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Anonymous said:  Just dropping by to say thank you for all your hardwork for Conro series!! Thank you!! :D
Anonymous said:  Thank you for translating Family Affair!

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Anonymous said:  First of all i woul like to say: Thank you so much for all your efforts, i love your scanlations!!!! I’m now obsessed Kurahashi Tomo and your scanlations allowed me to know of her work!! Thank you so much!! Really, if you ever need help cleaning, redrawing or proofreading let me know at XXXXXXXX i have no expirience with manga but i’m a textile design major so i think i can handle it. I just want to help you guys spread the love!! Hehehe ok i’ll stop being a creep now. Thanks

I crossed out your email so I could respond here, I hope you don’t mind! Thank you for your message and offering to help! Sadly, I won’t be working on any new projects so I doubt I’ll need to bring anyone in. Give your thanks to the anon! She’s the one who brought Kurahashi Tomo to me, I’m glad you enjoy her works! And lmaoo you can’t say the word “creep” in front of me without following it up with-

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Anonymous said:  Hey, may I ask what the progress is about scanlating Code? Really wanna read the sequel
Anonymous said:  Pleasem will you guys give us update about Code’s progress? I’m dying to know 😣

I wasn’t planning on working on it, but I reached out to Tranquil Melancholy and we’ve decided to do a joint. Give me a bit to get all the raws together then I’ll start translating.

The plot is literally:

Anonymous said:  Do your friends actually call yu daddy??? That’s so funny

My dude. I’m telling you… 

these are the people i call friends…

Anonymous said:  Happy father’s day daddy!😂😂😂

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Anonymous said:  Hello Peachyicedtea. My name is Hien Mai and I’m from Vietnam. Can you give me the permission to translate your “Ai ni dekinai koi wa iya” project into Vietnamese? I will certainly put your credit on the Vietnamese translation. Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to read that marvelous translated manga. I hope you will answer me soon and have a nice day! Regards.
Anonymous said:  Hello, Be With You Scans.I am Vietnamese and I am writing for you in order to ask for permission to translate your scans/ translations into my language - Vietnamese.I hope you allow us to translate: Bokura ga Koi wo Ushinau Riyuu by ITZ. And in the future, if you allow us, we hope that we can translate some more projects of yours. Of course we will announce your Group first when we do that and put your credit With You Scans. I am looking forward to your answer. Please, reply me soon!

I don’t accept rescanlation/retranslation requests.

Anonymous said:  Hello! I was wondering if you could ask hoshi kuzu scanlations to join their scanlation spread sheet so you can uppdate us on your series with all the other groups?

Actually! Hoshi was kind enough to reach out to me and invite me to join, which I graciously accepted, but since I’m currently only working on 3 series, 2 of which I plan to complete by the end of next month, I didn’t wanna go through the trouble of just adding one manga on there orzzz.

Anonymous said:  I’m not sure if you noticed, but it was your one year anniversary a couple weeks ago! I just wanted to say congratulations and thank you for your year of hard work! 

!!!!!! I didn’t know! Thank you for telling me!! Oh damn isn’t the anniversary a big thing? I know a lot of groups release a bunch of stuff on their anniversaries… IN MY DEFENSE I’ve been translating BL for a while and my first solo work was Batsu Game c.1 which was released on my personal tumblr, before justpeachyicedtea even became a thing… So…. Yeah…

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Anonymous said:  Hi! Can we get an update on basu game chapter 3?

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Anonymous said:  hi u are so great so amazing I am so thankful so grateful for your entire existence and being u are too good for me too good for this world thank u sm for doing bokura ga koi wo ushinau riyuu honestly u are just wonderful thank u sm i feel alive thanks to u and ofc to chrima scans as well !!!!! what a wonderful bunch of people u guys are seriously too good for this world

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Lmao but in all honesty, Batsu Game ch3 is currently being typesetted by my love, but she’s enjoying her stress free vacay at the beach so let’s let her have some fun, yeah? Oh, I got the raws for ch4 (currently being cleaned) and yall…. 

But don’t let this page trick you. Ch 4 is pain

As for Koiyume Lover and Ai ni Dekinai Koi wa Iya…. Well, I’m currently back home and it’s been months since I last ate decent food so let me enjoy my mother’s cooking and just chill around before I go back down to hell. Though my best friend finally turned 21 so give us some time to go out legally before I come back to this old thing. Jk, I’ll work on Ai ni ch 2 soon and release it by the end of next week. It’s 3am now so b y e.

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