now i've got seven



And at the centre of it all, of the Mountain, of the rebellion, of the entire world, were seven straight backed girls with circlets of flowers and steel upon their foreheads, thick blood upon their hands, loose wildfires in their hearts and fingers laced together.

I have the house to myself tonight, so the obvious solution is to put on Pandora and work on my Knights of the Old Republic fanfic. 

LADY FIRE from Kristin Cashore’s Seven Kingdoms series. the first of a series of YA characters of color I’m doing for repfest!! I love this book so much…

Fire’s flowers: ranunculus (radiant beauty/your beauty dazzles me), milk vetch (your presence softens my pain), cactus (endurance, my heart burns with love), fraxinella (the “burning bush,” this plant literally catches ON FIRE, ayyy), white violet (let’s take a chance on happiness)


Atsushi is pretty sure he doesn’t have to ask.

He and En didn’t talk about it at school at all. After the fight on the baseball diamond the entire club had retreated to the bathhouse, he and En taking turns apologizing more and more profusely. There was a rhythm to the conversation, the same ease Atsushi always feels with En, and he didn’t have to think much about it to keep his end of the conversation going. That meant he had plenty of space to turn over the other pieces of the fight, the way En’s arms felt supporting his shoulders, the way he could see the clear blue of En’s eyes washing free of the red shadow that had been lying over them as he stared at Atsushi. So he was sure, or very nearly sure, that when he said, “Can I come home with you?” that En knew what he meant.

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