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anonymous asked:

I haven't been able to watch the new season yet since im from europe but coming from from what i've heard, something has been bothering me. If quintessence corrupts, how come keith got doused in it in season 1 without consequences? Do you think thats coming back or nah?

Actually, I think that’s definitely coming back. 

Haggar says that quintessence is life, and for all intents and purposes, it does seem to have the ability to unnaturally prolong life. Even after death. Zarkon tries convincing Alfor that if they harness enough quintessence, they can effectively become immortal. But this is not without a cost; both Haggar and her cat Kova look like their energy has literally been eaten away, their lives drawn out to the point of them being little more than corpses. Haggar and Zarkon also become obsessed with obtaining more quintessence. 

Yes, Keith was only exposed to quintessence once, but he exhibited no negative side effects. He doesn’t have any urge to absorb more quintessence, nor does he appear weakened by it. Keith healing himself seems like a very innate process, like it just comes naturally to him. Now, here’s where stuff gets…out there. Like, more bizarre and far reaching than anything I’m used to, but season 3 was so bizarre and out there that I feel like I just have to try something totally out of left field now lmao. 

So, take all this with a bag of salt but, what if Keith isn’t actually from the same reality as everyone else? heero-yuy has this neat theory about how Keith is actually from another dimension, and maybe even has something to do with the shadow creatures that attack the galran home world. 

Anyway, if Keith were say from the same dimension as the lions, that would at least explain why he’s so drawn to them and can even sense them like a druid:

So far he’s been able to sense Blue and link with both Red and Black. The funny thing about gravitating towards Blue like a druid though is that…well…we know Honerva was a scientist, not a witch. The quintessence is what gave her all her mysterious super powers. And Keith inherently having those same abilities–even being able to connect with Red over a longer distance (which Zarkon was unable to do without druids) is…very strange. 

Keith is also shown to be very interested in quintessence. I don’t think the fact that he was the one who decided to chase after that druid and find out more is a coincidence. This is also shown as curiosity, not obsession like the case of Haggar and Zarkon. Keith gravitates towards quintessence, and yet remains uncorrupted by it. So, you kinda have to wonder–is Keith similar to the lions and the quintessence from their world somehow? Is he maybe even from that same dimension? 

The problem though, is that even if you can cross from the lions’ dimension into ours, you might not be able to take your physical form with you.

Now, here’s a question–what exactly is the astral plane? An alternate dimension, right?

Now, the lions are made from a comet that can travel between dimensions. However, the “creatures” put into the lions couldn’t manifest as a stable physical form in our world. Instead, they look kinda…ghostly and wraithlike:

To me, this seems very similar to how Shiro and Zarkon can appear in the astral plane as these ghostly spirit projections, but can’t take their physical form with them. So yeah, theoretically, Keith being able to maintain any physical form here without being put into a robeast like body might be impossible (unless things there worked more like Sven’s dimension instead). 

Going ahead with other weird dimension stuff though: both Black lion astrally projecting and Haggar’s magic also cause an exchange of shared memories–we see this between Shiro and Zarkon and later with Zarkon and Haggar. So, we can assume that ability’s inherent to quintessence and the lion “creatures” from that dimension. And I think it can be argued that Keith knowing what a galra invasion looks like–seeing it both in his dreams and in the BOM trial (which reads as kinda like repressed memories)–maybe that’s something similar? Does Keith have visions or other people’s memories because he’s from this strange dimension?

Who knows?? Cause I sure don’t, lmao. But yeah, there seems to be a lot of weird shit still going on with Keith and quintessence at this point and I’m hoping season 4 will expand on it. Given that those episodes are basically just supposed to be “the rest of” season 3, I have a feeling that the whole thing about Keith “unlocking new powers” will actually happen then.

Why the Types Will Die Alone

ISTJ: You were somehow roped into a relationship once but ended that nonsense right quick once you realized they wanted to talk about their feelings. You live a lonesome, tranquil life by the river now, whittling calculators and stock portfolios from driftwood. They are your only friends. 

ESTJ: You had a great life, perfect partner, and tons of friends for many years. Then everything changed when the Fire Nation attacked. Jk, your best friend and the rest of the Senate stabbed you repeatedly in the back and you bled out alone on the floor. “Et tu, Brute?” were your final woe-begotten words you tyrannical dictator, you. 

ENFJ: Your partner got sick of trying to decrypt your real feelings about everything every other second. It’s okay though, you still had a pretty fulfilling life never saying no to any person’s request. You eventually died when your body spontaneously combusted from the stress of trying to make everybody happy. 

INFJ: You tried to act ethereal and distant for so long that nobody wanted to put in the effort to get to know you, Star Man. Except for Linda. But once she saw that all of your “deep, mystical” thoughts were actually just crippling anxiety about people’s approval of you, she jumped that ship pretty quickly. 

ESTP: You took all of your friends skydiving and pushed all their scared, pansy asses out of the plane as a practical joke. You turned around and saw the parachutes they were supposed to be wearing still hanging on the wall, but you didn’t think much of it. Anyways, you convinced the pilot to do a sick flip between some buildings and died in a fiery explosion, just like that old, Romanian woman said you would. 

ISTP: You were too busy being the douchey frat boy bully trope in every teen movie that you forgot to make friends. As you lay dying in a pile of cigarettes and empty liquor bottles, you smile, believing wholeheartedly that Fonzie would have been proud of you. He wouldn’t. 

ISFJ: You were baking a casserole but got distracted by youtube tutorials on how to make friends and burned your house down with you in it. You could’ve escaped, but…there’s people outside…so like, screw that, y'know? 

ESFJ: Your son got so tired of you telling him how to live his life and inserting yourself into his romantic life that he snapped at the “Please Date My Son” mixer you threw for him and came at you with that expensive bottle of Chardonnay you got for yourself while you scrutinized all of the potential daughter-in-laws. None of the girls came to your rescue, as they had recently learned that you’d been gossiping about every single one of them since you’d met them. Let’s be real though, you always knew patricide was the only way you’d go out. 

INFP: You drowned your first partner in the bathtub that you filled with your own tears because they had a weird inflection in the way they said hi to you that one time in August 2011 and you never really got over that. All of your friends got so exhausted trying to console you that when you got trapped in ISFJ’s burning house while helping them make the casserole, they all just assumed your bitter passive-aggressive inferences to the fire’s failure to be a good friend would save you. They did not. 

ENFP: You couldn’t stand the idea of being normal, so you moved to eastern Europe to be different and start a charity or something, you’ll figure out the details later it’s whatever, but you forgot to mention it to, like, all of your friends. Also, you forgot your passport. And your keys. Also, you left the stove on. 

ISFP: Everybody got tired of you staring languidly at the rain so they left you. Like, we get it, you’re deep and thoughtful. Also, they couldn’t stand that you were still into SuperWhoLock, like, that stopped being popular 6 years ago, please move on. Anyways, your pet horse gets so tired of you talking to him about your feelings that he kicks you in the chest, killing you instantly. 

ESFP: You told all your friends you were too busy for them and couldn’t commit to the friendship and floated to some neon rave party and thought trying ecstasy would be a fun experience. You tried proving you were a badass to the bouncer and took like seven and pretty much died on the spot ‘cause your pansy ass would barely have been able to handle one. 

ENTP: You pitted all of your friends against each other to see what would happen for like, the twelfth time, so they all turned on you and forced you to work an isolated office job. They watched through a two-way mirror as you went insane and chewed off your own fingers. They felt that justice was thoroughly served and so do I. 

INTP: You emerged from your garage after weeks of isolation to find that everybody is gone, as they went to the Florida Keys for vacation, but didn’t invite you because they thought you were too busy working on your project that has no real world value. Instead, you assume it’s the zombie apocalypse and retreat back into your garage indefinitely. You die when the roof collapses on you while you’re eating Flaming Hot Cheetos. 

ENTJ: Your coup fails because none of your friends liked the way you kept bossing them around and the government publicly executes you for high treason. In your last moments, you feel a strange sense of camaraderie with ESTJ’s fate, but it doesn’t last long because you could have done waaaaay better than them if you were in that situation. 

INTJ: You’re too proud to admit that you feel things on occasion and shove them all down until the emotions rot away your insides and you eventually have an ulcer, a stroke, and a heart attack all at once in a GameStop parking lot and die, wishing you could have told just one more person why they were wrong about something.


Draco RPK

A very strange hybrid that started off as a Romanian Draco AK pistol which was then converted into a psuedo-RPK. A rear trunnion was installed allowing for the use of a stock again but the barrel length still remains as a pistol. Definitely a one-of-a-kind that would be a fireball spitter at the range. Since it now has a stock, the pistol is reclassified as a Short Barreled Rifle. (GRH)

10 Ways To Prepare Your Body Before Ramaḍān!

Some of us think we will suddenly be ready when Ramaḍān starts, but planning will make the transition a lot easier. The following are 10 ways to prepare your body for the month of fasting.

Food consumption: Begin with eating moderate quantities. Do not splurge on food because Ramaḍān is approaching. This will only increase your appetite and make it more difficult to fast.

Early breakfast: During Ramaḍān, we wake up early for Suhūr, the pre-dawn meal before the fast begins. It is important not to skip this. Start having an early breakfast from now to help your body get used to the earlier hours, especially if you are not much of a breakfast eater.

Do not snack: Get used to having three main meals - breakfast, lunch and dinner - and avoiding snacking in between. During Ramaḍān, you will have to get used to having two main meals, Suhūr and ʾifṭār. This way, you will only have to cut out one meal.

Reduce coffee intake: If you are a coffee-lover and do not want to have a pounding headache during the first few days of Ramaḍān, start reducing your caffeine intake now. Switch to decaf, one coffee at a time, until you are only drinking decaffeinated coffee, then cut it out altogether.

Wean off smoking: Smokers who enter Ramaḍān unprepared may experience various withdrawal symptoms such as irritability, anger, restlessness, impatience, and difficulty concentrating during fasting hours. To avoid this, reduce smoking during the day to mimic what will happen when you fast. It is also good to view Ramaḍān as an opportunity to quit bad habits such as smoking altogether.

Voluntary fast days: What better way to prepare yourself for Ramaḍān than through practice? Try doing a few fasts in the run up to Ramaḍān to help you adapt. This is also a great opportunity to make up for any missed fasts from last year.

Regulate sleep: If you normally sleep late and wake up late, start regulating your sleep from now, because during Ramaḍān you will be waking up early for Suhūr. You might also be sleeping earlier as a result. Alternatively, have an afternoon nap and sleep a little later. Whatever sleeping habit you choose, start to mimic it from now.

Stock up: Meal-planning before Ramaḍān can save you a lot of hassle, especially during the first week of Ramaḍān while you are busy adjusting. Prepare your menu for ʾifṭār and Suhūr for the first seven days, list the ingredients needed, and go grocery shopping now when you are still full of energy.

Local doctor: If you have concerns over your ability to fast for whatever reason, be it diabetes, high blood pressure or reflux, now is the time to schedule an appointment with your doctor. Check with your doctor if it is safe for you to fast.


An Amazon engineer gave random people on Twitch $50K to invest — and this is what happened

  • A long-standing rule for preserving one’s sanity on the internet is to never, ever read the comments section.
  • Amazon engineer Mike Roberts had a different idea: What if he let the comments section pick his investment portfolio?
  • After six months of tinkering, he has now released his invention: Stock Stream, which Roberts is billing as “the world’s first multiplayer stock market game that uses real money.”
  • As of last week, anyone with an account on the game-streaming site Twitch could log-in and help allocate $50,000 of Roberts’ money by typing stock symbols into the Stock Stream’s comment section.
  • Roberts says he got the idea from watching Twitch users collaborate on games like Pokemon.
  • As more and more Twitch-ers started using the platform to crowdsource ideas, Roberts got the idea to see how that crowdsourcing might be used for more practical activities, like choosing what stocks to invest in. Read more (6/5/17)
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