now i'm gonna edit my video


cetus. flippin’. lapetus. i give you: my heart, my soul, my baby. this took me approximately a millennium and a half and more effort than i actually possess to finish, but whamo kazamo, here it finally is. (and if this gets copyrighted, i’m flinging myself into the stratosphere.)

dedicated to my son, jack, and to the coca-cola company for fueling me when i thought this edit was gonna bring my demise. i love you both.


hey friends! this is a song i wrote inspired by greek mythology, check it out if you’re interested!

grey-drop  asked:

Hey Roby I was wondering if you have any advice for someone who wants to start a YouTube channel similar to yours? How should I edit my videos? What should I use to record and edit? I would really appreciate any advice you are willing to give! Thanks! ( also yay I'm gonna start my first year in high school in September! )

good luck in high school!

when i first started making videos (like, the very first ones that are now deleted cause it was on a different channel back in 2012. there werent many anyways.) i literally just used to film on my ipod that was balanced on top of a pile of books over where i was drawing. with time, my setup and things i use to film and edit got better. keep this in mind, because a lot of people worry that they need to have all this professional equipment right from the start when you don’t! as you grow, so will the things you use. 

the only thing i recommend everyone to have, regardless of if they’re filming on a old iPod or with an actual camera is good lighting. film next to a window if you can, as natural lighting is the best. if not, try and have lamps on both sides of you as you film your art (and if you only have one, put it on the opposite side of your dominant hand so it doesnt cast a shadow over your paper)

currently i record with a canon eos rebel t5i with a hama star 63 tripod. when i film digital speedpaints i use a program called OBS to capture my screen and then i edit the speed quicker in adobe premiere pro (where i currently edit all my videos)

if you have an apple product, iMovie is a really good program to start off with to learn how to edit, its simple and does the basic job you need for starting a channel. 

anonymous asked:

I was gonna edit this video to decide if I actually liked it enough to upload it or not, but I guess my decision was made when my laptop didn't import the main 30 minutes of the video and only imported the ending of it where I'm just panning over the art and the photos I had for a thumbnail... like I just wasted so much time and now I have to film and edit an entirely new video by Saturday because the other video I've been meaning to edit is gonna take more time because I want it to be good ahh

yikes dude thats never fun, hope it works out, maybe the second time round it comes out better!

lowkey it’s weird to me that people pick and choose when to respect their privacy based on whether or not they like what they see ¯\_(ツ)_/¯