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Downgraded From A Hurricane (Lin-Manuel x Reader)

Summary: Your husband is a drama queen when he’s sick and you’re stuck taking care of him. You’d never admit it aloud but you’re amused with his antics.

Word Count: 650

Warnings: There’s virtually no plot to this, I stole lines from the video, and Lin is whiny. Other than those three things, nothing really.

A/N: I promised one more post today and here it is, right before I head out for the night. Feel free to continue to yell at me in my inbox or the tags - I live for the feedback tbh and I’d love to have some when I get home tonight.

This is 100% inspired by the beginning of a sad sadsters, this one in fact. You can blame @gratitudejoyandsorrow because she is the reason this even happened.

“Don’t you have work today, honey?” you entered your shared bedroom after just getting back from breakfast with your friend. You were surprised to see Lin still in bed this late in the day.

“I called in sick today.” Lin’s voice was muffled from the pillow his face as buried in but you could hear his hoarse voice and stuffed nose despite it.

“Have you taken any cold medicine yet?” your eyes scan his nightstand for traces of anything he might’ve done to counteract this flu.

“I only have enough energy to accomplish one thing today and I didn’t want my last act on this earth to be getting out of bed to take cold medicine.” Lin said dramatically and you rolled your eyes with a snort.

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maybe i am not enough

fanmix for beside the dancing sea by @omgkatsudonplease

01. layla frost - solitude
02. anathema - the beginning and the end
03. katatonia - residual
04. my sleeping karma - brahama
05. if these trees could talk - from roots to needles
06. sophie hutchings - tail lights
07. steven wilson - harmony korine
08. alcest - untouched
09. magna carta cartel - dollhouse decoration
10. cynic - integral
11. riverside - time travellers
12. agnes obel - citizen of glass
13. ramin djawadi - reveries
14. porcupine tree - the sleep of no dreaming
15. gazpacho - upside down
16. the pineapple thief - the final thing on my mind
17. anathema - springfield

listen on youtube. 

anonymous asked:

Is there anyone that you look up to in art and fic?

For writing, I look up to @pinesinthewoods, @impishnature, @themadqueenmab, @embulalia, @witete@skillfulstudio, @marypsue, and @the-ford-twin for their wonderful characterization of the Pines family and everyone else in GF, and their incredibly imaginative plots. Some of their stories are my utter favorites, and oH BOY is it time for some fic recs from all of them ooooh yes!! Let me drag out my favs!

  • Blind Faith (pinesinthewoods)
    • hhHHHH this is the first fic I read in this fandom and BOY is it still amazing! Blind Faith AU. Amazing characterization all around. 
    • It gets… really violent, do be warned. Heed the tags.
  • Ad Astra (themadqueenmab)
    • Mabel falls through the portal. Follows Mabel and Ford as they try to find a new normal, crossing through dimensions together, and also Dipper and Stan and Pacifica as they try to find a way to get them back. There’s some especially nice world building in this.
    • I think there’s the hints of Dipcifica?
  • Two Old Men and the Sea (embulalia)
    • oH BOY another one of the first fics I read for this fandom! It starts out as any other Stan O’ War adventure… and then develops into so much more! 
    • As a warning, this does have some violence.
  • The Wind in Visions (the-ford-twin and the-stan-twin)
    • I can’t even begin to explain the main premise of this without utterly spoiling a large plot point of the story, but it contains probably the best characterization of Stan and Ford and Dipper and Mabel and Fiddleford I’ve seen. Some lovely day-to-day misadventures in here, with the same heart the show has, but there’s whispers of something dangerous brewing on the horizon for this family…
    • There’s violence at times. Read the tags. Also some Mabifica and Fiddauthor in this! 
  • Any Misery You Choose (marypsue)
    • A Gravity Falls/X-Men crossover! There’s some awesome world building in this, and it truly feels like its own unique place separate from both of the canon universes. I especially love the powers everyone is given. Fit with everyone’s personalities a lot.
    • Some violence.
  • A Little Bit Lost (impishnature)
    • A collection of one-shots for the Feral Ford AU. Some really lovely stuff in here! 
    • (I can’t quite remember if there was any violence in these? It’s been a while, sorry.)
  • Haunt (witete)
    • HHHHH Stan O’ War angst. ANGST. It’s also been a damn while since I read this so I can’t coherently describe what goes on, but IT’S GOOD DANGIT AAA.
    • There was some implied alcoholism here, I believe? Once again, I’d suggest you read the tags. 
  • Maybe it’s Not Too Late (skillfulstudio)
    • A lovely hopeful little fic in which the Pines family has to deal with some unfinished business concerning the shapeshifter, and Ford and Fiddleford come to some revelations about themselves and their relationship. 
    • Some violence. Asexual Fiddauthor! 

Whoops that got long, welp! Now it’s time to scream about a bunch of artists I love! :DD

@kiki-kit, @the-ill-doctor, @tortoisefeet, @stariousfalls, and @picnokinesis have such an amazing grasp of colors, like?? The colors you choose are utterly incredible!

@julientel, @eregyrn-falls, @archervale, @danidery, @garrulousgibberish@hntrgurl13!! Your line work and the sheer volume of unique concepts you go through with your art is stunning and inspires me!! 

I’m sure there’s ten thousand people I could name who make me want to squee for joy that I’ll remember later but I should probably… end this really long screaming happy post ahahah XD

You all are awesome and I give you many hugs and love your work, have a lovely day!

A/N: This is my much-overdue rewrite of what I remember to be my first em fic (?), and I’ve been meaning to rewrite a lot of my old works now but I decided to start with this one since it means a lot to me. I decided to keep it in past tense even though I tend to write in present tense now, just because I had written it in past originally and figured I’d keep that the same. It’s also been a good six months since I’ve written any kind of fic like this, as I’ve more recently been writing random shit inspired the insanity that is my mind :x Which, sidenote, is actually really enjoyable for me, and if you wanna check out some of those works they’re pretty much all that’s in my writing tag rn, lmao. Anyway, I reread this a few times (which I almost never do, I usually can’t stand to proofread my work) and I’m hoping it’ll be okay and coherent, but the tense might’ve still ended up weird at times since it’s hard to switch back to past. Also, I don’t think I cared most about this when I first posted this but I don’t know how more people will feel about this since it’s based from a mix of my strange imagination, a lott of my own headcanons and an experience(s??) to some extent so;;;;; o.o This is technically like my re-debut to the em fandom but I think I’m psyching myself out more than I need to? o: 

Hope you all enjoy~

The night was late, the only sounds to be audible were the soft snores of the boys around him. It had been a very long day, as his days always were. And though there was so much he had to think about, so many things to worry about, his body began to cave, the hands of sleep pulling him in deeper, until he could do nothing but submit.

He could feel his eyelids flutter shut, yet just as he did, he felt an unmistakable weight on his chest.


She mumbled inaudibly.

“You never tell me how you get in here, do you know what could happen if you were found in the boy’s barracks?”

She didn’t reply.

He sighed and shifted slightly, in an effort to shake her off. “We’re all really tired, Mikasa, I’m sure you are too.”

When the words left his mouth, the room fell a deathly quiet, and for a moment he was sure that she’d fallen asleep already, right then and there, but she sat up, long and slow, before he could make another effort to move her off.

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Okay, I had some cathartic discussions with a few other mixed-race Jews/JoC and I think I’m just way too emotional about the Nazi stuff right now to be coherent, and I need to step back for a few days. 

Sorry to anybody who tagged me or sent me a message I haven’t replied to, but I need some time to unpack my emotions. The Virginia stuff has brought back a lot of the anxiety I contended with growing up in a rural town as an Indian Jew, and I just feel really unhealthy right now and I need a break. 

I’ll be back in a few days when I process all this stuff without simultaneously being overly self-righteous whilst also having a total panic attack.

anonymous asked:

Could you write something about Jemma helping Fitz deal with and come to terms with the sexual assault he was subjected to in the framework? Them finding a way to be intimate again both physically and emotionally?

So no matter what happened this episode I was planning on writing and posting this tonight - it just happened to take a bit longer than I’d planned on because I spent so much time on here ranting about the episode #oops

Honestly I really hope this is actually coherent and makes even a smidgen of sense because I’m half-delirious with exhaustion right now but I had to get this out tonight so (these are the decisions I make with my life and I have to accept it). 

Anyway, as is stated in the ask, this discusses the sexual assault element of Fitz’s time in the Framework (though never explicitly, it is talked about), I’ve tagged it with a trigger warning, but here’s another one just to be safe.

Lastly, thank you anon for the prompt and I hope this is what you were looking for. Enjoy!


After AIDA has been defeated for good, after the mess left in the wake of their evil LMDs has been sorted, after the Framework has finally been destroyed, there’s still so much left to do – but it cannot be fixed so easily, each and every one of them with more emotional scars to add to the years’ worth they already hold. Though they all throw themselves into rebuilding the Playground and getting SHIELD back up and running, things are different; there’s an unspoken grief hanging in the air, threatening to suffocate them all.

With the base half-destroyed (and trying so desperately to find something close to normal), Jemma and Fitz make the split-second decision to move out of the Playground and into the empty apartment waiting for them. Though neither says it aloud, they both understand that this won’t change the pain they’ve been put through, won’t make it any easier to cross the chasm it’s put between them.

Still, they try.

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Back again to waste your time

The shitty sketch version (which I drew in my history class because I was bored :L):

1950′s themed tomtord, I don’t know why but I’m obsessed with the 1950′s.

I made the good choice of spending all the time I had to draw this instead of doing my homework, studying for tests, and drawing actual art. :) Imma be hella regretful in the morning

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Let’s meet M, since so many people are curious about them!

All of the people who were cursed to share a body together were originally fairly average, normal people who simply found themselves going through a rough patch in their lives. They each went looking for a quick fix to their problems, they met Alcyone, and things didn’t turn out exactly how they wanted.

The only one of them that’s a ‘problem’ is Mary, who is a known murderer (Martin nervously refers to her as Scary Mary, and Monroe does not like her one bit). But since Mary is only one of six, she’s able to be collectively overpowered pretty easily by the other five. They don’t want to hurt people or act out, so she gets pushed into the back and is the least apparent of the six as a result.

After a lot of arguing and debating between the lot of them, they eventually came to an agreement that Morgan would be the spokesperson in most day-to-day interactions. This doesn’t mean that the other five don’t interject or push and shove, because they definitely do, but it was reasoned that since the body is Morgan’s, they should be in charge when M has to be coherent (which is usually only when talking to clients or Alcyone - M is an absolute mess and hard to understand about 93% of the time)

Each person has the same amount of push and pull of the body and the brain, and it isn’t uncommon for M to talk to and talk over themself.

[so the idea behind this was Fives writing short ‘here’s what happened today’ messages to Echo after Echo’s “death” at the Citadel - first as a way of coping with losing him, then as just a casual sort of habit - but i never finished it because i am garbage, so here, have the fun part.]

004: I’m working with General Koon’s battalion - garden-variety extraction gone horribly wrong - and the natives here speak this really strange language.  It’s somewhere between chanting and music and poetry.  You would’ve loved it.  Comet actually made a recording, but I don’t think he knows I saw him, so I’m not going to ask for a copy.  Not like you could hear it anyway.

011: Earlier today I had to crack open a reg manual for the first time since I met you.  Honestly, I’d rather sort through a thousand crates of ammunition than do that again.

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#i know the focus is on Killian #but can we just look at Emma? #let’s talk about how excited she is for seeing past!Hook #she even sways a bit #while she’s smiling #and smirking #she can’t wait to seduce him #and have a bit of fun with him #she knows she’ll love it because it’s still him #and she’ll still feel ridiculously attracted to him #and for the first time she’ll have the chance to fully embrace that attraction #and act on it without the fear of getting hurt #she can’t believe her luck #after all the wondering she’ll now know what it’s like to meet and be with the real pirate #and i bet that turns her on to no end #as we witness later #girl can’t hide her enthusiasm #no wonder she was so quick to untie her dress #she has basically plastered on her face: ‘oh yeah’ #’this will be fun’ 

okay but the thing that gets me is that there’s gonna be thousands of people out there of all ages from all walks of life going into a cinema not even knowing harry’s in this movie, not even knowing who he is maybe, and they’re gonna see him, possibly for the first time, and like him and google him and find out how amazing he is at everything he does, what a wonderful person he is, they’re gonna make gifs and edits, they’re gonna draw fanart and write barely coherent posts, they’re gonna fall in love with harry the way we did and that’s just so exciting and wonderful and lovely and we’re gonna get to see it omg

a tbt story: it was an ordinary tuesday evening in the x-files fandom

Upfronts had just happened, and David and Gillian had been paraded onstage and waved to the crowd, and that was about it. Disappointing, but the fandom knew more was to come. We just didn’t know how soon.

In New York, David got onstage for one of his concerts. “How nice,” thought the fandom, and “Is Gillian still in New York? Wouldn’t it be crazy if she showed up at the concert? Lol that would never happen; they don’t socialize." 

Of course 2015 DD and GA do, in fact, socialize, and the Cutting Room concert happened, and and Tumblr exploded and the entire fandom spontaneously combusted and was reborn as the collective living embodiment of the gif of Crying Sanjaya Girl. Yours truly was, to put it mildly, no exception.

I’m pretty good about tagging my posts usually, so that anytime I want I can go back and relive the punishment that X-Files and its assorted ne'er-do-wells have perpetrated mercilessly against me for the last 20 years of my life. For this concert, though, I found myself unable to tag it coherently. First because I was so flabbergasted that I forgot what tags were and what the things at the ends of my hands were and how to make them do the letters on the rectangle; later because I found it impossible to encapsulate such a moment in a mere Tumblr tag. Can you tag the delicate wings of a new butterfly? Can you tag a sunrise? Can you tag joy? (Yes, actually: you can tag them "butterfly wings,” “sunrise,” and “joy” respectively. But, you know.)

As the white-hot overstimulated hysteria of that evening has faded to a pleasant(ly overstimulated and hysterical) nostalgia, my natural anal-retentiveness (at least about things like this that are stupid and not helpful to me in my success in life in any way) finally took over, and I decided to go back through and apply a single tag – the anticlimactically uncreative “cutting room” – to all my posts about this concert of hell and feelings. 

In doing so, I was forced able to relive that night, and the days that followed. Reading the tags I HAD used took me back seven months prior on a terrible and wonderful journey of emotions and ridiculousness, and so for your reading pleasure (or detached, faintly disgusted headshaking – your call), I’ve compiled a sampling below. 

The fake rule that I made for myself for no reason was that I could only take one tag from a given post. I’m starting off with a few from upfronts day, to set the scene and ease us into the main event. See if you can spot the moment when Gillian first appears onstage (that one is…not too difficult) and, later, the moment when David goes on the radio and shames the fandom and several mainstream media outlets for reading too much into his innocent display of impeccable friendship manners. 

Let us join hands.

#i am only half-watching tbh
#seriously how much do they get paid for standing on stage for 20 seconds not doing anything
#got to wear the high heels because you can’t gillyramp to the stage
#it is only now that i can truly appreciate the bizarreness of what’s happening with cc’s hair
#is everyone at a party under a tent
#at least we have the selfie
#hi goofus
#on the today show
#x-files: the band
#this is one of the gillianiest interviews she’s ever done
#i actually kinda like this song
#dd in concert
#hand in armpit
#fuck me to hell
#omg celebrity dirty laundry is probably shitting its pants right now
#ok it is actually the news
#wait BABY?
#i don’t know i mean what is life
#son of a dick you guys
#oh and then also they fistbumped and then clapped for themselves BECAUSE THEY’RE FUCKING RIDICULOUS
#i’m sorry you guys
#i don’t know what ‘means’ means
#they seem HAPPY
#and i think gillian can sing about as well as david HAHAHA THAT’S FINE
#this is about the 19th time i’ve reblogged this
#look i tagged something coherently
#see i thought he’s saying 'maybe’ there
#it helps me to analyze it ok
#this transcends tags
#she’s always been headstrong
#i’m at work and this is still happening
#let’s take bets on what percentage of my day i will spend crying at my desk
#gillith faire
#oh sure just people magazine
#am i going to have to live on bread and water until 2016
#david duchovny gets handsy
#david duchovny and gillian anderson sing and kiss in adorable x-files reunion
#it was magical for me too david
#and i came back 40 minutes later and there were 90something more tumblr posts
#things are weird right now
#this is fine
#he is singing his duchovnian heart out god bless him
#the concert that should be thrown into the fires of mt. doom
#the cuteness hurts me
#the concert that put my soul in the hospital
#the concert that picked up a log and beat me in the stomach with it all night
#if nothing else i learned how to spell tambourine really well in the last 24 hours
#the concert to end all that is good and decent
#how many times is he going to do the 'hi gillian i’m david’ joke
#do i have this one? who the fuck knows
#concert to send the entire universe into a black hole forever
#unholy concert of i will never recover
#did she just fucking waggle her eyebrows in that first one
#hey catherine do you think maybe you should eat some dinner since it’s 9:30
#the concert you know the one
#i’m so fucked up you guys
#oh okay i was already dead but i’ll die some more
#did she really say 'i wanna hear that shit’
#the day when gillovny trash could be slipped under the door of your best western room while you were drinking coffee from a hot plate
#the concert to burn all my feelings into a fiery white-hot pile of ashes
#you can tattoo an animated gif on your face right?
#the concert where i fell down a hole
#what more do you want from me universe
#look at david’s 'OMG IT’S GOING TO BE A SURPRISE LOOK WHO IT IS’ face
#take me out back and shoot me that’s all there is to it folks
#enough you demons
#the concert of as;ldkjfl;ksdjkls;df a;sljasd kasdl;kj;klfj
#like why would you need to kiss after singing a song
#the concert of it turns out that i have had a job this entire time and responsibilities that i was supposed to have been doing whoops
#this image gives me troubles in my body
#ah well shit
#the concert where my dreams were dandled over the knee of satan before being thrown into a fiery abyss forever
#look we know that david is very very private
#the concert to drive a stake through the heart of sunshine
#apparently my way of processing this is to write one million overinvested essays about it
#the concert i now remember with somewhat teeth-gritted fondness like an ex-boyfriend
#has it really only been a week since this happened
#the concert that is not what it looks like
#the concert where everyone got the wrong idea how dare they
#the concert where david duchovny doesn’t get what the big deal is man
#the concert of the x-files returning next january
#the concert of people who cannot dance but can sing even less
#the concert of the obvious etiquette of kissing somebody that you encounter on a stage if you were not raised in a barn
#associated motherfucking press