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Hey Roby I was wondering if you have any advice for someone who wants to start a YouTube channel similar to yours? How should I edit my videos? What should I use to record and edit? I would really appreciate any advice you are willing to give! Thanks! ( also yay I'm gonna start my first year in high school in September! )

good luck in high school!

when i first started making videos (like, the very first ones that are now deleted cause it was on a different channel back in 2012. there werent many anyways.) i literally just used to film on my ipod that was balanced on top of a pile of books over where i was drawing. with time, my setup and things i use to film and edit got better. keep this in mind, because a lot of people worry that they need to have all this professional equipment right from the start when you don’t! as you grow, so will the things you use. 

the only thing i recommend everyone to have, regardless of if they’re filming on a old iPod or with an actual camera is good lighting. film next to a window if you can, as natural lighting is the best. if not, try and have lamps on both sides of you as you film your art (and if you only have one, put it on the opposite side of your dominant hand so it doesnt cast a shadow over your paper)

currently i record with a canon eos rebel t5i with a hama star 63 tripod. when i film digital speedpaints i use a program called OBS to capture my screen and then i edit the speed quicker in adobe premiere pro (where i currently edit all my videos)

if you have an apple product, iMovie is a really good program to start off with to learn how to edit, its simple and does the basic job you need for starting a channel. 

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it’s been some time since i’ve picked up a new muse and especially one i’ve had to put quite this much thought into, so hopefully i can do my boy justice. with that said, please like this if you’d like a starter with 9s! i’ll be tentatively capping at 5 with castmates exempt! ]

I'm About To Do A Weird Thing

There are three important ingredients to a good video…the writing, the performance, and the editing. Now, of course, lots of videos have those things blend together…sometimes I write while I film and sometimes while I edit (deciding to put stuff on screen or cut things (cutting is a huge part of writing) or even to go back and shoot something new.)

But while I once upon a time showed you a video of me editing…I’ve never shared anything about my writing process or my shooting process. So I’m gonna open the book as part of a larger project. Let’s call it the Nerdfighter Online Video Workshop.

I’m going to completely open the door on my process. I’m sharing a video of me writing a script…a completely unedited vlogbrothers video…and a video of me editing a vlogbrothers video (I hope…still working on this last one.)

I’m then going to give Nerdfighteria some writing prompts, some unpublished scripts (both Vlogbrothers and SciShow) and that unedited Vlogbrothers video to hopefully spur writing, performance, and editing workshops online. I want people to write scripts, perform scripts, and edit videos and then critique each other like it’s a class. 

It basically is a class…I was just saying yesterday how there aren’t enough people who understand online video actually ‘working’ in online video, so I thought it might be fun to give people a chance to do cool stuff and to impress each other and all the other stuff that tends to happen in really good creative classrooms. 

Obviously you’ll be hearing more about this shortly…but I’m kinda excited about it, and the videos will start popping up on HanksChannel in about an hour and should all be online by the time I upload my Vlogbrothers video tomorrow (which will, in part, discuss this project.)

WOO! I hope y'all are into it!

EDIT: Indeed my capture software failed when I tried to capture me editing the vlog…so this old one will have to do. Nothing’s changed much…

lowkey it’s weird to me that people pick and choose when to respect their privacy based on whether or not they like what they see ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

So Vocaloids....

Watched David Letterman for Miku…..was very disappointed. They chose the wrong show to debut her on seriously. Letterman’s reaction. He was so…confused and lost and had no clue why Vocaloids are even remotely not stupid. They at least should have picked a better show to premier her on…. Like unless they skimped out tonight, he just had a high-tech holographic projection on his show….and they didn’t even talk. You couldn’t understand her song (it wasn’t edited well) and it was all so short. They should have realized they were going to have a completely new audience, and that they needed to go the extra mile to say “hey, this is more than a video I just edited”.

I was severely disappointed.