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Promptis imagine for my chocobabies
  • Prompto and Noctis are laying beside one another in the tent. Ignis was sleeping behind Noctis, and Gladio was at their feet. The tent was filled with the sound of their breathing and Gladio's snores.
  • Noctis feels a bit of movement beside him in the middle of the night that shakes him from his sleep. He opens his eyes slightly and realizes it's Prompto. He's whimpering, and mumbling a bit in his sleep. He almost sounded like he was in distress. Noctis sat up, and put a hand on Prompto's shoulder.
  • Noctis: Pss... hey... Prompto... hey. Wake up.
  • Prompto jolts out of sleep in a bit of a panic. He was panting as if he had been running from something. He makes eye contact with Noctis.
  • Without a word, he leaps at Noctis, wrapping his arms around him tightly. He hit Noctis with such force, it knocked him on his back. Ignis moved a bit, readjusting himself. He didn't wake up miraculously.
  • Prompto: Noct... hah... hah... you're here...
  • Noctis: yeah, where else would I be?
  • Prompto nuzzled Noctis' chest.
  • Prompto: I... I had a nightmare... I was... I was running in darkness... and I couldn't find you... I couldn't find anyone. It was awful. It felt so real... thank you for saving me from that place. I couldn't get out.
  • Noctis furrowed his brows as he placed a hand on Prompto's back. He began to rub it to comfort him.
  • Noctis: It was just a nightmare. You're ok. That's the 3rd one this week. Something on your mind?
  • Prompto grew silent.
  • He took in a deep breath.
  • Prompto: .... Noct.... you... you wouldn't understand.
  • Noctis: What makes you think that I won't understand? Try me.
  • Prompto lifted his head from The prince's chest, and looked him in the eyes.
  • Prompto: I ... don't know where I would be... if it weren't for you, Iggy, and Gladio. I feel.... I feel like I would be ... drifting. Lost in darkness. You... you have no idea how much... you mean to me... Noct.
  • Noctis' eyes softened as he hears the blonde's words. He lifted his hand to meet Prompto's cheek.
  • Noctis: I think... I have a pretty good idea. I bet... it's as much as you mean to me.
  • He smiled
  • Noctis: Don't ever worry about being lost... or alone. As long as I'm breathing, I'll make sure that you never feel that way. Promise.
  • Prompto parted his lips a bit, feeling the warmth of Noctis' hand on his cheek. His heart was racing.
  • He couldn't believe his ears.
  • Prompto: you... you mean it?
  • Noctis chuckled softly
  • Noctis: Yeah. Now get some sleep.
  • Prompto smiled so hard that it hurt his cheeks. He couldn't contain himself. He leaned down, quickly, and pressed his lips to Noct's.
  • Noctis was shocked, his eyes wide
  • Their lips parted...
  • Noctis: Wh... what... why'd you...
  • His face was flushed
  • Prompto laid back down and fell back to sleep. Not a word.
  • Noctis laid there, staring at the roof of the tent. He could still feel the lingering feeling of Prompto's lips on his. His mind was buzzing.
  • He didn't sleep a wink that night.

when i was very young i was a lot darker than i am now and i was small for my age and i was completely obsessed with the idea of having an enormous white clydesdale. like the world’s biggest, clompiest unicorn.

i think even at the time i was like “you know what would be awesome? the contrast between a tiny brown girl and a huge, white horse.” obviously it never happened but looking back, i had a pretty good sense of aesthetics for a six year old. good job, me.

Hi, I’m really sorry to bother but I’m extremely worried about Bri (voltron-and-chill67). The anti-shipper that has been harassing her just posted this a little while ago. Is there a way we can contact Tumblr staff about their suicidal thoughts?

There is. I’m sure you’re familiar with the report function, and you can report a Tumblr user as a danger to themselves. This will alert the staff and resources can be sent their way.

But beyond just doing that, and don’t get me wrong I’m not singling you out here because you haven’t done anything wrong, you know what we can do? Not tell people to kill themselves. Not trivialize it when they say they’ve tried or will try. Or how about we just don’t take fandom and made up characters SO FUCKING SERIOUSLY? Look, I don’t give a single fuck what your thoughts on otayuri are. I don’t care if you’re an anti or one of the biggest shippers on this website. This, what’s happening? This is toxic. I almost lost a friend last night to this toxicity. I almost relapsed myself because of it. In fact, several of our mutual friends were in a similar headspace as me. In other words, much as I love her and was beyond worried about her, and as glad as I am that she’s okay, Brianna wasn’t the only one that could have been a victim here.

Because of one asshole who thought that trivializing suicide because of two made up characters was a good idea.

I’ve been lucky enough not to get antis on my blog, and I’m sure that after posting this, I’ll be getting some, but my point still stands. Otayuri, or any other ship for that matter, is not worth someone’s life.

  • Neptune: Is there any reason your team leader ordered me to stop you from eating anything with sugar at all?
  • Nora: Nah, Jaune-Jaune's just a joker. Ooh, so many j's.
  • Neptune: I mean it Nora. Jaune is the most chilled person on Remnant. If he gave me an order in such a strict way, it's serious.
  • Nora: Pfft, nah, seriously. I mean, sure, I broke down some nice restaurants before when I got a bit of sugar, but I'm FIIIIINE now. No problems from me.
  • Neptune: I'm starting to question if it really was a good idea to go on a date with you
  • Nora: This is a date? Jaune told me you were making sure I was away for a surprise party.
  • Neptune: But Jaune told me you wanted to go out with me!
  • ---
  • Jaune: use neptune as a norasitter. youre a genius ren
  • Ren: *nods*
  • Pyrrha: Hey, do you hear that?
  • Jaune: ye, silence is so odd now im thankful
  • Ren: No...I hear something.
  • *door breaks down*
  • Jaune: frick
  • *Jaune's scroll buzzes, he checks it*
  • Neptune: "Guess who let slip that they had a chocolate bar in their pocket!"

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Do you have any idea why they would've done this? I know the show was expensive but I don't understand and I honestly can't believe it ):

I genuinely have no idea, like literally this morning I had no worries I thought that the show was completely safe so? This has really thrown me? 

I definitely do think it’s going to be an expense thing. Like it wasn’t only Sense8 that was cancelled, there were a LOT of shows cut apparently, and although we do have a big fandom the show is very divisive in some ways and maybe just a tad bit too ambitious to reach all audiences and so a combination of that and the very very large expenses means that from a financial point of view its not viable or worth it?

And that really sucks for all the people that the show has helped and whose lives have been made better because of its example.

All the people that were helped to feel more comfortable in their sexuality or gender, all the people struggling with race and gender issues who have been inspired, all the people who watched this show and felt hope for once because their experiences were represented on screen in a way it’s never usually been shown. 

All those people will be crushed, because having that hope and having it suddenly, with no warning taken away is such a hard thing to process. Like I know its just a show, but for so many people it’s more than that, and it’s just horrible to know that something that means so much could possibly be axed simply on numbers. 

I also have to say every moment with Karen. I got really excited thinking they could both have a moment of happiness, after all. When that was taken away from them, I got really depressed, I swear.

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My bf doesn't watch porn (he's a sweetheart, you can tell the difference between a man who watches porn and a man who doesn't), but when I told him about how porn has a bad effect on a man's behavior towards women he said "not all porn is that hardcore. There are many kinds of porn of course, but not in all of them beat and rape women. I'm sure there's softcore porn that doesn't turn men into the beasts you say". I just didn't know what to say??? How could I prove him wrong next time?

All porn contributes to the idea of men being entitled to women’s bodies. It doesn’t have to be violent to create a lasting impact on its viewer. I would take a look at antiporn activist, one angry girl, Gail Dines, and Robert Jensen’s work. I have to say though, if he’s not willing to hear it now I have my doubts about you being effective by presenting him with evidence later. Good luck!

What Are You To Me? || Part 1

Hoseok // Soulmate AU

Based on this post where your Soulmate’s name is on one wrist and your Enemy’s on the other.

Word Count: 2,669

You wake up to your annoyingly loud alarm on Valentine’s Day feeling as you have for the past few years - empty, alone, but somehow a little bit hopeful.

Why you felt hopeful, you weren’t sure. It wasn’t like you had anything to look forward to on Valentine’s Day. But maybe it was because, deep down, you were hoping to meet your soulmate today.

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Anybody interested in a BOTW one shot?

I’m finishing it up right now, but I’m not sure if I’m gonna post it. Would anyone want to read it? :’D 

also hello followers, nice to meet you! 

  • (Previous) Lord: Welcome, Cadis Etrama di Raizel
  • PL: (whispers to Gejutel) what excuse did I use this time?
  • G: ...
  • G: *whisper* its seems to be your birthday my Lord
  • PL: ahh, it is good of you to come for this special occasion
  • PL: I'm not sure when my birth date is exactly..
  • PL: but since you are here
  • PL: we can celebrate it together!
  • Rai: ...
  • PL: thats a great idea, isn' it Gejutel?
  • PL: we can celebrate our birthdays together from now on
  • G: ..
  • PL: i even have a gift ready
  • PL: i give you my sword as a gift
  • G: my Lord!
  • Rai: i decline.
  • PL: what? You are declining again?
  • PL: what is wrong with my sword?
  • PL: its a beautiful sword, isn't it Gejutel?
  • G: ...
  • PL: take it, Cadis Etrama di Raizel
  • Rai: ...
  • Rai: I decline

ok does anyone know what it’s called when you have like a reverse panic attack? that’s a rlly bad way of putting it but i’m in this really weird mood right now where my heart is racing and my breath is a lil short kinda like in a panic attack but i’m not like wanting to die or anything i’m just like… excited. and i have no idea why but yeah

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I love Two Ghosts, but considering his first single was SOTT, I thought they would go for a more upbeat song now. And Two Ghosts as a Summer single.... not sure it's a good idea tbh. In the Summer people tend to like more upbeat and fun songs... We'll see if it will indeed be. But I still vote for Kiwi. And anything except Carolina really haha

I thought they would go for a more upbeat song as well. tho they can still, who knows what the actual second single is gonna be. We all thought Carolina was gonna be and it like….disappeared (thank the lord) 

I really badly want toast right now but it’s also 11pm and I’m really full so that’s probably not the best idea but on the other hand I really want toast

Some happy children with things that make them happy, from illtrytobegood, a very lovely comic! Been meaning to make fanart and follow, not stalk, for a while now; mun being nice and answering a question I’d sent just motivated me more! Thank you for the answers and the content and being great, LLA!

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Are you going to publish another chapter to your "For every bird there is a stone" story? It is REALLY good.

I’m sorry to disappoint but I’m really not sure right now, Anon. I was never that pleased with how the last chapter came out, and though I had the bones of the fic mapped out from the beginning I feel like a lot of the things I wanted to explore later on have already been tackled by others (and I know multiple people can of course take on the same tropes or general ideas, but I feel like I wouldn’t be brining much new to the table, so to speak). The combination of these things has left me feeling a little tepid on the story. 

I wouldn’t say the fic is abandoned just yet, but it’s on hiatus right now for sure while I try to figure things out.

yet another thing that just occurred to me

some people suggested that RGB might’ve been shot at some point in his life, that even possibly being the way said life originally ended, due to this panel

I wasn’t sure what to make of it until I considered some stuff that was said earlier on…

“Don’t shoot, CUT”. A well known line from RGB dreaming of his own (inaccurate) demise.

now given this comic’s track record, I doubt Mod would have RGB go in any way other than a multilayered play on words…

A/N: SURPRISE!! I’m starting to do preferences now.. So yeah. Lol. Anyway.. I’m on mobile and couldn’t type and put gifs in the same post so I had to take pics of them. I’m not sure these are good at all but just give me a chance to explore it haha. I’m out of requests and ideas so please feel free to drop one.

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RWBY RP Starters
  • "Do you believe in destiny?"
  • "I don't need help growing up. I drink milk!"
  • "Yeeeeeeeah. . .I can see that."
  • "Boop!"
  • "We'll break his legs!"
  • "I know, will bribe the headmaster, no, wait, that wont work, he has a school."
  • "IS SHE A MAN?!"
  • "Great! The gang's all here. Now we can all die together!"
  • "You know what else is great? Me, [insert name]."
  • "Well maybe we were just tired of being pushed around!"
  • "Hey, a no-good stowaway would have got caught. I'm a GREAT stowaway!"
  • "Or we could ditch the beds... and replace them with bunk beds!"
  • "She's a hazard to my health!"
  • "Aren't you... that girl that exploded?"
  • "Unfortunately, the real world isn't the same as a fairy tale."
  • "Are you sure you didn't hit your head?"
  • "AWWWW. Its broken"
  • "Magnets are cool too."
  • "Oh my god you really exploded."
  • "Run and live! That's an idea I can get behind..."
  • "Yeah. No, Yeah."