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Sakumoto Art in Drawing Shiritori (Anishi 19.11.2016)

So Kyary Pamyu Pamyu is into the drawing version of the linking word game, Shiritori, and here’s what OTP got up to.  Such serious play, these two.

To start, this was Jun’s first go…

… which led to Sho’s first attempt…

… which Keio Chipmunk erased himself and replaced with what looked like a box (hako)…

… causing Kyary-san to draw a kotatsu, but which she erased when Sho-san added details to his drawing…

He decided that adding a stick figure might help.

See the pride he had that he could deliver such an ‘accurate’ drawing…

… though a few more details were again ‘enhanced’ for clarity.

Then OTP decided to kill this shipper’s brain cells with their second attempts, down to one minute on the clock.  

Sho-san’s indecisiveness was obviously rubbing off…

… though Sho-kun was quick to catch on to whatever it was that our youngest had drawn.

In deciphering the drawings after time up, we learn that Jun’s…

‘sou-PU’ was originally connected to ‘PU-oh’ (Pooh) Bear…

… till Sho worried that it would be mistaken for a big-eyed bear…

… so he changed it to PO-ol.

It was the second attempt that made my OTP kokoro squeal a little with…

Jun’s fuE (flute) and Sho’s connection of Entotsu (chimney).  While everyone was trying to figure out what Jun-kun had drawn, Sho happily claimed that he had no problem figuring it out.  That was why he was so quick to fill in his square.

Delusional shipper in me chooses to imagine this… (^_^)

Ahhh~ it’s a fabulous time to ship this revival? pair.

Cr: Arashi ni Shiyagare 19.11.2016


[ ☜(゚ヮ゚☜)  Last]

(ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚ First

Moral of the story: Take care with your words, you can hurt someone (okay troxa, shut up now)

For those who get a bit lost in the last page, i think it would be interesting if your search for the underlust comic to understand what happened with Metatton, papyrus, etc.

Okay, i guess is just this, i’m thinking about make another one story with desire, but in telling his story in underlust, and how he ended like, welp, u knou OwO’. What do you think?

I want to hear about first words, first jobs, best childhood friends, your beat-up UGG boots and your Lisa Frank plastic purse with the tigers on it. This is a zine about growing up, and the dreams that we had as children versus the dreams we have now. I have a few questions to get people started, kind of like an interview, and then I will make a profile made from the answers. I want as much variety as possible, so I am extending this call for submissions to the internet. 

If you are interested in being a part of this project, please like this post, reblog, or message me.

26th & 28th/29th December Show Reports

Okay, I’m going to have to come clean at the start. This is another recap of two performances. One was with the full original cast (which I’ll talk less about, but I will cover the mistakes in it which were plentiful and glorious), which I will refer to as the Boxing Day show when I mention it, and the other was with James Howard as Draco and Morag Cross as McGonagall. The latter is the one for which I was sitting near the front of the stalls, and that’s the one I’ll focus on, because it was better and more interesting. 

(You’ll all be pleased to know I wrote over 2000 words less in this recap than I did my last one. It’s still almost long enough to be a dissertation though so… Sorry about that! I hope you enjoy.)

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ADDICTED FOR 15 DAYS // day-15: explain the reason why you love one two of the characters so much

(Lily & Lo)

“Lil.” His voice cracks. “Why are you crying?” He rubs my tears with his thumb, concern and hurt crossing his beautiful face.

“I don’t deserve you,” I say softly, our legs tangled together.

His glare could murder a family of geese, but the familiar sight is more than comforting. “Then we’re two undeserving individuals because I sure as hell don’t deserve you, Lily Hale. You help me every day stay sane and sober. I couldn’t live this life alone.” His thumb skims my wet cheeks. “And you know what?”

“What?” I whisper.

“The world went and fucked itself because the two most undeserving people got more than they deserved.”

EXPLAIN THE REASON WHY (warning: my explanation is kinda long)

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Before the Bridge - A Jessa Drabble

The hotel room was a disaster. He didn’t have much luggage. He didn’t know how to shop in mundane stores and so the few clothes he did have didn’t fit the way he thought they should. His jeans were too tight. His shirt was too loose. He felt like a child trying to dress up as something they’d never seen.

The black shirt fit better than anything else but when he looked at himself in the mirror he saw gear. He could not go to this wearing something that reminded him of fighting and dying and children who had to kill their parents to survive. He yanked the shirt off over his head and threw it at the table. It was not alone in the pile beside his partially eaten breakfast.

Jem Carstairs hadn’t had to pick an outfit in a very long time. He’d never had to prepare for a first impression quite as important as this one. He didn’t want to look like a warrior come from the trenches though he still felt a little like one. He wanted her to look at him and see what he had always seen in her.

He wanted her to look at him and see home.

He abandoned the problem of his shirt and leaned in to look at his hair in the mirror. It was sticking up again and the silver piece was shockingly bright against the the mess of dark brown. He ran his fingers through it and shook his head in hopes that it would fall flat. It didn’t quite work.

In the mirror he caught sight of the rune on his shoulder. Nearly everything else had faded to white. The runes from his training as a Shadowhunter had faded after he’d joined the brothers and now most of the Brotherhood’s runes had faded to white as well. A few lingered black and harsh against his skin. They were permanent reminders of what he had been. This one was neither black nor white. The shape of it was picked out in gray.

He sat down on the bed and inhaled. The flutter of strong emotion in his chest didn’t fade so he did it again and again until it calmed. He couldn’t always predict the emotions that would come and it had been so long without them that he couldn’t quite remember what anger or grief or loneliness felt like until they were roaring through him erasing everything in their path.

With his back resolutely to the mirror, he checked the time. Early. Still so early. He itched to go find her. She had a home somewhere in London. He could go there before she even left for the bridge. He wanted to see her. More than a century and he hadn’t seen her with his own eyes in all that time.

He argued with himself that he was silly for waiting but he couldn’t just show up on her doorstep. It wouldn’t be proper. It would be too much of a shock. It would be too much of an intrusion. She had a life and this day was the only one of the year when he had any claim to her time. He would see her this afternoon. He would sit beside her and look at her and remember all the details time had washed away and the Brotherhood had prevented him from truly seeing through his sealed eyes.

That would be enough.

Just to see her once would be enough.

He told himself over and over that it would be enough.

The little place in the back of his mind that kept trying to pull up the exact memory of what her hair felt like between his fingers kept telling him he was lying. Her lips had a taste and he couldn’t remember it. Her eyes were not always the same colour. She was beautiful and he could have stared at her for days. But, said some buried part of himself, but it wouldn’t be enough.

He put a blue sweater on. It was almost the right colour. Not quite gray enough to be the colour of her eyes but almost. If he covered the runes on his face with his hands and swept the silver hair under all the brown he looked almost like the man he might have grown into if the world had been different.

“Jem Carstairs,” he told his reflection.

Not Brother Zachariah as he had been for so long but Jem Carstairs.

Jem Carstairs had someone he needed to see.

He let his hair fall back into place, the silver right over his forehead. He looked at the runes on his cheeks and the scars on his hands. None of it could be changed. He drew himself up to full height and looked his reflection in the eye. She’d called him beautiful when he’d been dying. She’d called him a miracle when he’d left his humanity behind. She was not someone he needed to hide from.

It was still too early but Jem smiled at himself and ran the things he wanted to say to Tessa one more time before he went to meet his future and whatever it might hold. 


Stan: “America! Freedom! Amerifreedom!”
Ford: “Stan, you can’t just make up words like that.”
Stan: “”Says you.””

Stan: “Now watch me break it DOWN!”
Ford: “Break what down? Are you having a breakdown? Will you break the stage? Is that why everyone’s got axes?”

artislife212  asked:

I just wanna say I read your first Evak fic (the first chapter) and you have a loyal follower here. They way you portray Even. GOD that IS Even!!!!! You are amazing! Keep it up! I gotta go! Gotta read the other chapters. Byeeeeeeeeee.

You’re seriously making me fangirl right now. Thank you so so much. Those words mean so much to me. I’m so terrified of portraying Even’s character wrongly, because I admire and love him so darn much, so the fact that you think I have portrayed him well, omg that is the best thing anyone could say to me. 

Seriously thank you so much angel <3 

| @theprixrity continued from here

Maybe using the word ‘fixing’ wasn’t the best thing to say. Almost shouting at the man probably didn’t help either. Rick just knew their was something going on with the hunter. Hell, their was something going on with everyone right now. Rick knew that, and despite all of that, he needed to make sure Daryl was okay. “Alright,” he said, stepping away from Daryl. “-I’ll stop,” Rick’s eye fell to the ground, wanting to say anything that would upset the man even more. “-If ya’ need anythin’, you know I’ll be here.”

One of my many favourite things about The From Software Game™ is the way they present their characters. They all seem very mysterious when we meet them because they’re barely characterised through their words. However, in the pieces of dialogue we get, in item descriptions and even in the character’s surroundings we find out just enough about them to find them intriguing and want to get to know more about them.
And here is where the good stuff starts. Technically we can make up as many headcanons about the characters as we want and no one can shout from the back “Nooo that’s wrong, you can’t say that.”
Where is your evidence that the Four Knights of Gwyn didn’t have a night off every 10 days that they spent it in the nearest Anor Londo pub, probably called “The Annoying Archer”, where Ornstein tries to teach Sif to beg and Gough makes fun of the awkward advances Ciaran makes to Artorias.
Who says that Solaire never met Siegmeyer in front of Sen’s fortress, listening to him complain about “Being in a bit of a fix” for 10 minutes before he gives him a pep talk that contains the word “sun” at least 30 times.
If I want to believe that Nito enjoys bowling using the bones and skulls of his minions every now and then I can simply do it, because it’s just as likely to happen as the theory that he just sleeps all day or sits around staring into blank space.

i wrote a whole long post on my general lack of care about this anime awards thing, but honestly it came off pretty ignorant and dickish so i’ll just say this:

support what you love. spread the word of the things that you think are deserving. yes, many people’s opinions will be swayed by crunchyroll. don’t let that stop you.

and maybe spend more time showcasing what you care about rather than tearing down the winner, undeserving though they may or may not have been. all this yoi hate on my dash is tiring. show me what’s cool about your favorite animes instead.


okay but what


(okay now for the legible part)

thank you so much guys i love u all and u really do make my day and I read every tag and reblog and comment and ask and just the fact that people enjoy my account and my shitty memes and occasional fanart really means more than u could imagine :))))

oh and… i’ll have something planned for if we reach 1k………….. *finger guns* *runs into sunset*

I just love how affectionate The Bucks are?? Not only with each other but with everyone?? I just noticed that Matt and Nick are forever touching foreheads with someone or giving cheek kisses, hugs, pats on the back or even running their hands over someone’s hair. And even beyond physical affection they’re always offering up encouraging words and boosting their friends up. It just makes my heart sing??? I love these two pure sweet boys?? 

okay but what if adrien gets in a nasty argument with gabriel and ladybug finds chat noir sitting silently on a building with a stoic expression, not making any puns or flirtatious remarks, only one word answers to ladybug’s questions. After questioning him for a bit he says “I’m sorry, I just need to be alone right now” and takes off without another word leaving ladybug speechless. It bothers her to the point where she hardly notices adrien in class because she’s so concerned about chat, she decides to make him a cap with “I’m claw-some” or something on it and hands it to him the next time she sees him with a big smile and chat just starts laughing and hugs her while tears run down his face and confesses that his home life is shit and his relationship with his father is a mess. Chat noir was a way for him to escape that life and be someone he couldn’t, but now he realizes how difficult it is to keep his real self and superhero persona separate. This is a turning point for marinette because she finds herself falling for chat noir too because he’s not just some goofy cat and maybe she starts connecting the dots between him and adrien


two of a kind


I’m still trying to unpack all of my thoughts and feelings and various interpretations from the finale, and also reconcile those with what Bryan has said to be his intent with how this all played out. Some of those interpretations match up with the word of god, some of them do not at all, but I think all of them are equally valid and can coexist alongside one another at once. Mostly I think it’s clear that even Will wasn’t entirely sure what he wanted or what he was doing, and I feel just as conflicted about what the one “true story” is as he likely did.

One thing is for certain though, even if Will’s plan in the beginning was to kill Hannibal, or to watch Dolarhyde kill Hannibal, once the moment came he simply couldn’t do it. He said these words to Reba earlier in the episode about her relationship with Dolarhyde, and he understood more than anyone precisely what it meant to be in love with a man with a freak on his back. And I think somewhere along the way Will realized there was nothing he could do about it. There was nothing he could do to make himself stop loving Hannibal.

Maybe he wanted him to die, maybe he wanted to run away with him from the beginning and was playing everyone including Hannibal himself, maybe he simply wanted to have just one more moment with him and whatever happened after would be just fine. Maybe he knew they would kill Dolarhyde together and it would be everything Hannibal ever wanted. Maybe Will wanted to give that to him. Wanted to give that to them. Maybe it was all of these at once. I think that is far more likely. Nothing with Will Graham is ever simple or straightforward. Nothing is ever always right or always wrong.

It’s not easy when you know the one person who understands you – every part of you, all your light and dark, all your good and bad, all your best and worst – is someone commonly referred to as a monster. It’s not easy when you see him and he sees you and you’re both laid bare before each other and you know that you will never connect with another person ever again in the way you have with him. You tried to live without him, you really, truly did, but you discovered that you were only lying to yourself. There was never any living without him. Only standing still. Waiting.

And you fear that it will ruin all your good, that his dark will sap your light, but he is magnetic and you are both somehow just alike and you look into his eyes and you know everything he wants to say to you, and he knows everything you want to say to him. He sees right through you. You see right through him.

It’s not easy, but that’s love for you. More often than not it is illogical and stubbornly devoted despite all your knowledge and foresight. You know it’s going to hurt. You know it’s going to ruin you. You want it anyways. And sometimes you want nothing more than to purge yourself of it desperately. Can’t live with them. Can’t live without them. Can’t conceive of an existence where you exist and they do not. After a while mutual destruction seems to be the only option.

Whatever Will was thinking when he sent them tumbling into the Atlantic, I don’t think it can ever be entirely narrowed down to one thing. Maybe he was terrified of how peaceful he felt, bathed in the blood of their slaughter, knowing he would always want for it to be that way, the two of them and their beautiful chaos. Maybe he couldn’t picture a more perfect end for the two of them, clinging to one another in the night. Or maybe he wasn’t thinking at all. Maybe he just simply let go and hoped for the best. Or the worst. Or whatever.

He couldn’t kill him, and he couldn’t watch him die, but maybe if they only tumbled into a new life – or a certain death – together, anything that came after would be just fine.

Out of My System (Part IV of IV)

Title: Out of My System (Part IV of IV)

Words: 62,710 words (Am I deserving of love, now?)

Pairing: Yoongi/Jimin (YoonMin), Hoseok/Taehyung (VHope), Namjoon/Jin (NamJin)

Notes: Proper notes are at the end, but I just want to say two things. Pretend the technical details in there make sense. To be honest, I’m just an innocent little neuroscience first year who still confuses the cerebrum with the cerebellum. I’m not a business nor a music major. I tried my best to research everything, but I don’t know how well it all works out. Second of all, please don’t read all of this in one go. I’ll be honoured if you do, but if you’re pressed for time, bookmark at a point or something. This chapter is over 60K+ words, and average reading speed is 300 words/min which means this chapter should take an average person over 3 hours to read. So, if you don’t have that time, stop at some point, please. :) Here’s a link to the AFF and AO3, where I’ve divided the chapters in parts for more natural breaks. I hope you enjoy.

Also there is some smut nestled in between those 60 000 words. Also I haven’t proofread. Link to Part I, Part II, and Part III

Summary: Yoongi’s not quite sure how he ended up in bed with a probably-not-legal kid crying in his arms about his broken heart, because he’s pretty sure (and correct him if he’s wrong) that a babysitting job was not what he was looking for when he went to the opening of his friend’s new club.

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I am saying not again.

You think that just because my body curves to fit in your palms that I want it to? That I’m not pulling emergency breaks, not breaking bones trying to stay away from your hands?

My body might come apart like wax at the joints when you are close enough, my mouth might not know up from down around yours, I may be baptized, born again whenever you say my name, but I always leave you half-naked and counting the wounds.

How can I put this in a way you’ll understand?
I keep dreaming about you and I wake up screaming every time.

I am saying not again. I am saying never again.

—  Kat M., “again, again” after First Defeat by Noah Gundersen