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And at the centre of it all, of the Mountain, of the rebellion, of the entire world, were seven straight backed girls with circlets of flowers and steel upon their foreheads, thick blood upon their hands, loose wildfires in their hearts and fingers laced together.

Clack Week Day 4: Uniform

Just a quick scribble today, I spent too long writing yesterday’s full length fic and didn’t leave enough time for this one. ^^;;

“Uh, Zack?” Cloud shifted his weight, trying to get a feel for how the fabric hung off him. It felt snug, but not too tight anywhere. Good range of movement. He thought it looked good from what he could see in the mirror, but, to be honest, he was a backwater country bumpkin. What the hell did he know about tailored dress uniforms.

Zack had more experience with this sort of thing, having been a SOLDIER for much longer and dragged to plenty of black tie events and formal parades in his time. Except that Zack had fallen oddly silent, and Cloud was starting to worry it looked awful on him or something.

“So. Is this okay for the dress uniform?”

Still no reply. Cloud turned away from the mirror to see what Zack was up to. He was still perched on the little fabric pouf just to the side of the changing area, but from his expression he seemed miles away.

Cloud rolled his eyes and nudged Zack’s shin with his foot.


Zack jerked back into awareness, shaking himself out of his daydreaming and giving Cloud a sheepish smile.

“You seem distracted,” Cloud commented, a little concerned. Zack had insisted on coming along to help out, but Cloud had thought it would be boring for him to just sit around watching Cloud try on dress uniforms. And then they’d had to wait for the tailor to alter one down to the perfect fit after that. Spacing out probably meant Zack was bored after all, and Cloud felt guilty about it all over again.

“Sorry,” Zack said. “I was having an epiphany.”

Cloud’s expression wrinkled into a small frown of confusion. “What?”

“Mmhm. I think it was from staring at your ass… those trousers, man. They fit so well. The cut lines, the way they accentuate your perfect butt…”

That frown bled away, heat seeping into Cloud’s cheeks instead. He coughed to try and get Zack back on topic.

“Mmm. Anyway, so I was staring at your butt, and it made me totally emphasise with that old cliché. You know the one, right? About how people are supposed to swoon over uniforms? I never really understood why. Especially the SOLDIER uniform. I mean, we’re both stuck wearing it every day, we can agree it’s kinda dorky.”

“Yeah. And it suits you to a T,” Cloud joked. “What was your point?”

“But, that.” Zack gestured up and down at Cloud. “Oh, Cloud. Cloudy. Sunshine chocobo of my heart. That dress uniform you’ve got on right now. That is the kind of uniform that leaves people swooning.”

Cloud huffed, not sure whether he should be mildly offended at Zack’s choice of endearment, or flattered that he seemed to approve of Cloud’s dress blues at least.

“Seriously,” Zack said. He looked serious now too, staring Cloud straight in the eye with utter sincerity. “If you told me to bend over right now, my pants would be off in a heartbeat.”

Cloud snorted, then chuckled, then finally doubled over in full laughter. “You’re ridiculous,” he informed Zack. That didn’t stop Cloud from straddling Zack’s thighs though, a wide smile of amusement still on his face as his kissed his boyfriend thoroughly.

He couldn’t do much more than that, not while they were still technically in public at the tailors. The owner of the establishment had left Cloud to get changed on his own while dealing with another customer, but that didn’t mean he wouldn’t be back to check on them shortly.

Cloud sighed as he kissed Zack once more before sliding out of the SOLDIER’s lap. But his eyes as he glanced back were full of promise.

“Tomorrow once this stupid parade is over, I’m going to hold you to that,” Cloud said.

LADY FIRE from Kristin Cashore’s Seven Kingdoms series. the first of a series of YA characters of color I’m doing for repfest!! I love this book so much…

Fire’s flowers: ranunculus (radiant beauty/your beauty dazzles me), milk vetch (your presence softens my pain), cactus (endurance, my heart burns with love), fraxinella (the “burning bush,” this plant literally catches ON FIRE, ayyy), white violet (let’s take a chance on happiness)


Atsushi is pretty sure he doesn’t have to ask.

He and En didn’t talk about it at school at all. After the fight on the baseball diamond the entire club had retreated to the bathhouse, he and En taking turns apologizing more and more profusely. There was a rhythm to the conversation, the same ease Atsushi always feels with En, and he didn’t have to think much about it to keep his end of the conversation going. That meant he had plenty of space to turn over the other pieces of the fight, the way En’s arms felt supporting his shoulders, the way he could see the clear blue of En’s eyes washing free of the red shadow that had been lying over them as he stared at Atsushi. So he was sure, or very nearly sure, that when he said, “Can I come home with you?” that En knew what he meant.

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