now is the perfect time to stare

this was sent to me weeks ago but I never actually did it until now… I really should start pacing myself because this legit took me all afternoon to finish

so y’all better read this and enjoy it because it’s long but oh so good. obviously, this isn’t as convenient as a full-on typeset, but I do recommend looking at the comic on a separate tab while reading this translation in order to follow along! and if even then it’s hard to follow along… I’m sorry

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Karamatsu: Heh. I look good today, too. Perfect.
Todomatsu: How long are you going to keep staring at your mirror?
Karamatsu: My mirror is just fascinated by me and won’t let me go.
Todomatsu: How painful~ Look, Ichimatsu-niisan’s giving you a really amazing look right now.
Karamatsu: Eek… Th-That’s right. It’s time for me to meet my Karamatsu Girls. I have to go guide them towards fate.
Todomatsu: Okay, okay. Take care. (after he’s gone) Geez, what a pain…
Ichimatsu: …Ughhhhhhhhhhh…
Ichimatsu (thinking): It’s like daily torture… It’s totally like I’m being shown the old me… That way of speaking as if putting on a performance, that behavior of trying to act cool… That wasn’t something Karamatsu started. It was me. This is something that my brothers all know, which only makes it even more embarrassing… I just want to forget anything ever happened…

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Who Am I To Disagree?

Word count: 466

Last night was perfect. More than perfect, actually. You could barely believe it when you saw candles all over the room and the rose petals on the bed. Derek didn’t use to be the romantic kind, but he did make your first time be flawless. You’ve spent many nights dreaming about it, and you’re glad that it was even better.

Now you open your eyes, waking up from the best night of your life. Derek is awake, staring at you. Blushing a bit and getting self conscious suddenly, you pull the blanket to hide your body. You and the bad habit of always kicking the damn blankets.

“Is everything okay?”

“Y-yes. Actually, everything is perfect.” You hate to make him worry about you for nothing. “Just a bit cold.” You lie, regretting it immediately. Lying to Derek is impossible. He’s always paying attention to your heartbeat. “Or… a bit self conscious.”

“You’re beautiful. How many times did I say that last night?” Derek pulls the blanket off you, his hand caressing softly your right breast. “And you look so cute when you blush.”

“Stop it!” You laugh, rolling to the side and climbing his body, lying on top of him. “I really like that you’re big.” You peck his lips and lay your head on his bare chest.

“I’m glad to know you like it.” The malice on his voice makes you raise your head again, staring at his beautiful eyes.

“What? I was talking about you not about your…”

“Well, I’m happy about it too.”

“Stop trying to corrupt my innocence.”

“I think I already did it.” With a fast move, he’s on top of you, his muscular body pressing yours against the mattress. Is he trying to make you horny? Because it’s working.

“I can’t believe you said that.” A laugh escapes your lips as you wrap your arms around his neck. “I’d stay here forever but I kinda have to go to school.”

“Or you can stay.” Derek softly kisses your neck, and you can’t help but moan. The werewolf is so damn persuasive…

“I’d love to, believe me, but I have an exam.”

“An exam?”

“Yes.” You struggle to push him and sit up. Derek lays down again with a sigh. You take a few seconds to admire his body.

“I think I’ll get you addicted.”

“To what?” Focusing on his eyes, you try to bring sense to his words. “Addicted to what?”


“Oh.” You blush again, getting up from the bed. You find clean clothes and head to the bathroom.

“Well, do you have plans for tonight?”

“Yes. Coming here and having sex with you again.” You choose to tell the truth just to see that amused smile on his lips before shutting the door.

“Who am I to disagree?”

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JO OMG OKAY SO, it is 5:15 am and I suddenly thought WHAT IF in your Mermaid AU, Otabek's a fisherman slavin' away tryna catch some of that sweet delicious seafood and he caught a Yuri in the net insteadddd and Yuri wriggles and everything trying to free himself bc he's panicking but Beka (who's in shock by the sudden turn of events) calmly cuts through the net to free him AND THAT'S HOW THEY MET! BOOM!

Hi Nadia despite your terrible betrayal because you went on a date when, CLEARLY, I WAS YOUR VALENTINE, this hc is perfect (omg Beka would just be staring at his Eyes of a Soldier™ the whole time while cutting the net) and needs to be done right nOW (and what do you mean by “sweet delicious seafood” pls) 

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Skate park / ed

I was going to a party with my family. Something i was dreading since the minute they told me we had to go. I was some birthday arty for my moms friend and I haven’t met anyone that will be there. Now, i not a shy girl but i am at the same time.

We arrived at the house and my mom, my 6 year old brother and i walked into the back yard. It was filled with screaming kids. Perfect. My brother ran to the other kids as I sat down at a picnic table and my mom talked to her friend in the kitchen. I walked my brother and the other kids until i noticed two teenage boys among them. They were almost identical, and very attractive. i smiled to myself and tried not to stare.

“Hi, I’m Cameron.” I heard a girl say as she sat in front of me. I smiled up at her.

“I’m Y/N” I said.

“How old are you?” She asked.

“16, and you?” I asked, shaking her hand.

“19, haha. So which one is yours?” She asked pointing at the pile of kids.

“They little boy in the blue shirt is my baby brother. What about you?” I asked, looking at the kids. The twins looked me and then at each other and smiled.

“The only ones who don’t look 6. those are my brothers.” She said laughing. I saw them stand up and start to walk over here. I quickly looked away and hid my blushy cheeks.

“Y/N, this is Ethan and Grayson. Guys this is Y/N” Cameron said. They sat across from me. I smiled.

“What are you doing here by yourself?” Grayson asked.

“My moms in the house and my brothers over there.” I said laughing nervously.

“Ah, baby watch?” Ethan asked.

“Not really, I’m just really protective of him I guess.” i said.

We all got to talking and i started to grow a crush on Ethan. The way he smiled at me, the way his hair laid perfectly on his head and the way he concentrated on who ever was speaking. Everything about him made me smile.

About an hour later. I was walking in the back yard with the twins.

“There’ a skate park not too far from here, you want to go?” Ethan asked me.

“i’m not that good at skating, but why not.” I said.

“You guys have fun.” Grayson said winking at Ethan.

“You’re not coming?” i asked

“I have to help Cameron with something.” He said. I shrugged my shoulders and looked back at Ethan.

“Shall we?” He asked. I nodded.

We walked to the skate park and he started skating as i watched.

“You want to try?” He asked skating to me..

“i’d hurt myself.” I said.

“no you wont, I’ll help you.” He said. He grabbed my hands and let me stand on the board. He stood in front of me and walked me along while holding onto his hips. He tried to let go but i almost fell causing me to grab onto his shoulders. he laughed at me and held me up again.

“Maybe you were right, but we can work on it.” He said. I smiled at him. He helped me off the skateboard and smiled at me. He went to go skateboard again and show off his tricks. I shook my head smiling and sat on the edge of the ramp.

Soon, more people were up there and he skated to me. He sat next to me.

“How did i do?” He asked kind of out of breath. He sat next to me, our shoulders touching.

“Good, except for that jump you almost missed earlier.” I said laughing. He laughed as well and smiled at me.

“Maybe we could do this again. This was fun.” He said. I nodded.

“You can teach me how to actually stand up on one.” I said. He laughed.

“I’d like that.” He said.

We walked back and exchanged numbers before i left. I couldn’t stop smiling on the way home. My mom wouldn’t stop asking questions.

I got home and laid on my bed, when my phone buzzed.

I had a really fun day with you. Maybe we could do that again. Maybe as a date? -Ethan


Something soft and self-indulgent for the New Year’s.  In Victor and Yuuri are proud but exhausted dads, and Yurio is a good uncle.

“This is nostalgic, isn’t it?” Victor says softly, his eyes shining as he stares out over the ice.

Yuuri nods in agreement, taking a moment to take in the atmosphere.  The skaters are on the rink now, warming up for the short program.  Yurio glides across the ice with perfect confidence and aplomb, his long mane of hair seeming to float behind him as he skates.  Once a temperamental teenager, he’s grown into a confident veteran many of the younger skaters still struggle to look in the eyes.

A chubby hand tugging at the ring on his finger is enough to draw Yuuri from his reverie.  He glances down at the baby in his lap, who’s now trying to suck on his fingers.

“Where did your pacifier go, Miki-chan?” he asks in a soft voice.  The little girl only gurgles back at him.

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Imagine road trips with Chris.

A/N: Part 3 is hereeeeeeeee. :D Read Part 1/Part 2 here. I’m tagging @ateliefloresdaprimavera @widowsfics @xoxomioxoxo @imaginesofdreams @m-a-t-91 @katiew1973 @winter-tospring@mrs-captain-evans (I know you didn’t ask me for a tag but you caught my attention with your constant support. ❤️️) Tags are still open so inbox me if you want to be tagged.

You stared at your MacBook, at the open Pages document with your latest screenplay that was- in your standards- far from done, and watched the line blink. You reread the final scene for what felt like the hundredth time and still felt like something was missing. You were working on a romantic drama; a genre you would’ve written with ease three years ago, but not now. Let’s just say that since Chris became a part of your life, there has been a lack of dramatic experiences.

There was no such thing as perfect but Chris came pretty close to it; he was sweet and kind and compassionate and loyal. He loved you with everything he had and he always made sure you left him after each encounter with a smile on your face. You were living a fairytale so how were you meant to write a tragedy?

“What’s wrong?” Chris reached for your hand and pulled it to his lips. “You look stressed.” He mumbled against your skin then pressed a tender kiss to the back of your hand. “Well- more stressed than usual.”

“That’s ‘cause I am more stressed than usual.” You answered, taking your hand back from him. “I’ve been working on this script for- God knows how long and it’s still so-” you groaned exasperatedly, “unfinished. Alex will probably give me an extension but- it doesn’t matter because I don’t know how to write it.”

“I think you do know how to write it and you’re just overthinking again.” He said as you turned off your MacBook and put it in the backseat. “Baby,” he chuckled softly and entwined his fingers with yours when you reach for his hand, “you’re a really good writer. I know because I’ve read all your work, whether it’s your personal writing or stuff for work- it’s all good.”

“Your judgement is askew,” you chuckled softly.

“Because I’m your boyfriend?” He quizzed rhetorically. “How dare you?” He scoffed, feigning offense. “I don’t mix work with pleasure.” You rolled your eyes because that was how the two of you got together. “As an actor and a man who’s dabble with directing- I think I know good writing when I see it, and your writing is amazing.”

“Really?” You countered, trying not to laugh. “And how is my cooking?” You asked and answered for him. “Amazing, right? And my makeup skills? Amazing, also.” You answered before he could and he chuckled softly; you had a point. “And my photography skills? I believe you said that-”

“I’m sorry you’re perfect and amazing at everything.” He cut you off, trying not to smile. “God, it’s not my fault your parents made you so freaking flawless.” You rolled your eyes but couldn’t contain your smile. “Sorry, you are flawed. You are a chronic over-thinker and a perfectionist, and not in a good way.”

“Yeah? Well- you’re too perfect and the reason I can’t get this script done.” He raised an eyebrow. “It’s a romantic drama and you don’t cause me enough heartache and angst to give me the experience I need to write it,” you told him and he laughed. “Honestly,” you bit back your smile as you pretended to scold him, “can’t you just be a douchebag for a second of your life?”

“You’re an idiot,” he shook his head, laughing.

“It takes one to know one.” You shot him a wink and kicked your feet up on the dash. “Speaking of, why’d you shave?” You raised an eyebrow at him and he shrugged, rubbing his jaw with his hand. “I can’t believe you had time to, you basically dragged me out the door in my pajamas.”

“Don’t be dramatic,” he rolled his eyes. “You’re not in pajamas, are you.”

“Yeah, because I fought you to go get change first.” You grabbed the iPod and pulled up the playlist, narrowing your eyes at the unfamiliarity. “Kanye West, seriously?” You scrunched your face in annoyance and he laughed. “As a fan of Taylor Swift, I am not happy to see his music on here. Christopher Robert Evans,” you chuckled as you teased him, “I guess you’re not as perfect as I thought.”

“Sorry to burst your bubble, but it’s not mine.”

“So Captain America steals,” you smirked, “who would’ve thought?”

“Captain America has done worst than steal an iPod, and we’re borrowing.” He pulled his hand out of yours and tapped your knees. “Take your feet off the dash, Missy. Your feet are perfect but I don’t need your footprints on my dash to remind me.”

“Why are guys so protective over their cars?” You quizzed as you did what you were told, plugging out the iPod to plug in your iPhone so you could play music you actually wanted to listen to and could actually sing along to.

“We’re protect what we love, it’s an instinct.” He answered then glanced at you, smiling. “We’re protective over our girls too,” he told you. You chuckled softly as the memory of him causing a scene at the bar came back; another patron tried to hit on you- in a less than polite way- while you were getting a drink, and Chris- well, he was not happy. “But you already know that.”

“Yes, and I love protective Chris.” You leaned over and pressed a kiss to his cheek. “I also love caring Chris, he always takes care of me after I decide to go out and get wasted.” You said and he chuckled. “And reassuring Chris, he can always make me feel better about the things I feel worst about. I just- I love you,” you smiled at him.

“I love you too,” he smiled back.

“I’m actually really glad to be getting out of town,” you admitted and went back to fiddling with your music. You pulled up your 'Favorites’ playlist and put it on shuffle, the song that came up- 'I Do’ by Colbie Caillat- brought a smile on Chris’ face because it reminded him of his upcoming proposal. “I could use the distraction, it’s not like I’m going to do anything productive at home.”

“True,” he agreed with a nod. “Stress you would probably just pace the hallways while eating Fruit Loops straight from the box, or Gummi Bears. It’s quite disconcerting,” he glanced at you and chuckled when you rolled your eyes. “But you’re cute, so- I don’t mind.”

You tapped your finger on your lap to the beat of the song and smiled at how sweet the song was; it was an oldie but definitely a goodie. It was the perfect song to listen to, really, considering how many of your friends were about to do what the song said at their upcoming weddings. You loved weddings and you couldn’t wait till you finally had your own with Chris. It wasn’t a subject the two of you had to verbally discuss, the longing looks and knowing smiles were always enough. Both your parents and his had been begging the two of you to tie the knot for years now, but with his schedule and yours- the timing hasn’t always been what you needed it to be. It was fine, you weren’t in a rush; you loved him and he loved you, that was more than enough for now.

“I can’t wait for Carly and Ben’s wedding,” Chris said and drew you out of your thoughts. “I think it’s going to be lovely, even though it’s happening a week before Christmas. It’s strange, really. But- hey, each to their own.”

“I think a December wedding is nice, but- you’re probably right about having it clash with the holidays,” you agreed and he nodded with pursed lips. “Personally, I’d have a wedding in September. I always think a Fall wedding would be beautiful, don’t you?”

“Oh yes,” he smiled, “September sounds like a perfect time to have a wedding. We should probably put that in the books,” he told you and you narrowed your eyes with a confused smile on your face. “You know,” he glanced at you then turned back to the road to hide his excited smile, “for our future reference.”

“I’m not putting anything in the books until I see a ring on my finger,” you joked.

He reached for your left hand and drew it to his lips, pressing a kiss on your ring finger.

“Duly noted.”

If Only Real Life Was Like A Great Love Story

Skam 3x05 Coda

“I’ve decided my life would be better without mentally ill people around me”

It’s been three hours since Even heard those words but his heart still aches at the thought of them.

He should have known better.

He should never have let himself stare at the beautiful second year boy with the blond curls that first day of school. He never should have followed him into that bathroom and later smoked a joint with him. He shouldn’t have agreed to buy that precious boy beer, only to pretend to forget his ID in an attempt to spend more time with him.

And he certainly never should have kissed him… but God Even just can’t bring himself to regret any of it, even now.

Because every moment he had spent with Isak just felt so good, so perfect…and just so right.

Even felt no pressure with Isak, Isak didn’t expect anything of him, he didn’t treat him like a delicate porcelain doll that could break at any second. Isak treated him like any other human being and he looked at him as if he was worth something and Even’s not sure how but that made him feel more loved than he’s ever felt in his entire life.

But now karma’s kicking in.

This is the karma for cheating on Sonja, for not telling Isak about his disorder, for falling for someone so beautiful and pure yet so unattainable that it kills him.

Because Isak is better without mentally ill people in his life. That’s what he said, Even knows that.

But all Even can hear is that Isak’s life is better without him in his life.

Isak is better off without him. He’s safer, he’s better; he’s happier and not worrying about his mentally ill or crazy boyfriend who could ruin things at any second.

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‘Kiss Me’ Fic - Zen

(Based on the ‘kiss me’ HC by @mysticmessengersreact)

You can find that >here<

Looking at him made your heart ache. Never before in your life had you experienced a crush like this. Every little thing he did caused your heart to jump. When he flashed his perfect smile at you, you were pretty sure your heart stopped. Right now you were sat in the car with Zen, singing along to cheesy songs. Most of them were his own songs. Every now and then he would shoot a glance your way, catching you staring at him with a smirk on your lips. There had been so many times you wanted to make a move, confess your attraction, but Jaehee’s words always stopped you. She always told you about how a scandal or relationship would hurt his reputation. You knew his fan girls wouldn’t be happy if he had a girl in his life. But for the first time since your crush had started to develop you weren’t thinking of that. Instead you were thinking of how amazing it would be to just press your lips against his. Throughout the day at the mall you had imagined being with him, how different would it be trying on stupid clothes and annoying other people with your goofiness if he was more than just a friend. You were so lost in thought about how your life would be with him by your side you didn’t even realise he had pulled up outside your home. Clearing his throat he turned to look at you, “looks like we’re here now.” You smiled in response and he got out to walk round and opening your door. “Thank you,” you managed to get out as he took your hand and escorted you out of the car. He was such a gentleman. Usually guys that were as attractive and talented as him were narcissistic and unkind. Although Zen was undoubtedly narcissistic, he had a genuine heart of gold. He was a diamond in a pile of rocks. As you walked side by side to your front door he continued telling you about his new role. He had started telling you about it in the car when his song came on and you both got lost in singing it together. Although you would never be as good as him at singing, you didn’t care, it was nice to just have those carefree moments with him. As you reached your door he finished what he was saying. “Yeah so hopefully it’ll go really well. It’s been a while since I had an opportunity as good as this one…” he trailed off, examining the curiosity on your face. The way he looked at you took your breath away. If you had any self control left, it was gone now. “Kiss me,” you whispered just loud enough for him to hear. His eyes widened in shock, and instantly your body filled with regret. How could you be so stupid? Why would he ever want to kiss you. A smile crept across his face. “If that’s what my lady wants,” he muttered, getting closer and closer to your face by the second. Before you knew it his lips crashed into yours. It was hard and gentle at the same time. All those moments you had wanted to throw yourself at him had built up to this. Wrapping your arms around his neck you pulled him in closer. Despite the passion between you, it was clear he wouldn’t go any further due to his gentlemanly nature. 

This was as good as you would get. For now.

A Lesson in Family

Or, me having no excuse but trying to get rid of writers block. This isn’t even a full drabble. It’s a snippet of an au me and my partner in crime have been talking about for like two years that’s super feel-good and perfect for times like now, when I’m sick, in pain, and in need of that Good Aruani.

I believe I’ve talked about this one on here before? Armin’s a Kindergarten teacher, Annie’s a single mom to a five year old, and they start dating. Later, it turns out that- well honestly it’s here so. No need to explain lmao. Just a fun little drabble as I am horribly ill in bed! 



“Armin. You’ve been on the floor staring at the ceiling for two hours.”

He responded with a barely intelligible grunt.

“Armin, come on.” Eren grabbed his hands and started to drag him across the carpet, with Mikasa standing on and observing the sad display. Of course, it was because of her he was in that position. All she did was lay down the truth.

“I mean, nothing is concrete. So you slept with Annie years ago, that doesn’t necessarily mean you’re the father of her kid.”

Armin shot a glare at Eren. “I know Annie. She really doesn’t get around. I may have been her first and only, even. And just, think of the math here. Abigail was born in March. The party was at the end of June.” Eren cocked an eyebrow, but Mikasa at least caught on. “That’s exactly nine months before.”



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1. i have shoved you against the wall and now i cant stop looking at your mouth + zo/san please?


Zoro’s eyes finally flickered up to Sanji’s, staring at him expectantly. 

“How indecisive are you?” Sanji snapped. “You get this far—” He gestured to the situation in which he was pinned against the wall and Zoro was pressed close to him, hands on either side— “and then you just freeze up?” 

His ears glowed red but his stare remained stern. 

“Got distracted,” Zoro muttered. 

“By what, at a time like this?” 

“Your mouth. It’s, um …” 

soft, smooth, a little pink, parted just so, perfect. 

“… nice.” 

“Oh,” was all Sanji was able to say in response. “Then you won’t mind if I take over here.” 

He leaned forward just a bit to capture Zoro’s lips with his own. 

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Misha Collins

Pfffft, come on now…what do u expect?

Originally posted by katteens

Not my type | Eh | He’s Alright | He’s cute| Totally Adorable | I’d Kiss Him | He is gorgeous | I can’t stop staring | FUCK ME - anytime/anywhere

I have fallen for this man so hard.

First of all, looks wise…look at him. Like, seriously. He is beautiful. 

His lips look nice and soft, yet chapped. The stubble is beautifully delicious looking. 

Nose is nice and sharp. Hair looks so fluffy and perfect.

Thighs that you wanna bite and ride at the same time. 

He’s thick. Like…a nice thick. Really nice. Tanned skin. 

Not pale like a ghost, but not overly tanned that he looks like a damn orange bitch ass moron. 

Skin looks smooth as hell, yet you have those little pics of his chest hair, that you just wanna see so fucking bad!!!

Then there’re his eyes. Lord Jesus his eyes. 

The most stunning pair of eyes I’ve ever seen.

The blue, the glimmering, the shine, the beauty. They’re so soft and beautiful, just like him. 

And then there’s him himself.

Such a beautifully sweet man. Like…so damn perfect.

Everything about this man turns me on so bad. More than any other celeb ever has. 

Misha is literally my perfect man. 

Whoever I end up with in life, I want them to be similar to him, lookswise and personality wise. 

Cos Misha is perfection. 


Damon’s POV

Y/N was new in the group; she was helping us with Kai since she was Siphoner just like him. Helping us understand how it worked, what we should and shouldn’t do. Apart from that she was really nice but also extremely sarcastic at the same time, the perfect combination, not to mention she was really pretty. Now she was sitting in a chair next to the window at our house, reading one of Stefan’s old books. I couldn’t stop watching her and trying to discover what was going on inside her head.

‘You know; a picture would last longer’ her voice took me back to reality. She was looking at me now with a big smile on her face, a perfect one.

‘Don’t flatter yourself. I was just looking outside’ I told her, trying to hide the fact that I was staring at her.

‘Yeah sure’ there was her sarcasm. Then she laughed and I swear that sound filled the hole room, it was all I wanted to hear once and again and again. That was the moment I realized maybe I felt something for that sarcastic beautiful girl, maybe I wanted to be more than friends if we even were that, maybe I wanted to just grab her by the waist and kiss her till were out of breath or cuddle up next to her in the couch in front of the fire while she read on of her books just so when she felt asleep I could carry her upstairs and lay next to her the hole night.

Requested ↴

Anon: Could you do more with Damon? -When he realise the feelings for you -catch me if you can - the first look - fighting with Ric because of y/n -Elena seeing you two in bed - stefan is jealous of Damon course he is the boyfriend - the first fight -children -wedding You know what I mean? 🙃🙃

First one done! I’ll post the next one within two days probably.

You can send me your requests HERE

Kisses xoxo


This is your third time meeting with Nick Robinson. First he surprised you by saving you from you ex, then he comes to your birthday party. Now he wants to have a movie night with you. You stare at the mirror, making sure you look presentable. This is your first time having a boy over your house so you want it to be perfect. You’ve cleaned everything at least 20 times and the popcorn and soda’s are already laid out on the table. You tried contacting you friends but they are already busy with other things. So it’s jut you and the charming Nick Robinson.

You hear the doorbell ring and you jump. Your heart is beating and you just stand there for a moment. The doorbell rings again and you slowly walk towards the door. You open the door, which reveals Nick Robinson who is dressed handsomely. He wears a pale blue suit jacket with a black shirt underneath. The jacket catches his muscular arms perfectly and you try not to stare.

“Hey, Y/N.” He smiles, his teeth blinding your vision. You’re being dramatic and you smile back at him. “Hey, come in.” You say and he walks into your home and you close to door behind him. “Lovely place you got here.” He smiles and you smile back at him. You observe the way he licks his lips at you, his eyes undressing you slowly, as it observe you. “Um, so what movie do you want to watch?” You ask, leaning against the table.

“Hmm, let me see.” He asks, looking at your movie choices. Cinderella, bridesmaids, Jurassic park and all of the hunger games movies are all over your table. His eyes looks at each of the DVD cases. “Hunger games.” He says. “Nice choice, which one?” He asks, and he holds up two fingers, smirking at you. Damn he’s so cute and you could just melt into nothingness.

You grab the bowl of popcorn and he takes the 2 liter bottle of orange soda, with two red plastic cups being held with his two fingers. You set the bowl down, putting in the DVD. You sit down in front of the television and he sits next to you as you both lean on your green couch.


Nearly an hour has passed by, the popcorn bowl half empty, and many cups that were once filled with orange soda lay on the floor of your house. You both laugh at each other, reviewing the movie. “Look, they’re holding hands. I want them dead.” Nick laughs and it’s angelic. “That’s so messed up!” You laugh along with him. “I’m just saying, I’m team Peeta and Katniss.” He smiles at you. You role your eyes. “Yeah, but Gale and Katniss do make a hot couple.” You tease him, sticking your tongue out.

Nick Robinson leans closer to you, making you breathe heavier. “Would we make a hot couple too?” He says and your heart is beating so loud you could barely see straight. Your brain scan led for something to say. “The..hottest. Practically on fire.” You joke, looking into his brown eyes.

“Good.” Nick Robinson says and his soft lips connect with his, locking into one untamed steamy kiss that puts the both of you on the ground. His hands move to your hips and you wrap your legs around him. You try gasping for air but his lips are so passionately locked with yours, that it’s impossible, so you struggle to breathe through your nose, continuing to enjoy the electric rush Nick Robinson is giving you.

Light moans escape your mouth as well as his and he picks you up, sitting you on your couch. He plants soft kisses on your neck and you close your eyes, biting your lip. His soft fingers brush against the side of your face, and he does the thing you love so much. He takes your hands and kisses your knuckles, this time multiple times.

“I enjoyed watching catching fire.” He says, sitting beside you as you lay in his arms on the couch. “Thanks for coming.” You say, beginning to yawn. Nick Robinson himself looks tired as well, always having darkness held beneath his eyes as if he hasn’t slept for days. It’s a pretty hot look to you anyway. “Hey Nick.” You call him. “Yeah?” He asks, looking at you concerned.

“This may sound weird but, will you, stay the night with me? Not like sleep in the same bed or anything just, like this, in the couch, falling asleep as we watch movies.” You say, hoping he doesn’t take anything the wrong way. “Of course Y/N, anything for you babe.” He smiles and you cover your mouth, holding you excitement.

A few movies later, you lay peacefully in his arms, eyes closed, listening to his soft snores that is like calming music to your ears. You both sleep on your green couch, enjoying the low volume of mocking jay that plays in the background.

EXO react to seeing you (gf) in your underwear

Hellowow ♥ Thanks for your request I’ll as always try my best ! :3

D.O: *walks in while you change* *stares at you*

Y/N: *screams* Kyungsoo dont stare like that ! 

D.O: *stopps and looks away* *being happy and starts to smile like a squishy little kyungsoo*

Tao: Soo what was your plan Jagi ?

Chen: So girl … you want to see my underwear ?

Lay: Ooh Jagiya red really suits you *compliments*

Kai: How about we have some Y/N and Jongin time ? 

Suho: Oh my God Jagi you are so perfect 

Kris: Jagi .. You , Me, Bed, now ! 

Xiumin: *stares at you for a second* 

*smirks* so Jagi .. you wanna make out ? 


Baekhyun: *gets flustered* wow Jagi  *smiles* 

Y/N: Baekhyun ! I already told you that you go out ! And this is the third time that you come in oh my god !! *takes a pillow to throw it at baekhyun*

Baekhyun: *runs kkaebsongy because he knows that you will punch him after the pillow touched him*

Chanyeol: *stalks you from behind* 

Sehun: *walks in as you scream* *starts bursting out in laughter* You should’ve saw yourself *laughs* you were like *screams in highpitch voice* *covers himself with his hands* 

Hope u liked it ♥ Chiuu Chiuuu ~

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Psssssst, Gear, honey. Thistle is learning about Valentine's Day. Now would be a PERFECT time for that romantic dinner! Are you feeling up to it? I went grocery shopping for you so you wouldn't have to worry about being in public before you were ready. :) *holds up supplies*

“In- In public!?” Gear stared at the anon with wide sockets before laughing nervously. “Yeah, I don’t- I don’t think we celebrate it the same way.”

there are so many things i never got around to writing/sketching out

  • i always wanted to do my own take on a ford who still hasn’t really adjusted (who will never "adjust"; who will always be “out of place”, wherever he goes), not in merely a quirky way without consequence but something that would spill into his interactions with people and require some resolution– but the show presents him so nicely post-weirdmageddon i really can’t bear to touch it. he’s just perfect now, i guess.
  • more about ford’s need for custom gloves and such, i wanted to think abt all those small annoyances and inconveniences that stack up over time and get to be too much
  • i absolutely rly wanted to do something with ford’s return being so fresh, gf being so weird, and the moment he steps into some normal place and makes a few gestures while talking to stanley he’s hit by half a dozen stares and odd looks, all directed at his hands
  • bc right?? what happens to an insecurity that took yrs to melt away, in a figurative sea of weirdness that is worlds beyond our own? elsewhere he was weird – him, the concept of him, his mere existence where he doesn’t belong – isn’t there a comfort to be found there, to be perceived strange not for a physical trait but rather being, itself? knowing that it’s all about context, that he came from a planet full of other humans, and it’s his human-ness that sets him apart now
  • – of course journal 3′s take on the multiverse was a tad disappointing in that regard (and a lot of sci-fi is too tbh,,). aliens nearly always end up as some recolor variation on humanoid, bipedal creatures when there are so many other options out there. i realize that there are budget limits but this is text; the only limit is your imagination. but i digress.
  • i really wanted to do something that presented the alt universe where ford was never pushed into the portal as just another possibility – no better, no worse than the canon one. half of it being i didn’t want to consider ford regretting things and being occasionally sad abt what he’s ended up with, the other half being can you really measure if one is better than the other?
  • i recently attempted to write some statement abt ford and his affinity for either theoretical or experimental work and couldn’t come to a conclusion. everything in me is saying experiment is the most obvious, his house was covered w em, but who’s to say that wasn’t fiddleford? sure ford made a perpetual motion machine and that mind control tie, but what if those were just necessary demonstrations, proofs of concept, and the true elegance, the true purity, the true joy can be found in pure math and proofs and unrealistic theoretical situations?–
  • –my real question is, did ford spend most of his time thinking, and, after finding himself in the multiverse, have to transition into actually making? i realize now that that’s kinda far from the theory/experiment thing.
  • i wanted to write, like, at least a decent paragraph or two just riffing off of ford’s multiple mentions of mistakes and regrets in the journal but then i paused and asked myself, do i really? or do i just want him to casually mention it a lot like, nbd, and lowkey worry his loved ones months and years after he should’ve forgiven himself. and the answer was, probably the latter tbh
I disliked my dark brown eyes until you told me you would stare in them for an eternity if you could.
I hated my braces but you told me you loved them because they were different and cute.
you told me I had the most perfect lips and you never hesitated to kiss me.
you told me my scent was the best thing you’ve ever smelled and you wanted a perfume bottle of it.
now I wonder if you stare in her eyes and remember how much you loved mine or every time you kiss her, you tell her she has the most perfect lips or every time she smiles and laugh, you tell her you love her braces or when you hug her, you say you’re in love with her scent.
I wonder how many times you’ve compared her to me.
I wonder if you ever think about me at all.
—  2ndsong
Can you see it?

Sherlock Holmes has just kissed John Watson for the first time. They’re in Baker Street after everything, after Mary and Mycroft and Moriarty and missing each other and also missing each other for far too long. They are standing in the middle of the room, centered between their chairs, but barely any space separates the two men. It was a quick kiss, blink and you’d miss it, almost chaste, a tentative and fleeting press of Sherlock’s lips to John’s before he pulled back to look at him with a question in his eyes, with fear and also hope. John is staring back at him, and as we watch time slows down for John. Time is rewinding and replaying and we see it again but slower, Sherlock dipping his head and coming closer and pressing his lips to John’s with those perfect eyes shuttered, and all of this is playing out in half speed and stops on the moment of contact. 

Then, time starts to move again, but fast now. The scenes are picking up speed like a deduction flashing across the screen, going back through this story to show us Sherlock confronting Jim for the last time and then Sherlock collapsing on the ground next to Mycroft who is bleeding and then Sherlock holding a collapsing John in his arms and screaming on his phone to emergency services reporting that a bullet has brought the brave Doctor Watson down, again and then Sherlock promising “to the very best of times” on a quiet tarmac before a plane turns slowly in the air and then Sherlock whispering “because you chose her” while the sound of Mary’s deceit still rings through John’s skull and then Sherlock raising his hand, far above John, balanced on the edge of St. Bart’s with a phone to his ear and then Sherlock in his purple shirt with his microscope on the table behind him walking towards a soaking wet John after a woman exits their lives for a second time and then Sherlock raising his gun towards a figure by a pool and then Sherlock stretched out on the couch in Baker Street lit by the perfect glow of the battlefield John’s just now discovered and then -

Time slows down again. The scene drags across the screen, circling around the pair, as John extends his hand with his sister’s old phone clutched in it, as Sherlock moves slowly closer to him along the side of a lab bench, and the shot spins and narrows and then breaks to a standstill, freezes, as the two men’s eyes connect over their shared grip on the phone.

And then we see Baker Street again, John standing in front of Sherlock and in front of their chairs after that first, small kiss. And John sees that moment, sees all those moments, so with all the force of a punch to the face behind it he reaches up towards Sherlock’s lovely neck and ridiculous curls and, with eyes speaking an answer to a question he had always been, partly, afraid of…he reaches up and grabs Sherlock Holmes around the neck to bring their mouths crushing together in a kiss that leaves all the others behind. 

Stressed out.

A/N:: This is my first request! I hope you like it! Kisses, Red <3 xoxo

Pairing: StilesxReader

Author: thelittlestkitsune

Warnings: Smut 

Request:  Hey, sweetie! Could you please write a Stiles Stilinski smut where the reader and him are dating but recently Stiles has been very distant because of stress and so one night the reader goes to his house to see whats wrong and it all leads to smut? You can add on to that, it’s all I got for now. Thanks! xoxo

Based on this song

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Nighttime Escapades {Eggsy Unwin}

Your hand is wrapped around the neck of your cider bottle as you sit at the table with your friends. When the night first began, you were all having fun, just chatting. Now, the music is so loud that even when you shout, you struggle to hear each other.

Your eyes roam the club and drift over the young couple in the corner. They’re in their early twenties and attractive. The girl wears a slinky dress and her light brown hair is tousled to perfection. The guy wears a more casual outfit – a t-shirt, Superdry jacket and jeans.

As your gaze finds him again, you note that this time he’s looking back. Your eyes lock for a few seconds before you look away, your cheeks red. After a moment of staring at the table, a man’s hand lands in front of you and your head snaps up. It’s him.

He’s shed the jacket now and you can see his impressive muscles where the t-shirt clings to him. “Hi!” he shouts over the thumping music. “I saw you looking over at me!”

“Sorry!” you yell back. “I didn’t mean to.”

“It’s all right!” After a couple of seconds, he asks, “D’you wanna dance?” You glance at the girl he’s with and he follows your line of sight. “She’s a colleague,” he adds, as though reading your mind.

You chew on your lower lip, and finally, you nod. “Okay. Let’s go.” You place your bottle on the table, take the hand he offers you and pull your dress down as you stand up. He leads you over to the dance floor where you stand awkwardly in front of him. “I don’t know how to dance!”

“No worries, I’ll teach you!” He spins you round and places his hands lightly on your waist, carefully guiding your hips. “Relax,” he murmurs in your ear. You feel goosebumps rise on your skin and shiver as his warm breath tickles your cheek. You dance for a few minutes before he mutters, “I’m going outside quickly, you coming?”

You nod. “Okay, sure!” He lets go of your waist and takes your hand instead, leading you through the crowd to the balcony. It’s not overly crowded but he leads you over to the corner and you sit down on the chipped garden chairs. “I’m Y/N, by the way.”

“Eggsy,” he replies. At your puzzled look, he adds, “It’s a nickname. My real name’s Gary.”

“Fair enough. Are you from around here?” you ask. Now that you’re outside, you notice little details that you couldn’t see before, like the grey undertones in his blue eyes and the way his eyes crinkle when he gives his lopsided smirk.

He shakes his head and answers, “Nah. I moved here for work. My friend decided to show me the area tonight, she wants me to find a nice girl.”

You give a little laugh and question, “You found one of those yet?”

“Yeah, I think I might’ve done.”

You feel the colour rising in your cheeks and look down, gaining a sudden interest in your fingernails. “You don’t want me,” you mumble. “I get too loud when I’m excited and I get attached to people too easily. Plus I’m socially awkward and I –”

Before you can say another word, Eggsy’s hand is on the back of your neck and his lips are on yours. You flap your hands for a second, unsure of what do, before resting them on his cheeks and going with it. After he pulls away, he whispers, “Just shut up and give me your number.” You nod silently and take his phone to tap your number into his contacts. He grins at you as you hand the phone back and asks, “Shall we go dance some more?”

“Okay,” you squeak. He laughs and the two of you head back inside to dance the night away.

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I apologize if this is shit, it’s just that I went out with my friends for the first time last night and I got all inspired.