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Downgraded From A Hurricane (Lin-Manuel x Reader)

Summary: Your husband is a drama queen when he’s sick and you’re stuck taking care of him. You’d never admit it aloud but you’re amused with his antics.

Word Count: 650

Warnings: There’s virtually no plot to this, I stole lines from the video, and Lin is whiny. Other than those three things, nothing really.

A/N: I promised one more post today and here it is, right before I head out for the night. Feel free to continue to yell at me in my inbox or the tags - I live for the feedback tbh and I’d love to have some when I get home tonight.

This is 100% inspired by the beginning of a sad sadsters, this one in fact. You can blame @gratitudejoyandsorrow because she is the reason this even happened.

“Don’t you have work today, honey?” you entered your shared bedroom after just getting back from breakfast with your friend. You were surprised to see Lin still in bed this late in the day.

“I called in sick today.” Lin’s voice was muffled from the pillow his face as buried in but you could hear his hoarse voice and stuffed nose despite it.

“Have you taken any cold medicine yet?” your eyes scan his nightstand for traces of anything he might’ve done to counteract this flu.

“I only have enough energy to accomplish one thing today and I didn’t want my last act on this earth to be getting out of bed to take cold medicine.” Lin said dramatically and you rolled your eyes with a snort.

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Is there anyone that you look up to in art and fic?

For writing, I look up to @pinesinthewoods, @impishnature, @themadqueenmab, @embulalia, @witete@skillfulstudio, @marypsue, and @the-ford-twin for their wonderful characterization of the Pines family and everyone else in GF, and their incredibly imaginative plots. Some of their stories are my utter favorites, and oH BOY is it time for some fic recs from all of them ooooh yes!! Let me drag out my favs!

  • Blind Faith (pinesinthewoods)
    • hhHHHH this is the first fic I read in this fandom and BOY is it still amazing! Blind Faith AU. Amazing characterization all around. 
    • It gets… really violent, do be warned. Heed the tags.
  • Ad Astra (themadqueenmab)
    • Mabel falls through the portal. Follows Mabel and Ford as they try to find a new normal, crossing through dimensions together, and also Dipper and Stan and Pacifica as they try to find a way to get them back. There’s some especially nice world building in this.
    • I think there’s the hints of Dipcifica?
  • Two Old Men and the Sea (embulalia)
    • oH BOY another one of the first fics I read for this fandom! It starts out as any other Stan O’ War adventure… and then develops into so much more! 
    • As a warning, this does have some violence.
  • The Wind in Visions (the-ford-twin and the-stan-twin)
    • I can’t even begin to explain the main premise of this without utterly spoiling a large plot point of the story, but it contains probably the best characterization of Stan and Ford and Dipper and Mabel and Fiddleford I’ve seen. Some lovely day-to-day misadventures in here, with the same heart the show has, but there’s whispers of something dangerous brewing on the horizon for this family…
    • There’s violence at times. Read the tags. Also some Mabifica and Fiddauthor in this! 
  • Any Misery You Choose (marypsue)
    • A Gravity Falls/X-Men crossover! There’s some awesome world building in this, and it truly feels like its own unique place separate from both of the canon universes. I especially love the powers everyone is given. Fit with everyone’s personalities a lot.
    • Some violence.
  • A Little Bit Lost (impishnature)
    • A collection of one-shots for the Feral Ford AU. Some really lovely stuff in here! 
    • (I can’t quite remember if there was any violence in these? It’s been a while, sorry.)
  • Haunt (witete)
    • HHHHH Stan O’ War angst. ANGST. It’s also been a damn while since I read this so I can’t coherently describe what goes on, but IT’S GOOD DANGIT AAA.
    • There was some implied alcoholism here, I believe? Once again, I’d suggest you read the tags. 
  • Maybe it’s Not Too Late (skillfulstudio)
    • A lovely hopeful little fic in which the Pines family has to deal with some unfinished business concerning the shapeshifter, and Ford and Fiddleford come to some revelations about themselves and their relationship. 
    • Some violence. Asexual Fiddauthor! 

Whoops that got long, welp! Now it’s time to scream about a bunch of artists I love! :DD

@kiki-kit, @the-ill-doctor, @tortoisefeet, @stariousfalls, and @picnokinesis have such an amazing grasp of colors, like?? The colors you choose are utterly incredible!

@julientel, @eregyrn-falls, @archervale, @danidery, @garrulousgibberish@hntrgurl13!! Your line work and the sheer volume of unique concepts you go through with your art is stunning and inspires me!! 

I’m sure there’s ten thousand people I could name who make me want to squee for joy that I’ll remember later but I should probably… end this really long screaming happy post ahahah XD

You all are awesome and I give you many hugs and love your work, have a lovely day!

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What exactly would a clan head in Naruto do? For instance, Shikamaru who is working for Naruto all day, Ino runs a flower shop, and Choji goes off on ninja missions, those things take up most of the day without much time for other things. Before the villages they had to keep their families alive and doing missions. Now they don't have to worry about those things and focus their attention on other things.

Ok let’s pretend for a moment that the Naruto worldbuilding makes more sense and is more coherent than it actually is, and that therefore one can reasonably extrapolate from what occurs in canon based on comparable real world cultures.

So we’re gonna go way back to the Warring States era, pre-hidden villages. This era is called Warring States, seemingly inspired by several famous eras in East Asian history that were called Warring States, but it would more accurately be called Warring Clans era from the perspective of ninja. Basically we’re told that various feudal lords–a daimyo is just a term for a large land owner–and other warlords who were not ninja would hire various clans of ninja to fight for them. These clans had no allegiance specifically to any feudal lord or country except what allegiance they might have by way of being hired repeatedly by a lord and having a good relationship. With me so far?

So in this kind of society, the clan is everything. There’s no national loyalty, there’s no sense of ethnic loyalty that we seem to see in canon.

Some people have argued that child soldiers don’t make much sense in this environment. I don’t agree. The issue that it’s a waste of resources to send children out to fight when they’re not fully trained is a good point. But chakra users are so much better than non-chakra users that even a genin-level child ninja can be reasonably expected to be able to kill an adult non-chakra user fairly easily. This makes child ninja useful for some mercenary tasks. Also, children are small, enabling them to complete some tasks in tight spaces, and children don’t seem threatening, enabling them to get access. Considering in the real world what horrible and dangerous jobs adults have used children to do, and still do, including child soldiers, I’m not going to say that child soldiers in Naruto are necessarily irrational from a worldbuilding perspective. In particular if you think of this era as an arms race and a world of extremely short-term thinking. A world in which everyone is just thinking, “I just have to live through this week. The results are for future me to worry about.”

So. In this era, the clan leader is responsible for his (let’s be real, his) kinsmen. He chooses the jobs to take, he chooses who fights, he oversees training, he ensures payment, he invests, he arranges marriages.

Then Hashirama and Madara have this idea of bonding different clans together into a village. Rather than hundreds and thousands of competing clan loyalties, you now have something like a dozen or two hidden villages–a big drop. Plus, with the Hidden Villages functioning as a sort of shinobi union, they have more pull in setting prices and preventing people from skipping payment, etc. Also, the clans pool their resources to do things like training–voila, ninja academies.

But you wouldn’t expect the clan leaders who agree to join in on this new system to surrender all of their sovereignty, and what we see in canon is that they don’t, the best example being the Hyuuga.

As of original flavour Naruto, which occurs maybe 50-60 years after the founding of the villages, Hyuuga Hiashi has more or less absolute control over the internal workings of his clan. Nobody does anything to challenge his right to inflict the cursed seal on fellow clan members, nor his right to use those seals to inflict pain on them for disobedience, nor his right to choose to train or not to train his oldest daughter, nor his right to choose his successor. He can do whatever he wants.

Ah, remember when Naruto literally never shut up about how he was going to change the shinobi system and be a reforming Hokage?

So here we basically see the reason why the manga by the end and in Boruto is afraid to touch the issue of what clan heads do now. We don’t want to pick up the issue of clan heads and clan leadership beyond maybe a little bit of aesthetic window-dressing because it would mean bringing reader’s attention back to how the shinobi system hasn’t changed an iota and how, as far as we know, Hyuuga Hiashi can still scramble his kindred’s brains at will, he just magnanimously chooses not to.

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Good gravy.

Back again to waste your time

The shitty sketch version (which I drew in my history class because I was bored :L):

1950′s themed tomtord, I don’t know why but I’m obsessed with the 1950′s.

I made the good choice of spending all the time I had to draw this instead of doing my homework, studying for tests, and drawing actual art. :) Imma be hella regretful in the morning

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Let’s meet M, since so many people are curious about them!

All of the people who were cursed to share a body together were originally fairly average, normal people who simply found themselves going through a rough patch in their lives. They each went looking for a quick fix to their problems, they met Alcyone, and things didn’t turn out exactly how they wanted.

The only one of them that’s a ‘problem’ is Mary, who is a known murderer (Martin nervously refers to her as Scary Mary, and Monroe does not like her one bit). But since Mary is only one of six, she’s able to be collectively overpowered pretty easily by the other five. They don’t want to hurt people or act out, so she gets pushed into the back and is the least apparent of the six as a result.

After a lot of arguing and debating between the lot of them, they eventually came to an agreement that Morgan would be the spokesperson in most day-to-day interactions. This doesn’t mean that the other five don’t interject or push and shove, because they definitely do, but it was reasoned that since the body is Morgan’s, they should be in charge when M has to be coherent (which is usually only when talking to clients or Alcyone - M is an absolute mess and hard to understand about 93% of the time)

Each person has the same amount of push and pull of the body and the brain, and it isn’t uncommon for M to talk to and talk over themself.

[so the idea behind this was Fives writing short ‘here’s what happened today’ messages to Echo after Echo’s “death” at the Citadel - first as a way of coping with losing him, then as just a casual sort of habit - but i never finished it because i am garbage, so here, have the fun part.]

004: I’m working with General Koon’s battalion - garden-variety extraction gone horribly wrong - and the natives here speak this really strange language.  It’s somewhere between chanting and music and poetry.  You would’ve loved it.  Comet actually made a recording, but I don’t think he knows I saw him, so I’m not going to ask for a copy.  Not like you could hear it anyway.

011: Earlier today I had to crack open a reg manual for the first time since I met you.  Honestly, I’d rather sort through a thousand crates of ammunition than do that again.

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okay but the thing that gets me is that there’s gonna be thousands of people out there of all ages from all walks of life going into a cinema not even knowing harry’s in this movie, not even knowing who he is maybe, and they’re gonna see him, possibly for the first time, and like him and google him and find out how amazing he is at everything he does, what a wonderful person he is, they’re gonna make gifs and edits, they’re gonna draw fanart and write barely coherent posts, they’re gonna fall in love with harry the way we did and that’s just so exciting and wonderful and lovely and we’re gonna get to see it omg

#i know the focus is on Killian #but can we just look at Emma? #let’s talk about how excited she is for seeing past!Hook #she even sways a bit #while she’s smiling #and smirking #she can’t wait to seduce him #and have a bit of fun with him #she knows she’ll love it because it’s still him #and she’ll still feel ridiculously attracted to him #and for the first time she’ll have the chance to fully embrace that attraction #and act on it without the fear of getting hurt #she can’t believe her luck #after all the wondering she’ll now know what it’s like to meet and be with the real pirate #and i bet that turns her on to no end #as we witness later #girl can’t hide her enthusiasm #no wonder she was so quick to untie her dress #she has basically plastered on her face: ‘oh yeah’ #’this will be fun’