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If you should be the last autumn leaf hanging from the tree

I’ll still be here, waiting on the breeze, to bring you down to me.

And if it takes forever, forever it’ll be.

And if it takes forever, forever it’ll be.


They all struggled to hold in the giggles…god I love SHINee SO MUCH!

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  • Me, seeing Garrus in Mass Effect: You're cool and all, but y'all Turians look kinda weird and you don't have lips and I don't feel like romancing someone who-
  • Me, seeing Vetra in Mass Effect Andromeda: Fuck me Daddy

some doodles with a trio of dresses i found in my massive fashion folder

Black and Gold


Here’s some cute screenshots of Brian during tonight’s instagram livestream!! 💛💛💛

Yuuri skating 'Stay Close to Me' was him “winning” a dance-off between him and Viktor

A theory! I might be thinking too much into this, but anyways, here are my two cents regarding the 10th episode.

So during the banquet, Yuuri declares that if he wins the dance-off with Viktor, Viktor is becoming his coach, right? But alas, he’s hella drunk, so Viktor *probably* doesn’t take the challenge seriously (and we do not know who won in the end), and just goes with it for fun.

Now let’s get back to the end of ep.1: While watching Yuuri’s cover of his FS-program, Viktor remembers what Yuuri said to him during the banquet. Because, in a far-streched kinda way, Viktor might see Yuuri’s performance as his part of a dance-off with Viktor, about who’s able to skate ‘Stay Close to Me’ in a way that “pulls on the heartstrings”, who’s able to really feel and get the message of the song through to the audience. (It was kinda hard for me to put this thought well into words, but I tried my best!!)

So, in this case, in Viktor’s eyes, Yuuri won this dance-off, by far. Not only do we get an implication from Minako that this coreography would be better if performed by a man more naive than Viktor (and I personally think Viktor feels that way too), but there is also Viktors remark about why he decided to coach Yuuri: Because he (Katsudon) skates as if he was creating music with his body. There was a mention in a post about Yuuri skating to ‘Stay Close to Me’ without any music playing (I can’t find it at the moment, but I will link it in once I stumble upon it), so Viktor might have actually meant what he said by that. Also: Yuuri was able to skate Viktor’s FS program with so many emotions and with such dignity, that the message of ‘Stay Close to Me’ got through *only* by the choreography itself, and there (probably) wasn’t even any music playing. And that was when Viktor realized just how much potential there is in Yuuri. And that Yuuri TOTALLY won this unofficial, fictional dance-off between them. So he did what Yuuri asked of him in case of Yuuri winning their dance-off: He went and became Yuuri’s coach!

Anyways, this got longer than expected, but this is what caught my thoughts after ep.10. What do you guys think?

TL;DR Viktor took Yuuri’s cover of ‘Stay Close to Me’ as a dance-off challenge, felt that Yuuri has won, and hence flew to Japan to be his coach (banquet-Yuuri’s ask).


time to dance // panic! at the disco


insp: x and true detective

i haven’t done my laundry since obama was president

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I'd be quite interested to hear your thoughts on joss whedon, because I've seen so many conflicting opinions on him, and I've seen people get quite upset about the way he portrays female characters in his work (marvel and black widow esp.) and things he's said. Obviously no one is perfect, as made evidently clear in the 1d fandom. I'd still like your take on Joss Whedon tho, if you're willing to give it. Marvel fandom discourse is pretty intense (but not as viscous as 1d fandom I swear)

Is this ask for real? It’s pretty much my dream question. 

As I suggested in my tags - I am total in the tank Joss Whedon fan. Buffy is a really big part of who I am.  I taped that show off the television starting from Season 2 - and there have been so many times in my life where her big moments: “Why have you got left?” Me!” and “Every girl who can stand up, will stand up.” have been what I needed to hear to do what I need to do. I like Angel, love Firefly, some parts of Dollhouse speak to me on a fundamental level. Cabin in the Woods and Much Ado About Nothing are both fantastic. I think Dr Horrible looks even more true now than it did when it made. The Avengers movie aren’t my thing - but there’s enough him there for him as well. One of the Buffy comics (Issue 5) The Chain - I want read out at my funeral.

The reason that I’m such a fan - fundamentally is his view of both individuals and collectives.  Everything he does is about the fact that we’re stronger together than we are alone, often in really beautiful and complex ways. And he also explores what it means to fight for a better world, really directly.  What it takes out of you and the importance of claiming your identity and your strength.

Plus there’s an episode where Buffy overthrows a demon that rules a hell dimension where people’s lives are sucked out of them by endless work with a hammer and sickle (I always say I like my poetry like I like my Buffy episodes - politically unsubtle).

I have my criticisms - the biggest of which is that he isn’t interested in race so he just ignores it.  Which I think is a more fundamental problem, than even the whiteness of Buffy.  I also have quite micro-criticisms as well - for example about the portrayal of teenage girls sexuality in Buffy (which is quite well developed and therefore too long to go into here - but before Tara came on I was critical of the way Willow wasn’t shown as being attracted to Oz - she only initiated sex when she wanted something else.  It’s one of the reasons that I hate the argument that there was something wrong with Willow self-describing as gay).  There are other things I think were fucked up - but very much about the limitations he was working under (he had to threaten to quit to get a kiss between Willow and Tara on screen, for example).  

But most criticisms of him I disagree with - and quite a lot of them I think are deeply, deeply stupid. 

To go to the most common Marvel criticism - I actually get really upset that people complain about Black Widow describing herself as a monster.  She is a woman describing horrible things that have been done to her, including being sterilised against her will. It’s a really common experience for survivors of abuse - of various sorts to internalise what people have done to them as signs that they are themselves terrible. I have known so many people who have given me versions of that Black Widow speech (and there are bits of me that feel the same way).  I just think it’s so damaging to both good art and good politics - to suggest that it’s a problem that women talk about the way being oppressed affects them - and that’s what that criticism comes down to.

I think a lot of tumblr criticisms of Joss’s works show the uselessness of political and artistic criticism that is simplistic and literal.

But as I started with - his work speaks to me on a really fundamental level - I love his view of humanity - it’s a really important combination of bleak and hopeful (and incidentally I think a lot of it would really resonate with people at the moment - if you haven’t watched Buffy give it a go).

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Hi, I was hoping you could do the hosts reactions of you challenging them to a pocky game (they have to say yes, cause otherwise there would be no writing lol :3) and could you possibly include Haruhi, Neckozowa and Kasanoda. ok thanks x!

Tbh I had no idea what the pocky game was I had to look it up lol thank you for such a cute prompt(and for including everyone, haha)(also so apparently you “lose” the pocky game by being the first to pull away after your lips touch)

Tamaki: “Tamaki! Will you play the pocky game with me?” You present the box and he nods happily, saying, “Absolutely, ____! I’ve always wanted to play buy Kyoya would never play with me.” He takes a stick from the box and settles it between his lips, “’Oo firsf,” which you assume is him telling you to go first. You take a bite of the cookie and Tamaki’s hands make their way up to your face, cupping it as he takes his own small bite. It continues in this manner, the two of you slowly inching forward as the cookie slowly disappears between you. You can see the blush rising on his cheeks as you get closer and closer together, and every now and then one of his thumbs will brush over your cheek. What seems like an eternity later, the last bite has been taken and his lips touch yours softly before Tamaki collects himself and really kisses you, soft and sweet. He pulls back and rests his forehead on yours, smiling. “Tamaki,” you say, still a little breathless, “I win.”

Kyoya: When you call out to Kyoya from where you’re standing in the kitchen, asking him if he’d like to play the pocky game, his first instinct is to say no - after all, it’s comprised of two of his least favorite things: sweets and public affection. But when you come into the living room, smile on your face and pocky in hand, he sighs and agrees to play - at least the two of you are at home. You sit down across from him, grinning with the pocky protruding from between your teeth, inviting him to move forward. Once the two of you are settled, you nod your head forward, motioning for him to take the first bite. You go back and forth, until only the smallest bit is left and suddenly all you can see is Kyoya’s smirking lips. You can feel the blush rising on your cheeks as he takes the last bite and crashes his lips to yours. He sucks at your bottom lip, his tongue shoving into your open mouth, tasting the remnants of chocolate. You remain like that, kissing passionately for a few minutes until your lungs are bursting and you pull back to breathe. You look up at him, the smirk on his face even more prominent. Panting, he says, “I believe that means I win.” You gape up at him, incredulous. Later while he’s reflecting, Kyoya decides that maybe the pocky game isn’t so bad after all.

Honey: “Honey, let’s play the pocky game! I even bought the strawberry kind!” Honey would bound up to you, eyes shining with excitement. “Yeah! Let’s play, ____-chan! I’ll go first!” You settle yourselves, the pocky nestled between your teeth, waiting for Honey to take his bite. Smile broad on his face, he takes his first bite - and only leaves but a small piece. Eyes wide, you take what’s left of the pocky and press your lips to Honey’s. He breaks away quickly, giggling, “You win, ____-chan! Let’s play again!” A little confused, you agree and pull out another stick and settle it in your mouth. At Honey’s insistence, you go first this time, taking a measured bite of the sweet. But then he does it again. He takes a giant bite, swallowing down the rest of the stick and pressing his lips a little more firmly to yours before pulling away. “You win again, let’s keep playing!” Eyes wide, you chide him, “Honey! You’re taking all the fun and the suspense out of playing!” He pouts a bit at that, mumbling, “I’m sorry, ____-chan, I just love pocky, and sweets, and your lips are my favorite sweet, so I got all excited. Can we please keep playing? Please, ___-chan?”

Hikaru: “Hikaru! Come here so I can beat you at the pocky game!” He raises his eyebrows. “Oh yeah? We’ll see who’s beating who, gimme the pocky.” He seats himself across from you, pulling a stick from the box and setting in between his teeth. The both of you took small, measured, calculated bites, fire in your eyes. You noticed that every now and again, Hikaru’s eyes would dip down to glance quickly at your lips before quickly darting back up to look you in the eyes - each time, the blush on his cheeks got just a little bit darker. By the time there was only enough pocky left for one bite, Hikaru’s face was a cute shade of pink and you could feel heat rising on your own cheeks. Taking the last bit of pocky into your mouth, you pressed forward, connecting your mouth to Hikaru’s. His arms wrapped themselves around your waist as you reached up to cup his face in your hands to deepen the kiss. You feel him nip at your bottom lip, followed by a harder bite, and you pull back, surprised and a hand at your mouth, crying, “Hikaru!” He smirks and leans forward, taking your hand away from your mouth to kiss you again. “I’m sorry. But I told you I’d win.” Annoyed, you smack him on the arm before sighing and leaning into the kiss. You could get him back later.

Kaoru: “Kaoruuu, come play the pocky game with me, will you?” He looked up from his sketchbook before nodding and laying it down. You sit down across from him, legs crossed and pocky between your lips. He takes the first bite and you follow suit, going back and forth, the treat disappearing between you. When the stick is gone and your lips are touching, you and Kaoru sit there for a few moments, matching red splotches on your cheeks. Finally, finally, Kaoru takes your face in his hands and really kisses you, sucking your bottom lip and his tongue swiping its way into your mouth. It isn’t until he pulls away, gasping and face nearly the color of his hair, that you remember the rules of the game and giggle a bit around your own panting. “I win, Kaoru, what’s my prize?” 

Mori: “Takashi?” You ask, directing his attention away from the book he was reading. “Will you play the pocky game with me?” He nods, “Sure,” setting his book down and patting his lap, signaling you to take a seat. Settling yourself in his lap, you pull out the pocky and place it between Mori’s lips. “I’ll go first,” you say, taking a bite of the candy and loosely wrapping your arms around his neck and shoulders. You and Mori went back and forth, taking bites of the sweet, until it was finally gone and your lips rested on his. He puts his hands on your hips, pulling you closer and leaning his face down to yours, deepening the kiss. “Mmm, thank you,” he says after pulling away, placing a kiss on your forehead.

Haruhi: “Haruhi! They were giving pocky away at the store today, let’s play the pocky game!” She looks up at you from where she’s doing some work before turning back to it and shuffling some papers around. “I guess I could take a break.” She stood and stretched her arms behind her head before making her way over to sit with you. “Ready?” She asks, taking the pocky from you before settling it between her lips. You nod, setting the stick between your teeth and taking a bite. Haruhi does the same, and you go back and forth taking bites until the sweet is nearly gone. When Haruhi takes the last bite of the pocky, she presses her lips to yours quickly before standing. “I give up! That was fun but I have work to do. Maybe we can play again later!”

Nekozawa: “Ne, Umehito,” You say, lighting some of the candles in the room to brighten it up a little bit, “have you ever played the pocky game?” He looked up at you, eyes shining a bit even in the dark. “No, I can’t say that I have. Would you like to play? Is that why you ask?” You nod, taking the box of pocky from the counter top. “I suppose we could do that. Come, sit with me.” You sit down with him on the couch, pocky nestled between your lips. You’re glad that he’s gotten to the point where he can wander about without his hood and wig, so long as the blinds are drawn and only a few candles are lit. You run a hand through his hair, tucking a few pieces behind his ear as he takes a bite of the candy. You can’t help but blush - doing something so silly shouldn’t feel so intimate, but it’s hard not to feel so close to him when the only light is that of a few candles and he’s pulling you closer with every bite of the pocky. By the time the pocky is gone, you’re nearly in his lap and he’s kissing you sweetly. He runs his hand through your hair now, smiling against your mouth. He pulls away to move onto kissing your jaw but stops, then looks up at you with a smile on his face. “I suppose I’ve lost, haven’t I, dear?”

Kasanoda: “Hey, Ritsu?” You ask once he’s out of the shower after being in the greenhouse all day. “Mmm?” He answers, pulling his hair back. “I bought some pocky while I was out today, and I was thinking, do you wanna play the pocky game?” He turns to look at you slowly, face slowly turning several shades of red. “I…I suppose we could do that.” He sits down with you on the bed, barely able to look you in the eye. “Open up!” You say brightly, poking his lips with the pocky. He obeys, lips parting to take the treat into his mouth and face turning impossibly redder. You take your first bite, making sure to smile at Kasanoda so that he’ll relax a bit. He’s still having a hard time meeting your eyes, but he continues to take bite after bite of the pocky. The blush on his cheeks has gradually gone down, but once the pocky is gone and he’s met your eyes, it returns full force - but not before he places one hand at the back of your head, the other cupping your face, and kisses you deeply, his mouth moving against yours, tasting the leftover chocolate on your lips. When you pull back, breathless, you look up at him and smile. He looks away again, mumbling, “We…we should do that again.”

@cosleia called me out to do this “draw your favorite character Lisa Frank style” challenge, and as someone who turned her photography assignments in to her professor in a Lisa Frank folder (much to his chagrin), I loved the idea immediately. 

This was hands down the most fun I have had coloring something in a long time. 0 Stress, ALL NEON

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Moriel would be like into every kink. LOL azriel is secretly really dirty and kinky.

I agree with this somewhat - I think they would be into a lot of things, mostly because A) Az wants Mor to be happy, and B) Mor would be into a lot of things. I think he would want to experiment and see what she is into, so he’d be down for whatever she wanted. She seems like she is a fairly free spirit, and I was trying to think of their history and how that plays into what they might be into (or not). So I did!

First, we know that Mor was going to be sold off by her family, which means that she could be very, very sensitive to control of her body. So I think that Az would recognize how important it is to her that he get her permission for whatever they do. Obviously I want to reinforce consent in whatever I write, but I think for these two it is especially important, because Mor experienced this lack of bodily/sexual autonomy until she was in her late teens, and probably later. (Just because she left the Court of Nightmares doesn’t mean she immediately was out of the influence of her family. One doesn’t just walk away from a situation like that and instantly become free psychologically or emotionally.)

In canon, Azriel is always watching Mor, which is why I seriously headcanon him being very voyeuristic (e.g. my last fic where he just watches her at first, and in another one I have started, he’s… watching her with someone else). This is basically how their relationship manifests itself right now, instead of overt displays of affection - in public, at least. Which is also probably why people don’t understand that it’s even a thing. It’s a lot more subtle than that.

I think when you combine those two things, that’s why they could get into a lot of stuff - the fact that they are hyper-aware of each other at all times and caring and communicating - similar to the other ask I just replied to, whatever freaky stuff they get into the bedroom, it would work because they are really good at reading each other and recognizing when the other is comfortable and into it (or not) and respectful of that.

I don’t think that either of them would be into anything involving pain. I think their personal experiences are such that they would never bring pain into the bedroom, especially with each other. Above all, with each other. Given that they were both physically tortured and abused by their families, I just… can’t see that. I think they’ve spent a lot of time helping each other heal from the literal, physical pain that others inflicted on them, so this would not be something that they would derive any sexual pleasure from. It’s antithetical to who they are, really.

I don’t know if you were expecting me to give you a response like this, but… here it is!

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