now imagine him running his hands through it

Imagine Sam staying up all night with your daughter

“Morning, Rapunzel,” Dean teased as Sam walked into the room, his hair mussed from a restless night.

“Don’t,” he grumbled, running his hands through his hair as he took a seat opposite his brother.

“Rough night?” Dean asked, and Sam groaned.

“Katie’s only just gone to sleep. Worn herself out crying all night,” he explained, rubbing at his temples with his fingertips.

“Just go to bed now, we don’t have to be anywhere today,” Dean told him, but Sam shook his head.

“Y/N’s still sleeping, I don’t want to wake her up.”

Dean smiled, leaning back in his chair.

“You love them,” he commented, and Sam rolled his eyes.

“Well duh.”

Dean nodded, looking back at the paper in front of him, “You’re a good dad.”

Gotta Go My Own Way | Calum Hood

Gotta Go My Own Way (based off of HSM2)

Calum Imagine

(not my gif, found on google)

Calum slammed his bass on top of his bed, sitting down next to it and running his hands through his hair in frustration. Y/N and the other boys, Luke, Ashton and Michael, all joined it and sat in a circle, Y/N sitting next to Calum rubbing his back. She could feel the heat radiating off of him, his heart racing and tense muscles underneath her delicate touch. He and the band had been trying to get signed and noticed by companies and other bands for over 4 years now, and no one has made an effort to take them on and have faith in their ability to make it big. Calum had spent endless nights on the computer and phone, contacting every record label about an audition to be signed, and each time they turned him and his dreams down. He couldn’t take it anymore, he was ready to give up the dream of being a musician down with his best friends, at the age of 19.

“Calum, calm down, just because someone hasn’t discovered you yet, doesn’t mean no one will.” Y/N tried to comment to comfort him. Calum only huffed, as if she made some sort of joke.

“Are you kidding me? 4 years. 4 years the guys and I have been on countless auditions and using every minute on our phones to contact producers and record labels. I gave up a career in football for this. I was on my way to becoming a famous athlete, my future all laid in stone. But I gave it up for something I actually loved more than anything in this world. And I can’t even achieve it.”

“Calum calm down! You’re making it sound like you’re regretting ever starting this band!” Luke shouted as he stood up and pointed at Calum.

“Well maybe I do!” Calum stood up, chest to chest with Luke.

The room fell silent, with the exception of the slight ringing noise in the air. Y/N grabbed onto Calum’s hand and rubbed circles on his knuckles, with a look in her eyes that showed she was scared. Scared of him ever lashing out at her the way he was lashing out at Luke. She had never seen him this way, with smoke and flames practically coming out of his nose. She pleaded him to stop, while Luke sighed and marched over toward Calum’s large bedroom window to get his mind off all the stress being put on him and the band. Instead of Calum sitting back down and being rational, he stormed out the door and down the stairs into the summer air. Once he was outside, he rubbed his forehead, heat immediately radiating off of it. Then, as if on que, vibrations came from his jean pocket. He growled, not wanting to hear any voices since he was already getting a massive headache.

He ripped the phone from his pocket and angrily hit the green button to answer.

“Hello!” He yelled.

“Oh I’m sorry is this…Calum Hood?” An innocent voice fell from the lips of the girl on the other end. He instantly felt bad for shouting, and took a breath.

“Yes, sorry for shouting, but yeah this is him. Who is this?”

“Hi! I’m Nia from the band Hey Violet. We have a record label named What’s Up Records, and we’ve seen your band, 5 Seconds of Summer’s youtube videos and Hey Violet loves you guys! How would you like to meet with us about being our opening band on our upcoming tour?”

Calum nearly jumped out of his jeans, opening his mouth and gasping at the unbelievable opportunity being thrown at him at the time he needed it most. He felt the tears peaking in his waterline, and smiled so big that the crinkles in his eyes were showing, the sign of pure joy from Calum.

“Oh my god…Oh my…wow, yes yes yes we’d-we’d love to…oh my god, thank you. Thank you so so much!” She laughed on the other end.

“You’re very welcome. You guys are talented, and deserve it. Come by our studio tomorrow at 2 pm. The address is 3002 Suite Street. We’re looking forward to meeting with you guys.” And then he heard the phone noises signaling that she ended the call. Calum jumped up and down like a 5 year old girl after getting the doll she had been wanting all year, and ran inside the house trampling up the stairs.

“Guys! Guess what!”

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J-Hope Imagine

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Imagine Hoseok coming home from dance practice. He sees you watching tv in your night clothes. As he heads further into your shared apartment, he notices that you’re wearing his favorite t-shirt and the special pair of underwear that he bought for you. His thoughts that were previously focused on showering are now on your body. You smile up at him and stretch your arms out to him. He drops his bag and hurries to you. You wrap your arms around his waist and lay your head on his stomach. He runs his hands through your hair softly. He gently pulls your hair to look at your face. He places a soft kiss on your lips. You kiss him back and before you know it, he’s laying you down on the couch, never leaving your lips. 

The kiss turns passionate and heated. He breaks the kiss to catch his breathe and you both rid yourselves of your clothes. He lays you back down on the couch and kisses you hotly. He holds one side of your face while the other trails its way down to take hold of your breast. He teases your nipple and pinches it softly. You let out a gasp and he takes the opportunity to put his tongue in your mouth. He starts kissing your cheek and moves down to your neck. He leaves a few marks and moves down to your collarbone. He bites down until you let out a small whine, and licks the wound. He kisses his way down to your breasts and takes turns putting each in his mouth. He moves the hand on your face down to your core and rubs your slit. He inserts a finger in your core and pumps into you slowly. He inserts a second finger and pumps even faster. You’re a moaning mess under him and you grab his neck and pull him into an intense kiss. You let out a whine as he takes out his fingers. He quickly positions himself at your entrance and kisses you as he pushes himself in. You moan loudly in his mouth and he breaks the kiss to hear your voice. He holds you tight and sets his head next to yours so he can hear every noise that leaves your mouth. He picks up speed, and you drag your nails along his back. He lets out a hiss and speeds up at an intense pace. You are both moaning loudly, your sounds turning each other on even more. “I- I’m so close,” you gasp. “Me…too,” he replies in between thrusts. “Come for me baby,” he moans after five or so thrusts, and his words are all you need to come all over his dick. He feels your climax and reaches his own within seconds. You two are panting, trying to catch your breaths. He collapses on top of you, but you don’t mind. You continue to hold him close, kissing his neck lovingly. He pulls out of you after a few minutes and turns you onto your side. He lays behind you and holds you close. “You look really good wearing my shirts Jagi,” he finally says. “I’ll make sure to wear them more often,” you reply, your voice practically gone. He smiles and kisses your cheek. He grabs the throw blanket you were using earlier and put it on you both. You turn around to face him and you fall asleep on his chest.

- Admin M

~ Masterlist ~

  • Leaving soft butterfly kisses all over each other’s faces.
  • Not much PDA aside from holding your hand and kissing it every now and then.
  • You sitting on his lap while he plays piano.
  • Him laying his head on your lap as you watch a movie/tv show.
  • Him falling asleep on your lap while you run your fingers through his hair.
  • Cuddling. lots and lots of cuddling.
  • Hickies. Lazy hickies all over both of your necks.
  • You sitting quietly at the studio watching him work.
  • Him writing songs about how much he loves you but doesn’t admit it’s about you.
  • His gummy smile when he hears you humming or singing his songs.
  • Random conversations at 3 am.
  • Making each other playlists.
  • Taking artsy couple pictures.  
  • You rapping to his part in Cypher and him being impressed.
  • Him trying to impress you with nice breakfast but gets lazy and ends up just bringing you the whole cereal box and a glass of milk saying “I tried.”
  • You making sure he eats and is healthy.
  • The boys reminding him to call you when he’s on tour.
  • The maknae like getting giggly when they see the both of together.
  • You wearing his sweaters and him loving it.
  • You giving him a headband or two to keep the hair out of his face when he’s working.
  • The silent treatment when your mad at eachother.
  • Him being sick of not talk to you so he apologizes no matter who is really at fault.
  • Rough and steamy make up sex.
  • You sitting in between his legs as the both of you play videogames together.
  • Napping.
  • Sweet morning kisses.
  • Him waking up to see your sleeping face next to him causing him to slightly smile.
  • Him playing with your hair.
  • Him taking care of you when you’re sick but only because he ‘doesn’t want to get sick.’  When in reality he doesn’t want to show the fact that he cares alot for you.
  • You being the only person who gets to see his emotional/soft side.
  • Him saying ‘I love you.’ Only when the two of you are alone.
  • The other boys teasing him for being adorable with you.
  • Warm baths with each other using bath bombs, rose petals and other fancy bath things.
  • Is obviously whipped by you but always denies it.
  • Loves it when your dominant and finds it hot when your needy.
  • Him buying you cute underwear just so he can see you walk around the house in them.
  • Secretly records you being cute just so he can replay it when he’s away.
  • The boys asking you how the hell you deal with a person so ‘boring’.
  • He’d tease you about being bad at basketball or sports in general.
  • You being his cheerleader at his basketball games.
  • Him having a thing for you calling him oppa.
  • You being the only person who can wake him up in the morning.
  • Him pretending to sleep only so you can kiss his jawline.
  • Over all beautiful lazy love.

Here you go! Sorry the bottom is really spaced out it messed up and I really can’t fix it for some stupid reason. Anyway if you all didn’t know Yoongi is my all time bias, so I really do personally think dating Yoongi would kinda be like this.

Anyway, enjoy!

-Mari xx

Worried Daddy [a Sebastian Smythe imagine]

Request: Do you think you could write an imagine where Sebastian has a kid with special needs? I hope your day goes better tomorrow too <3

a/n: we all need some daddy seb i feel like shit tbh

send me snippets from your imaginations

Big bright hazel eyes stare back at Sebastian and he frowns. He wishes you were here right now. “Come on, mon trésor (my treasure).” he coos, forearms resting against the car doorway; black suit jacket pulled up to his lower back. Logan just grunts, pointing at him.

A sigh falls from Sebastian’s lips. This is always how the day begins. Pushing himself off the car, he runs his hands through his slicked back brown hair before ducking his head. “Where did mommy put your chart…” he mumbles, more to himself than his son.

Grabbing the spongebob backpack, Sebastian unzips the large zipper, stray strands of hair tumbling in front of his pale face. His striped tie (very similar to the one he wore at Dalton) hangs mid air. “Da!” Logan beams, opening and closing his mouth, but not making words.

The dad snaps his head up, smiling widely. He loves hearing that one simple syllable. “I know, I know, I'm…” Sebastian stops when his nimble fingers find the laminated thin book, yanking it out with a smirk. “Dad knows.” he tuts proudly, handing the book to his son. “What is it, killer?” he asks, using the nickname for Blaine he had.

Logan points to the picture of you (right next to a picture of Sebastian; labeled ‘mom’ and ‘dad’), grunting. Frowning, the green eyed man scruffs his dress shoes on the ground. “Aw, bud, I know you want mommy.” he mutters, raking his hand through Logan’s short, uneven locks. “Mommy and I are gonna pick you up after school, alright?” he coaxes, watched his son slide out of the car. “There’s my big middle school boy!”

Grabbing Sebastian’s hand, the small boy hops, letting the lawyer pick him up slightly. Even though it kills his shoulder, the graduated Warbler laughs, walking into the building, book in hand. A teacher meets them at the entrance, grinning. “Hello, you must be Logan! I’m Mrs. B! It’s very nice to meet you!” the young blond smiles. Not condescending. Good.

The tiny brunette hides behind his daddy’s black dress pants, clinging to his long legs. Sebastian peers back, lips pressed in a tight line. “Logan…it’s okay, bébé (baby).” he hums, bending down to his son’s level. Logan grunts, pointing firmly at the door. “No, baby, you can’t go with me. Daddy’s gotta work.” he frowns, readjusting the small blue Transformers t-shirt. “Hey, why don’t you go play? Look, she has a chair like Mr. Artie!” Sebastian encourages, leaning close to Logan’s face.

Excitement bubbles in Logan and he dashes off, arms flailing. A sad yet proud smile appears on Sebastian’s plump lips and he stands up. “Here’s his communication book; if he doesn’t use it today…he needs time.” he whispers, handing the book to the women. “The nurse has his meds; helpful tip, mix it with his Gatorade. And he has his cup in his ba- oh! And an extra set of clothes, actually, my wife packe-”

“Mr. Smythe.” Mrs. B interrupts, hands in front of her dress. “I’m sure that we can handle another student. If anything comes up, we will call you immediately. But, it looks like Logan already made a friend!” she beams, pointing to the arts and crafts table.

With one last tip, Sebastian thanks her before strutting out of the school, shoving his hand in his suit pocket and taking out his phone. His fingers tap the screen quickly, lifting the phone to his ear. “Hey babe, just dropped him off.” he says, making his way to the car, licking his lips in the process.

You sigh on the other line, “How was it?” you ask, voice strained.

“It was…better than I’d thought it would be.” he admits, popping the door open. “We’re getting him at 3. I would go sooner but that’s the earliest I can get out of the firm…” Sebastian sighs, “I love you.”

“I love you too. Don’t worry, he’s going to have so much fun.”


Imagine having your period and taking it out on Johnny…

“What’s wrong?” He asked you, reaching out to run his fingers through your hair as he laid beside you on the bed. “Are you okay?”

“Don’t touch me, Johnny” You muttered, smacking his hand away, “Just leave me the hell alone.” 

You watched as his face fell… and you immediately felt bad, but your stomach was paining something awful and you just couldn’t bear to be touched right now. 

He got up instantly, not looking back as you called after him… but he returned moments later with a pint of ice cream and two spoons. 

“Here” He whispered, pressing his lips to the top of your head and reaching beside him to pull out the book you had been reading together. 


“Percy!” you gasped as you watched your boyfriend walk through the gate. You were quick to run up and wrap your arms around his neck, but you didn’t miss the small hiss that left his mouth when you grazed over his arm.

You pulled away, giving him a curious look, before glancing at the arm he now had behind his back.

“Percy.” you warned, placing your hand out in front of him with a look that told him he better give his hand you. Percy wavered under your gaze, sighing before placing his wrapped hand in yours.

“It’s nothing. I just swung my-” you shook your head, not wanting to hear his excuse.

“I don’t care what you did Percy. Go lie down, and I’ll bring your dinner.” you told him. Percy did a double take, shocked at your change of attitude. 

“You’re not going to kill me?” he asked.

“Not right now. I’ll wait until your hand is healed.

Don’t tell Nate!(Derek Luh)

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“Hey,” Derek lowers his head to kiss your lips. “How’ve you been?” 

“Great now,” you smile brightly and press your lips to his again. 

“Good to know,” he chuckles as he pulls away.

“Where’s Nate?” You furrow your brows. 

“Went to get some food,” he shrugs and pulls you into his chest. “You busy?” 

“No, why?” 

He grins, and pulls you towards the bed. He falls backwards, pulling you along with him. “I wanted to lay here with you,” he mumbles softly and runs his hands through your hair. 

You sight in content, and for a few minutes its quiet. “I missed you,” you mumble into his chest. 

“I mis-” 

“Hey Y/N, where’s Na-what the fuck?” Johnson opens the door, and the two of you sit up. “What’s going on?” 

“You’re what?!” G exclaims looking between you and Derek, Johnson stood at his side. 

“We’re dating,” you repeat for the millionth time since Johnson walked in twenty minutes ago. “Its no big deal, really,” you shrug.

“No big deal? Nate’s gonna kill you!” Johnson says. 

“Thanks for the support, guys, really,” Derek rolls his eyes sarcastically. 

“It just doesn’t make any sense,” G says as he and Johnson begin to pace around the room. “Why don’t you just tell him?” 

“Didn’t you just say he’d kill us?” You raise your brows, “Even if he didn’t, it’s not like he’d love the idea of us being together.” 

“I don’t like this,” Johnson shakes his head, a few weeks later. “We’ve been covering for you guys, and we feel terrible for lying to Nate.” 

“You can’t drag us into your mess,” G agrees. 

“They’re right,” Derek pulls you into his chest. 

“We’re sorry, we just don’t know how to tell him.” You shrug, leaning back into Derek. 

“Tell who-why are you guys standing like that?” Nate walks in, surprising everyone. 

“I thought you were at the store?”You stammer, and pull away from Derek. 

“They were closed, what’s going on?” 

“We’re dating,” Derek says before you could even open your mouth. 

“You’re what?” Nate raises his brows, folding his arms. 

“We’re dating,” Derek says again and pulls you back into his chest. 

“Derek,” Nate says slowly. “If you even think about hurting Y/N, I’ll kill you in your sleep.” 

“Got it.” 

Number Game-Stiles Stilinski-100

Requested by: polarizedbyjoshdun

Stiles sighed lightly as he sat on the edge of your bed, running his hands through his hair as he put his head down, his hands now setting on the back of his neck.

While you two were out the night before, Scott, and Derek called him repeatedly until he had to bail out on you, which you understood. Though you wished he would’ve been able to stay, you knew his friends needed you.

He looked up as he heard footsteps and saw you coming down the hall, and got to his feet.

“Hey Stiles.” You said, a grin tugging to your lips as you walked over to him, standing in front of him.

“Hey, (Y/N). Look about last night. I just.” He sighed, shaking his head. “I wanted to apologize. I know that I might of seemed like a huge jerk just leaving you there. But I wanted to make it up to you.”

You couldn’t help but smile. “Stiles, don’t worry about it. I get it, your friends needed you, and it was obviously serious or they wouldn’t of called you.” You said, reaching up and gently touching his cheek.

I want something to go right with us. Just once… Just-.” His words slowed down as you started leaning in, your lips pressing to his to stop him from worrying about it.

“It’s okay. Promise.” You murmured after pulling away.

Imagine werewolf!Woozi smiling contently when you pet him.

17- After a fight

NASH// “I’m such an idiot,” Nash mumbled to himself, feeling him self get worked up again. His cheeks heated up as he felt salty tears rush down them for the third time tonight. He sat on the couch, his hand running through his hair. A stinging sensation ran through his eyes as he tugged on his brunet strands, thoughts of you running through his mind. He got up and walked over to his now cracked phone, picking it up and unlocking it. He clicked on your contact, about to hit call when your words rushed through his mind. “Don’t call me,” you spat, and he closed his eyes, whimpering. He finally pressed call, bringing it up to his ear. It rang a few times before you picked up. “H-hello,” he tried barely above a whisper, his voice cracking. “Hi,” you responded, sniffling. “Please come home, I love you so much and I’m so sorry for making you mad- I’ll never let it happen again and I promise to be the best-” You cut him off, “Its okay Nash, I’m outside.” He rushed to the door, opening it and engulfing you in a hug. “I’m so sorry baby,” he mumbled into your hair. “I am too,” you squeaked as you ran your fingers through his hair.

CAMERON// “Cam?” You whispered, tiptoeing over to the couch. “Cam?” You repeated, poking the lump under the covers. “Hmm?” He mumbled, opening his eyes. He squinted, looking up at you. “I’m sorry about our fight, can you come back up to out bed babe?” You asked, and he smiled. “Of course,” he said, rolling off the couch and pulling you into a hug, barring his face into your neck.

TAYLOR// You opened the door to yours and Taylor’s shared flat, kicking off your shoes and walking into the living room. Taylor laid on the couch, and gave you a small smile. “Did you cool off?” He asked, and you laughed. “Yeah,” you replied, plopping down next to his head. “I don’t like when we fight,” you mumbled, running your hands through his hair. “I do too, I’m sorry baby,” he told you. “I’m sorry too.” He sat up, pecking your lips. “I love you,” he said as your foreheads were pressed together. “I love you too.”

JACK JOHNSON// You walked into the kitchen, rolling your eyes at Jack who sat at the counter. “Babeee, you can’t be mad at me forever,” he whined. You grabbed a water bottle, trying to walk out but he blocked you. You tried to get him to move, ignoring him and trying not to smile. He hugged on to you, picking you up and carrying you to the couch. “Stop,” you told him, a small smile cracking. “Ah, so now you’re talking,” he said, pecking your cheek. You sighed, grinning and grabbed his face, kissing his lips.

JACK GILINSKY// you stormed away from Jack, angry as you’ve ever been at him. “And don’t you think-” you were cut off by Jack slamming you into the wall, smashing his lips into yours. You tried to shove him away, but soon pushed your anger away when he put his hands on your hips. He pulled away, and you opened your eyes. You’re such an ass hole,” you smiled, shaking your head. “And you’re a bitch, but I still love you,” he smirked, and you laughed pushing him away. “And your really hot when your yelling at me!” He called to you as you walked back to get your purse from the table.

AARON// “Baby?” He asked, knocking softly and slowly opening the door. You looked at him, your dried tears still stained your pink cheeks. “I’m sorry, I should have never even blamed you for any of that. I was frustrated with myself and you shouldn’t of been brought in to that,” he told you, sitting down on the edge of the bed by your feet. You sat up, grabbing your hand. “It’s alright, Aaron,” you smiled at him. He laid down with you again, kissing your forehead and cuddling into you. “I love you,” he mumbled, putting his chin on the top of your head. “I love you too.”

MATT// Your eyes fluttered opened, thoughts of last night flooding back into your mind. You cringed, turning over to find a set of brown eyes staring into yours. “Morning gorgeous,” Matt mumbled, his morning voice rough. “Hi,” you squeaked.” “I’m sorry about last night. So sorry, I didn’t mean to get that mad at you and tell,” he told you, sighing. “I’m sorry too. I shouldn’t get so jealous,” you told him. He scooted closer to you, poking your arm and smiling. “You’re such an idiot,” you giggled, wrapping your arms around his waist.

SHAWN// “(Y/N),” Shawn called from outside the door, his head resting against it. You lifted your head up from the pillow, sniffling and looking over at the door. You forced your self to get up, trudging over to the door. You grabbed the door handle, stopping for a moment and then turning it. Shawn lifted his head from the door once it opened, and his eyes broke your heart. They were filled with tears and they looked blood shot. He wiped his eyes and let out a choppy sigh. “(Y/N), I’m so sorry,” his voice cracked, and you nodded. You wrapped your arms around his neck. “It’s okay, I love you so much Shawn,” you told him. “I love you so much more.”

Assassin (Part 3)

“Hey!” You spun around to the direction of the shout. Marcus. And he wasn’t alone. A group of men were following him, all carrying weapons and pushing through the crowd. You were outnumbered. “Come on Newt, we’ve got to leave. NOW.” You said tugging his arm. He nodded. You knitted your fingers with his and made a run for it. You laced through the crowd, shoving and pushing anyone who got in your way. You needed to find the exit. And you couldn’t lose Newt. Not again. He squeezed your hand as if reading your mind. You held onto it tighter. “Did you actually think you could outsmart me?” You bumped straight into Marcus. Stupid. You thought. Stupid, stupid, stupid. Of course he was going to have the exits covered. He raised his arm, pointing his gun straight at your head. “I don’t like arrogant people, Y/N. Especially arrogant people who think they can get away with everything.” He pressed the gun to your forehead. You felt Newt flinch. He was holding your hand so tightly that it hurt. Marcus laughed. “Is this your boyfriend, Y/N?” He said waving his gun. “I think I’m gonna have to kill him first.” The next seconds were a blur. You remember tackling Marcus to the ground. You remember the shouts and punches. You remember the awful pain suddenly rip through your shoulder. You especially remember Newt’s yells, calling your name over and over again as he held you. Then you blacked out.

24. “Did you say what I just think you said?”

“Are you okay baby?” You asked, walking into the room as he was laid out on the bed shirtless. He’s been pretty stressed out lately so I guess he needed a little break.

“Not really,” He groaned as you laid down on your side next to him on the silk covered bed.

“You want to talk about?” You questioned, running a hand through his hair when he scooted closer to you and pecked your lips. 

“Not right now.” He yawned, settling his head on your chest making you smile. He looked cute when he was tired and when he was sleeping but he always says the same thing about you.

“Well if I’m here if you want to talk okay?” You reassured, looking down at him and he nodded his head. You were about to get up from the bed and leave so he could get on with his nap but he grabbed your hand.

“Where are you going?” He pouted, his messy hair shinning from the light.

“I was going to go back downstairs—I thought you would want to continue your nap.”

“No, lay with me please.” He begged, patting the spot next to him. You just couldn’t say no to him so you laid back down in the bed Justin’s head on your chest again and your hand started to play with his hair.

Justin is a great boyfriend and is so sweet. He’s a complete romantic and is understanding.

“I love you—“ You said, instantly stopping yourself but that didn’t change what he just heard.

“Did you just say what I think you said?” He asked, sitting up to look at you, nerves starting to run through your body. 


“I love you too.” He smiled, a glimmer in his eyes. He pressed his lips against yours softly and you grinned.

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Imagine Michael was laying on your lap, him playing with your hair every now and then. You’re both on your phones, a random plalist playing in the background. “Oh look,” you grab michaels attension “It’s raining.” You point out. “Your favourite babe.” He warmly smiles, you run your hand through his hair, earning a hum in satisfaction. Going back to your phone still keeping your hand in his soft hair. After 10 minutes of just silence, Michael looks up at you, just admiring you. “Y/n?” He tries to get your attention. “Yep?” You look down at your smiley boyfriend. “I love you so much and you are really pretty.” He adores. “Awww Mikey, I love you too.” You say and run your hand through his hair again. He pecks your stomach and just lays there with his head in your stomach and you rubbing his scalp and fuck where do I buy a Michael Clifford?

Just The Facts

A/N: I did a thing for @tabbystardust and I’m gonna run away now.
Rating: M

Spencer slumped through the door first, though he was excited to spend a night in the hotel room with Derek, he was also tired and frustrated by the day. The case was not going well and the team had come to something of a roadblock in creating their profile.

Following in behind him, Derek put a hand on his shoulder in the hope to calm him and relax his mind for a moment. The two had been together for a few weeks now, still testing the water before they decided whether the others should find out but they were enjoying the privacy for now.

“C’mon, pretty boy,” he said softly. “Time to let it go for a while.”

“It doesn’t work like that,” complained Spencer. “I can’t just turn it off.”

“Then let me distract you,” said Derek, smoothly moving around to his front and letting his hand follow round to his cheek. The smile on his face was the first thing Spencer saw, causing him to sigh and admit defeat.

“Ok, ok,” he said finally, smiling to his colleague before leaning into him and letting himself be taken into his arms. “How do you do that?”

“Magic,” replied Derek, wrapping him up in himself. “What can I do to help?”

“Well…” started Spencer, looking up to Derek again before leaning in to press their lips together. Derek welcomed him eagerly, pulling him further into him as they stumbled backward toward the bed. The pair fell into the sheets in a heap, laughing as they entwined. “How’s this for a start?”

“Mmmm, I like it,” he answered, letting his hand slide around to Spencer’s tight, little behind. “I like it a lot.”

Pulling up his knees, Spencer straddled Derek’s waist, letting his cheeks sit firmly in his crotch. The feel of him growing in excitement beneath was enough to send a shiver down Spencer’s spine. Dragging his hand down his chest, he felt Derek’s muscular figure through his clothing, dragging slowly down and down. Breath escaped slowly through Derek’s lips, anticipating where the hand might go and being absolutely right. As his fingers reached the button of Derek’s jeans, a flick of his fingers made short work and within moments he was free.

“Fuck, I wanna feel you,” said Spencer.

“Then do it,” gasped Derek, prompting Spencer to raise up just enough to peel down his pants. With nothing between them, Spencer could feel Derek’s throbbing end as it pressed between his cheeks, threatening to press deep into him before he was even ready.

Quickly, Spencer leaned over to the side table, pulling open the drawer to retrieve the small, clear bottle before applying some of the contents to his fingers. With the added lubrication, Spencer’s hand felt even better than before. With his other hand, Spencer reached around himself, teasing himself with his finger. The sound of Derek’s slowly labouring breathing egged him on, but it as his eyes that begged him to move quicker.

With a single finger, Spencer slipped inside himself, gasping a little as he opened himself up for his coworker. The sensation made him shiver at first, sliding himself up and down his own digit as he worked Derek’s cock. The second finger caused Spencer to whimper a little, swallowing hard as he maintained himself. Matching the motions of both hands, he watched as Derek let his head roll back in frustration before a heavy grimace signified the third and final finger entering the fray.

The sudden pressure caused Derek to open his eyes quickly, not realising that Spencer was ready as he guided the larger man’s tip into the rim of his widened hole. The release of breath that came from Spencer’s lips was deep and sharp, focusing as much as he could while pressing down onto Derek’s generous proportion. Once he was comfortable with the sliding motion, Spencer let go with his hand and started rising and falling with confidence.

“Mmmm,” groaned Spencer. “You know, seventy-eight percent of men admit being attracted to a friend or coworker?” Derek moaned subtly, enjoying the tightness of his little hole and the feel of his skin astride him but looking a little confused. “Sorry… probably… not the time.”

“Keep going,” said Derek as he rolled his hips, raising Spencer up as he pressed deep inside him.

“Huh?” Gasped Spencer, running his hands up the well defined muscles of Derek’s chest as he was practically thrown up and down.

“Mmmm, I love it when you talk facts,” explained Derek, sliding his palms up Spencer’s thighs.

“That so?” he asked, shifting his knees so that he could ride harder. “Umm… Even though the UK is the… 78th country by size… it has the 5th biggest… economy in the world.”

“Mmmm, yeah, like that…” said Derek, moving his hand across Spencer’s middle before trailing it down to his throbbing cock.

“Umm…” gasped Spencer, trying to concentrate. “The United States has… had more confirmed serial killers… than every other country… put together.” Trying to recite facts while Derek moaned, worked his cock and fucked him was difficult, his breath at an almost pant between words.

“Fuck… yes… more, pretty boy,” whimpered the athletically built agent, his fingers wrapped tightly around Spencer’s length and pumping him with the same ferocity that he rolled his hips hard into his ass.

“Fu… fuck… I… er…” moaned Spencer, his mind drawing a blank of all but the feeling of his coworkers strength. “M… most offenders can’t… can’t help but keep… keep track of their… their crimes… even… to the point of… it being their downfall.”

“Yes… Fuck… I… wait…” panted Derek as he realised something. “Keeping track…”

“What?” asked Spencer, looking both confused and ecstatic. His body tensed as the familiar wave of pleasure threatened to roll through him.

“The photographers… at the… oh shit…” groaned Derek, rolling his head back again. “Fuck, keep going, don’t stop yet…”

“But the c…” started Spencer but Derek’s relentlessness had taken its toll. Shuddering, digging in his nails, and moaning loudly, Spencer exploded, shooting his hot, sticky load across Derek’s chest. It took all of his strength not to collapse on top of it.

“Oh, fuck… Spencer…” exclaimed Derek as he gripped Spencer, moving even quicker before stopping abruptly with an outcry. His body thrust uncontrollably as his muscles tightened and relaxed, milking himself into Spencer and nearly throwing him off. “Spence… Spencer… call Hotch.”

“I got it,” he replied, lifting himself from Derek who fell into a spread eagle across the bed, unable to move. Spencer struggled across the room toward his phone, trying hard to shuffle his jeans down off his ankles.

Listening to the phone ringing while he waited for his supervisor to answer, he could feel Derek trickling down the back of his leg. The sound of Hotch’s voice as he answered suddenly made him feel very nervous in his post-orgasm high, as if he was somehow able to tell.




You scowled at the sight of it. Teresa running her hands through Newt’s hair, whining about him having to work, complaining about him not spending enough time with her; but Newt was growing annoyed now.
“Teresa, come on lovely, you know I have to work right now,” he grew serious all of a sudden. She grumbled and stormed off.
It was clear that what they had was not a real relationship. She took advantage of him a lot and she tricked him into showering her in gifts and fulfilling her desires. She never left his side either, becoming attached at the hip; you knew Newt secretly had enough.
“Y/N, we should take a break, I’m getting tired,” he announced from the row next to you. You stepped out and nodded. Fetching two cups of water from the well, you handed one to Newt.
“Thanks love,” the word made you shiver as you both plopped down against a wall.
“Harvesting always makes me tired,” he said as his eyes grew heavier. You giggled at the sight of Newt snoring away in seconds flat.
It was a stressful week though, what with gathering all the grown food and Teresa’s birthday coming up.
Picking your own birthdays laid off the grief of not remembering your past and the parties offered some actual fun in the Glade. But they were painstaking to plan as well.
“Oh Newt,” you sighed, “I wish you’d see how much I care about you, more than she ever will…I can’t believe my own dam bad luck…if I had mustered the courage too talk to you first…it wouldn’t be like this…” You jumped as his head hit your shoulder, but calmed back down. “It just feels right like this doesn’t it?” You whispered again resting your head on his. The only things to be heard were the other Gladers at work and the array of animal noises coming from the Bloodhouse.
“Yes, yes it does,” he replied after a while, surprising you, “you’re the one.” He said loudly as Teresa over heard. Newt smiled and stole quick glances at you as she continued to yell at him over their breakup.

Unbelievably Hot- REQUESTED

He’s shirtless. He’s so unbelievably hot. You put your hand on his chest. His bare chest. You bite your lip. Now here’s the fun part.

Suddenly you and Dylan are making out. He alternates from making out with you and running kisses up your neck. You break apart only for seconds so he can pull your shirt off.

Now you’re laying on top of him, intensity of your kisses becoming more dire. His hands run through your hair. He flips you over so that he’s the one on top. He’s continues to shower you with kisses. Goosebumps cover you, a tingling sensation covers you, you can feel your desire for him surging through you.

That’s when the director yells “Cut! Perfect! That’s our take!”

Instantly, Dylan hops out of the bed and grabs your shirt for you.

“Thanks,” you reply, taking the shirt from him and rushing to put it back on, color rising in your cheeks. You’re slightly embarrassed at how much pleasure you got from that scene.

“I’ll uh…see you later,” he says scratching the back of his head. He’s already turned around and walking away before you’re able to respond.

It was always awkward following a scene like that. It kind of left you wanting more, but you knew that you couldn’t do anything about it. You couldn’t. You couldn’t.

Well…You couldn’t. You just were afraid of rejection. You were afraid that Dylan didn’t feel the same way you did. Of course there was a chemistry between the two of you-that’s how you got that part. There was sort of like a spark between you two. But how likely would it be for him to feel the same way about you? It’s you.

Even as you tell yourself and try to convince yourself how there’s no way he’d have feelings for you, you can help but to wish that there was.

Whatever, you were just going to have to remain friends with him.

You sigh to yourself and head back to your trailer. You grab a quick shower and change into another outfit-one that’s actually yours not your character’s.

You’re just about to grab your keys and leave when you hear a knock on your door. Curious, you go over to answer it.

“Dylan? What’s up? Is something wrong?” you ask, surprised at not only him but the stressed look on his face.

“Wrong? Nothing’s wrong,” he replies, confused.

“Okay, good. You looked really stressed about something, I was worried.”

“Uh..yeah well I’m not stressed. Just…well nervous. Anyway, you don’t have to be worried. You know what, nevermind. See ya.”

“Woah, Dylan wait. What’s going on? Just tell me.”

“Look, Y/N, I don’t know how to-”

“Oh my God, Dylan. Just spit it out, already.”

“Doyouwanttogoout?” he asks, rushed.

“What?” not processing what he said.

He clears his throat, “Do…Do you want to go out…with me?”

You smile, “Yeah. Yeah, I’d love to.”

Imagine. Dan gets off the train, fixing his hair and hitching his bag higher on his shoulder. He’s shaking, hands trembling nervously as he taps his fingers against his phone. The station is huge, people rushing back and forth, and he’s jostled by them as he wanders through the throng. Where is he? He’s getting scared now. What if he’s not coming? But then, he catches a glimpse of black fringe and a familiar jacket he’s only seen on a pixelated screen, hours late into the night. It’s him. He breaks out into a full run, and Phil sees him and his face lights up, opening his arms. Dan jumps into the hug, and Phil is squeezing the life out of him, but he doesn’t care. His face feels like it might split in two, he’s smiling so big. After a minute, Phil pulls back and looks at him.
“Hi.” Dan mumbles, face reddening, shy for some reason.
Phil laughs at his expression, sweeping a stray hair out of Dan’s face.
“You ready?” He asks, holding out a hand to lead Dan out of the station.
Dan smiles and takes his hand, squeezing as they leave.

He was gonna learn SO MANY editing tips this weekend.


2. “I’m not jealous.”
5. “Just admit I’m right.”

Dean X Reader

Requested by @ravenclawwithanimpalafrom221


You pulled him by his jacket, and dragged him out of the bar. He grunted and groan as he wiggled his way out of your grasp.

“What the hell?” He gritted through his teeth, running his hands through his hair.

“We are here for a case, Dean. Not for you to put your meat in some random chick.” You scowled. “Now focus or I’ll kick your ass!”

Dean shot his eyes up at you, raising a brow. He stared at you for a moment, before a soft smile appeared on his face. “Wait, a-are you jealous?”

You furrowed your brows, and shook your head. “I’m not jealous. Don’t get cocky kid.”

“Oh come on. Just admit that I’m right!” He cackled.

For a moment you contemplated whether or not you wanted to just roll your eyes and leave it as is or if you should argue with him about it.

But instead, you decided to have a little fun with it instead.

You lifted your head, and flashed a soft smile. You walked over to him, propped up on your tip toes, meeting your lips to his ear. Your hand danced along his neck.
“Trust me Dean, you would know when I’m jealous.” You whispered.

And just like that, he felt himself twitch under the fabric of his pants. His breathing shaking in the back of his throat.

Your words left chills over his body.


Imagine your wedding vows to Michael like, “I vow to love you as long as you have hair to dye – wait that’s not right.” And everyone laughing but Michael is just looking at you pretending to be offended as he runs his hands through his fragile hair. And then you continue, “I vow to love you regardless of what happens to that head of hair of yours. In fact, I vow to let you dye mine when you no longer have any left.” And now Michael is laughing and smiling because you’ve never let him near your hair but you just gave him approval too.