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*picks mic* this one is for Jacki @gonecrabbin, I’ve embraced the curse, I shall now live with hsm songs stuck in my head.

Thank you, you big nerd for making my life happier with the cheesiest songs and the loveliest art. Happy birthday!


Hello! Sorry for the lack of any quality content for the past few weeks. I’ve been taking a pre college program in animation and wooo boy it has been an experience. Honestly my animation is far from finished(only backgrounds and storyboard done so far) but I’m really excited to share it once its finished. In the mean time, here are some of the backgrounds that I’m really proud of. 

See you around next week!

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omg listen fam i’ve been lowkey embracing ota//yuri since the episode 10 aired but i never posted about it because i was afraid of getting killed on tumblr dot com but now i just like…don’t care haha

@zdbztumble had a great set up for a cross over idea between Game of Thrones and Pokemon that I’ve been thinking about a lot lately. “Pokethrones” (yes, it’s a silly concept because the shows are so very, very different, but it’s a -wonderfully awesome- one. Especially how zdbz has set it up.)

I haven’t semi-finished my traditional art in forever. So I might come back to this. Originally, I wanted to put Pokemon and more stuff from his AU into the backgrounds that pertained specifically to the characters, but drawing..takes…so…long. 

In the end, I was just a really big fan of the idea. (Check it out here: ) However, I did edit their outfits a little bit, such as giving Ash armor over his hakama because in my head he’s going off to war. I also removed the fur guard on Misty’s left shoulder, mostly because I forgot, that, and the arrow details got lost in translation between sketch and line-art. ( I tried to do your designs justice, I’m sorry!)

Over all, this was fun. I might draw more since I can’t watch the actual friggin show on tv right now. ;w; Gotta wait for the DVD’s. woe is me.


If you watch them for long enough, they end up catching eachother staring again


I’m good enough. And so are all of you. No one else determines your worth. 


this little thing @thatsthat24 said really resonated with me, so I wanted to draw something for it! 

for anyone who’s learning how to love themselves, keep at it!! you’re worth so much more than you know and I hope that one day you can see that <3

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