now i've watched it three or four times and am reading the book

Title: Hello Again
Character: Danny Rand
A/n: Like I said, I love Danny’s character, he’s such a dork and deserves more love.

Also this’ll have a second part as the request was for them to meet and then end up together as well, so this one will focus on the reunion.

You whistled quietly under your breath as you kicked the door of your shop closed with your foot, your hands preoccupied with a few boxes of books that had just been shipped in. You placed them aside so you could remove your coat and begin opening the shop for the day.

You had several employees and a few assistants your siblings sent over to help with all the hassle, but you liked tonhave total control over the details of your work. So the bulk ended up on you.

Not that you minded, you always preferred to have something to keep yourself busy. Besides, it’s never that much of a sacrifice if you love doing it.

You continued to whistle as you started tearing into the boxes, going through the piles of books and separating them by their respective genres.

Once that was taken care of, you began shelfing them, taking them all by large bulks and putting them where they belonged.

Whenever you had enough put away you decided it was best to unlock the front doors and turn on the lights, people usually began coming in at this time and you didn’t want to keep them.

“Mornin’ (Y/n)!” You turned around to see one of the older girls who worked the morning shifts.

You smiled at her and motioned her over to you. “Good morning,” You greeted as you grabbed one of the last piles of books. “Do me a favor and but these in the back room, they’re for the history section. I can take care of the other pile.”

“I’m on it.” She said, taking them from you and disappearing into the shop.

You sighed and finally took the last set of books that were to be taken the front shelves.

What you didn’t see was that a young, scraggly looking man stopped right infront of the shop window, his hands peering inside and glued to you as he watched you move about.

A sudden knocking noise on the glass caused you to drop the books onto the ground. You looked over to the source of the sound and saw that same man looking at you with a wide smile as he waved frantically.

You titled your head as you looked at his face, you hadn’t seen him in the shop before but something about his smile made him look familiar.

You smiled back at him as you returned his wave, then making a gesture for him to come inside.

Crouching to the ground to gather the books, you found yourself laughing at how scared you were by a simple knock on the window.


Danny couldn’t believe it, after several failed attempts at talking to the other Meachum siblings he managed to see you walking around inside a bookshop.

Sure it took him a minute to recognize you. The last time he saw you was when you were children, you’re the youngest Meachum child, so you would have been nine when his plane crashed.

But for a brief moment Danny saw your eyes and there was no mistaking who you were.

Then memories of you and him playing imaginary games on his room, and being a much better monopoly player than your brother. He was very fond of you as a child, and from the looks of it not much had changed.

Still, he was surprised with how wealthy your family was, you were dressed in simple clothes, jeans and a loose-fitted blouse weren’t really good business attire.

Without any better way to catch your attention, Danny found himself knocking on the shop window.

He flinched a little when you dropped a thick stack of books, but it was soon forgotten when you returned his smile and pointed to the door.

His heart stopped.

Did you really remember him?

You certainly didn’t need to tell him twice, Danny was inside the shop in seconds.

He was greeted with a large room completely drowned by books, tall shelves lined the walls as well as several tables scattered on the ground. String lights hung from the ceiling and along a banister that lead to a second floor.

“I’ll be with you a moment.” He heard a voice call, and turned to see you climbing up on a tall ladder to a higher shelf.

“No worries.” He said, watching you descend from the ladder before you walked over to him with a smile.

“Hello, is there anything I can help you with?” You asked him while you started to pull your hair back in a bun at the nape of your neck.

Despite the fleeting feelings of disappointment that you didn’t remember him. He could help but stare at you.

The last time he saw you, you had chubby cheeks and glasses that were far too big for your face and would constantly slip down your nose.

But now you were a young woman, with the same pretty eyes and friendly smile.

You were taller, but now Danny still managed to tower above you.

“Sort of,” He started, now becoming very of aware of how disheveled his appearance was. “Look this is going to sound absolutely mental but it’s me, Danny Rand.”

Your smiled dropped just a tad, and you folded your arms. “I’m sorry?”

“Don’t you remember, Danny Rand?” He said as he reached out to you, only for you to retreat. “Oh come on, we used to be partners in crime and always try to get your brother in trouble.”

Your eyes clamped shut as painful memories that you spent a long time repressing came flooding back. “Listen, I don’t known what joke you’re trying to pull but I don’t find it funny.”

Danny wanted to pull at his hair in frustration, why couldn’t people just hear him out?

“I’m not trying to be funny,” He said, reading the hurt expression in your eyes, he stared to think back on things only the two of you would know. “You have to believe me, Cricket.”

Your eyes snapped to meet his, your expression softening a great deal as he said that nickname.

Not even your siblings knew that Danny called you by that, it was a secret code name between the two of you.

You stepped closer to the man, your gaze narrowing as you got a proper look at him. He held your gaze and you noticed he had the same blue eyes.

Without warning, you grabbed into his hand. “Come with me.” You ordered, dragging him into the nearest supply closet you could find.

You flicked on the lightswitch and started to hold onto your head. Even with your eyes closed you knew Danny was about to speak so you hushed him before he got the chance.

“Be quiet,” You inhaled deeply before opening your eyes to meet his. “If you’re really who you say you are, tell me why Danny gave me that nickname.”

Part of you hoped he was lying, that he was some raving lunatic who was just trying to get a rise out you.

But the more you looked at the man in front of you, the more you saw of his mannerisms and expressions, you saw Danny.

You were young when his family plane crashed in the Himalayas, but you still remember the boy who would give you piggy back rides and do stupid puzzles with you.

“You had this book when you were really little, maybe three or four years old,” Danny started, his brows furrowing in the center as he recalled the memories. “It was by Eric Carle, uh, ‘The Very Quiet Cricket’ right?”

He didn’t even need to clarify if you believed him because before he could even speak you tackled him into a hug.

“It is you!” You said, your arms were wrapped around his neck as you pulled him to you.

Danny could’ve cried right then and there.

Finally, someone believed him.

He pulled you in close as well, his nose burrowing itself into the crook of your neck. “It’s me, it’s Danny.”

You pulled back from him as your hands cradled his face. “Hi!”

Danny laughed, leaning into your hold. “Hello.”

“God, I was such a bitch to you before, I’m so sorry, if I had known-” You were saying all of the incredibly fast, and Danny had to cut you off before you talked yourself into a frenzy.

“It’s fine, you believe me and that’s what matters.” He assured you.

“Look at you,” You said, your hands running through his messy beard and his curly hair. “You look so…different now.”

He was about to reply when he remembered where you both were standing. “Aren’t we gonna get in trouble for being in here?”

“What? No, I own this bookshop,” You told him, shutting off the light. “But you’re right, we can go back to my place.”

“Wait what?”


You let your workers know you were taking the day off, then you drove Danny back to your house.

“I still can’t believe, after all this time,” You said over your shoulder as you entered your front door, throwing your coat onto the rack before disappearing into one of the rooms.

Danny took the opportunity to look around, it was exactly the kind of place he could picture you living. Just like your shop, there were books everywhere, and you had several paintings and decorations hung up on the walls.

You used to always complain about how empty your family house was, for a wealthy family the decor was always a ‘minimalistic nightmare of black and silver’ in your own words.

But your place felt like a home, with bright colors and knickknacks as far as the eye could see.

“Have you spoken to Joy and Ward yet?” You asked him once you sat him down in your living room with a hot mug of tea.

“That’s a funny story,” Danny said as he took a drink from the mug. “They’re not really interested in seeing me right now.”

You sat down in the chair across him. “Why not?”

“They don’t think I’m who I say I am,” He said as he set the tea down and looked at you with a warm smile. “You’re the first person actually.”


“Though I had a feeling if I found you, you’d understand,” He said, leaning his chin in his hand. “You and I understood each other.”

You smiled through your tea mug. “I remember, all those times we’d play hide and seek in the house, I could always find you.”

“I always let you find me,” He corrected, watching you laugh with the same crooked smile you had when you were little. “Look at you now, all grown up.”

The two of you shared a comfortable silence for a few minutes before you spoke up again. “I have to ask though, what are you doing here?”

Danny leaned back in his chair. “I’ve come to get my life back, and you’re the only one who can help me.”

I've Waited

Request: (Anonymous): Hey I wanted to request a one shot from Deans point of view. Where he is in love with the reader but doesn’t want to tell her because he doesn’t think he is good enough. But he accidentally tells her and tries to cover it up. But the reader says she loves him too and just kisses and snuggles and fluff. Thanks, I love your writing, you have some talent!

This is my first request from Dean’s point of view, I hope I got it right. Enjoy! (and thank you!) *Fluff, and some thoughts of not being good enough if that is a warning. 


I knocked on Y/N’s door to wake her up, the old bunker’s wood echo’d with each knock. “Y/N? You up?” I asked.

“Come in!” I heard her voice say. I saw her bundled up in her sheets, her beautiful hair flowing around her head on the pillow. 

Chuckling I asked “Sam made us waffles, you want some?” 

She blinked her eyes and her long eyelashes hit her cheeks softly each time, “Uh, save some for me yeah?” she asked as she began rolling over to sit up. If only that side of the bed was mine…

No problem, oh and there’s no hunting today, so tonight we’re going out for drinks” I said, having any excuse to stay by her a bit longer. 

“That’d be nice” she said as she got up from her bed. Her loose gray t-shirt fell off one shoulder, and then I realized that’s all she was wearing. Trying to be a gentleman I closed my eyes with my hands when she giggled “You’ve seen me like this hundreds of times, why close your eyes now?” she said, flipping through some pants to wear. 

Because now I’ve completely fallen for you Y/N I thought as I opened my eyes. 

“Uh just, ah never mind”. Since when do girls make me so nervous? That was the worst answer ever! 

Making my way to get some waffles Sammy slumped down in the chair next to me. He looks so tired, hell didn’t do him any good up in his brain. He’d never admit how much it hurt him, but I can see the red lining his eyes, and I can hear him up at four AM, walking around the bunker because he’d had another nightmare. 

“So? Any hunts today?” he asked me as he slid my cup of coffee across the table. Grabbing it with one hand and bringing it to my mouth I said, “Nope, just some sleeping and drinks tonight”. 

Sam laughed, “any other plans?” he asked, obviously referring to the liking I have towards Y/N. 

“Look Sam,” I said putting my cup down and facing him, “she won’t feel the same way. If I risk the friendship we have now it’ll ruin everything you got that? Everything!” and I began biting into my waffle roughly. 

“You have to try Dean!” Sam exclaimed after another minute or so.

“She doesn’t like me back Sam! She is perfect in every imperfect way, and all I am is extra baggage alright? She doesn’t need that.” I said, ending the conversation by slamming my plate into the sink. 


After bottling up my emotions once more, Sam decided to read a book in the library while I needed something to get my mind off Y/N. I took up watching some Dr. Sexy, and twenty minutes in my distraction walked in. 

“Hey Dean” she half-waved in my direction, “Any waffles left for me?” she asked, raising one eyebrow. Acting casual I smirked and said “should be on the table” and pointed towards the kitchen table. She smiled and did that half-skip she does when she gets excited for something. Damnit she skips! She friggin’ skips! Who needs my problems and baggage when they’re skipping away? Why can’t I accept that I’m not good enough. 

There goes the idea of not thinking about her. Instead of sitting at the kitchen table, she plopped down on the couch next to me with her waffles. Her Y/E/C eyes were shining when she offered me a waffle, trying to shove it into my mouth.

Laughing I answered “I’m good Y/N, really. Sam already made me my four waffles and coffee. Where is your coffee by the way? Don’t eat them dry!” I said.

She shrugged her shoulders “Oh I just finished yours is that ok?” she asked. My heart rate picked up “Uh yeah! Sure” I said, turning my red cheeks away. 

“What’re you watching?” she asked, mouth full. 

“Some Dr. Sexy, guilty pleasure” I answered, as I began flipping through the channels. She put her hand on mine, but I realized not romantically, she just wanted to press my thumb down on the remote to go back a channel. 

Did she notice that I like her? Is she teasing me? Damnit she’s been hunting with us THREE YEARS and now I love her? I can’t lose her now, so I can’t tell her. But at the same time I just want to hold her in my arms while she watches her show….

We binged watched shows, laughing and making fun, other times upset over character deaths. “Oh my god!” she said, looking at her watch, “It’s already five!” she finished, getting up. 

Rubbing my eyes I said “Well when do you want to go out?”, then stopped realizing how that came out.

“What?” she said turning around, “Oh, uh how about six thirty? I’ll get ready for now” and she raised both eyebrows at me waiting for an answer. “Hello? Earth to Dean?” she said, waving a hand in front of my occupied head. 

“Oh yeah, sound good” I replied, and got up groggily towards my room. 


I made a left to go to Sammy’s room first. Swinging the door open made Sam jump up from his book. “Dean?” he asked, closing the book. 

“I just don’t know what to do anymore man! I love her I really love her!” I exclaimed, sitting down on his bed and putting my face in my hands. 

He walked over and sat on his desk chair, “you have to tell her Dean.” he said, putting on his puppy dog eyes. 

“Sammy, she deserves better. She needs someone who can give her a white picket fence and sunday barbecues!” I said, placing my hands on my knees in attempt to get up. 

“No. She can’t have those white picket fences, she’s a damn hunter Dean! That life’s long gone, and frankly you’re the best damn thing she can have.” Sam said, trying to reassure me.

I nodded my head, no clear direction, just tiredness. I got up and went into my room, thinking about the possible reactions she would have if I told her how I feel. She’s beautiful, in all aspects, why would she want to spend her life with a rough hunter? 

I began taking out dark jeans, and black shirt to wear to the bar. Once I changed I leaned against the beds headboard, and turned on some music to pass the extra forty minutes left. 

Through the sound of ‘Animal Magnetism’, I could hear a faint knock on my door. 

“Dean?” Y/N’s voice rang, and I ripped the headphones off my head. 

“Come in” I said. 

She came in wearing a tight black dress, almost reaching her knee. Her hair was down, framing her face, and her beautiful eyes were sparkling. Inhaling some air, I asked “Whats up?”, wondering why it is she came in. 

“It’s six-thirty? Are you ready?” she said. Already six-thirty? What the hell? 

“Uh yeah, hold on” I said, and reached for my gun to slip into the back of my jeans. 

She laughed “even in the bars we can’t get a break huh?” and reached out her hand. I took it, and she pulled me out of my room like a child would pull their friend from excitement. My body tingled with joy and nerves as she pulled me to the bunkers door. 

Sammy was already there, opening the door. “Let’s go” he said, as he looked at us. 


The Impala’s engine came to a quiet as we parked beside the bar. 

“Finally a night off!” Y/N said, slamming the car door shut. 

“Long overdue” Sammy agreed, walking towards the entrance. 

We ordered our drinks, but my eyes couldn’t leave Y/N the whole night, everything she did made me want to break down and kiss her. What would it feel like to have my lips on hers? Her hands running through my hair? 

I downed another beer. 

A man sat next to Y/N, big and tough, every girl there was drooling over him. I rolled my eyes and knew Y/N wouldn’t go for him. 

The bits and pieces I could hear over the music weren’t what I thought I would. 

“Hey, the drinks on me” is what I read off the man’s lips. 

Y/N giggled, Damnit. 

They spoke for a long time, and once the man had to leave he slipped her his number. My heart shattered into a thousand pieces I would have to pick up off the floor later. 

“I’m going home” I said to Y/N, picking up my jacket. 

“What? We just got here! You’re hardly even buzzed!” she announced loudly into my ear. 

“Well I’m done for tonight, call me when you need a ride back.” 

“Ugh, alright I’ll got get Sam.” she said, making her way through other people, pushing them aside until she emerged back with a drunk Sam. 

“Really? Already?” I asked, looking at a drunk and happy Sammy. 

“Dean! This was the best idea EVER!” he said, stumbling so Y/N caught him. 

“Let’s get him into the car” she said, and I helped her carry him. 


We rolled by the bunker, parking the car into the garage. Y/N slumped Sammy over her arm in a tight hold, and he just laughed until I dropped him into his bed. 

“Well that was short” Y/N said, “But it was a nice break” she added. A hunter she was, but she would never deliberately hurt anyones feelings, like mine right now for instance. I know I ripped her away from the fun because of my jealously. 

“Is something wrong Dean?” she said, reading my face. She tucked a loose strand of her hair behind her ear and bit her lip, damn those lips. 

“Uh no, just…” I trailed off. 

Y/N drew closer, “You can tell me anything you know?” and sat me down on the couch.

I looked into her honest eyes and leaned back on the couch. “I’ve just haven’t been at my best lately. Emotions aren’t a hunters best friend, although we drown in them” I said, telling her what I was thinking in my head. 

“I know what you mean” she said and leaned back with me. Neither of us met each others eyes, just kept looking forward at the wall. She crossed her legs on the table, “not only do we have to deal with the angels and demons shit, but we don’t have time to ourselves. Relationships for that matter is one!” she said, whispering loudly. 

“Sometimes I wish I wasn’t a hunter at all” and I think I just told her my secret, that even Sammy doesn’t see.

“Really?” she asked, “I like hunters” I could hear her smirk.

“I like you” I said, before I could even process it. My eyes opened wide and I looked at her waiting for a reaction, I can’t cover this up. 

She turned her head towards me “I like you too Dean” was the last thing I thought she’d say. But she did - right there in front of me Y/N said she likes me too. Maybe she means like a brother, I’m not good enough for her to date. She’ll go back to that bar guy…

“Dean?” she asked after a couple seconds of silence. “I like you more than you probably like me, and I didn’t know how to tell you. But there” she said sitting up, and pulling her dresses strap back up. 

“Me too Y/N. I’ve fallen for you completely, I can’t think straight when you’re around” I began rambling in hopes of a calm. 

She cut me off with a kiss. Her lips felt like heat and sparks, moving in rhythm with mine. Nothing has ever felt this right, and I moved my hand to her neck to draw her nearer. 

She placed her forehead against mine and whispered “I’ve waited so long Dean. So long” as she stared into my eyes. 

“I’ve waited longer” was the last thing I said until our lips pressed together once more. 


The rest of the night consisted of her head curled up against my chest, and my hand playing with her hair. I could almost shout from happiness. 

I pulled her in, placing my hands completely around her, and brought the blanket up and over us.