now it's 2 hours later

lol didn’t make one of these in a while but i’m SO satisfied with the outcome. here jaehyun stans this is for you. 

Just got Bucky in my mail, no biggie ;u;

The wonderful and my dear friend PM has send me this artwork of Bucky and I squeed so loud that I scared my cat, bUT LOOK AT THIS OMG ;u; I had send her a little something because she wasn’t feeling very well and then she send me this as a thank you ajhsjd hOW AM I EVER GOING TO SURVIVE AN ARTWORK LIKE THIS?! LOOK AT HOW BIG AND GORGEOUS IT IS!! ;u;

Thank you so much, you precious human you. I’m so blessed to know you and call you my friend and cry to you about life and Bucky and especially hurt!Bucky. You’re absolutely amazing and I love you a lot <33