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Everything is a Lie.

Bonjour, Bonsoir.

This is the first and, I hope, only, declaration I will have to make about the Pluto Administration.
First, let me present myself. I am Mademoiselle Théa T. N.-P., and I speak in the name of all my collegues of the PA, as the Chief-Administraor of the base. I am the one that will decide of the future of this project, and every action and decision must and will pass on my desk.

I did not expect this blog to be known of so fast, and I principally blame it on Marie-Thérèse G, Roger and Philippe O. my assistant and two underscretaries, that may have been a little too motivated in their desire to promote what was supposed to be a discrete action. Mesures will be taken to avoid a smilar situation in the future.

The PA is an undergoing action founded by the ONU, directed by myself and the French governement, and supported by our long-time allied nations. Even if I cannot fully explain what we are doing now, and why we are doing it, I can assure you our goal is important and worthy of your respect, and could, forever, tip the odds in favor of humankind.

I hope you will not mind the fact i used my very personal blog, full of memes and poor-taste jokes to transmit this message, but, seeing where we currently are based now, and who is listening to us, communication possibilities are sparse and we must take what few opportunities we have.

I ask you to stay calm and composed. Our actions, our decisions, what we make here is important and will have important consequences on everyone futures. Please, think about your actions and the way you speak about us. Think about where you speak about us. The importance of our initiative is making us being closely monitored. Too many leaks could cancel a project that took, to be created, years of sacrifices, and had to pass tests and hardships you litterally cannot imagine.

I ask of you to be responsible, and to think about what you really want for your future.
Is where we are headed now really what you want ? Or do you yearn for something better ?

I hope you will seriously think about it.


Théa T. N.-P., Chief-Administrator of the Pluto Administration.

If you want to know more about our actions, follow the Pluto Administration Official Tumblr

I’ve been meaning to do this for a while but now I got a cold and my eyes are tearing up and my nose is running and I’m supermegaterriblyemotional I guess it’s as good a time as ever.

There are some people I am forever thankful for and indebted to because you are why I’m still here, why I can stay hopeful and courageous and keep loving and I have way too much love and I could burst but instead… thank you wonderful, open-minded, respectful, kind, loving, supportive people who I’ve got to know at least a little bit or very much love your blogs and appreciate the shit out of!

@alyxhavok @prettylightwoodinspires @reivenesque @hikaru9 @phildrawsfanart @ladymatt @drakamena @write-yourself @alexandargideonlightwood @sharona1x2 @bane-of-wonderland @darquebane @blj2007 @sufferwell1013 @daddarios @j2asndh @procoffeinating @timelessmalec @morgandeeyue @lemonoclefox @leetje @warlocksass @clockworkswans @magicandarchery @alexanderhale @otppurefuckingmagic @female-overlord-3 @tous-ces-petits-riens @reignofdreams @intangibel @andrewminyardy @laurenkmyers @dragon-vines @only-1-a @we-i-needyou @fraywoodbane @alecsagitta @glitternsass @lincoln2273 @maybe-paradise @freakypumpkin @dailymalec @hoteldumorts @sweetillusionketz @imawriteriwrite @msashlyjudd8 @psychoticscream @theonetruenorth @archerwarlock @harry-daddario @actuallyredorchid @malecisright @warlocks-nephilim @smilefortheliving 

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This is a temporary goodbye!

I will take a break. I have to concentrate on stuff happening in my life right now! I will be back on Thursday 15th! Then school will be over for forever and I can focuse again!

I won’t write anything in the time being away but I will sometimes still check this blog, once a day or so. You of course can reach me over private messages as well!

Stay good until I return my children! One week you can do, I believe in you! 💕

anonymous asked:

how do you get over a lost best friend?

By understanding that 

1. The way things ended don’t mark the past. The past was precious, the warmth of that love will forever stay. 

2. You can’t let yourself get weak by remembering the lovely past. They aren’t the same person right now and in all probability neither are you. 

3. There is no replacing them but there is no need to do so either. 

4. Now that you have been through this unbearable heart break and are still alive, know that the only true best friend you have is yourself.

Because I went through the same in 2016 and am still dealing with it now, my entire blog is filled with posts about what you asked. Search #best friends on my tumblr and you will find everything I have to say on this topic. 

Some things that personally worked for me were 

1. Unfollowing them on all my social media.
Because I was curious and also because I didn’t want to be petty, for a very long time I didn’t do this. But then there were mornings I would wake up happy and have all the happiness disappear after scrolling through my feeds and seeing their pictures and posts. Apart from that, my sad days would get sadder because seeing their happy posts made me feel like I am the only one hurting. 

2. Stop sending them drunk/late night/long emotional texts because after a point that’s just pathetic and helps in no way at all. 

3. Throwing away everything they ever gave me and removing all our pictures off my walls. Not asking about them when I meet our mutual friends. 

I think about her every day. Even though it’s been over a year since we went our own ways. I thought if I wrote everything out, after a point I will have nothing left to say and nothing that would cause pain, 

But I have come to realize that it will take longer than a year to get over someone who meant the world to me and who knew me the best. 
But at least now that a year has gone by, I have no more tears for her and no more ‘I miss you’s’ either. 

There’s  only so much time, thoughts, tears and energy you can devote to someone who doesn’t want you anymore. Even though right now it may seem like the worst thing ever, remember at some point your friendship seemed like the best thing ever and that passed. So will this. 
The love that once seemed infinite started to become quantifiable. Pain isn’t any different. 

You can message me because ugh I know exactly how this all feels. 

Hugs and strength  💗💪

PS I also wrote several letters I never had the intention of giving them. There were angry letters, I miss you so much it hurts letters, why did you do this letters, I don’t give a fuck letters, remember when letters, birthday letters and many more! 
Keeping it all inside never helps. Let it all out. 

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hej i hope this is not a weird question to ask but do you know similiar blogs to yours? don't get me wrong, i lovelovelove your blog and it gave me so much inspiration and gives me still! but i want to broaden my horizont somehow with different prompts and ideas. but i suppose you will be my go to inspiration forever! stay awesome ✌

Sorry, I don’t! 💀  Nosebleed Club was the first to do prompts in the style/manner that it’s now known for, some other blogs followed its lead but I don’t follow them and can’t think of the urls off the top of my head. You could try searching “writing prompts” on the Tumblr search function, they should pop up if they tag their posts! And also try searching “nosebleedclub” and looking at the tags of writers’ posts, I know before people used to tag multiple writing blogs in their works and they might still do that.

closing-our-distance  asked:

Hey!! I absolutely love your blog. My partner and I have been together for almost two months now, but it really feels like we've known each other forever. However, he lives soo far away, and I am absolutely broke. I started up a GoFundMe to see if that can help in any way. I was wondering if you could post it. I just want to meet him and see him and be with him. Thank you so much for all you do x gofundme(.)com/pcf26q-closing-the-distance

Hi, thank you. I am glad to know you love my blog. :)
Aww I see. Totally understand that you would want to meet your distance partner as soon as possible. Stay positive and be patient. I hope you guys will meet soon!

Anyone who would like to help out. Feel free to visit the link above.👍 Thanks!!

Forever to Eternity P.1

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masterlist of my work before, also known as MAST3RL!ST

Requested from my old blog mutualweirdnessforever, which is now macaronimimi, and I’m now posting my writing on here! Sorry if this is super confusing… Go ahead and follow me on my main blog!


“Ya know you can go outside right? You’re not gonna be able to stay in your cave forever.” My mom says to me as she gathers up the scattered clothes that lay on my floor.

I just ignore her and continue laying in bed, absorbed in the book I bought from a small coffee shop in town. I watch from the corner of my eyes as my mom sighs and rolls her eyes, mumbling of how rude and lazy I am.

That’s what everyone says, they never see all the things I do and just see me when I’m finally in my moment of peace. Sad part is I always believe it.

I have had enough of the remarks coming from my mom, so I grab my backpack and put my sketch pad, pencils, and the book I was just reading in it. Before I leave my room I grab my ipod and earbuds, putting them in my ears and playing Loser by Beck (I think the two people who I’m reaching out to know who they are…) 

When I get down stairs I barley look over to my mother.

“Where are you going?” She asks

“Out..” I reply as I turn up my music and walk out the door.


I drive to a near by place in the woods, since we just move here I don’t know where to go to clear my head so I just drive for a while till I find this place and pull over. I grab my bag and start listening to my music again, locking up my car and walking down the small ditch to get the tree covered ground.

Walking through the woods was peaceful, the cool summer wind hitting my skin. The sun setting and showing colors of oranges and pinks, making me actually smile. Not smile like how I usually would, a meaningful smile, one that actually shows how I truly feel. I find a patch of open space, surrounded my pine trees and an open view of the sunset. I sit and starts pulling out my sketch book and pencils, opening up to an empty page and start letting my hand do the work. When I draw, I don’t really think about it, I draw what I feel. It may not be great, but it’s an alternative of letting out my feelings.

I don’t know how long I’ve been there for, but long enough to draw three drawings and the only source of light being the moon. I look down at my drawing and up at the round ball in the sky, seeing as I tried drawing it but my pencil sketch would never show the actual beauty of it.

I decide I should head back and start packing up, stumbling a bit as I stand from my spot on the grass. I pick up my bag and put it on, grabbing my phone and seeing the many missed messages from my mom. ‘Was I gone for that long?’

I start walking back, when I notice a bright pair of what seemed to be eyes. I ignore it as maybe my mind playing tricks on me, and continue walking through the woods to my car… When I suddenly hear a growl from behind me.

Turning around I see the bright glowing hazel eyes that I caught a glimpse of before, now being face to face with a wolf, yet this is the biggest wolf I’ve ever seen.

“Oh my god..” I mumble as I look at the snarling beast in front of me.

I stand frozen as the wolf nears me, showing its teeth as it gets closer and closer. I back up into a tree, tripping over a rot and scraping my hand against the trunk. The sharp pain hits me as I look at my hand and see the bits of wood and dirt in the bloody mess of wound. I let out a small whimper, then I look up to see the wolfs face just in front of mine. I shudder in fear, eyes wide as the wolf show its teeth and eyes stare me down. It then looks at my hand and looks back to me, but the teeth are no longer showing at its eyes show one of sympathy. 

I have the quick stare with the wolf, as if I was actually communicating with it. I slowly and carefully reach up and place my hand on its head, scratching behind its ears and rubbing under its chin. Sitting against a tree and petting a giant wolf as it lays next to me on its back.

I soon realize that I have been with the wolf for a half an hour, being distracted by its glowing hazel eyes and caramel fur with a decorative white patch on its chest. Its one of the most beautiful wolves I ever seen.

“I’m sorry buddy, but I gotta go..” I say, speaking to the animal as if it could understand me.

It looks at me with big eyes, and I could have sworn it was pouting.

“I’ll come back later this week! I promise!” I say as I pat its head, standing up and grabbing my bag.

I walk back to my car, through the dark woods, but I didn’t notice that I wasn’t alone,

“Hey! You can’t come home with me!” I say with a laugh, bending down a bit and placing my hands on both sides of the wolfs face.

It nudges me a bit, and almost makes me fall back.

“I’ll be back, don’t worry.” I say with a smile, placing a soft kiss to the wolfs head.

I stand up again and walk back to my car, the wolf only following me to the edge of the woods then disappearing back into the darkness.

I get in my car and start driving back to my place, feeling a bit better than I did before… And hoping to see the wolf again soon…


I had this request in my other blogs inbox for a while and found the time to write it finally! So i decided to write it and I’m kinda happy with what I got out with it! I put a lot of myself into this tbh and I would love to hear about what you guys think, thanks guys!!! XXxxx

Part 2?

I found home in your arms. You showed me that home is not a place, it’s a feeling. Anything can be home. It could be a certain smell, an object or even a person. Everyone has their own home and it’s different for every person. For me though it is you. You have been my home since the moment I met you. I may not have realized it at first but looking back now I know that it has always been you. You are a place that i want to stay forever, you are my home.

W O W. That is all I can say right now. I’ve been around this blog for a little more than a year now, much longer than I thought I would stay active. I’ve met a lot of really awesome people, I’ve followed a lot of quality blogs, and I’ve made some great friends. I really wanted to finally make this new follow forever to THANK each and every one of my followers, new and old, for sticking around with me and for helping me reach 2,000 followers. I am awestruck, I can’t believe there are that many of you here on this lame ass blog full of me gushing over wrestlers [ or bitching about the things I don’t like ]. A follower number is just that – a number – and I would be content with even 1 person who wanted to follow me and liked seeing the stuff I have to say/reblog. Regardless, I’m so thrilled to have stuck around this long and gotten to this point. If I had the resources I would for sure be doing a giveaway of some sort, but right now it’s just not possible. So instead here is my follow forever ! 

THE ANGELS : those people i have spoken too a few times or a lot, and that i consider good friends.

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SO MUCH QUALITY: the other awesome people i follow !

a-d: aj-punks , ajbryans , ajleenation99 , allonsyambrose , alundrablayze , ambreignz , ambroleexambrollinz , arnoldhorshack , baedrianneville , blacktylers , boughtin , briesus , brieyoungs , bruckrumlow , cmlees , cmskunk , dean-got-that-ambooty , demonbalor , dirtysdeed , divaeditsdownambrosealley

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I’m sorry if I forgot anyone ! Every single follower of mine means something to me, dont forget that.


so as you all know i havent been on so much on this blog lately last year so i am genuinely making this post bc i want to sincerely thank and appreciate all of you mutuals that still have the want to follow and stick up with me lol i do not deserve you all i swear to god

honestly since i accidentally deleted my blog last year i thought lol whats the point on doing it all over again but tbh no what makes blogging fun isnt followers, it is you guys, my lovely mutuals that i consider friends already. i had a breakdown from the accident but you guys helped me through even helped me to gain followers again (seriously i dont deserve you all) blogging are seriously so much fun with you guys still around. seriously i met a lot of lovely people last year, we talked, we shared, we rant about our feelings to each other a few of you i consider as my close friends seriously you guys made this year so amazing for me, you are all rays of sunshine to me and i love you. everyone here inspires me so much and makes me strive to be a better person and i’m extremely greatful to all of you

this isnt a follow forever whatsoever you dont have to reblog it i just want you guys to read it :)

this is going to be long so i’ll put this under a read more

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Omg I absolutely love your blog!! I've been talking to my partner for almost two months now, and it doesn't seem like a long time but I feel like I've known them forever. The distance is pretty far, but knowing that there's people out there like you really helps us to believe that we can do this <3

Aww thank you so much! I am happy to know that my blog is helping you through your long distance relationship. :) Time and distance doesn’t matter in love. Stay strong and wish you good luck!


When I first created this blog, it was just to pass time during my summer break and I didn’t really expect to gain that many followers and make so many friends. I’m really glad I created this blog because I’ve met so many incredible people! 

To all my lovely followers, thank you so much for putting up with me and reblogging/liking my posts! I love each and every single one of you! <3

To my wonderful friends, Tumblr would not be half as fun without you guys! Thanks so much for always being there for me and although we may not talk as much as we used to, I know I can always count on you. Stay amazing!

And now I present to you my first ever Follow Forever on this blog to celebrate all these wonderful blogs that have graced my dashboard in 2013! :D


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I can’t believe it :o
Well, this is my 2k+ follow forever. All the people on this list are super cool and should all be followed and will forever be appreciated by yours truly.
sorry if I forgot anyone ugh

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Thank you all very much for sticking with me up to now!! I know there have been ups and downs and drama and fights, but you guys were supportive and stayed till the end and all and I want to tell you that you’re all very important to me, even if you weren’t mentioned here!! I’m glad you enjoy my blog enough to stay ^^

also, special thanks to my 2000th follower, @anahelbonnefoy, which appears I can’t tag…

Thank you so much!! Toda Rabba!~

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First, I’d like to thank every single one of you. And apologize for this terrible edit. I started this blog less than a year ago and I already have more than 2k followers! The PLL Army on tumblr is amazing, and being part of it was one of the best ideas I’ve had. If you’re a PLL blog and follow me, let me know if I don’t follow back. And to my other followers, if I don’t follow you it’s only because I want to keep my dash at least 90% PLL.

I wasn’t around here so much by the last couple months, and I feel like I missed out a lot. There are so many new blogs here! Anyway, I have more time now (and probably will have even more after I graduate on march), so you can come to me. 

Now, the most important (and hardest) part: my follow forever! Though I follow everyone forever unless their blog changes completely. I’m sure I forgot a lot of people, and I’m sorry if I didn’t mention you. There are so many great blogs (and urls - that sometimes change) to remember and I have a terrible memory. Also if I tried to mention everyone I’d have to stay up all night to finish it.  


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so since it’s my wonderful birthday i decided to do something special. i have turned 19 which means this is my last year of being a teenager *sigh* so i really don’t know how much longer i’ll have this blog. but don’t worry for right now i’m here to stay forever. so i’m going to recognize some people that i’ve gotten to know so well over these past years and then some awesome blogs that i love. so happy birthday to me and stay rad :)

Alyssa where do i ever begin? well let’s be honest it all started when we joined the niall girls. we hated each other and were basically frenemies. but something happened and now we’re basically best friends that are separated by a computer screen and some states. alyssa you’re my baby cakes and i love you so much!

Lili my little cutie lili how i love you so much. i am forever jealous of your amazing drawing skills and can always count on you and alyssa to ship zachrina forever. the niall girls bought us together and nothing can break that.

Shivani oh my baby shiweed how long i’ve missed talking to you. you were the person who made my christmas and picked me to be in your promo group and what started it all for our friendship. i love you so much and can always count on you. niall made us bond and he will always be the one to thank for that.

Whitney when i first saw the dylan’s whores group i had to join. i loved him so much and i needed somewhere to express my teen wolf feels. i was so happy that you picked me and i’m so glad cause who else would love my playlists as much as you do? i love you so much and will keep making playlists just for you.

Awesome blogs that i love so much: i pretty much know all you guys by name and if i don’t i just really love your blog so much.


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Groups i love you all so much and i’m so glad i’m in them

americanapparel: where to even begin? like i love you guys so fucking much it’s insane. so much goes on that we just bond over everything.

dylanswhores: you guys are so great and i love how i have a place to talk about my Teen Wolf feels cause god knows i need a place like that lol

hellafines: i love you guys so much that it hurts. we could have like 10 billion conversations going on at once and still know what the hell is happening. hell we even have pet names for each other. you can’t top that love.

lukesclique: to bond over luke would be an understatement. luke is our main man and god knows we love him for that. i love you guys so much and so glad that i’m apart of this group.

theniallgirls: of course last but not least, my bbys, the niall girls. i love you guys to death and don’t know what i would do without you all. niall is our husband and we always know what each other is feeling because of that. you’re all the best and i love you.

Blogroll i’m sorry if we know each other and i didn’t put you on here. with everyone constantly changing their urls it’s hard to keep track of where you all are. and i’m sorry if you weren’t on this. i do love you bunches and don’t be afraid to come talk to me and get to know me! i’ll love you so much more if you do! 

*ps credit to gif owners i just added my own text

so i’mma put the text here before i start my long speech to you guys, *ahem* I DON’T KNOW WHAT THIS IS, BUT IT LOOKS LIKE A FOLLOW FOREVER THAT’S NOT A FOLLOW FOREVER. ANYWAYS, I JUST WANT TO SAY I AM VERY ARIGATOFUL TO ALL OF YOU. STAY AWESOME.oh well. this isn’t a follow forever or i just don’t know what this is, i swear. uhm, so here it goes, YOU GUYS ARE AWESOME. really. i love your blogs. from mutuals to the people i follow to the people who follows me. MOST ESPECIALLY TO MY FOLLOWERS AND MUTUALS BECAUSE EVEN IF I POST A LOT OF SHITTY THINGS, YOU STILL FOLLOW ME. you guys are the best. which is why, i made this. so i can thank you! YOU GUYS NEED TO STAY AWESOME. OKAY. I’LL START WITH THE THINGY NOW.

thy mutuals (thank you for some for being my friends and thank you for not unfollowing me because i am lame) (in no particular order):

hokagee - sixpathsofdick - sexgetsu - iryos - kagays - canyoudigitmotherlicker - ka—kashi - bleu-et-rose - asagi471 - hokageswag - blanket-fictions - tsunadeshishou - sakvras - starlitgravity - sasusakuwillhappen - zumoku - sasusakuiscanon - ootsutsukies - bitch-kage - coonfox - naruhinasasusaku4ever - hinacakess - cxtxshxxtxs - strawberrycreampiefluff - sassukeh - annalovesfiction - hashiramass

GOLDEN BLOGS (thank you for filling my dash with awesome posts)(in no particular order):

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i don’t know what else to say besides thank you and stay awesome.


I’m still speechless of how quickly I’ve reached this Milestone even though I’m on Semi Hiatus due to some personal circumstances. && I’ve met many people during my time here. Many of you guys are very important to me and I will never stop to tell the world how much I love y’all. 

Without you guys, I don’t know where I would be today. This blog is my anchor and a constant reminder for me that there are some people out there actually liking me. && I’ve found so much support and love here, it’s amazing. I won’t never stop loving y’all okay? 

When I’ve started with writing Naruto, I was so scared tbh. My vocabulary, my sentence structure, my editing skills, my writing        I was so bad back then. I was too scared to write freely and longer paras, I hated my replies and I was constantly on the brim to delete the blog tbh. 

But I’ve stayed and learned because I’ve found some friends I will never let go of, for nothing. Some of you are staying with me for a long time now, some even from the beginning and some not that long          I love y’all equally. 

                               ( Follow Forever && Give away under Cut. )

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ey!!!!! guess who’s stupid!!!! it’s your girl!!!!!

so i forgot to update my email when i switched, and now my old email is inaccessible, but it’s forcing me to make a password change i can’t do. for some reason i can still access this blog through mobile but i know that’s not gonna last forever.

anyway my new blog will be galpalpetraral!!!! please go follow and resend asks if you need to and it’ll be back to regularly scheduled programming soon. except i’ll probably become more snk-centric but whatevr. and this blog will stay up as an archive.

hey kids!~
the time has come, i am an old woman now, i’ve had this blog for like four years (im pretty sure) and im nearing a milestone in my followers ♥‿♥ . i didnt start out as thorine but thorine is here to stay and i want to thank you all so much. i hope i can talk to all of you a lot more, please always feel free to message me. (thank u to Lor for making this wonderful follow forever graphic for me, ah you angel)

bilboring ✿ lor, you have no idea the love i have for you, i wouldnt even know how to say it haha. you’re incredible and beautiful and i love talking to you. you’re so talented and kind and the reason i wake up in the morning (like literally becus u message me sometimes and wake me up hhahaha). your blog is top notch, your gifs and edits and art are everything!
i kno u and jin are thing, but idc be my girlfriend       thank u for putting up with me
frodno ✿ janine, oh janine, where do i begin. firstly, you not only put up with me online but also irl (thank you im sorry), and you have done so for a couple of years now, like you’ve known me since i was a fetus. you’re intelligent af, talented, NICE, funny and like far beyond human beauty, idk how? u do it????? your blog is stunning and you also make beautiful things. i love u, thank you for being my friend!!! (lets meet again soon)
thorinshielding ✿  wow another extremely talented person. wing omg you’re such a lively person and you’re nice to absolutely everyone and you’re just a gift to the worLD. some of the things you send literally make me laugh so much like not even a cool laugh, like a super ugly laugh. i love u, your blog is amazing, everything you do is amazing, you’re amazing.
balinsbeard✿ my cute lil semi whom i adore. you’re so wonderful to me, you literally put up with all my weirdness. thank you, youre so lovely and pretty and i love that we love the same things <33333
tollkien ✿ my dearest cousin. you are my sister. i love your blog and i love you and im so glad ive spent my life with you and will continue to do so.
oldgods ✿ kat my precious. im so glad to be your friend, i hope we can meet one day soon because dont u literally live in the same city as me? hahaha. anywho, i love you and your gorgeous blog, thank u for being my friend

oKAY so here are the many stunning blogs that i love to follow and will always love to follow:

ohpippinoaken-dorkcutepippinthorinsobggnsthorinbilbo ♥ ♥ thrandual oh-fili amralimeararitysthranduelheirfilifrerinohdaryldixonkingsmauganduinesdwalingmasterbloggins ♥  bend-the-forksthorinduilboromirsaidanturnrthesmokingwolflegolaslqueenofdalekingbard bagqinshieldduhsleysthilboaccionormalitydwarfsandhobbitsbofurzouilsragnrlothbrokleeeeeeeeeegooooooooolaaaaaaaaasgaladariel  ♥ weekilimuwdocktrhanduilionthorihnslordoftheelvesklngfilibaggiinshielddurints​ ♥ bilbobaggnisrivandellohelrond​  

of course, if i missed you, i am truly sorry, but my +blogroll+ is all you need, i admire everyone on it, you all have beautiful blogs, thank u for your existence

Hi-diddly-ho neighborinos~!

So today I’m feeling quite good, been taking walks around the Oncology wing with my ram plushie and saying hi to everyone, trying to stay awake and active haha~

GOOD NEWS, I will possibly most likely will be getting discharged today and I’ll be sent home on a pain pump (basically a pump that will continuously give me pain medication to keep me comfortable) which I think is hopefully going to be a stellar improvement for home life. It’ll be kinda annoying to carry around something the size of two thick graphing calculators stacked on top of each other all the time, though I think that’s a lot better than lugging around an IV pole.

The only thing I had to understand was that to have this kind of IV medication at home, I have to be placed under hospice care. Which… well, hopefully you know what that typically means. BUT! It’s not forever! It’s not a one way ticket! I can swap out and still do chemo if I choose; I’m not giving up on fighting this. Never.

Anyhow, that is the update today! Have a wonderful Wednesday and stay safe, stay warm, and stay strong. Love you. <3

(psst it’s my partner’s birthday today as well but unfortunately my Mexican donut doesn’t have a blog but yeah 😊🎉🎊🎉🎊)