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Okay, so what are biscuits for you? Also, we don't have molasses cookies here in Britain, so I had to look them up. Here, we call molasses commercially black treacle. You made them sound quite interesting, so I'm going to have a go at baking them tomorrow afternoon. Wish me luck. -LNicol1990

No kidding!  Y’all are missing out. :O They’re DELICIOUS.

What you call a “biscuit,” we call a “cookie.”  In the States, a biscuit is kind of a crumbly or flaky savory roll, typically served with breakfast alongside bacon, eggs, or sausage.

Some places serve them with fried chicken or buttermilk/sausage gravy:

…ah, jeez, now I’m all hungry.

Harley loves baking Valentine's cookies but tends to go overboard with the decorating...
  • *stops kissing*
  • Harley: "What is it? Why are ya looking at me like that?"
  • Joker: "You're covered in glitter..."
  • Harley: "Oh ya, I was decorating cookies earlier!"
  • Joker: "That's nice, but now I'm gunna be covered in glitter..."
  • Harley: "So? You get to have sex with me AND be sparkly! I'd consider that a win-win situation! THERE ARE LITERALLY NO DOWNSIDES TO THIS!"
  • *muttering*
  • Joker: "We're never gunna get the glitter out of this bed..."

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Heyo Cookie o7 ! I was wondering do ya have any oc ? If yes please can we see them ? (I'm obsessed with people oc's right now....)

(⌒▽⌒ゞ OH thank you for askin’! //right in mah kokoro// 

we rarely ask meh this question!

(≧∇≦)/ i’ve not drawn my own characters since a while now but well,heere we go :

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Around the time Matt and Shiro first started living together, Matt bought a quart sized thing of chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream
Then he went to work/class
But when he came home all of it was gone bc Shiro ate the entire thing bc little did Matt know that was he favorite ice cream flavor
Now they make sure to buy enough for the both of them to have ice cream instead of just Shiro

The Cookie (DaiSuga)
  • WARNING: this is not mine. It is from a fanfic and I thought it was amazing and had to post it. I do not own it but I'm thinking of trying the same scenario with other pairings. The text for this post is from the fanfic “you better catch it” by laubear, I recommend you read it, it's awesome. The scene is set as follows: there is a cookie between Daichi and Suga, they are to pretend they are on a stranded island and the cookie is their only means to survive. This is how they deal with it.
  • Daichi: Suga, come on. You have to eat.
  • Suga: I'm not hungry.
  • RA: You are. Both of you are hungry.
  • Suga: I’m not eating anything until Daichi stops
  • being so obnoxiously self-sacrificing.
  • Daichi: You’re blaming me? You started it!
  • Suga: Only because I knew you’d pull something like this anyway. I’d say I only trust you as far as I can throw you, but at this rate I’m going to be able to launch you across the island like a volleyball!
  • Daichi: Oh, don’t exaggerate. Look, sorry. Let’s at least split it in half.
  • *Suga splits the cookie*
  • Daichi: Of course you didn’t break it evenly.
  • Suga: Well. Go ahead. Take a bite.
  • Daichi: I’m saving it for later.
  • Suga: Well, then I’m saving it for later, too.
  • Daichi: Quit it. I know you’re just planning on forcing your half on me later, when the situation gets desperate.
  • RA: Speaking of desperate, another hour passes. You are now both extremely hungry.
  • Daichi: Oh, come on! Okay, how about this. I’ll take a bite if you take one.
  • Suga: Fine. *picks up his half of the cookie*
  • Daichi: ...
  • Suga: Why aren't you eating yours?
  • Daichi: Well I'm not going to eat it until I'm sure you will.
  • Suga: Daichi!
  • RA: Another hour passes. Suga, you pass out from lack of nourishment.
  • Daichi: What? Why not me?!
  • RA: Because I said so. Daichi, what do you do?
  • Daichi: I try to feed him my half of the cookie.
  • RA: Alright. Suga is unconscious and cannot chew. He chokes to death.
  • Daichi: What?! Suga, I'm so sorry-
  • Suga: It's okay Daichi. At least now you've got twice as much food.
  • RA: Daichi, what do you do now?
  • Daichi: Nothing.
  • Suga: Daichi. Eat the cookie. You have to.
  • RA: Suga, no talking, you're dead.
  • Suga: Then I'm a ghost.
  • RA: That's not within the parameters of the experiment. Daichi has to make this decision on his own. By the way, another hour passes. What do you do?
  • Daichi: Nothing.
  • RA: An hour passes.
  • Daichi: *shakes head*
  • Suga: Daichi!
  • RA: Daichi, you pass out from lack of nourishment. Several hours pass, and you die.
  • Suga: Oh my god.
  • Daichi: I was only trying to help!
  • Suga: Well, great job! We're both dead!
Spiderman's Unwanted "Helpers"
  • Villain : - injures Spidey in a fight-
  • Spidey: -groans loudly- You're going to regret that....
  • Villain: - laughs - Oh yeah? What are you gonna do, call in an army?
  • Spidey: -sighs- I don't even have to call. Stupid tracking devices and suit scanners imbedded in the mask....
  • Tony: - breaks down the wall - MY SON!YOU COME TO MY TOWN AND HURT MY KID?!
  • Spidey: This is Queens. You live in New York City. You are also not my dad. None of your statement is true.
  • Steve : - breaks through window -
  • Spidey: - standing up from the floor, trying to calm the No Chill brothers- Honestly, it's only a broken arm, I'll be OKAY
  • Winter Soldier: - walks in after explosion outside - Steve told me somebody beat up my little bro. I'm here to bury that person.
  • Spidey: -Desperately apologizing to his bad guy - I don't KNOW how to turn them off , just run before SHE gets here, move countries , go into hiding , I am so sorry but your life is forfeit now , you'll have to make your living selling homemade cookies now but just RUN
  • Wanda: All right, who tried to kill Peter? I must return the favor, as they say.
  • Villain: Is that her?
  • Spidey: Wait for it....
  • -badass motorcycle entrance by Natasha-
  • Bruce: Yeah, hey, I barely KNOW the kid but he's a sweet child and you hurt him and - HULK WILL BREAK YOU
  • Thor: I have been alerted through the Phone of Cells that Man of Arachnids has come to harm . Darcy recommended I remove the spine of his enemy . Jane requests for me to protect Man of Arachnids as he is "smol" and " precious ". I must honor these wishes.
  • Villain: - has resigned themselves to their fate-
  • Spidey: - has climbed onto the ceiling and made a web in the corner to wallow in shame- I hate all of you

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ooooh, cookies and hot chocolate! yum! how about a "oh no, we found a baby and now we have to take care of it and also i think i'm falling in love with you?" au for uliro?

I am really bad at writing children? BUT I TRIED. Also this is much shorter than what I’m sure this story would need to truly encapsulate that kind of emotion, but here you are!! 

“We must go,” Ulaz says, catching Shiro by the arm and tugging. 

Shiro stumbles forward but doesn’t respond, gaze caught on something in the corner, brows furrowed in confusion. Around them the fire grows, thick choking smoke clouding the ceiling. Ulaz pulls again but Shiro resists, slipping free of Ulaz’s grasp and jogging over to the side of the room.

“Shiro,” Ulaz snaps out, following. The longer they linger, the quicker their window for escape narrows. Shiro doesn’t acknowledge his name, instead shoving aside a series of knocked over and gleaming metal beams. Ulaz hovers behind him.

The weak cry catches him off guard.

Shiro’s digging grows frantic, cybernetic hand tearing apart what he cannot physically move, and Ulaz crouches to assist. Together, they remove most of the debris off. A small Galra child huddles between two crossed beams, shoved back as far as xe can go. Covered in a thin layer of soot, xir eyes glow a dimmed yellow. Both ears lay flat against xir skull, and xe whimpers when Shiro removes the last of the beams. 

Ulaz freezes. Shiro stills before reaching out with a soft, “It’s okay, hey, it’s all right.”

The child recoils immediately, flashing xir teeth in challenge. Ulaz reacts. He darts in quick and scoops the child up, tucking xir quickly beneath his chin. The child fights him, shoving and kicking, snarling wordlessly as xe struggles. Ulaz weathers the storm. A claw catches against his mask before xe seems to pause, nose wiggling. Xe then delves forward with a scared whine, curling tight against Ulaz’s chest, and he sighs in relief.

With the child settled, Ulaz returns his attention to Shiro. Shiro, who hasn’t moved from his crouch but stares up at Ulaz in quiet wonder. Ulaz blinks. Shiro stands slowly but does not reach out for the child or Ulaz. His gaze shifts to thoughtful, his smile softens the clenched tension of his jaw, and he nods.

Before Ulaz can inquire, Shiro gestures and takes off for the door they’d originally been heading toward.

Send me a ship and I will write you a smol

Hufflepuff's NightTime Adventures
  • Puff: Oh my word! There's tons of it! I've found the jackpot...I'm AAWWESOME!!
  • Slytherin: *entering kitchen silently* oh no...not again
  • Puff: It's just you and me babyyy...but what if Slytherin wants'll just have to wait won't he? Hm
  • Slytherin: Puff...put down the cookies, dude
  • Puff: *turns around* huh?
  • Slytherin:'re sleepwalking
  • Puff: whaaat *falls*
  • Slytherin: *catches and lifts Puff onto shoulder* Jesus. *looking into fridge* Puff, did you buy all of those cookies? Cause I sure as hell didn't. Can't trust you to go grocery shopping alone, can I?
  • Puff: *actually asleep now*
  • Slytherin: *carries Puff off to bed* Goodnight you crazy little Puff.
Playing Safe
  • Genos: *takes tray of cookies out of the oven*
  • *Rover clearly lifted up to poke head in kitchen window*
  • "Rover": well gosh, Genos. Those cookies sure do smell good.
  • Genos: *slowly narrows eyes* thank you, Rover
  • "Rover": I'm feeling awful hungry, would you mind tossing one of those cookies out this window so I can go fetch it? You know...cause I'm a dog. You don't have to aim, I'll find it.
  • Genos: *gives a bland look*....of course, Rover. But you might want to wake up first.
  • Saitama: *quickly stands up holding a now sleeping Rover* Oh my god, why does he keep doing this when I hold him?!
  • Genos: He feels safe. It was a valiant effort, sensei.
  • Rover: zzzzz
The signs as shit I've said
  • Aries: People who don't think moths can be pretty are SUCKERS who believe everything the government tells them.
  • Taurus: If you want me to deal with people, you're gonna have to pay me.
  • Gemini: Being 18 doesn't make you an adult. I'm over 18 and I still play Neopets. Sometimes I forget to eat. I've been in my pajamas all day and the dirty ones are still on the floor.
  • Cancer: Social justice warrior is such an overused class, I'm a social justice bard.
  • Leo: I know that hand sanitizer just helps to create stronger bacteria but I'm selfish so I'm gonna keep using it.
  • Virgo: My theme song is Helter Skelter. Not because I wanna start a race war but because my life is a downward spiral.
  • Libra: All chocolate chip cookie dough is edible if you have no fear of Sam and Ella, whoever those bastards are.
  • Sagittarius: I need a girlfriend named Janet so I can sing "Dammit, Janet" to her all the time and drive her insane and make her leave with half my stuff and the dog.
  • Capricorn: I have to go now, so behave yourselves. Buy your wine at the grocery store, never use a white lighter, and don't fuck without a condom.
  • Aquarius: Somebody wrote "mlk jr" and I thought they wrote "milk jr"
  • Pisces: My hobbies are drinking mimosas and harassing men's rights activists.

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jkfshdfjh i have about 150+ hours on stardew valley now, and there’s so much glorious fanart in the tag it only fuels my passion…!! i could talk about it foR AGES

also, thank you! cookies are farmer dallas’ favourite thing to find in the trash LOL

tumblr solve my dilemma for me here I just sat down to wait for the oven to preheat to finish baking cookies but the second I sat down two of my dogs decided they wanted to snuggle so now the oven is preheated and I’m T-minus 14 minutes away from cookies but I also have two very cuddly dogs asleep on my leg what do I do about this 

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My Headcanon for Dewey, he's likes to talk and he will get his two cents in. Always gotta have the last word kind of person in a argument. Also he's smug, like remember when The short with Webby he came back just to show Webby he had the last cookie and ate it. like "hmm I could eat this cookie now but I'm gonna wait until Webby goes and get one and show her I'm eating it". I still love this kiddo though he's going to be a lot of fun

SOMEHOW, this reminds me of the very first episode of Ducktales. a thing he said to Dewey was “No Backtalk Dewey” 

if this gonna be canon in the reboot i’ll go nuts! by the look of the new stuff we’ve seen so far for the new reboot, Dewey’s most likely going to be the talkative one. so it is possible to see him playin with words :’D

and…, yess. i want to see him being savage over some ridiculous things that’ll be funny and adorable at the same time xD

  • Jack: I told George about us and she was really supportive. I knew I could always count on her and it's good to have another person on our side for this, it's all going really well. :)
  • Bitty: Oh, honey! I'm so happy and so glad it worked out! Now tell me *brings out a list* does she like pies? muffins? cookies?
  • Jack: Well, I know she likes your pies but-
  • Bitty: Wonderful but she's going to get GIFT BASKETS worth of baked treats BECAUSE I NEED TO SHOW MY APPRECIATION BECAUSE I'M SO HAPPY RIGHT NOW-
Hit with a sudden need for shidge

I just want more interaction between them.

  • Playing chess on Pidge’s laptop. There’s probably an Altean equivalent, but seeing the familiar black and white pieces on the digital checkered board is soothing for them for their own reasons.
  • Leaning on each other while working: Shiro with reports and Pidge with whatever she needs to do on her laptop.
  • Shiro helping Pidge train in fighting skilled combatants much larger than her.
  • Pidge doing maintenance and small upgrades on Shiro’s arm. Hunk could do it, too, but Pidge has more experience working with Galra technology.
  • Exchanging stories about their families. Shiro always offers up more about Sam and Matt on the mission than he does his own family, but Pidge keeps bugging him about the Shirogane’s because they can’t always talk about her family.
  • Shiro toting Pidge around on his back or shoulders. It makes her feel tall.
  • Working together to lay a sick burn on Lance when he’s being a little shit. And Hunk is just like “OOOHHHHHHH!!!!”
  • Pidge having to be bodily removed from the room by Shiro when she’s super pissed.
  • Shiro holding Pidge’s glasses when she’s about to enter a fight. “Go kick their ass. I got your glasses.”
  • Pidge sharing her stash of space peanut butter cookies with Shiro when they talk after a hard day.
  • Just Pidge and Shiro doing things together that make your heart melt.

EDIT: Now with a shippy sequel and a non-shippy third installment, but only if you’re interested.

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can I have a drabble for bellarke? "I baked gingerbread cookies and used the icing to spell out a message only you didn't see it before our friends found it and now everyone knows I'm pregnant"

a/n: this prompt is the cutest omg

Clarke painstakingly spreads the icing out on the cookies, her palms feeling sweaty as she works. 

This is a cute idea, stop freaking out, she tells herself. She saw it on Pinterest, as much as it makes her want to roll her eyes, but she’s convinced she’s going to win best girlfriend of the year award for this one.

She’s five weeks pregnant. She hasn’t told anyone yet because she wants to tell Bellamy first, because she knows how much he wants this. 

They’ve only been together a year, but were dancing around each other for months before that, and friends before that for even longer. Altogether, she’s known Bellamy for almost ten years. 

He’s always been a kid person. He volunteers at daycare centers when they’re short staffed, he goes to hospitals and volunteers in the children’s ward with the fire department when they have a few quiet days. All in all, he’s the perfect person to surprise with a pregnancy, because Clarke thinks there’s a good chance he’s going to cry.

It’s not like she wants him to cry, but – he’ll be happy. That’s what she wants. She doesn’t have to fret over his reaction, because she can almost see it. All she has to deal with is the anticipation. 

The doorbell ringing surprises her because she’s not expecting anyone, but figures it’s probably Octavia, or one of her neighbors down the hall. With the holiday season in full swing, she’s been on the receiving end of a ton of carolers in the building already, and has a basket full of baked goods from the older women who live upstairs.

Pulling open the door, she smiles when she sees Monty and Miller, and their little daughter, Quinn, gripping Miller’s hand, her hair braided away from her face and a red dot on her nose. “Clarke, I’m Rudolph!” She exclaims, and Monty grins at her.

“She wanted to come see you guys when she realized we were in the neighborhood.” 

Clarke invites them in and then crouches down so she’s eye level with Quinn, and helps her take off her coat. “Is Santa going to bring you something good this year?” She asks, and the little girl’s eyes light up.

“Daddy said if I’m good then he’ll bring me whatever I ask for.” 

“You shouldn’t have any problems then!” Clarke says. 

“We won’t stay long, just wanted to say hi.” Miller says, but Clarke waves him off.

“Stop. You can stay for dinner. Bell should be home soon.” 

Clarke heads back to the kitchen to get everyone drinks and then they head out to the living room to chat before Bellamy comes home. He arrives within the hour and although he looks tired, his face completely changes when he sees Quinn. 

“Hey, munchkin.” He says before picking her up, tickling her sides affectionately. Clarke starts to feel her emotions getting the best of her and can’t help her mind straying to a little boy or girl with Bellamy’s curls and freckles. 

“Clarke, I’m going to grab another water.” Monty tells her, and she nods absentmindedly as she watches Bellamy interact with the little girl, and then her heart nearly stops when she hears Monty’s half-shriek from the kitchen.

The cookies

“I knew it!” He shouts, and Bellamy is in the kitchen before she can say anything, and she’s left running after him, trying to tug him back towards the living room by the back of his shirt. 

When she gets into the room, Quinn is sitting on the counter, Bellamy’s hand on her back keeping her where she is, and he’s staring dazedly at the platter of cookies sitting there, probably dry now. 

“Holy crap,” Miller says under his breath, and Clarke winces when Bellamy turns to look at her, his eyes a little wild.


She smiles shakily. “Surprise?” 

It’s quiet for a minute, and then Quinn pipes up. “Can I eat one of those?” 

Miller snorts and Monty chuckles, and then Clarke and Bellamy are laughing too, though they only seem to have eyes for each other. 

Later, after the Green-Miller family have gone home, Bellamy sits down next to Clarke on the couch, taking one of her hands in his own, rubbing his thumb over her bare ring finger. 

“I should fix that.” He tells her gently, his voice deep and raspy. 

“Only if you want to.” 

“We’re having a baby.” He tells her, and she looks up, smiling.

“Yeah, we are. Is that okay with you?” 

He laughs. “Are you kidding? Clarke, I’m–” He cuts himself off, breathless. “If you make me cry over a plate of cookies I’m going to be so pissed off.”

Clarke grins, moving out of his reach before re-settling herself in his lap, her knees on either side of his. “I wasn’t trying to make you cry, but it would be a bonus, I’m not going to lie.” 

He shakes his head. “You’re terrible.” 

“I’m the mother of your child.” Clarke says haughtily. 

“Yeah.” Bellamy eyes are so, so soft. “You are.” 

He kisses her then, and she can feel him grinning against her mouth. “Gingerbread cookies.” He mutters when they break apart, shaking his head. “Unbelievable.” 

“Shut up.” 

send me prompts for my holiday fic fest!

Random starters part 1
  • "Okay slight change of plans. We're gonna have to eat all these cookies right now- DONT ASK JUST DO IT!"
  • "Your boobs are really soft.."
  • "I'm not seeing this movie unless you smuggle me an entire 2 liter bottle of root beer."
  • "If i don't win this teddy bear I'm taking the dude behind the counter instead."
  • "Holding your breath so I'll do what you say isn't gonna work on me."
  • "Dude you're such a butt right now."
  • "I'm going back to sleep but I swear if I wake up and there's a dick drawn on my forehead you aren't allowed to sleep in my bed anymore."
  • "You're a queen potato"
  • "Since when did you start listening to country?"
  • "If we get married you're killing the spiders and opening the jars."
Kidnapped-Edition {Sentence Starters}
  • "Were you hired to do this?"
  • "Please, just let me go!"
  • "The second I untie this, I'll kick your butt, myself!"
  • "Tell me where I am, right now!"
  • "So you're just going to tie me up and leave me here?!"
  • "What do you want with me?"
  • "So what are we supposed to do now? Just wait for them to find me?"
  • "You can't keep me here!"
  • "They'll pay you anything you want!"
  • "You'd better let me go right now!"
  • "Who put you up to this?"
  • "Where am I?! Why am I here?!"
  • "I'm going to keep screaming until you let me go!"
  • "Just you wait until ____ finds out about this!"
  • "My other kidnappers gave me cookies."
  • "How long do I have to stay here?"
  • "Please, just let me go home!"
Seventeen as shit my parents have told me
  • S.Coups: when I was your age I used to sneak away at night with my friends to the forest to drink vodka not stay at home with my nose in the computer!
  • Jeonghan:'re going to wear THAT to school?
  • Me: what? it's a cute dress!
  • Jeonghan: no. No it's fucking not. go change. NOW.
  • Joshua: I'm getting you a cross, cause sweety you need help, and God may be the only one who can help you at this point.
  • Jun: So, how's your sex life?
  • Me: .....I've never even had a boyfriend/girlfriend yet.
  • //btw this was my dad... //
  • Wonwoo: go read a book and do something with your life.
  • Woozi: I don't care if your taller than me , you still have to obey me when you live under my roof !
  • DK: come on~ don't be so grumpy~ it was only the entire pack of cookies you bought for yourself~
  • The8: yeaaaa... Sureeee... It TOTALLY looks adorable on you... No I'm not buying it for you.
  • Mingyu: can you cook? No? So shut up and eat what I make.
  • Seungkwan: I'm going to borrow your sweater that I'm never going to return cause it suits me much better than you....
  • Vernon: whaaaat~? It's not my fault your butt's so slapable~
  • Dino: what's swag? And why does it sound so sexual?