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lmao zelena pulling emma’s arm like “ENGAGEMENT RING?!?!?!” is literally me

Oh my gosh, oh my gosh, oh my gosh! I just got back from seeing the Power Rangers movie and it was so amazing and wow I feel so happy right now after seeing it! The movie was amazing, it was just so good! It was paced incredibly well and the character’s were all extremely likable and all had really good character development. The movie reminded me of why I loved the original series so much when I was a kid. Everything fit together so well to lead up to a really awesome climatic final battle at the end. When the final battle started and they all flew in on the Zords to fight Rita, the classic theme song started to play “go go Power Rangers!”. And it was such an exciting moment and so nostalgic that I actually sung along a bit.

And then there’s the movie’s autistic character, the Blue Ranger aka Billy Cranston, which is a big part of why I’m so happy right now. The inclusion of an autistic character in a big superhero movie like this had me so excited to see this and I have to say it absolutely did not disappoint. Billy was so well done and really good representation. There’s this wonderful scene at the start where Billy is sitting at a desk in detention arranging all of his pencils in order when an ableist bully knocks all of his pencils down, purposefully breaks one of his pencils s nd calls him a freak. The Red Ranger, Jason, walks up, tells the bully to knock it off and then slaps him. Then later Billy and Jason are at an excavation site and Billy tells Jason that he is on the spectrum. And he explains that his brain works kind of differently and he has trouble recognizing sarcasm or when someone is joking and this scene was at the beginning of the film. There were just so many moments where I’m just like, that’s so me, and that’s not something I usually see in films. Like at the start there’s a scene where Jason out of nowhere hugs Billy and Billy says “can you stop touching me now?” And as someone who has sensory issues with touch and is not really all that comfortable with hugs I could really relate. Also I noticed whenever Billy was excited about something he’d like stim by clapping his hands a couple of times. And he was just as important and capable on the team as everyone else, where as I imagine in a lesser movie they might have made him be a detriment to the team.

It was just really cool to see a really good representation of an autistic character in a Super hero movie and I’m just really happy right now! I really recommend that people see this movie.

Like, as amusing as it is to see USAH being turned down by high school seniors, keep in mind that they’re all part of the U18 team and that this, while a good thing to do, could hurt their future prospects within the USA Hockey program. They’re taking a stand and they have something to lose, both now and in the future. That takes guts. 


hi I didn’t have time to do anything for today’s sh week so have some screenshots of ships for ship day

one is falling over that’s exciting isn’t it I hope it was okay

one has a pretty sky behind it that makes it 10x more amazing also it has sails u don’t see many ships like that nowadays tho how many ships do you see at all I don’t see many at all tho I don’t live anywhere near the sea/ a big lake that’s probably why @ People who live near the sea do u see sailing ships often I need to know this for science

also according to google that last one is famous for some reason I don’t know why but I’m gonna take Google s word for it

I hope you’ve enjoyed today’s substitute for actual mildly okay content thank you and goodnight

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Hi marlen this might be off topic but how does one meet a nice girl? ( I am girl btw) I live in a small city in germany and it's just so hard for me?

move to berlin

i mean it. like i used to live in a small town too and it was nearly impossible to find wlw’s there but here you meet so many lgbt people and there are safe spaces, clubs etc. it’s great. i literally found no other way bc it was hard for me too and as soon as i moved to berlin it got easy and i just feel so much more comfortable bc you can be yourself here, you can hold your gf’s hand and kiss her in public, without being scared. that was my only solution, i hope you find another one, that suits you the best <3 all the best from me, *hugs you tight*

@sugdensquad and @inloveamateursatbest you are both giving me too many feels that I can’t handle because I can’t… it’s too much!

one year ago today i was miserable and more than likely on the verge of a breakdown because of who i was and who was in my life and now i have an amazing support system of friends who love me unconditionally and relentlessly and i’ve moved all the way across the states and i could not be more thankful

i hope you all heal and find love in 2017

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OKAY IM COMING OFF ANON SYO IS MY FAVE I LOVE HIM I'm glad you like Utapri cuz I already thought you were amazing now you're amazing x2


Syo is so damn good bean who deserves tons of love QwQ I`ve always hold UtaPri close to my heart since it was the first anime I actully ever watched, besides Pokemon and that old stuff 

I`ve loved Syo since the first season and I love him even more now Q^Q

Awww, thank you for saying that QwQ You`re also amazing dear //finger guns

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