now imagine how the shooting must be

I talked about this on other sites but I would die for a scene of Magnus fighting with weapons? like I love his magic & how he uses it but he’s like 400+ years old, he must be fantastic at like every weapon ever made? I’ve always imagined Alec showing off using his bow & arrow in front of Magnus and Magnus just walking over and picking it up and literally shooting it like a pro and Alec just being shocked, and even if they were in battle & Valentine somehow made it so magic couldn’t be used where they’re fighting and he starts taunting Magnus saying, “he can’t do anything now,” and Magnus just picking up a seraph blade and just grinning, because of his blood from his father that allows him to use shadowhunter weapons, it’s just such a beautiful concept that I’d die for?

enough is enough

Last night I was haunted by thoughts about the murder of singer Christina Grimmie that happened a couple days ago. I never met her and nor did I get a chance to listen to her music prior to her death. But I couldn’t stop thinking about Christina. I caught her live once at iHeartRadio music awards in 2015 and she sounded like an angel. Now she is with the angels. As I was drifting off to sleep, I was possessed by imagining the peace of Christina’s meet and greet at the venue in Orlando, and how the moment was disrupted by bullets.

Little did I know, as I was wondering what Christina’s personality must have been like and how many people are mourning over her, another attack was going down in Orlando. As I was wrapping my head around how someone could possibly be motivated to shoot an innocent human, a gay nightclub turned into a bloodbath.

It is so troubling to think that a place where people come to dance, celebrate, and forget about their worries, has been violated. Music venues are like second homes for some of us. When I am in that space, I am completely present. The last thing on my mind is whether or not my life, as well as the life of my sister, crew, and fans is in danger.

These music events are often symbolic of tolerance and coexistence, as we just experienced at LA PRIDE festival a few days ago. Our safe places have been threatened.

And as I trying to make sense of these shootings that happened in the past few days, I am reminded of the shooting at UCLA that happened just 10 days ago.

How many times do we have to hear about someone’s life being taken for us to realize that we need to reform our gun laws? I don’t know what the right decision is regarding gun control so I’m not going to act like a purveyor of wisdom regarding the law and how background checks should be done…

But what I do know is that humans are fucking crazy. Humans have the capacity to hate, go insane, hold grudges, abuse drugs, have a temper, develop violent tendencies…

Our primitive brains are simply not equipped enough to handle guns.

My heart is weeping for the lives taken this week, and their families and friends in mourning. Let us not give up on humanity. Please maintain peace and love within your communities. That will reverberate across the country.


 Oh God, this boy, I know you all think I’m late but where I am right now it’s his birthday so yea, there we go; I’ve learned so much on how to love this boy and honestly , how not to? 

His politeness that inspires me, his passion for his work, his drive, can you stop and think about how much this boy has been working ? he hasn’t missed a single EXO schedule, even if he was full of shootings to do, and he has always diligenty performed, can you imagine how exhausting it must be? because I’ll tell you, it is , filming alone takes A LOT of time, a lot of effort and dedication to keep on character, you might have to repeat your lines 10, 20, 50 times until everything is right. Now imagine that with practicing dance routines, and learning being one of the main vocals in EXO he has an extra amount of lines for him to sing.

What about time for himself? Or even for him to enjoy being with his friends? Don’t you remember when Chanyeol said more than once that he misses D.O. ? It was Chanyeol that said it but I’m sure Kyungsoo feels it too, probably even more, we always see photos of him traveling by himself one day before an Exoluxion concert, he is always on the run, and whenever he is performing, acting, or whatever it is that he’s doing, he never shows any sign of weakness.

He’s always there, singing his heart out, dancing with energy , smiling for fans , a lot of people complain that he’s bad at fanservice and that he sometimes appear to be cold towards us but…. don’t you see? all this work he’s having, he doesn’t do it just because it is what he likes, he also does it because of us, people who are proud of him, and who will continue to support him.

I hope he has a brillant year ahead and that he always remains who he is, he’s such a genuine guy, he’s always honest with us, and he deserves an amazing amount of respect, because that’s all he has given us.

Happy Birthday DO Kyungsoo, we love you <3 You deserve all hapiness.


“Now you do it, Y/N.”

“D-do what?” you stuttered, cheeks flaming when Dean frowned at your inattention. Well not inattention… you just weren’t looking where you were supposed to be. “Sorry, can you do it again?”

“I guess. Y’know, we can’t start shooting until you get this stuff down,” Dean chastised, but there was still a playfulness in his voice as he unloaded and reloaded the gun for what must have been the fourth time now, the movements of his hands effortless and sure. You couldn’t help but be transfixed by them, but this time around you somehow managed to pick up how to do it, repeating the process on your own gun, although a little bit slower.

“Voilà,” you said with a proud smile, holding it up for Dean to see, and he chuckled at your excitement and enthusiasm. “Can we go shoot stuff now?”

(x) (x) (x)

The absurdity of Lexa coaching Aden on what to say to Clarke. Like can you imagine how that conversation must have gone down. “Aden when Clarke walks in I need you to tell her you’re gonna protect her if Heda mommy dies tonight.” What extra ridiculousness is this. The sheer knowledge that this had to have happened is just ridiculous. It’s a ridiculousness I absolutely need, though. lol shoot me.

“Now more than ever we must see each other for what we are. one species. one people. one heartbeat. technology has allowed us to see the world and open our minds yet somehow we still see color. sex. we judge one another on appearance. religion. circumstance. wealth. education.
no one chooses the environment they are born into. how am I to know how I would act if I was born into the situation of my neighbor?
I lived a year of my life in government housing in North Omaha and my eyes were opened. it was the highest shootings per capita in the US I grew to have such a deep love for the people that were born into difficult circumstances. my brothers and sisters that were born into poverty. many people had no family. no one to protect them or love them. they turned to gangs to find family. how do I know that I wouldn’t do the same? if I feared for my life on the way to school every day and had no family to protect me, I would do the same. so who are we to judge our neighbors choices? I don’t condone gang culture, but I understand the cycle. I understand the lack of choice some have in the Environment they are born into. so we can’t judge our neighbor for their choices. because we don’t understand fully. we can only LOVE
we can help end the cycle.
we do this by building acceptance in our communities and schools. we reach out to the person sitting alone at lunch.
the epitome of "cool” is NOT a hipster
the epitome of “cool” is the person that has pure acceptance for all. that spreads love and light.
“cool” is not to be “bored” and “more intelligent/witty” than others.
“cool” is not the clothes on your back
“cool” is understanding that we do not understand all. we only seek to make everyone else see how “cool” THEY are
“cool” is the eyes of a child. arrow sees no color. no sexual orientation. no wealth. she only sees YOU. a beautiful human being.“
- Dan Reynolds