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So imagine Sonny and Usnavi go back to the DR on a vacation or to visit in light of Abuela’s funeral ((im basing this off my dad’s excperience when he went back to Holland when he was little)) and it’s like this huge family reunion thing!

Everyone’s literally so happy to see them! And holy shit they did NOT KNOW THEY HAD SO MANY RELATIVES!!! It gets kinda overwhelming for them both bc it’s only ever been them! and now there are so many De la Vega’s everywhere! There are little bebs younger than Sonny! and Sonny, who’s only ever been the youngest, is just like “whuuuuuuuuut are these smol gremlins?”

Usnavi’s in his element! He’s rambling on in Spanish to everyone and loves it. Sonny’s a bit uncomfortable bc his Spanish is pretty rusty, he only ever lived in the DR when he was a baby, and spent most of his life in America, speaking english. So when his cousins come and talk to him, he’s really nervous and tries to stay by Usnavi’s side as much as he can. 

But then, they start asking him about America, and surprisingly, a lot of them know english and translate and talk to him. He gets back into the swing of things, gets excited when he’s telling them about Washington Heights, and Pete and everything. Usnavi rolls his eyes when Sonny starts teaching the younger cousins how to dance like he does. All the other adults think it’s great and laugh and find Sonny charming.

They feel a lot better when they come home ((the entire De la Vega clan comes to see them off at the airport)) and they feel less alone in the world. The next time they go is for Usnavi and Vanessa’s wedding. Benny and Nina, and the Rosario’s and Pete and everyone comes too, and Benny is literally THROWN bc it didn’t really matter too much that he couldn’t speak spanish before but now EVERYONE IS SPEAKING SPANISH! Nina helps him along of course, and like Sonny, eventually he gets the hang of it. 

Pete literally never leaves Sonny’s side… all during the whole trip.

Life update and hair requests

Hey there my fav boys and girls :D I am back in simblr-land! I noticed that my “im going on vacaciones hiatus”-post never made it out of my draft. I am sorry for that :(. All of you who messaged me and asked if I am okay and if I quit the sims: I am completely fine and I am not quitting. Thank you so much for your messages <3!

Anyways, I have had a couple of weeks of vacation. I’ve been hanging out with my brother who visited from Norway, going to a festival, luna park, went to Stockholm to see Beyonce Formation tour, and road tripped through Sweden. And now I am back home and wanting to get back into business!

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So I wanna kick this off by accepting some hair requests. You can tell me what hairs you would like me to do next! Please answer this post or re blog with an answer, and I will try and make the hairs that are the most requested at the very least!

left on vacation !

i’m going to visit my grandparents and spend time with them so i’ll probably be back in…. a week and a half, maybe two weeks. i’ll be on my phone so if anyone wants to still talk to me, even though I barely talk at all–, add me on discord ( hermes#5095 )! just tell me who you are though : v

Leaders Hard Life
  • *In Hawaii*
  • Suho: *calls Baekhyun*
  • Baek: Sup?
  • Suho: Beacon! Boy you sound like you just woke up. Say, how's everything back at home?
  • Baek: we burned down the house, moved to a hotel, and kaixing have been doing the nasty for about 5 hours. Oh and we're using YOUR credit cards to cover this.
  • Suho: that's nice. real nice. sounds like you're doing great. listen i gotta go. have fun kids!
  • Chen: everything okay?
  • Suho: im on my ONE f*cking vacation in TOO damn long, you BET everything is OKAY. now. if you'll excuse me. I have to go swim in that ocean right fucking now. Okay? Okay.
  • Chen: uh....
  • Sehun: why is Lay hyung uploading pictures of fried chicken captioned 'gotta feed the beast'?
  • Kyungsoo: why is Chanyeol texting me 'im sorry I burned down your room... again?"
  • Xiumin: why is Baekhyun texting me to tell leader that he's gonna get all his money back by selling kaixing porn?
  • Chen: probably the same reason he's trying to drown himself in 2 ft. of water.

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♦ AGE: 18

♦ BIGGEST FEAR: i think drowning

♦ CURRENT TIME: 8:11 pm


♦ EVERY MORNING STARTS WITH: hitting snooze 20+ times

♦ FAVORITE SONG: Weird Fishes - Radiohead

♦ GHOSTS ARE THEY REAL: absolutley

♦ IN LOVE WITH: yuri plisetsky

♦ KILLED SOMEONE: no ((why is this always a question on these things?))

♦ LAST TIME YOU CRIED: i think like a week ago

♦ NUMBER OF SIBLINGS: only child

♦ ONE WISH: i always wished for my best friend to move back to new york but now she actually is moving back so idk??


♦ QUESTIONS YOU ARE ALWAYS ASKED: “where are you going to college?”

♦ REASONS TO SMILE: im going back to japan this summer!!

♦ TIME YOU WOKE UP: like 7am ugh

♦ UNDERWEAR COLOR: navy blue


♦ WORST HABIT: i bite my nails

♦ X-RAYS YOU HAVE HAD: bruh i’ve had so many i don’t even know the number


♦ ZODIAC SIGN: taurus 

♦ TAGGING: @phiithatos , @pink-sango, @yaltin, @juuviias, (this is totally optional, no pressure!)

Friendly Fire (pt. 8)

part seven • epilogue

Bucky x Reader

Summary: You were tired and your hair was a mess. All you were doing was putting your hair up, but the hair tie had other plans. Now you’re in this little prank war with Bucky. Who will win, who will lose?

Words: 1,142 lmao whoops

Warnings: none 

Notes: this is the end! :D im considering writing an epilogue depending if you want one?? if so, then i could “introduce” the next thing im planning on writing, which is probably going to be a one shot. anyways, im going on vacation to Mammoth Lakes from the 18th - 22nd. i cant bring my laptop (i know omg) so i cant write and post. when i come back, ill start my writing up again! 
i hope you guys enjoyed this series, as much as i did writing it ♥

There was no way you were going to stay. This entire mess was because of you, so the least you could do was try to fix it and apologize to Bucky. And Sam, for dragging him into this.

You went back to your room to grab your shoes, and began to leave. On your way out, you passed by Wanda’s room and noticed that the door was ajar.

I can’t just leave like that.
I should at least let someone know where I’m going

“Hey, Wanda? I’m going to check on the guys” you called out, only to receive silence back.

You poked your head through, taking note that she wasn’t there. Now that you thought about it, you hadn’t seen her, or anyone else all day. The last time you saw her, was this morning when she told you about your prank being a bad idea.

Great. She’s probably upset with me too.

You left her door slightly open, just like how you found it and left. Once you stepped onto the grass, you began running towards the trees, to the spot that you watched Natasha disappear into. The entire facility was almost hidden by trees, but it wasn’t dense forest. The trees were rather evenly spread out. As you approached the trees, you noticed something peculiar.

Is that.. Music?

A confused expression spread along your face. After all the times that you’ve walked along the edge of the trees, not once have you ever heard anything, especially music. You started walking further, slowly stepping over any branches to keep from making any sound.

After ten minutes of steady stepping, the trees finally started breaking. The sound of music became more clearer. There were lights that shined through the leaves, causing them to illuminate soft hues of greens and yellows.

You took a deep breath, and ventured the last few steps past the trees.

“What’s going on?” you asked out.

Almost everyone was here. Clint and Natasha were sitting at the large wooden round table, with matching chairs. They were in some kind of deep conversation, not even noticing you. Nat’s legs were on Clint’s lap, while his arms rested on them.

Wanda was sitting on the grass, showing Vision how to make a flower crown from the little flowers that grew around them. Steve and Sam were by the grill chatting, while Tony stood by with a drink in hand, making sure Steve didn’t break the grill again.

“Well hello, doll”

Your gaze moved to the opposite side, landing on glacier blue eyes. Bucky had this playful smirk on his face, the kind that made it difficult not to look at.

“Buck.. What’s going on?” you questioned him, “What happened to you and Sam?? How is-”

“The sweetest kind of revenge” he chuckled.

“What?” you replied, still confused as hell.

“Look’s like someone isn’t good at following orders” Nat called out from the table, causing Clint to shake his head playfully.

Steve handed the spatula to Tony, and walked over to you with Sam. You met them halfway, and quickly started circling Sam. You placed your hand on his face, turning his head in all directions before stepping back.

“Where are the cuts and bruises??” you asked Sam.

He shook his head, chuckling, “Oh that? I got some of that super soldier serum baby, it’s all healed.”

Bucky shot him a look, lifting his eyebrow up. Natasha came up to you, with Clint by her side as well.

“Can someone please explain? Seriously, I’ve been here for like ten minutes already and I’m still so lost” you begged.

They all looked at each other for a moment and laughed.

“Alright, I think she’s suffered enough” Steve said, nodding at Natasha to explain.

“Well you see, this was all Bucky’s plan” Nat began with.

After a few minutes of explaining Bucky’s elaborate plan, you were quiet. This entire thing, was a prank. From Sam’s kiss, to the fight that him and Bucky staged.

“What about the hole in the wall?” you asked Bucky.

“Wait, what hole??” Tony asked, giving Bucky and Sam a wide stare.

“Oh, uh yeah about that” Bucky explained, “I might’ve gotten a bit carried away.”

“A bit? We almost crashed into a damn tree because you couldn’t grab both my legs!” Sam exclaimed, bursting into laughter.

Everyone began laughing once more, bringing up their favourite moments of the prank. As the laughter died down, the music began to roam the air. A slow song started playing, something from maybe the 40′s or 50′s? You already knew that Steve was the one who chose the playlist.

“Would you like to accompany with this dance, Wanda?” Vision asked softly.

Wanda blushed lightly, before getting up and moving to the open space.

Clint looked at Natasha, nodding once to the side. Nat smiled, and they both followed Vision and Wanda. You watched as they became tied into one another, slowly moving to the rhythm of the song.

“Care to dance, love?”

You looked up to meet Bucky’s hand placed out in front of you. He was smiling softly, not breaking eye contact. You raised your eyebrow, giving him a smirk.

“You at least owe me, for kissing Sam” he replied, gently chuckling.

“Technically, that was on you Barnes” you said, taking his hand.

As you made your way to the open space, Bucky gently placed his arm around your waist, pulling you closer. Slowly dancing to the song, you couldn’t help but wonder.

“Hey, Buck?” you asked. Your head was laying along his chest, acknowledging his steady heartbeat.


“Did you really have a crush on me, or was that a part of the prank?”

He stopped dancing, and placed his metallic hand under your chin, lifting you up to face him.

“Actually, I do” he quietly admitted, “I have, for quite a while now.”

“Then why the pranks?” you questioned.

“I guess you just brought the kid out of me. After all those years I spent trapped, I lost who I was. I forgot the little details about myself, but being around you, reminds me of the good times I’ve had. Don’t get me wrong, being around Steve is great too but I-”

You couldn’t help yourself; you placed your hand behind Bucky’s head and pull him in close and gently kissed him. It was a soft, simple kiss.

“Truce?” you smiled.

Bucky pulled you back in, placing his lips along yours once more. His hands moved to the side of your face, his thumb subtly caressing your cheek. You passionately kissed him, your hands intertwining in his hair. He broke the kiss, causing you to miss the warmth of his lips. He laid his forehead against yours, smiling.


thoughts? comments?

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Came back to tumblr....

i finally finished all my projects and now waiting for summer vacation, i thought finally i can open up tumblr and see whats going on…

its not like that old voltron i saw with dad but THIS

i spent the rest of my day watching all the videos that we out and now i am semi drowned in Voltron Legendary Defenders…!! (im still in a jaytim hell hole)

i bet you guys know who my ship is


Sorry I didn’t come back after a week. I did go on vacation though! It was cool. i went to the beach and stuff! It was radical! I even fell off a horse! 

I didn’t come back because I got sick a few days after I got back and I really did not want to roleplay. I’m better now though! Still got a stuffy nose but it’s cool!))