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hey... you seem like such a nice person and... i need to share. i woke up my parents at 2am crying and told them for the first time that i have depression and that i've hated myself from age 15 till now. they didn't really understand but they tried theyr best. now i just can't fall asleep and reading through your blog helps me calm down. so, thank you.

You sound well-surrounded, and I’m glad for that. What you did was super important, and super brave. I can’t imagine it must’ve been easy. Just don’t ever doubt that it was the right thing to come out and tell your parents.

Sorry I couldn’t answer your ask faster. But I hope you have a nice day anyway <3

Commission Information

hi! I’ve been getting some commission requests lately, so I figure I’ll just open up writing commissions officially now

I’ve decided to use Ko-fi as my primary means of go-between because I have found that it’s a bit safer than direct paypal, ko-fi does things in threes so that will reflect my rates 

however, I am flexible and will consider other forms of payment if need be

base rate: $3

every 1k: $3

ex: a 1k story is a $6 total

Samples of my writing: gen, m/m, f/f, NSFW f/f, NSFW m/m

things I’ll write: everything from fluff to angst, both SFW and NSFW, shoot me an ask if you think it may be too risque beforehand of course! Rates don’t change between the genres

If you are interested please contact me over chat or messenger

Fandoms: Steven Universe, Voltron (vld), Adventure Time, Overwatch, Avatar (both series),  Boku no Hero Academia, Little Witch Academia, Yuri on Ice, Homestuck, Gravity Falls, PMMM, Superheroes (Avengers, Young Justice, ect.), and anything you see me blog about in general!

Slots Open:


2. Open

3. Open

I also appreciate boosts!


Aspyn, you are out of control! Will you please stop!

Of course, her bratty little “sister”, Harley, has to turn up at the club as well as her inattentive father, Trey. Aspyn doesn’t care who is watching her - these people who are supposed to be her family need to be accountable for how they have wronged her!

Unfortunately no one falls for her trap and walks away without saying anything.

Aspyn is just in the mood for a good argument now - why won’t anyone listen to her?! 

reasons why you should read In Other Lands by Sarah Rees Brennan:

  • previous post here
    • the main story is no longer free but you can pm me for a saved copy of the original The Turn of The Story
    • we are now blessed with a story resolution
    • the book has the cutest illustrations ever
  • In Other Lands is a story about three kids growing up in a flawed world and trying to make a difference
    • it is a messy story about falling in love with each other, about misunderstandings and awkward moments and trying to be loved back, about sometimes hating the people you love but being willing to die for them anyways
    • it is about changing yourself to be better, to stop hurting people, and about understanding that some people just don’t matter
    • but also it is a story about an angry pacifist trying to make peace from within a magical fighting camp using his very antagonizing words
  • there are elves, dwarves, trolls, harpies, unicorns, and (of course) mermaids
  • there are strong female characters and too strong female characters
  • the main character is canonically bisexual
  • you get a good narrative about sexism and prejudice and a little bit about biphobia
  • the story can be sweet, emotional, or sometimes devastatingly hilarious
    • one of my favourite lines:
  • the characters and their relationships are easy to love
  • viva la ballpoint pen revolution

To say Giovanni had been ignoring his alarm since it went off hours ago would be an understatement, every time it sounded he’d hit the ‘snooze’ button and fall right back asleep only to repeat the process every time it went off. Now, almost 6 hours later he’d finally got himself out of bed and was on his way out the door. The buzzing of his phone in his jean pocket captivating his attention as he reached to retrieve the device and respond to whoever had texted him.

[iMessage from ***-***-****]

‘We got shit to take care of, everybody need to come through.’

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piningforthefords  asked:

My angst ridden heart just needs to know how N'ytala and Ford would deal with the fact that they're somewhat responsible for the destruction of her dimension

oKAY so I was going to draw some doodles for this but got insanely distracted and by now I know that if I don’t answer this now I’ll probably forget forever? (Sorry lol I’m a mess) But anyways aaAAA thank you thank you for asking about my OC I’m beaming so hard right now you don’t even know :DD

(my OC, for those who want context)

First, lemme set the scene a little bit with some alien history…

So. N’ytala’s people used to have some of the most advanced dimension hoping technology in the multiverse. They and a few other species coexisted (somewhat) peacefully in an empire that spanned multiple dimensions. Aaaand then rose Bill Cipher, his influence leaking into one reality after another… collapsing entire dimensions with his chaos, adding more and more of the multiverse to his hellish nightmare realm. So years and years back, a small number of N’ytala’s people hid from Bill Cipher in a pocket dimension they’ve shielded from his reach.

They outlawed dimensional travel out of fear of their shield breaking down under the stress, and anyone caught using such technology was to be killed. Over years and years, this dimensional technology ban sort of unofficially expanded in the minds of some people to include the advancement of many technologies altogether. This society largely became stagnant.

Ford entered this dimension by complete and utter incident. I HC that he did have rudimentary dimension jumping tech, but only used it for emergencies because the material used to power it was rare. Normally he’d just use natural rifts to travel, but in this instance he had to initiate a jump to get out of a near-death situation and… landed in N’ytala’s dimension, on the outskirts of her community.

When N’ytala stumbled upon Ford she was just cooling down from an argument she’d had with one of her supervisors (essentially she’s of the mind that their rusty medical system needs to advance and evolve to meet the changing needs of their society if it’s actually going to help people and this supervisor was all like “no no but this is how it’s always been”) and… initially her willingness to assist this complete stranger is more like a huge “fuck you” to the system than anything else. It’s a rash, split second decision. One that she doesn’t quite stop to consider the implications of until much later. (While I do envision N’ytala as a kind soul overall, she definitely does have a tendency to act rashly due to anger sometimes.) After the initial decision to help tend to the wounds of this creature she found shivering and on death’s door in the cold, I do think she’s inclined to continue helping him simply because she truly believes it’s the right thing to do, but that first impulse is out of resentment. 

This Ford is pre Jheselbraum and metal plate, so his mind is still open to Bill Cipher. That connection hasn’t been severed yet. Because of this, his very existence is like a beacon to him. So when Ford stepped foot into this otherwise hidden dimension, it was as if he were a light illuminating a darkened room for Bill. Just a few days after he first arrives, his goons arrive to wreck havoc and search for him. Within the better part of this civilization’s version of a day, the entire dimension sits right on the nightmare realm’s door. Everything is burning. All sense and reason and structure to this world is drifting into atoms. 

Eventually Ford ends up using the last of the fuel for his dimension jumping device to save himself and N’ytala, just as some of Bill’s henchmaniacs are about to strike at them. 

N’ytala’s first reaction is disbelief. She’d just lived through the most nightmarish period of her life. One mustn’t blame her for wondering if it was all merely a fever dream. Then anger, at Ford. Anger that he stranded her from living her last moments with her dying people, essentially made her the last of her kind. Anger that he ever appeared in her dimension in the first place.

But this soon morphs into a deep guilt for her decision to help save him in the first place. All that time she’d disagreed with the strict laws of her people… disagreed with the decisions they’d made out of fear… when technically, they were right. Outsiders were dangerous. Would time have gone differently, N’ytala sometimes wonders, if she had left him bleeding in the cold to die? Would she still have a dimension to call home? 

Was the death of the remnants of her entire species her fault?

And then oh boy of course Ford blames himself for this as well. To him, the collapse of her dimension is just another mark on his battered soul. Yet another horrendous consequence of his foolish decision of summoning Cipher all those years ago. These poor peeps need to talk out their emotional strife together, geeze, because ultimately it’s neither of their faults- it’s Bill’s fault. Easier said then seen, however.

Despite rocky beginnings, the two of them do eventually come to be close friends and trusted associates though :DD

Napped and my dream of being a modern assassin trapped in the past morphed in me being in a group of people protesting a very racist wall. It had really nasty messages on it as a mural, but the wall was old and falling apart. So part of the protest involved leaning on it to encourage the wall in its natural decline without actively tearing it down because that was illegal. A girl in a pink hijab was leaning against a section that said something awful about Muslims and it toppled over under her tiny weight. She started crying in joy as everyone started celebrating and calling her a hero.

It was a strangely beautiful dream, and now I need to have a talk with my brain about being so symbolic more often.

Fall For You (M) | 01

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Summary: You hate a lot of things about Jeon Jungkook; you hate his arrogance, his reputation, and his pet name for you to name a few. But most of all, you hate how right it feels for you to fall into his arms, and how easy it is to fall for him.
Word Count: 10,764
Genre: fuckboy!Jungkook, college au, hate to lust to…
A/N: Completely inspired by this vine that I saw months ago that hasn’t left me alone since. Bonus points to those who notice the line of the song in the fic. Extra bonus points to those who recognize the Hamilton reference

Part 02. Part 03 + Drabbles

If you were being completely honest, your issue with Jeon Jungkook began years before university.

You’d grown up close to each other, his house was right across from yours but you’d hated him from the moment you met in primary school. He’d joined you and your friends in a game of truth or dare during recess, and his dare for you had been to race him from one end of the playground to the other. You had tripped, cutting your knees open but he’d continued running, winning before realizing you weren’t behind him anymore. Only by that time, the teacher had gotten to you and you’d spent the rest of primary school glaring at Jungkook whenever he was in your sights, childishly blaming him for your scars.

Of course, you didn’t hold that grudge still. Your first year of university had just started, and it would be petty and pathetic of you to still hate him for that reason. But Jungkook had given you several more reasons to hate him throughout your years of schooling.

You’d watched throughout middle and high school as Jungkook grew from a cheeky, cocky kid, into an even cockier young man. He’d never cared much for his grades, choosing instead to throw parties with his friends, to ditch class occasionally, and rile up any girls he chose. You stayed away from him, attending different parties and sticking with your small group of friends, and by the second year of high school Jungkook became one of the most well known players of the town.

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new drinking game: drink every time kit thinks ty is beautiful or that he likes the way he lives and feels too intensely

You are so much more than beautiful, you are intelligent and worth care taking. I love the way you smile and how you get so happy when you talk about the things you love. I could write a whole book of how much i adore you. How you even make the moon and the stars jealous of the way you shine. You are the cure to anything bad in this universe. The way you bloom like every other season keeps amazing me. So many unwritten stories locked down in your heart. Tell me everything about you, endless thoughts of you in my mind. I could write endless of poems about you. You are a poem yourself that I could never write. Out of words when I see you. I get so shy and get lost in my words. Sometimes I wish I could tell you as much as I could write down so you could understand me a little better. Even on these cloudy days I will hold you down. When you cry I will do anything in my power to make you smile. I sometimes get jealous and think about other people that will probably love you better and that I’ll always have to live with that thought stuck in my mind. I need you more than anything and I will never forget about you. I’d travel a million miles just to see you. When It’s 4am and you need me I’ll be 1 call away. I love every little bit of you. The comfort in my body when I’m around you is something special. We are meant to be together, that’s what the universe told me. 7 billion people on earth and my focus is on you, you only. Your fingers running through my body trying to find my scars. And maybe you won’t be the one for me and you fall in love with someone else. Because right now im the chaos in your mind and you are the potion to my heart. I will be happy for you, i want you to be loved. I hope they will not only love you only because of how beautiful you are. But because of how intelligent and strong you are, how you carry the world by yourself, how you educate everyone around you. How you make winter nights feel like summer evenings. How you got the ability to make me so calm in a world full of cruelty. So many stars in the sky tonight, and oh they so adorable.

But nothing as adorable

As you
my love.

—  yungogsyd 
Au where Draco commentates a Gryffindor match in 6th year
  • Draco: And here comes the Gryffindor team: Girl #1, Girl #2, two dudes that replaced the weasel twins, the Weasel King, Weaselet, and Saint Potter as captain.
  • Mcgonagall: [squinty chihuahua face]
  • Draco: Players are in the air and the balls are flying. There goes Potter with his stupid hair getting even stupider with the wind as he flies higher and faster than the other players, the bloody show off.
  • Mcgonagall: Malfoy, the game?
  • Draco: Yeah sure, some Gryffindor player passes the Quaffle to another Gryffindor player, who passes to girl Weasel who is intercepted by a Hufflepuff, HAHA how bad can you be to lose the Quaffle to a Hufflepuff?!
  • McGonagall: [raises eyebrows and looks indignant]
  • Draco: Erm anyways nothing much is happening, this is so boring… Look at Potter not doing anything, just there gliding in the air, Famous Potter, everyone knows he just got the Seeker position because he’s Dumbledore’s golden boy.
  • Draco: Oh wait, Potter dives, did he spot the Snitch or finaly found a comb?
  • Draco: [loudly] Don’t fall off your broom now Potter, no need to add another ridiculous scar onto that ugly face.
  • McGonagall: MALFOY!
  • Draco: What? I’m just telling him to be careful.
  • Draco: As I was saying before being rudely interrupted... It wasn’t the Snitch, Potty was probably just showing off, can’t stand two seconds without being the center of attention now can he? I wonder how he can fly so fast with his huge ego weighing him down.
  • McGonagall: That’s enough Malfoy, will you please concentrate on the game? It’s already 74-43 to Gryffindor.
  • Draco: Yeah well, what a shocker Hufflepuff is losing, everyone knows Gryffindor will win, Potter will definitely catch the Snitch sooner or later, don’t know what’s taking him so long though I’d have finished this game ages ago, and HE is the youngest seeker in 100 years, go figure.
  • Draco: Oh no, the huffdypuffdy Seeker, whatever his name is, has eyes on the Snitch. OI SCARHEAD TO YOUR LEFT.
  • McGonagall: Malfoy!! You can’t help the players, that’s against the rul-
  • Draco: [on his feet, flailing like mad] YAS, HE DID IT, THE GORGEOUS BASTARD DID IT [screeches]
  • McGonagall:
  • The audience:
  • The players:
  • Harry:
How you feel when the zodiac signs look into your eyes

Aries: when they stare into your eyes you feel like they’re going to devour you, so fiercely…you can melt right in front of them. They have a harmful look for your heart

Taurus: when they stare into your eyes you can feel their big and generous heart. They can allure u in one second, they can make u fall in love into an instant, be aware where u look

Gemini: when they stare into your eyes u can see their world and their curiosity, their look can make u feel the most special person in the world. They can make u feel wanted in one stare, but their eyes are hard to get

Cancer: When they stare into your eyes you can see their strong will and their loving nature! Such bright and brave look! You can see into their eyes how loyal they are.

Leo: When they stare into your eyes u can see how wise they are, you can read into their look how hard they are working to please everyone and to take care of others, beautiful eyes

Virgo: When they stare into your eyes u can feel how they analyse you. They can make u melt or freeze with one stare, it depends on their mood and how they perceive you

Libra: When they stare into your eyes you can see their truthful and caring mind, they can make you feel understood and their look will make u feel ~at home~

Scorpio: When they stare into your eyes at first you can see their fear to be hurt, but after they know you , u can see their childish and loving heart, they can make u feel not lonely in one look

Sagittarius: When they stare into your eyes you can see their seek of adventure and their need to make new friends, their stare tell you not to be afraid , their look make u feel safe somehow…!

Capricorn: When they stare into your eyes you feel the luckiest person alive, you feel wanted and you feel like u can understand them. Their look make u feel like your naked In front of them

Aquarius: When they stare into your eyes you can feel a wall between you two, they are in their world, their look make u nuts and make u want to now more, their look break hearts and make others fall in love.

Pisces: When they stare into your eyes you feel like you are controlled by their mind, you feel loved but at the same time you feel like u can fall at any time, they hypnotise with their look