad though. Sex still was something that they highly enjoyed. However, his S/O had a surprise for him. A big one. She had become famous because he was and today, in a talk show in which they were together, the host asked them if there were any plans for children. “currently we want them but it isn’t going how we want it to be.” Reiji answered. “well I might have some more intel but I think I should discuss that with Reiji first!” his S/O cheered. Later backstage Reiji approached his S/O about the happening. She just smiled at him, brightly. “I’m pregnant” she announced. Reiji stared at her with wide eyes, before he hugged her, tightly. “thank you” he muttered as he buried his face in her neck. Before lovingly placing one hand on her belly.

Kurosaki Ranmaru
It was quiet in the room next to Ranmaru’s bass playing, sometimes his S/O thought that his bass was his girlfriend. A girlfriend he wanted have babies with. A deep sigh left her lips. Secretly, she was pregnant, but she did not tell him that yet. Sure they were both trying. But they had been for an entire year by now! Ranmaru had given up it seemed cause at first he was excited to try and now he focused on his music with quartet night more. His S/O started nervously tapping her fingernails against the wood of the desk she was sitting on. She was so distant that she didn’t notice ranmaru calling out to her. When she finally did notice she turned to him “I’m pregnant” she suddenly muttered. Ranmaru stared at her. At first clueless and then he smirked lightly “great, finally. “ he nodded and went back to playing.

Mikaze Ai
When his S/O suggested that they start a family, Ai was skeptical about this, he was an android after all. But once his S/O begged him for it, since he was more human then he thought he obliged. He loved her a lot, and she made him feel so… human that maybe she was right and maybe they could have a family together. He had proposed a long while before so this would only make it more perfect right? However it had now been a year and a wedding later and there was still nothing. Ai started to think that maybe he wasn’t that human after all. It was a quiet morning and his S/O was laying on the couch, she had cramps. Her head was situated in his lap as he was reading her composing. Humming the tune he read. It came out of no were that she spoke up to him “you know… we should make a song for our child!” Ai looked down on her and raised an eyebrow and unconsciously his sensors analyzed her. He noticed something off but he couldn’t put his fingers on it. She looked at him expectantly “but, I don’t think I can give you a child” Ai muttered, in a sense he felt bitter. She snorted and lay her hands on her belly “but you already did! I’m pregnant! I checked it last week after I didn’t get my period!” the gears in Ai’s mind started whirling now. Before he felt his eyes get wet. “Ai? Why are you crying?” his S/O questioned “I thought you’d be happy…..” she muttered. Ai blinked and nodded “I am…. I’m happy” he nodded and leaned down to kiss her forehead. It was quiet for a while “I’m going to compose a song for it…’ he then agreed as he pulled his s/o up into his arms and hugged her tight. Not letting go of her for the rest of the night.

it was only natural for Camus to get a child and once he found the love of his life, it only felt more natural then before. So when he came with the idea two years ago it was more than normal for the male. His S/O however was eager to accept it and they started trying. But it still hadn’t worked… and sure Camus was busy with quartet night but this was just… cruel for the couple. They actually had given up. So when they walked in the candy store, he didn’t notice the signs of the extra chocolate his S/O bought, he didn’t notice that she didn’t get tampons for her period and he didn’t notice that she bought a pacifier. So when they were sitting in the room and she was looking at a photo it came as a surprise. His S/O sat down beside him and showed him the pictures which were the echo’s of their baby. His eyes widened as he saw them, he didn’t need her to tell him and embraced her tightly “….” No words came out for a while until he couldn’t stop thanking her