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I’ve got one more of these I wanna do, but I doubt I’ll be able to get to it tonight, even if it’s not particularly long.

After that I’ll probably start ‘officially’ taking/asking for suggestions or questions or whatever like I do anyways. I just feel a proper setup is in order first.

Listen if we get to see what haruka is doing after graduation, I hope it’s one or all three of the following:

-OLYMPICS for Christ’s sake

If Jamie and Claire could text: Sleeping outside her door edition
  • Claire: doing okay out there?
  • Claire: How's
  • Claire: *how's the blanket?
  • Jamie: nice and toasty
  • Jamie: thanks again
  • Claire: thank YOU
  • Claire: still can't believe you're sleeping on the cold hard floor for my sake
  • Jamie: it's my pleasure, ssnch
  • Jamie: truly
  • Claire : 😊
  • Claire: are you *sure* you don't want to come in?
  • Jamie: notonebit
  • Claire: what?
  • Jamie: what?
  • Jamie: go watch this video of kittens
  • Jamie: right now
  • Jamie: dinna scroll up
  • Jamie: just watch the video
  • Jamie: and forget what an arse I am
  • Claire: 😊
  • Claire: never
  • Claire: you're a *sweet* arse at least
  • Jamie: /your/sweetarse
  • Claire: WHAT
  • Jamie: WHAT
  • Jamie: **after you delete all texts from me
  • Claire: **knowing smile**
  • Jamie: Christ claire I'm sorry dna ken what's got into me tonight. Shouldn't have said
  • Claire: !!!!
  • Claire: OMG
  • Jamie: shit
  • Jamie: can Ye forgive
  • Claire: no no no lookit their lil paws when they tag each other!!
  • Jamie: 😊😊😊😊😊
  • Jamie: thattagirl
  • <<< three hours later > >>
  • Jamie: think we should go to sleep?
  • Claire: nahhhhhhh
  • Jamie: 😊
  • Claire: cuz I just found a vid of 18 y.o. DOUGAL MACKENZIE doing DRUNK KARAOKE
  • Jamie: godiloveyou
  • Claire: _what_
  • Jamie: LOVE *KARAOKE
  • Benedict Cumberbatch: does push-ups
  • Benedict Cumberbatch: in full Doctor Strange costume
  • Benedict Cumberbatch: ON.ASPHALT.
  • Me: Take me. Take me now. *swoons*
need to rant plz don't mind me I'm not looking for discussion just ranting

I swear this series will never stop haunting and destroying me….

So the last mother fucking episode of Na***o (I censor it for my own sake) is Hin**a’s wedding…again…why..did she not get an entire MOVIE for her and her selfish love??? Now the last episode is dedicated to her god for saken wedding…
That’s not even the worst part… I did this mistake of scrolling the tag and immediately starting crying

Sakura.. the fictional character who got me through some of my hardest school days. She inspired me so much and it kills me to this day seeing what’s become of her and this series I once loved.

Every single time I think she can’t be hurt anymore, that there’s nothing more they can do to destroy her..
I’m proven wrong every time! They show her watching all the happy couples while she is completely alone…& the only “comfort” she gets is a letter from Sasuke with the word congratulations on it..meant for N & H….. that’s what she blushes and smiles at…that’s the final scene she receives in this series.
How can anyone human being who watched/read this series from the beginning be truly ok with this scene and just overall ending… it’s pure evil and beyond cruel… Sakura the main heroine in the series, who has overcome so much and basically been sad since the beginning…she didn’t get to have a happy ending (call it what u will guys that’s no happy ending and that’s coming from someone who loved Sasuskau at a time) it’s miserable and it hurts me.

To think Hin**a the side character who really never had much to offer to the series besides holding an immense love/obsession for Nar**o got an amazingly happy ending meanwhile Sakura the actual heroine whose character actually impacted the series in many fucking ways is left with the worst ending I’ve ever seen. I wouldn’t wish this ending on any character.
and we all know it doesn’t get better because she then has a child and is left to raise it alone while everyone else is a couple raising there’s just like the creators truly despise Sakura and want to make her suffer in any way possible..& I know it’s just goddamn fiction and I’m insane for caring so much but it really does hurt me deeply. I loved this character so much she really was and sadly still is important to me so whenever I see how miserably she is treated and continues to just hurts…

it hurts a lot and I wish I can wake up one day and not give a fuck…

okay end of rant..

Public Service Announcement!

Let people fucking ship what they want to ship. If you don’t like it, don’t look at it. Don’t look it up. Don’t say anything to the artist/writer/shipper. And for fuck sakes, DO NOT PURPOSEFULLY TAG THE SHIP JUST TO SPOUT YOUR HATE!

Vortex Club Energy

Fandom: Life is Strange
Pairing: Grahamfield (Max Caulfield/Warren Graham)
Rating: Uh… T? M? It doesn’t go all the way, but there’s a sexually charged situation I guess you could call it? I’m embarrassed, don’t look at me. It might be worth mentioning that no clothing is removed.
Warnings: I’m such trash I only remembered this while making this post but Warren is under-age for the US… whoops… if that upsets you, turn back now. Also, I might have implied that alcohol is involved but that’s up to interpretation.
Words: 1,150

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the real plot twist of the how to get away with murder season finale: annalise picking a student who isn’t one of her murder babies to answer a question

anonymous asked:

Am I the only one who thinks that Clary is the least interesting female main character on the show? I just find Izzy and Maia sooo much more intriguing, even Lydia. I think that's why I ship jaia and jimon because I just find Clary bland/boring/not faceted enough to really ship her with anyone.

Nah. Judging by the answers on my Jaia posts, you’re very likely not the only one to think that. But funny enough, all those posts shitting on Clary make me want to defend her. Dammit, Law School.

Anyway, I agree when you say the other female characters are more intriguing than Clary. I feel the same way. Izzy, Maia, Lydia, I relate to them way more than I do Clary. The problem I see with her is that Clary is the kind of character that didn’t age well.

The Chosen One is a trope that was at its highest in 2007, especially for YA. Ten years later, we don’t want a miraculous savior that gets swooped into the eyes of the hurricane and magically is given the solution to saving the universe. We want a daughter trying her best to fulfill her mother’s expectations while being unapologetically herself. We want a hard working badass with a heart of gold. We want a hard ass soldier with a tragic backstory who is capable of changing.

We want a character that has to go through an inner transformation and earn her improvement.

My problem with Clary is how the story bent over backward to make her oh so special. How Magnus and Ragnor remarked on her artistic skills, how Hodge kept saying Jocelyn was ah-mazing and Clary was just as much, how Clary twirled in high heels and killed a greater demon after four days in the Shadow World.

Those things were “cool” in 2007. Now, they are unnerving. The main character has to earn her due and preferably don’t take part in tropes such as the White Savior or The Only One.

However, I believe the show is starting to take on a solid route with her. Because you see, nonny, Clary shouldn’t be the one talking downworlder leaders into cooperating with each other (1x09), but she should be disgusted by Jace’s passiveness when the Clave is ordering him to racially profile the downworlders (2x13). Clary shouldn’t be able to make a huge jump and expertly stab a possessed Izzy (2x04), but she should be the one busting her ass off to slash Valentine’s throat open and then stab him four times (2x20).

Clary is an eighteen-year-old spoiled and immature teenager. When the story recognizes that and makes her deal with those flaws, she grows as a character. There is a lot of potential to tell an organic story from there. The writers just need to remember that Clary needs an inner journey (from immature to mature, for example) as well as an outer journey (‘rescuing her mother’ or ‘defeating her father’). Basic storytelling; give her a character flaw and make it have actual consequences when she gives in to her flaw. Make her work to get over it.

Now that her outer journeys are done, I’m excited to see where they will take her. At this point in the books, Clary is just… there in the story, reacting to what happens to Jace. I think the show can give her a storyline that doesn’t revolve solemnly around that.

And for fuck’s sake, give her angelic powers limitations and stick to those limitations. No one likes an overpowered character. At least, no one over the age of eleven.

anonymous asked:

wait I'm confused so is touken meant to be a toxic relationship by the creator orrr what? I honestly don't like the ship but now I'm concerned If the creator is actually making a abusive relationship on purpose...I read some of comments and I hope you can further talk about it so me and others can hopefully understand this ship more

Dear Anon, im sorry to disappoint you, but it seems you misunderstood my comments. My point was contrast to what you mean. I tried to say my point not as a fan of that characters or not relationship but just as a reader that judge the relationship in their story. I personally try to avoid tg fandom, but sometimes whenever you go into tag for the sake of positive things, but instead seeing always negative stuff is not give you good feeling you know.

My point was that the story itself is toxic and have so many issues, there are so many unhealthy relationships. But people always bring up Touka not others. We can like or dislike them, but before dislike or like a characters or relationship understanding character and their relationship is the biggest thing that you can do for them. So i love that you try to understand Touken relationship. They are still in the process of finding the peace, in the twisted world. Both characters had it rough in the past, but they are trying to striving for the future. Not the future that just like in the past but the future that give them and others “Hope”. Even ishida himself writing about cruel society, but he dont aiming for the continuty of cruel society. He is aiming for greater thing, he is aiming for something people like “Even if we have a hard time, there are still things that make you feel alive, make you feel happy, there is always “Hope”. Not just Ken but many other characters are abuse survivors even if some of wasnt, most characters had it rough in the past. But now they are fighthing for the “Future”. But if characters doing always the same reckless things, characters repeating the history itself, how can they move forward? If Ishida is writing this story for nothing, if ishida writing his current characters just like what other characters done, i mean how characters relationship evolve. Ishida always try to develop his characters, try to give understatement for his characters. But giving the things that main character felt in the past is just denying the “Hope and Future” for his characters. All characters have their own roles, some of them die during the process, some of them living for the greater future. All portrayel of relationships in Ishida’s characters mostly evolve, just like his characters are aiming for the Future. 

The famous line that make people triggered “I beaten by my loved people”. Ken abused by his mother, the one and only person that he had in his childhood beat him. It is sad, but thats the whole point thing going on, he beaten by his loved ones. Now he is aiming for the future not past. Even ishida is trying to evolve his character, try to making him not suicidal, but if ishida aimed for the repeating history itself, What was the point that seeking hope, peace and love? What was the point that giving him will to love, will to live again if his most loved one is abuser again? As an narrative point, it is just doesnt makes sense, thats why thinking like that doesnt really work for me. Ishida never try to make their relationship as a abusive, it is truly undeniable that their relationship has flaws. But thats the reason that this story exists right? Understanding and accepting your flaws, changing the flawed things that they are doing. Most characters are during the process of evolving their character and relationship. We dont know who will last and who will not but still we will see the outcome. Touka and Ken is still in the process of their develop, they are trying to find something in this world, something to love for, something to fight for, something to live for. But giving and thinking for the most important characters that the things that they felt and overcomed in the past would be another failure. So i hope that, i believe that Ishida is not aiming for that. I hope you get my point too. You can dislike their relationship, you know. But all you have to do is just as you said understand the relationship, the point of their character, why this characters having a relationship? Why this characters seeking peace? What these characters stand for? Dont forgot that “Love” is the biggest part of this story, even the main character itself seeking love but finding love during the process. How beautiful it is that? And Touka and Kaneki will be the relationship that overcome their past and aiming for the great future. 

Have a nice day, Anon :)

Philippe had done it. After the last fight with his brother, oh no, apologies, the King, he had, with the help of Chevalier, finally left Versailles. Taking his horse, he had ridden away, still hearing the promises of his lover to be following him whenever he could - though, if he would or not, it was not of a high priority for Philippe. Getting away. Starting new. That was what he wanted. To be living the life he chose. He was done acting as a marionette. First for his parents, now his brother. It was time for his life to begin.

Riding with his horse, he suddenly noticed a shift in the air, though he did not pay much attention to it, thinking that this might have just been the feeling of finally being free. He started to hear voices and he slowed his horse down, looking around. All he saw were trees. Trees and more trees. But he still heard the voices. Slowly, he rode towards the voices and suddenly found himself in a park with… strangely dressed people. He steered his horse towards one person and whilst still sitting on the horse, he looked at the person, addressing them. 

“Excusez-moi, why are you dressed so… peculiar?”

Flame Princess in her outfit from The Cooler which I just watched. I’ve been so busy with everything going on irl that I forgot there was a new episode, and it had to be a Flame Princess one too X_X 

I really liked it, especially for the character development and not to mention learning FP’s name


Sam’s Christmas Countdown Post #8 

Father!AU–Kris; A very happy Krismas with Wu, Dad. 

(I know Day 8 passed ages ago but let’s just keep this up for the sake of me surviving the intense guilt I feel) 

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So, I've been creeping on the Elounor tag (gasp) just for the sake of being objective, and now its messing with my head... I'm slighty conflicted (ashamed) :( I need the healing powers of Larry to exorcise this demon. Help, please?

first of all 
no fuckin beards 
i mean, come on come on 
not on my watch no fuckin way 
full stop 

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*whispers* You may not ship Swan Queen romantically but that doesn’t mean that the relationship between Emma and Regina is not a huge part of the show, and putting it in the same category as ships like Wooden Swan and Hookriel is not a fair comparison. You may not ship it, whatever, but at least acknowledge the fact that these two women have gone from being total enemies that got into fist fights and attempted murder to allies and now to friends. They share and co-parent a son for goodness sake. Just because the ship isn’t canon doesn’t mean the shippers are irrelevant (especially considering the fact that they’re the second most popular OUAT ship on Tumblr). Just because the ship isn’t canon doesn’t mean you can be an ass to the shippers. This has been a PSA.

Like A Drum glows white on my screen tonight
Chapter 7 can’t be seen
A fanfic of both angst and fluff
And Lownly is the queen
The fandom’s howling with the roaring feels inside
Can’t keep them in, couldn’t if we tried
Hate Eren and sleep with Marco
Wait- shit- fuck- um, no homo?
Conceal, don’t feel, don’t let them see
I have fucking weird dreams

I didn’t ship it but now I see
This fic’s gonna kill me!
For fuck’s sake, Jean, just bang Marco
You’re so obvious…
Fuck you and your damn ‘no homo’

It’s funny how a good fic
Makes the whole show seem gay
And the couples I now ship
Not one of them is straight!
Johannathemad is awesome
If you want great art, then she is the one
But the whole fandom’s great as it is…
End the hiatus!

Shit, the whole damn day’s gone by
Connie, Sasha, for God’s sake, WHY?!
Why did I choose to watch this show?!
It’s ruining my life…

Her writing flurries from her keyboard to Tumblr
The fanart and the feels come within minutes, in a blur
And one line brings the tears out in an awful blast
Oh no, the chapter’s done, I read it all too fast!

We love this fic so much!
We really want more smut!
For fuck’s sake, Jean, just bang Marco!
You’re so obvious!
Fuck you and your damn 'no homo’.