now in bw as well


If Pokespe has taught me anything, it’s “Don’t have dreams, children.”

Ruby’s dream was to learn how to battle alongside his father and to grow up to be like him but due to an accident (caused by Ruby being “just like Dad”) ended up losing
that close relationship with his Dad. His dream ended up turning on him as pretty much everything wrong him now, as well as everything he dislikes about himself, is linked to his similarities to Norman as well as their tattered relationship.

Black’s dream was to win the Pokémon League, which is a goal he worked tirelessly for since he was a small child. He does end up achieving his dream but instead of having everyone acknowledge his victory, it was cut short by the attack on the league. He was also never able to celebrate his accomplishment as he is currently trapped in the light stone. ~It’s kinda more depressing for Black since his arc’s entire theme is “Dreams”~

X’s dream was to be a strong trainer and just like he said, he “didn’t mind telling the whole world about it”. Well, everyone did find out about his skills and ended up swarming him with questions on his future as well as unwanted publicity. His dream ended up severely turning on him leading to his current state of reclusion and what seems to be a severe anxiety/social phobia disorder.

So yeah, don’t have dreams or they will turn on you…badly.