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Hi! I was wondering if you could write a fic about Kaecilius meeting Adam Raki? It's a pretty rare pair that I wish there was more of. Maybe something with stars and magic? Ok, I'm gonna stop now. Bye~ :3

I am so sorry this took so long! God I hope you like this. ^runs and hides*


Since he was very young, Adam Raki always loved the stars.

Every night he’d go on the balcony to look at them feeling comforted by their shine.

He had his favorites, picking out certain constellations to trace their shape over and over again.

Adam would have gone through his life this way, tracing the stars, if not for the event that changed his life: his father’s death.

He struggled with the dramatic change in his life, the solitude, and hid from the stars for nearly a month until a package arrived on his birthday from his father.

It was a telescope, very expensive but exactly what he’d wanted.

The card inside read: Happy Birthday Son, I hope this will help you see them shine brighter.

Adam went on the balcony for the first time since his father’s death and saw a new star in the sky.

It shined brighter than the others, almost too bright, and for the remainder of the month he watched it every night. There was nothing that warmed him like the strange star.

That was why when he went out one night, eyeing the sky and making sure to look at his strange star, Adam was surprised to see it fall.

Stars that fell were not stars at all, which is why it surprised him as he followed the streak that landed behind his apartment building.

Adam rushed down the stairs, following the smoke and rushing out to see that that no his strange star was not a star at all.

It was a man.

His strange star was named Kaecilius, the man said, and the name seemed familiar though Kaecilius didn’t seem to know anything else.

There was something strange about him, his eyes were soft but Adam could feel something special behind them, like they could crack apart at the first opportunity.

He invited Kaecilius to stay until he could remember more than his name, which was odd because Adam never liked having people around much. What was ever more surprising was that Kaecilius accepted his offer.

Days turned to weeks, the muddle of Kaecilius’s mind never clearing though it became obvious right away that he was different.

Adam walked in on Kaecilius making a book hover in mid air before the month was out, the loud bang of it dropping the only sound in the room.


A frown was the only expression he’d ever seen on the strange man’s face.

“It seems so.”

Magic was not something Adam had ever considered, though he’d seen the superheroes on television they were mostly strong men and women. Though some of them could fly.

“Can you fly?”

Kaecilius smirked, his first smile. “Not yet.”

Adam handed him the book, mirroring his smile. “I’d like to fly with you, when you do.”

That’s exactly where they shared their first kiss, hovering up in the sky, the stars shining above them.

But that was much later.

Cupcakes and Icing - Subaru Ichiyanagi Fanfic (M)

Warning: This fanfic contains mature content.  Read at your own risk. NSFW.


“Congratulations Kenta!”, everybody greeted Kenta as Daichi Katsuragi announced his promotion to be a bodyguard.  He will be in training starting tomorrow and he will soon be a part of Subaru’s team.  Subaru’s promotion as a chief of the Security Police will be announced at a later date.  You are in the bodyguard room with everybody else as you just finished talking to your dad and you found out about Kenta’s promotion.

Kenta grins widely and scratched the back of his head, “Thank you very much for your support.  I am looking forward to working with you all, please take care of me.”  He bowed to everyone.

“I’ll make sure you know some basic defense since I will be training you”, Kaiji said smiling at him.

“Don’t try your judo techniques on him Kaiji, he might break some bones even before he starts his official duties”, Sora said laughing.

“How about we have a welcome party for Kenta tomorrow night?”, Mizuki suggested to the group.

“We can do it after his morning shift with Kaiji since we have a break time in the evening before the start of the next shift.  What do you think chief?”,  Subaru asked Daichi for approval.

“Yes, we can do it tomorrow night since we have a longer time and we are not that busy.  We can have a simple dinner party for Kenta”, Daichi smiled in approval.

“I can bake some cupcakes for everyone”, you said cheerfully.

Subaru frowned at you in concern, “Do you even know how to bake a cupcake?”

“Of course I do!  You thought me how to bake one before.  And you will be helping me make them, won’t you?” , you said looking at Subaru with puppy eyes.

Subaru sighed deeply and with a resigned face said, “I thought so.  You’re going to make me work hard in this.”

You smiled cheerfully at him and said, “Yay!  Score!”

Subaru smiled at you and pinched your nose, “The things I do for you.”

“Ehem, guys we are still here.  Please be considerate to the single people.” Kaiji said with a blushing face.

“Yeah, that’s not fair”, a blushing Sora added.

“It’s good that you can join us in this celebration Miss Hiraizumi”, Daichi smiled at you.  “We’ll see you then tomorrow.”

“And we’ll look forward to your cute cupcakes”, Kenta added happily.

“It’s going to be my cupcakes”, Subaru added smugly and you just laughed at the continuing banter of the Party Police.


You are at Subaru’s place that day to bake the red velvet cupcakes that you both decided to make.  You are mixing and preparing the icing that will be used as toppings on the table while he checked on the cupcakes in the oven.

“I think this is fluffy enough.  Can you look at this Subaru?”  you asked, holding the big bowl with the fluffy pinkish icing.  Before you can make your fourth step, you suddenly stepped on a slippery floor and your bowl of icing went flying up in the air, making the icing land perfectly all over you.  The icing slides from your face down to your neck and slides further to your blouse and inside your clothes.

“Oh no!”  You cannot contain the panic and you thought Subaru might get angry for being so clumsy.  You apologetically looked at him sensing his eyes on you.  You tried hard to look pleadingly so he won’t be that angry.  You were surprised at the look on his face.  He’s looking at you with those brown eyes darkened with desire and you shivered at the intensity of that gaze.

“Are you trying to seduce me?”  He said as he started moving towards you, removing the pink frilly apron that he has been wearing. 

You were taken aback at his sudden question that you blurted out “No I’m not, what makes you say that?”

“Because I know you’re trying to turn me on.”  And before you could even make a reply, Subaru was kneeling in front you kissing you fervently, his hands moving to the back of your neck tilting your head and granting him access to explore your mouth.  His tongue playfully explored the inside of your mouth tasting the sweetness of the icing that you were savoring a while ago. “Mm.. Sweet..” he murmured between kisses.

He lifted you from the floor while kissing the sides of face, licking the icing that had covered your sides.

“Subaru, what are you doing?  Aren’t we going to clean this up first?” you asked him while your mind can still think straight.

“Later, I’m going to clean you first”, he whispered seductively in your ears as he continued giving you fleeting kisses and licking your cheeks.

You blushed at what he said but you tried to get out of the situation as you feel the need to finish your cupcakes first, “But Subaru, we need to finish them before the party tonight!”

“I can finish it before the party and this is your punishment for turning me on” he said and in an instant, he has you pinned in his bed.  “You shouldn’t try something if you don’t know the consequences.”  He growled and claimed your lips once more in a passionate kiss making your excitement grow.  Then Subaru continued licking your face down to your neck, biting the soft skin at the base of your neck.

“Ahh..Su..Subaru..” you moaned and your hands automatically grasp his soft hair and the other embracing his back, pulling him closer.

“Mmm..and I thought you are against me doing this”, he said while licking the icing from the base of your neck, his tongue traveling down to your chest and his hands unbuttoning your blouse.

“I…Its just…We’re going to be late”, you said but your mind is already going blank at Subaru’s ministrations.

“Ah, they’ll understand. After all, I need to make sure that you are all set and clean”, Subaru said as he finally removed your blouse and your bra and licking the icing that fell in your chest.  He teasingly spread the icing to your breasts and he starts licking the soft sweet thing off from your nipples, playing with it and making it hard.

You moaned as his lips and tongue travel from one mound to another, licking and playing with your hardened nipples while his other hand is traveling and feeling the softness of body.  You moved and arched your back giving him more access and you felt his hardened member begging to be released from his pants.  Your hands unconsciously went down and unbuckled his belt and opened his pant’s button.

“Somebody’s getting impatient”, he chuckled, and the next thing you knew, he has removed your skirt and your underwear.  His fingers playing with your folds teasing it making you ache for his touch.

“Subaru!” you cried his name out, pleading for him to touch you.  Subaru smiled to himself as he went up and kiss you ferociously and letting his fingers roll your clit sending that sweet sensation all over your body.

“Nnnggg..” you moaned on his lips making Subaru more intoxicated in you.  He swiftly removed all his clothing and he immediately dive into your wet core, his tongue skillfully playing with your clit and your wet folds.  Every lick and every nibble sent you screaming his name.  “Ah, sweeter than the icing”, he murmured as his lips relishes in your creamy essence.

“Ahh…Subaru…please…”  you cried out in pleasure clutching your hands in his hair pulling him closer, pleading for him to take you.

Feeling your need, Subaru positioned himself on top of you, wrapping your legs around his waist and holding his throbbing member in your entrance.  And in one smooth move, he enters your center, thrusting deeply and slowly letting a low growl escape his lips.

You wrapped your arms around his toned back feeling his muscles tightened at his every move, at his every thrust, hitting into your sweet spot and sending you over the edge and making you cry out his name in pleasure.

Your moans, sighs and screams of pleasure are the only sound that can be heard from the room as Subaru picked up speed, feeling the force of his thrusts.  And as you reached your peak, you cried out, “Ah! Subaru! Faster!”

Subaru growled and holds your leg in place as he changed the tempo, drilling deeper as your body slams against each other.  And in one powerful thrust, you both reached your climax and you felt Subaru’s warmth filling you.  

Subaru looks tenderly at you, touching your cheeks with his fingers and then claiming your lips in a sweet kiss, “I love you…stay by my side always.”

You returned his kiss with such passion and looked into his eyes lovingly, “I love you too Subaru…and I’ll always…always stay by your side.


Subaru finished the icing on the cupcakes just after you took a bath.  You are always amazed at how skillful your fiancée is in the kitchen.  Those hands are skillful in more ways than one, and that thought made you blush.

“If you keep looking like that, we will surely be late at the party”, Subaru said teasingly as he finish putting the icing on the last cupcake.

“W..what do you mean?  I’m not doing anything!” you cried out, embarrassed at being caught thinking of unnecessary things.

Subaru laughed at your attempt to hide your blushing cheeks, “We can continue what we were doing earlier after the party.  You’re staying here tonight yes?” he inquired, looking at you seductively.

You can never say no to that face and you shyly looked away but you look forward to that promise he has for you that night.


You arrived at the residence just in time and welcomed Kenta as a new member of the bodyguard team.   Everybody loves the cupcakes that you and Subaru gave to everyone and Subaru every now and then looks at you with a smirk on his face as he licks the icing on his cupcake making you blush deep red in embarrassment that Katsuragi asked if you’re not feeling well to which you replied that it must be because of the hot weather since summer is already starting.  The welcome dinner party continued as planned and everyone had fun.  After the dinner party, Subaru took your hand as you go home into your own private party.

~the end


a/n: This took me 6 months to finish and the plot changed like 20 times already.  I have to change the plot again because i was inspired by amy-senpai’s post about Kenta.  I thank my writer senpais for all the encouragements, and all  I can say is…I tried. *runs away and hides*

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I was always told the answer was always Purple. But now, I'm beginning to think it's 42. Please don't tell anyone. I don't want to go back.

I would never tell anyone! Now, don’t be concerned, but I’m gonna need you to go open all of your doors and windows. Someone who /definitely/ isn’t one of the sheriffs secret police is gonna come and talk to you. Don’t bother running, you can’t hide from what’s coming.

Okay wow I just came out to my mom accidentally this is seriously what happened:
  • *Let It Go starts playing*
  • My sister: Oh my gosh! This is my song!
  • Me: What are you talking about? I'm more like Elsa than you are.
  • Mom: Why do you have something to hide? Do you feel like you need to keep something from us?
  • Me: Well… I was gonna wait to do this but I might as well let it go… mom, I'm gay
  • Mom: Wait what?
  • Me (singing as I run around the room): Well now they knooooooow, Let It Go!