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Than any boy you’ll ever meet 

Sweetie you had me

((I started thinking about how Jeremy comes to terms with his feelings for Michael and then I started literally crying because it’s such a bittersweet moment like? He’s just sitting there watching a video feed of Michael at a tournament whispering “I love you. I love you. I love you” over and over until he breaks down crying and sobbing and saying “I miss you, Ehm, I miss you, I want to see you” and it hurts so much since he knows how badly he hurt Michael and he’s so terrified that they’ll never be friends again but he wants to see him so much!! But he’s too scared to approach him about the matter and just watches and pines from afar…

Just ughh my heart these boys wreck me))

quick clones

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Draw more fandomstuck nightvale and spn as moirails???

NV: (o) It’s like we finish each others-

SPN: government conspiracy theories?

NV: Hehe!!! ))

I have to get this off my chest:


I love Taako so much, guys.

Dad McElroy is pretty funny with his old man references (many of which I actually get) and his dad jokes, and I am fond of Merle and Magnus…

but Taako has stolen my heart (and dropped it in his bag while the other guys weren’t looking).

Has anyone else found that they aren’t really excited for Infinity War? I keep expecting to feel really excited, but I’m not. I mean, it’s going to be complete someday, go to theaters, and I’m going to see it… but I’m not hyped.

The last two Avengers team-up movies (AOU and CACW) left me kinda irritated, CACW in particular. (If you follow me, you’ve seen all my ‘mcu wanky thoughts’ posts lol) Then the size of the Infinity War cast worries me. I can’t wrap my head around that many characters getting enough time in the movie to keep them from just being cameos. I also don’t watch all of the marvel stuff outside of the movies and 1.5 netflix shows (at best), so any emotional impact for some of the other characters is going to be lost on me.

So I’m left sitting here like “Infinity War is coming… … k.”

  • me when eurovision starts: yay I'm so happy, Europe is such a beautiful idea we must protect it
  • me when one of my babies doesn't go to the finals: this is bullshit, Europe is a failure, there is no justice in this world

I mean guys… Hayley will be gone, but hey… we’ll have Caroline! YAAAY I can’t wait for her to be there for Klaus and Hope! To comfort them and be their support after Hayley burns to death. “WHERE’S CAROLINE?” yes, that’s the important question right after Hayley’s death! That’s kind of a good question tho. “WHERE THE FUCK HAS BEEN CAROLINE FORBES THE WHOLE SHOW?!” Oh that’s right, she was on another show, not giving a crap about Klaus or any other Mikaelson (rightfully so) But Hayley who’s been there since day 1, who fought like hell for this family, HER FAMILY, and for her daughter is gonna burn to death. That’s okay… like I said… we’ll have Caroline! Can’t wait y'all

[For] the marriage of Prince Arthur and Catherine of Aragon, there was a huge procession that went through London, Catherine was brought in from Spain, and they’re going through to their wedding. And he set up these pageants every step of the journey, and the big massive feature at their wedding was this mountain that was completely encrusted in rubies, and it was a wine fountain. And it would have been groundbreaking technology at the time! But the whole thing was covered in jewels, and for people to see that — it would have been this incredible device, covered in thousands and thousands of pounds worth of jewelry. And it’s just such a statement to have that. Absolute show off.

Jacob Collins Levy 

Showing off how much research he did on Henry VII….. 

I suppose it’s still too much to ask that we get even a glimpse of our Armitage Hux

i want a scene where anakin’s kickin it at padme’s and he’s fiddling with some piece of machinery and padme’s having some girl talk with a fellow senator who’s complaining about how she’s been getting beard burn from her lover or whatever, and anakin, without looking up, just chimes in “have him trim it to medium length and use beard oil on it every night. works like a charm.” and the senator is like “oh. thank you. i’ll have him do that.” and padme just side-eyes the fuck out of anakin like “yes, thank you anakin. though since when have you, my clean-shaven friend, been an expert on beard care?” and anakin’s like “congrats i played myself”