now if i can reach my follower goal


Hello Again!

So, although I did receive one awesome commission by @icklevoldiepoo (thanks again gal!) We still need to reach our goal… Sadly, this goal has gone up.

Our main goal now is at $200.

Please, if you can help by requesting a commission, it’d be awesome!

If you can’t, I’d appreciate it if you could help us by sharing this post.

My prices go as follows:

Lineart bust- $10
Lineart full body - $15
Flat colours bust - $15
Flat colours full body - $20
Full colouring bust - $20
Full colouring full body - $25

+$5 every additional character.

Just wanted to add this time this:

- I am now accepting NSFW requests. If you want to commission something NSFW, feel free to do so!

Again, thank you to those who have shared this. Please help me at least boosting this information!

If you’re interested in commissioning, make sure you send the payment to, and the following info to my email,

- Proof of payment
-Specific request of what you want to have
- At least 2 good references of your character/the person you want me to draw.

Thank you again for your time!


Hey guys! I reached 2700 about two weeks ago and now I’m finally going to have a little celebration for helping me reach my goal!

This whole idea I took from Cam (@cupcakeblake) who is the absolute best <3

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hey guys! so the reason i’m posting this here and not on my main blog is because I’m trying to reach a monetary goal for a gift for someone that follows me there, so this is supposed to be a surprise! I have exactly 17 days to raise 250 dollars, which seems like a lot, but at 25 dollars I just need 10 people to commission me! So if you’re interested, please email me at the email listed above! And if you can’t afford to commission right now, I totally understand, but if you don’t mind, please reblog this and let your followers and friends know! NOTE: all the drawings may not be finished before the 17 days are up, but they will all get done! I will need the payment upfront, but if you become unsatisfied with your wait time, I will pay you back of course. You will receive updates during the commission process as well if you ask, for reassurance. :) SLOTS BELOW THE CUT!

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like you don’t get it i was ECSTATIC when i reached 30 followers, and now i got over 1k i still can’t believe it im so happy i appreciate you all <33

I wanted to draw the girls who helped me get these followers. It also makes me happy to announce that they are getting their own webcomic soon. It’s going to be a short series, maybe 3 chapters, and my goal is that I want it to be cute and fluffy so there won’t be too much drama. I want it to be a feel-good sapphic comic for all to enjoy

It’s going to be called: Be my Prom Date! so it now has a tag. you can also tag it : Emma and Valerie


*Victor voice* Hi, Neru here! ( ö ♡ ö )/ 

The last time I did this was two months ago, but one just can’t let these types of dates go by, so, here I go again with another follow forever, now celebrating the 21k+ followers, a goal that I didn’t expect to reach at this point but you always manage to surprise me. I’m very grateful to each of you, especially those who have followed me for at least more than a year, or even if you’re now the last at following me, thank you for giving a “clic” to that little button, so this ugly graphic is dedicated to you ♥
This year has been a bit strange for me, I couldn’t call it neither bad nor good, but if full of surprises and “events” that probably will mark my personal life, who knows. With regard to the anime, has been a year of self-discovery for me, because I began to become involved in some tendencies and my opinions became more stable, I raised “my voice” a little and without fear openly stated my tastes about an anime, a character, a couple or some fandoms, which led me to lose one or another mutual but that hasn’t affected me at all, I don’t regret any decision taken and I will only continue as I have maintained until now. (ღ˘♡˘)

— TO MY FOLLOWERS: Thanks for staying there despite some changes made to my blog during these last months, there were adjustments that were necessary to make, but if you’are still there, I want you to know that I appreciate it a lot, especially in my most chaotic moments. I wouldn’t have something to celebrate if you had not followed me in the first place, it’s all thanks to you. I will try to be “cool” this new year too :^)

— TO MY MUTUALSHow you do it? And this goes especially to those who read my overdramatic tags and have seen horrible things of me, and that includes my graphics lmao. I can only say that you’are fantastic. Above all to those who are graphic makers and I adull in some tags, which far from being inspiration are now a source of envy lol. Out of it, I’m very happy that a year ago I added some of you, and this year I’m doing it again, although some have changed their urls and some minor things, but you’are still you and that makes me put something emotional *cries*. Anyway, thanks for sharing some things with me and for your patience, you already know that I’m not good at talking so … I love you all

— TO THE YOI FANDOM: Thank you for all the support! You made these months really enjoyable, many of your questions were fun to answer and your very personal messages too. A special thanks to my “non official YOI squad”, because thanks to them I could survive all this time, thanks to their original material and their reblogs, “Yuri!!! on Ice” experience was even better because of you, thanks ♥   

And now, here you have a list with very recommended blogs that you should follow.
Faves/friends are bolded and my non official YOI squad are italicized.  

@a-sakuras  @ackermanss  @aeselyn  @aizawashoutta  @akiteru  @akutagawaas  @akutagawah  @akutagawaryuunosuke  @allenswalkers  @anime-diary  @asparagusoup  @asuuna  @ayaarin  @ayumiko  @bakamura  @bohkutos  @bokouto  @cldstrifes  @daburupurei  @daiizume  @dazaiosamu  @dazaiosamu-s  @dazushi  @dazzai  @dongwoonn  @dzais  @escarletes  @evngelion  @fairytailwitch  @flamefly  @fujiiwara  @fuku-shuu  @fulllmetals  @geassgreen  @genosus  @genoza  @gifthoki  @gihtoki  @hachikenz  @hallibel  @hanae-ichihara  @hikaritsu  @hina-shoo  @ichimatsus  @ikuse  @izumou  @jetzui  @jmihelic  @juminss  @jyoshikausei  @k-isecchis  @kahgeyamas  @kaizoku-niiichan  @kaizoku-senshi  @kakerusnaruse  @kamiiyamas  @kamuisyato  @kanekin  @kanerdki  @kanhekiz  @kaoris  @kawaiinohime  @kawarou  @kazuik  @kazune  @kazuye  @kenmacchis  @kidomarus  @kikuuchitouma  @kirschtein  @kisukke  @kiuroo  @kojiiro  @komaedas  @kourai  @kovuku  @kozuuki  @kurooa  @kurorolucilfer  @kurummi  @larimii  @linoone  @littlebratciel  @madeki  @makotozz  @mamurasm  @mazusu  @meruis  @miidoriyas  @mikotoray  @miyukeis  @mormikas  @munakatareishi  @nagittos  @namikazes  @nanzse  @naruzumake  @natsvme  @nickiforov  @nicorobin  @nicosrobins  @nikifforovs  @nikifohov  @nikiforv  @nikifurov  @nikiphorov  @nimylu  @noearchivistes  @nozakis  @odasakou  @odazais  @ohkagura  @ohreigen  @oiivkawa  @oikahwatooru  @oikawastooru  @oikawatoeru  @okita-senpai  @onodera-kosaki  @ootsukis  @plisetski  @plisetsking  @plisetskis  @plisetsukih  @ponchizs  @pyon  @quenma  @raeira  @reishikiz  @ri-cha1  @rinsuokah  @riseken  @sajou-rihito  @sakamotoz  @sakataz  @sakusa-chan  @sarapyon  @scarletail  @scarletkurapika  @seethelights  @seieiryu  @seokjiin  @serviceace  @shgieo  @shinnyah  @shirayukii  @shizukku  @shotous  @shreya-chan  @solledin  @somasyukihira  @sougu  @spectrux  @sshiroyasha  @sukerokus  @suzuyajuzoo  @tachibana–chan  @taikos  @terushimaas  @tetzurou  @thekookiest  @tobeiru  @tobioskageyama  @todorokii  @toqioblues  @tovsei  @tsukiayma  @tsukiko-ciah  @tsukis  @tsunemoori  @ucitavanje  @ukiinas  @ulquiora  @urushenna  @ushinaki  @uzurume  @victornikiiforov  @victorsyuuriz  @vikutoru  @vixuuri  @vyctornikiforov  @wakata  @xatsushis  @yachibot  @yamazekis  @ymirgasm  @youkas  @yukkandas  @yukkie-s  @yunass  @yushiyuki  @yuuris  @yuuyaas  @zakuras                

I wish to each one of you the next year to be much better than this one, I wish you to achieve everything you want, no matter how “impossible” it is, I trust that you will be able to prevail and do it. Christmas is near so I hope it’s going to be really enjoyable and you can rest as much as you can. And for last but not least,

HAPPY HOLIDAYS‼ ༝﹡˖˟ ⸜₍⁽ˊ꒳ˋ⁾₎⸝ ༝﹡˖˟

**pls do not delete the text, it wont show up on ur blog**


Omg hey sweeties its been 6 months when i jumpstarted my blog and within this time span i have met lots of great people with ever so fabulous blogs and much more fabulous personalities. I have reached goals that i never thought i could possibly reach, and i am genuinely grateful to each of one of u who made this possible. To celebrate this, i am hosting my first ever faves (YAY OMG) and ive been wanting to do this before but i figured that i should prolly host it at the right time, and i believe that the time is NOW 😊 So sorry for this lengthy intro im just super excited!!

❣ pbf me
❣ reblog this post at least once; likes dont count but can be used for bookmarking

❣ a follow from me
❣ a new cool (haha) friend
❣ my faves would be featured in a fab page (which is still under construction)
❣ promos (q4q, fbr, solo, screenie, etc) 2-3 times a week for 2 months (upon request)

❣ sign my guestbook (add an * so i would know its for my faves 🙂)
❣ if you have less than 3k followers, submit to me a proof of ur follower count 😘
❣ same blog style
❣ talk to meee (i srsly love talking and chatting)
❣ have a clean, neat, and pleasing blog + personality

❣ i made the banner, photo is from tumblr
❣ i would be choosing when im happy with the notes
❣ message me if u have any questions or clarifications



I finally reached 4k! This is so tight. I’ve only had this blog for almost a year now, so this is crazy rad. If you follow me thank you and I love you because without you my tumblr experience wouldn’t be as fun. This has been a really big goal of mine for a long time and I’m just so happy tbh. Seriously, thank you. You can talk to me anytime!! I love all of you! Btw this is really long because I’ve made so many friends and stuff oops

Bold - favourite blog
Italicized - mutual


The Goddess Squad Rad iMessage Squad

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accioirwins acidcxlum acoustcmichael actualbrendonurie airguitars aliensvevo allaboutthaaaatbassist alltimeblowz alltimevevos amercanidot amercnidiot americanaluke anarchyaustralia arianahoe artsox artsymichael ashfuckwin ashleyfrangiqane ashton5sos ashtonirwns ashtonisart ashtonsflannels assholelukey assston aumichael aussisos australienidiots awfulenergys awgaskarths babyglittergirl badgirlsvevo badlaand badlandes badlandsash badluke baebhie bassisst bbyirwie bbylucas bisexualmgc bitchingirlfriend bitchinlukes blazedmichael blazeluke blondlukes boobsmuke brokenscne bubblegumfroot c-lifflings cakeaesthetic cakecuddles calneisa calscult calum5sos calumfood calumhateclub calumhemmings calumhoodes calumisahoe calumisart calumsleftnut calumslisp calumsrightnut calumsveins calumthomasofficial calumxhoood cashtans cashtens cashtonkinks cashtuns cdizzlethomashood celmmings clemmogram clemmos clifforton cliffovans cliquecalum closeashstrangers cmericanidiot comfortcal crunkedcalum cuddleclifford cuntmichael cutepoet 

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daddieluke daddyashtons daddysheaux dimplelashton djhalsey dopelucas dropdaisies drunk182 drunkmichaels drunkmuke eghtns eightcen emptysgolds englishlovaffair englishloves enterbadlands fallenforbands feminist5h feministcalum feministirwin feministmichael fightlashton fkncalum fknirwins forevermashton frootmukes ftlucas fuckboyhoods fuckinghateluke fucknglucas fuckpunks fvesos 

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ma1um malumbites malumbros malumsnudes mareflares mashtns mashtonvibe meanaf mememichaels mewk mexicanho mgcgucci mgcstan michael5sos michaelclifford michaelgrdon michaelhateblog michaelsofficial micool5sos mikevevo mikeyass mikeykink misfitsluke moaninglukey moanlucas moistmalum motherhalsey mothurs mpregashton mrsallamericant mrsmemetrash msallcanadian mtv96s mtvacid mtvashton mtvcalum mtvimmortals mukegiggles mukenope mukes mukesturbate muketrash mxlum neckeep nerdyclifford nevermuke newreject noodlenerds notcashton nsfwclifford officialalltimelow officialmashton officialmichaels officialukes officialvevos ohemmoh outofmylimits 

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cuntmichael groovymikey lukerobrt americanaluke bubblegumfroot peachymuke hemmojaw guitarst grossist

[ Sick as frick people I literally love ]

twenty-onefucks Kourteney you are my bae and I love you and you are the only person on Tumblr I know in real life. You are amazing and you put up with a lot and I really love you. Fuck you u fuckin nerd ily

whereshallwestart you’re so amazing and i love you???? i love you

cuntmichael Yas oh my god my url is literally inspired by you like what would have happened if I never found your blog? I would have never became mimicliffcliff yo wtf but ily you’re my fave <33

djhalsey HONEY BUNCH!!!!! I love you

reading-your-sins You are so awesome and you should talk to me more cause you’re so rad omg

h-alsey you are my fave and you are my tiny cinnamon roll I lub you!!!!

ha1sey You are one of my favourite blogs and people ever okay you are amazing ily

[ Note: ]

These are not all the people I’m following. I’m positive I forgot tons of people. If I forgot to add you (or italicize/bold you) onto here it doesn’t mean I love your blog any less! Peace out home slices I love you all

Help make my dumb birthday wish come true?

Okay, so I know this is a little ambitious, and probably a little crazy, but I think it would be really awesome if I hit 2000 followers on the day of my birthday…

The thing is, I’m at ~1850 right now, and my birthday is in less than a week. It’s on October 11th. So like, a 150 follower gap. Well crap.

But hey, what the hell, I wanna give it a try.

EVERYONE that follows me already or follows me now and reblogs this post from now until my birthday can do one request for WHATEVER THEY WANT within the Fairy Tail universe. (I’ll also check out your blog and maybe follow you, I’ve been wanting to follow more anime blogs!)

If you don’t want to request something but still wanna help, just following me and reblogging this post anyways would really help reach my goal!

I’m more known for my lyrical/poetic gifsets, but I do know how to colour and make icons and graphics, so if you really wanted to, you could ask for that too. (I don’t see why though, they really aren’t as gorgeous as the ones made from other really freaking talented people in the fandom) 

You can see what my original content looks like here to get a general idea. 

Anyways, even if you don’t do anything, thanks for taking your time to read this post regardless, and I guess, here goes nothing!

The blog to follow: @fairytailpride
The post to reblog: this one duh
My original content tag: here
Where you can request if you’ve done both: here

TL;DR: I’m trying to reach my follower goal of 2000 followers before my birthday on October 11th, following me and reblogging this post would really help! Anyone who does both can request any Fairy Tail related edit if they want!


excuse my shitty edit i dindt have time to do one properly ):

HEY GUYS!!! as you can see in the horrible edit right there, it’s my birthday today but it doesnt matter u know why? CUZ TODAYS QUEEN BS BIRTHDAY TOO SO WHO CARES BOUT ME ANYWAYS no but all jokes aside i decide to do a follow forever i just….. i just wanted to thank all of u guys for all the sweet mssg, for everything honestly, i met so many beautiful and kind people here and im so happy for that omg i hate yall so much :)))….. i’ve had this blog for about seven (maybe???) months now and i didnt even reached my goal yet but i really wanted to do this so yeah oh and i didn’t do any bolds/italicized just because but i love u all so much!! {PLS LET ME KNOW IF I FORGOT SOMEONE}

{ # } 12-twenty-seven191-days-of-summer2000yr420normani5hontour5hsquad5hydemi​ 

{ a, b, c } abismo-defotos aciding aestheticamila allybrookedaily allybrookse americawhatthefuck anxietyfilleddounuts artisticlmj asapjauregui awsucker ayebieber ayjauregui baaddiebabe babysnormani bahlaurenza believe-inrecovery bellastings bestsmistaks beystin bieber-news blesscamren bloaw bravehonestugly bruqh butnotyou cabellokisses cabiello caffeous caheyo camilacabello camilacasunshine camilajauregui camilancabello camilanesas camilascabello camilasjustin camilasscabello camilatrash caminah camilastronomycamrenizers camrenmovie camz-cabello camzlolos cannoli-cabello carmillacabeyo casualltty chillcabellos chilldemi chuckbaxs cmlcabello coolundulate crestswaves crvstalreeds

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{ h, i, j } halseycabellos hatescabello heavxndrews hercamz heykordei hipsteregui horanmani hwnymoon hypnoticamila iauregui icanmakeyoufeelperfect idkcabeyo idontrecalls indigochjld ineedcamren isabellegarsan itsafanthing jadelust jaguarey janedinah97 jareugui jauguari jauregei jauregirls jaureguihs jauregux jaurpes jaurwguis jusntin just-gotta-remind-yourself justinbiebergifs jxureguis 

{ k, l, m }  kcbellos keetings kellyharmony kmilacabello korday kordegui kordei krlacabello krstnbell laurabolika laurenauregui laurencabellox laurenjauregei laurenjauregue laurenjaureguo laurenjauresgui laurensboss laurensjauregui laurensjergi laurinah lernhes lernjaureguii letsfuckz lifecamz llaurenjauregui lovingjauregui lowqualitydinah lrwinsashton lylasprides magical-manimanikordayemarijuagamentalisiertmijacabello milasbello milescyruz missgrvnde mlhood monsterlick

{ n, o, q, p, r, s } n0rmani nayanrivera neighbhood newsfifthharmony nickininjas nihckiminaj nminds normanibear normanigf normanikordae normanikordis normanikordoi normanisbitch normanisbrooke normiyahornah normoani norrmanikordei nothinglikeus nrmanikrdei okweed parentesis pierna-cabello poor-sunrise primaniallgirl prismonizer qsylums raihny rbieber reflectiontour rosy-giggles ruinedchildhood ruinedchildhood2 rwflectionz sadhung sammieofrp sauerpress seaglory seek-strength shailenewoodley shesputa shinningdrew singlejade skinnymani sledgehaimer sluttyplants sokordei somebodytoloves spain5h spvnked standarded steverogeurs stoplauren stybellos suckjauregui sunflowarh swagbuffy 

{ t, u, v, w, x, y, z} tequilaurenn terminar teylorsvift theogasms thirliewhirl thirlregui thotmani tobinhevth topdxwn unasigaretta vandalsex vanessaannes virtualdinah wasdrauhl wastingtears wearying wh0arejauregui wildesdreams wookeup-realer worthi-t xstauren yesfeminist yoariana yogirldanae yoitshenny yourfriendlygaybor zustin

I love you all with all my ♥!

Ok I was debating whenever I should do another follow forever, but since I reached my goal, like two weeks ago (I think?), I decide to do another follow forever. 

I’m using a edit I did few weeks back,because I can lol. And I love Natsu’s smile alot so yeah. 

Now before I do the follow forever I want to say something: Thank you all for following me and sticking with me. I had tumblr for nearly three years and just now I finally got to 1,000. For those who don’t know me, socialization takes a lot of energy out of me, even just for five minutes belive it or not, despite this I really do want to talk to people,and so I’m really am suprise I have this many followers. And so thank you guys so much, it really does mean alot to me. And now here are the people/blogs that I love seeing on my dash, or just in general have a really great blog, and you all should deffintly check them out. Just so you know if you aren’t on here, it doesn’t mean anything, i love all the blogs I follow, and just so you know that all of you are awesome. 

Bold: Tumblr Friends or people i had a conversation with 




ajerzaaddict || akashiiiya || animangirl || animegamergurl321 || ann-kouhai || aramiya || ask-mirajane-strauss || assnologia || awtouka || ayawolf23 || bakashouyou || belphegorsama || berryjewel || beyondtheblueberry || blamedorange || blazexkeys || bored-jellal || braiyah || brolinfinity || celestialcontrail || celestiallucyheartfilia || celtic-booty || cinnamontoastkden || comewhatanime || commander-shitty-glasses || crumbsorciere || cuddly-nalu ||dat-jerza || dobengal || dragneels-ass || elieg1ory || emojellal || erzuh || erzys-art || exorcistdiary ||


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I would appreciate the help to spread this

Okay hey so I know that nobody will probably see this but..

I accidentally deleted my entire tumblr account when I was only trying to delete a side blog. 

I now have to start over which I’m really pissed about tbh 

I would really appreciate if you (anyone) could help to spread this post so I can try to gain some followers back

I was at 1032 and now I’m at 3 which really sucks

My url was ‘imphanla’ for a long time until I changed it earlier today (part of the reason for my accidental deletion) 

My goal is to eventually reach 1000 again and retrieve most of the people who were following me before

I would really appreciate if you spread this and thank you in advance

Since everyone’s been making follow forevers now so i guessed why not make my own one too! i made a ff not long ago so this one is kinda just an excuse for me to wish you all merry christmas and happy new year. i wish you to reach your goals next year and for it to be full of joy, happiness and health  ❤♡

firstly my wonderful friends. i love you all so much, seriously. you keep up with me all the time and i always can count on you. i can’t believe that i have found so many wonderful people here. you all accept me for who i am and i wanted to thank you for this because you’re still here for me even though i’m difficult at times. thank you and i love you:

@justinscalum, @cashtonkinks, @toolucas, @lamelucass, @michaelqclifford, @cashtonaf, @lhemoans, @lukesos, @itsmichaels, @airguitars, @kingarthurcurry, @downeyjrs, @itscashton.

now my favorite blogs/mutuals. thank you so much for making my dash so beautiful. your blogs are so perfect and you guys as people are so amazing. even though i haven’t talked to all of you i still got to know you by you posting your text posts and stuff and i know you all deserve all the best in the world. (in the random order, i love yall the same):

@anarchyaustralia, @catchfiers, @celmmings, @calumfood, @lipringsandsnapbacks, @lukeshm, @antivevo, @tylerdylans, @hemmojaw, @hemmocrat, @micool5sos, @irwi, @englishlovaffair, @michaelcliffords, @michaelcliffordgifs, @sebastianstantrash, @hotdamn5sos, @malumst, @lashtuns, @clumhood, @unofficialrockstar, @calumxhoood, @2k13irwin, @calum5sos, @outofmylimits, @lhemmings, @irwnx, @clinicalum, @teenagedfricks, @adorescalumh, @itslukehemmings, @irweicake, @calumhoodes, @sleephang, @itsmuke, @mukenope, @lukehemmozs, @fairrie, @ashirtwit, @ridicalum.


i’ve been wanting to make one of these for a while now but since  ive reached a goal and  i wanted to make one :’)  i follow so many amazing blogs and have made so many new friends since i remade like at the start of the year so thank you for making my dash such a nice place to be, yall so chill and trashy its great and s/o to my mutuals for putting up with me ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) i can’t imagine my dash without you guys ♥♥♥

mutuals are bolded  (•̀⌄•́) *:・゚✧ 


95lners // acciogryffindordudes // ackercutie​ // ackerbooty // ackernerd  // ajla-chan // akaneko-san // akashiis // alienoinkawa​ // animilk // aominedaigay // aph-trashking // arminthelittledork //  attack-on-taco // attackonmytitties // baenoya // bokeiji // cagune // confusedmai // corsiqa 


eijunskazuya // erehjaeger // erensbae // erwinswaiifu​ // eva-pilot-shinji // feelfreetokisumi // flavoredmillk // flawlesslevi // fuckingkuroo // gangsta-levi // giiriboys // gorgeouslevi// gurenssquad


haise-lowse​ // haise-potato // hajimeiwaizvmi // happy-kaneki // heibo // hikari-kisu // hinata-can-shouyou-the-world//  hisokasshole​​ // hitoqa​​ // hoeikawa  // hyakyuyas// iilumii​ // irlseidou // jaegerbombastic// jetzui // juvzousuzuya


k-agamine​ // kaezthetic  // kageyamananase // kaguneyama //  kanekx // kanerdki // kazuyaseijun // keijiakshi // keiko-senpai // kenmai // koneko-eren // koxshi // kuki-kun //  lawlietisawesome // littlebratciel // loup-iote // majorkimblee // mari-ackerman // mikayuu-png // misuya-kanata // mochidaichi


nishiknoya // officialtobio // oikabruh // oikawa-toour // oikawastooru // omgikawa // owari-no-yuichiro // paintedyellows // pfeffersteak // pondsonthetardis // pprakaashi // preciousghoul 


rinharv // sadremus // saltynerdlord // sassy-gay-hero // semezukas // shinguren // suzuyajuzoo // t-okiyo // taitetsu // teenagemammaries // thirstylevi // tinyhajime // toastbio // tobioii // tobiors // towairaitsu // transparently-clear // trashykaneki // tsukishiiima // ttsukiyama 


unfmatsuoka // uriekuki // utaa-kun // viria // voitel-annie // when-will-the-sleeping-lion-roar  // yamacutsie // yayamaguchi // yamakenz // ymireo

Norwayaph’s follow forever !!

So,, I finally reached my goal, and I thought I’d celebrate by making my very first follow forever !! I can’t be bothered to make one of those title thingies bc I’m exhausted ://  anyways, these are some rly amazing blogs I follow !! Thank u all so much, ur all rly cool!!!!

also, if you aren’t listed below, I just want you to know that you're absolutely amazing too, and you all mean a lot to me !


2p-canada, aphmemelord, aphdumbledore, aph-templar-knights, aphnipple, aph-liechtensteiin, aromanticnorway, aphunitedkingdom, aphkarma, aphcarriedo, aphhun, aphspamanobutts, aphfinland, aphdansk, aphteutonicknights, aphnorgayy, antonot, aphitaly, aphfinland, aphpipe, aph-chiina, aphgod, agenderromania, aphdeenmark, ajsuunniaas, aphdane, aphshit, aph-russia, aph-wyonegonic, aph-norways, aphheracles, aph-butter, aph-aphrodite, aphchina, aphsomeone, alfred-likes-arthur, aphnyoitaly, aphgreece, aphemma, aphseeland, aphpanda, aph-preussen, aph-latvia, axaian, aphtupac,


boolarus, blue-sylveons, cartilogenophobia, coronadelacasitos, dalianc-e, daddy-denmark, denxnor, dildoitsu, doitsu-aph, but-hetalia, englishprussianpasta, enderkitty12 fiesen, fruk-this, felicianohasthepasta, fuzzy-head, frillyrose, feliciiano, feakellam, ghostsplease, germany-oh-germany, grandma-gimme-back-my-food, gotvodka, g-squacl,


hetalianvodka, heyytalia, hetaliaz, hetastein, hetaliaiyaa, hellatia, himepixie,  hetaliangonewild, hetalianswag, hetare-hetalia, idrewacircle, letstotallylost, lovicarriedo, ludwigs-wurst, kiku-hondas, kugels, kireihero, hella-senpai, hetarave, howbadcanmemebe, like-a-viking, liyrical,


mxtoi, mikhuri,  monacosbow, meme–supreme, moimoi-aru, nyocan, nyo-greece, nyo-gerita, nyopru, norwaysvevo, nouizuh, nyotaliaprussia, nrkjx, n0thingbad, nyo-rome, nyoport, nyonetherlands, nordicsteria, nordicsass, nyoroshia, nintoro, precious-trashkawa, patrionim, pastaph, plague-uk, plz-letmesleep, pasta-bastard, officialnordic, omuii, preussen-invasion, princeastro, pissyiceland,


reigisa-though, queen-norge, tobiors, theghoulsquad, transtalian, tomato-boxfairy, tzukishima, the-king-mogar, twinkletalia, thedirtydaisy, the-dane-of-my-existence, transalfred, vargeese, snowysunflower, spain-in-the-ass, sexyscones, shahlalalalala, svvitzerlancl, seaealand, sconesandtea100, suweeden, snivyshiny, steven-universe-amethysts-gem, svedone, spoopyspamano, spxmano, russiasbooty, usubaes, viva-la-fruk, yokia, ze-awesome-me-bitch

Thank you all so much !!!! It really means the world to me!!!

Okay so a couple months ago, I made my first ff after reaching my first goal, now I have 500+ followers! I can’t believe it, thank you guys so much!!! ^__^ all of these blogs are worth following, check them out! The pinkie ones listed there are my tumblr crushes!!!

@pinklilies (16%)// @666pastel (7%)// @blush–princess (5%)// @sugar-spun-kisses (5%)// @pinkiepastels (4%)// @tsunderealien (4%)// @ellsi (4%)// @strawberri-chai (4%)// @shiwa-hime (3%) ♡

@tokyotic// @kiiseu// @magicalgirll// @foxuei// @akismutaru// @springgette// @yepuji// @meulkei// @httpkitsune// @japancrybaby// @pinkerella// @koinu// @pinkuharuka// @haiiqu// @sweetily// @milky-cookie// @shoujoprincessu// @mischkascuteworld// @pi-xie// @whatiswuv// @kiyumie// @creamy-san// @radasie// @pls-noraneko// @cutebbykitten// @pinku-tenshi// @mafuki// @ari-kanon// @orishi// @loli-kisu// @pink-blankets// @mochiiu// @pink-musume// @thatflowergirl

I will try to message everyone I dont promise anything too many people haha, thank you so much guys!!! you are all awesome, thanks for filling my dash with cute pastel&pink posts! have a nice day(or night) everyone!

P.S: I hope I didn’t mispell anyone’s url! hit me up if your url has a typo!

Hi guys! I reached a huge follower goal of 5k this past weekend and wanted to celebrate with a follow forever! Some of the blogs on here i have followed for years now and i consider them close friends, while others are newer to tumblr and to me, and i can’t wait to get closer to you guys! (✿◠‿◠) 

*bolded are some of my absolute faves! 

#-d: 1989tour 1989tourinfo andthatlittleblackdress andguns anoteonthedoor almostswift altoowhale andwefelldowntherabbithole allweknows agentswift andweweredancindancin anygreatloves bejusttrees betterthansrevenge badsblood burningflamesparadise buttonsoncoats breakburnandends brickstheythrewatme callsmeupagains captureitrememberit colorsinautumn cockholmsyndrome comingeasily chasingfortunes chloebenet couldlastforevers confettisfall coffeeatmidnights comesbackeverytimes dancingindaydreams drops-of-swift droughtswastheveryworst detectiveswift drinkingmaplelattes decemberswifts distancesilence dancinroundthekitchen daerjohn

e-i : eyesopen enchanthed everswift ehdreeahnah everythinhaschanged feariess fetusswift finallyclean flfteen faceinmymind foundwondrland fragilelittleflame foreversandalways fearsandyourghosts fitinmypoems gotyourdemons gettingoodnow holygrounds hearteyeswift heldyourpride hellagoodcurls hheystephen ialmostdo itsathugstory itsbeenwaitingforyou itwasworththepain incredblethings ileftmyscarfthere iknowsomeplacess ialmostdonot iconfessbabe imfinallyclean imwonderfucked icouldbuildcastles ihadsomethingtolose

j-n: jumpthenfalls justbeforetheyloseitall juniorjewels kissesoncheekss kingdomlightsshine kaleidoscopeofourmemories keepcruising lightsglisten loft89experience lovetheriddlesthatyouspeak lightingonmyfeet losinhimwasbluee lingering-question-kept-me-up losttupstate lovespretty lithroughthedarkness makingupforlostlove myjourneytofearlesss magiccmadnessheavensin madesmeyourown magicmadnessincrediblethings memoriesbreakourfalls neverblindme newromanticss newest-romantics notalotgoingonathemoment nevereverlikeever nightmaredressedlikeadayydream nightmaredressedlikeadaydreann knowitslonggone

o-r: oohiremember outofthewoods outoftheswoods ourdifferentletters ofabeautifulnight ofbeinghonests of1989 ofswifts oldfavoritesong passinnotesinsecrecy placeswecanhide probablymindlessdreaming prettysureitsbecky pourindowns redheadswift reflectsthechain redd-lip-classic raincamepouringdowns

s-t: swiftsecrets sadbeautifultragic swifth swifs sweeterthansweerans swiftpositivity swiftingcats seeyouinmywildestdreamsts seeitwiththelightsouts stateofbecky starlightaylor stealingmyhearts sostaystaystay sparksoftaylor spentmywholelifetrying ssweet-dispositionn shedancedtoforget shakeitoft shakeitoffs sketchingswift scarletletterswift screaminggcolourr taylorsvift teaswift teylurs tree-paine treachreous timeerasingyou timcgraws tothissickbeat torturedloves tayllorswifts taylorswiftstyle talldrinkoftaylor tallktothesky tangledupwithuallnight tswiftquotes ts-1989 tswiftdaily thanksforsayingthat theblameisonme thestarsthatshined thetaylorswiftarmy theangelscity thesunsetbabe thedirtydirtycheatsoftheworld thelookonyourface thenightends

u-z: untrouchable upthefrontporchsteps villageisaglow wentmad wealmostbrokeup welcometonewyorks wilclestdreams wish-youwould wide-eyeedgaze wildestdrean wildetsdreams youareinllove youbelongwithmes yourcoloursfades youreclean youareeinlove yourkissmycheek

and most importantly taylorswift: I love you forever and always. thanks so much for being my best friend, my older sister and my role model. 

(if i forgot anyone please please message me, i did this in a hurry) 

hey darlings, i reached my goal of 5k a few days ago! i can’t thank you all enough. i haven’t done a follow forever for awhile now, so i feel like it’s about time. 

if i forget you on this list and we’re mutuals, please don’t feel bad! i appreciate you just as much. it can just be hard in the moment to remember everyone for this list. 

i’m sorry, i’m lazy and will not be putting this in alphabetical order.

mutuals will be bolded, and favorites will be italicized.

@lunavlovegood @alicelongbcttom @tranxfiguration @ravnclaws @scrptura @primriose @nightlock @hcneyduke @herboloqy @katnisservdeen @vertaserum @baratheonrenly @adarkling @malfouy @mvrgxrnstxrn @tessavgray @illuminosity @perksofbeingafanboy @bensolcs @abbyskane @ewarts @cznery @kavinkys @slythierins @hecaite @daylightring @pvedameron @pvrsvltvnqe @regulusblxcks @reguluz @deerlily @atwells @nicodamgelo @hormione @margaerys @zabiniis @zabini @emilvblunts @perspephone @perseusjacks @boggarts @ngini @daenerqys @eldorwand @khavinsky @kneazles @reguliusblack @mxlfoydraco @startouchd @eletricamy @lucasmaya @skyvalkers @skysolow @dearpctter @liqhthouse @astcriagreengrass @clawsandcrows @neptuncs @daftorpunk @narcisas @leviohhsa @leviosansa @levicrpus @durinsfxlk @granvger @kronvs @thomasangester @thominho @alecgranger @argentsxarrow @rcmuslvpin @poppypomfrey @pansv @pansyprknson @pansypcrkinson @ragnarsstark @insurgunt @clarkeravens @clarkegroffin @parvatispatils @narcisablacks @anakcin @anavkin @ohrossum @rvenclaws @nymphadoratonks @pureblooder @harrisonfxrd @olympius @pxtronuscharm @crankwinston @northmans @scorpiusmlfy @alrightevans @hungergasmes @adriansydney @jammespotter @rosewheezys @provocative-envy @isabellaswanns @hcrmiones @kaneabbys @parseltongxe @stcrwar @mxlfoydraco @themaraudersdream @dearprongs @remiuslupin @theboywholivcd @stupidlamb-s @prvngs @ohlumos @hermioniegranger

Hii! So a few days ago i reached my biggest follower goal, which was 20k. i still can’t believe that actually 20k people like this blog. i’m making this follow forever to thank all of you. also, i’ve had this blog for a year now and i’ve made so many friends here so i’d like to thank them for keeping up with me as well. ALSO, i wanted to thank paige for making this beautiful graphic for me!

firstly, my lovely friends who i love so much. i would be so lost without them, really. i can always count on these people and they always make me laugh. there’s a lot of people who i talk to and who i adore but these guys are the closest. i love you guys so much ♥: 

vero ❤ kat ❤ ryan ❤ adela ❤ dani ❤ chloe ❤ sara ❤ fereh ❤ maya ❤ carla ❤ gabi ❤. 

secondly, people who i enjoy talking to and i wish we talked more often, really bc you’re fab:

 thai ❤ grazi ❤ ari ❤ nicole ❤.

also i wanted to give a big shoutout to the blogs i’m part of:

@5secondsofsummerdaily, @calumsource, @halseysource, @gifscalum, @bwfivesos, @dailymalum, @ladiessource.

and now, all my favorite blogs who are also amazing people. you always keep my dash beautiful, full of your great edits and gifs, thank you ♥

@2k13irwin, @adorescalumh, @airguitars, @antivevo, @ashirtwit, @ashtnsfletchers, @ashton5sos, @calebhapstall, @calum5sos, @calumfood, @calumhoodes, @calumxhoood, @cashtonaf, @cashtonkinks, @catchfiers, @celmmings, @clifforton, @clinicalum, @clumhood, @englishlovaffair, @fairrie, @goldhemmings, @heartbreakirwin, @hemmocrat, @hemmojaw, @hotdamn5sos, @iriwins, @irweicake, @irwi, @irwnx, @itscashton, @itslukehemmings, @itsmichaels, @itsmuke, @jackfalaheeofficial, @justinscalum, @lamelucass, @lashtuns, @lhemmings, @lhemoans, @lipringsandsnapbacks, @luekshemmo, @luke5sos, @lukehemings, @lukehemmozs, @lukeisapenquin, @lukeorhemmo, @lukeshm, @lukesofsummer, @lukesos, @malumst, @michaelcliffordgifs, @michaelcliffords, @michaelclifforfd, @michaelqclifford, @micool5sos, @mukenope, @outofmylimits, @permanentsvacation, @permanentsvacations, @ridicalum, @sebastianstantrash, @sleephang, @storyofanotherus, @teenagedfricks, @toolucas, @tylerdylans, @unofficialrockstar, @whereversyouare.

+ blogroll

Its time for my first #followforever because I promised myself that I would make one once I reached my goal of 500 followers (although because I’m the queen of procrastination I’m almost at 600 now but oops lets forget about that for now.) I can’t believe I’m actually writing this, it still feels unreal that so many people are following my blog because they actually enjoy my content whether or not they’re on the Wren is A train. So I just want to say thank you to everyone of you, even if you’re not listed here you following me probably means more to me than you could imagine. So thank you to everyone:

A — F: a-teamofficial ariathekiller alisondilxurentis another-prettylittleliar a-prettttylittleliar aisintheair alisonredcoat alisondilolita awesomeasianfangirl bethanyisbiga benz0styles bitchcantseeyou buttahbenzoandpieterse cavanaughty charliesdilaurentis crazylittlemona escapingradley escapingrosewood eleanorxstevens ems-empanada emisondilaurentis enunciando fckhaleb fiverosewoodliars

G — M: game-on-bitches–a guiltyaria gameover-charles hannamarinsgrandma hastingscentral hastings-troian itspigtunia kallosofgreat kissbythebarn lesbianrosewood liarsvampireswolfsunite livinrosewood mrhardingfitz marinasliars malepllers manna-vandermarin mrs-hannamarin missariayoureezraswife momentsarenotstories

N — S: pepelovestippi paranoidaria prettybiga pllwst prettylittleliarsfourever pllrosewoodbae pllunatics pllbookvstv prettylittlepllfreak pllxobsessed pll-aisforanswers prettylittleliarsreign prettylittleliartheorie-s prettylittleforum pinkncharge pllrocks prettylittlehopeful pretty-littlemontgomery pllawesomeness prettylittlecoincidences plltherapysessions prettygleelock queenbeemonadilaurentis radleydolls rosewoodpoison rednailsblackveil rosewooddetective rethinkingrosewood redcoatisblackveil rosewood-pd saraharveysshower sammijaye saraharveysshower spobysdilaurentis spxncxrhastings spencersarcastic sp0na spencers-bleeding-purse

T — Z: thefourpillars thatwouldmakeyouaskank thispllisburied thelifeofapllsuperfan tokillamockingliar therosewoodlies vanderyeezus wrenkingstondilaurentis wren-kingston-is-charles weneedspencer xxariax x–pretty-little-liars–x xlaurenw you-look-like-my-forever yummymummy071013

There are some people that I always see in my activity and I want to give them a special mention and they are: wrenischarles rosewoodzs theariathing welcomebackmona pllobsessedfreak ezrandamonmyloves jasondi-laurentis. Sory if I’ve missed anyone out, my follow list became one big blur half through because I’m half asleep right now but just know I appreciate everyone who has helped me reach this milestone because you’re all the sweetest.