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And finally, that Amarantha portrait :)

ACOTAR series by Sarah J Mass

12/05 is Akaashi’s Birthday!

My time is completely consumed by university and taking care of myself. A while back I did this for the @kissing-booth-zine that’s been on hold for a while now. I took my chance and share the piece for Akaashi’s bday :3

Things I adore about Wonho
  • He has the most loveliest smile x x x x x x x x
  • He can’t stay still, he always has to be playing with something or moving his legs x x x
  • I don’t understand how he can be so adorable and yet incredibly sexy x x x x x x
  • Ramyun!
  • The way he runs is so cute x x 
  • Dark hair Wonho is seriously a blessing omg x x x
  • Okay but I live for how happy and proud he looked when they performed How About U, it seriously warmed my heart x x x x x
  • His rapping got Changkyun and Jooheon SHOOK x x
  • LISTEN he has got to have the most beautiful eyes I’ve ever seen x x x x
  • Don’t even get me started on his fashion sense, I love how he dresses so much damn x x x x x x
  • He is the true king of fan service x
  • He does late night walks and runs and he catches pokemon and plays with rabbits and he is so cute god x
  • He is so adorable when he wakes up or when he’s tired x x
  • He is actually a child you honestly wouldn’t know he’s the second oldest member x x x
  • That one time he got excited to see the beach he shouted so hard he almost deafened Kihyun x
  • He has a beautiful singing voice, I could make an entire post on how beautiful his voice is BUT like his speaking voice? Idk there is something about the tone of his voice when he speaks that is so nice to hear x x
  • He has the most precious laugh ever x
  • We all know he’s probably the most sensitive member but the way he cares for them in his own way is so special x x x
  • His solo dance in Stuck PLEASE
  • Yo grape juice.x
  • He is the king of cheese, literally most of what comes out of his mouth is cheesy af but the way he loves Monbebe is so cute x
  • Okay him + chokers = absolute sexiness, but THIS x
  • I love his tattoos and the idea behind them, the ones on his thigh and feet anyway since I have no idea what his butt tattoo is x
  • He has an unhealthy obsession with Changkyun’s butt, actually his relationship with Changkyun in general is amazing x x x x
  • His opening dance for KCON LA omg x
  • Once thought it’d be a good idea to put his choker on a stuffed toy and proceeded to pretend to walk it idk x
  • This outfit x x
  • It’s amazing how him and Kihyun are always together in the studio, all the way from the No Mercy days x
  • He invented suits I swear x x
  • Idk who keeps giving him toys in fansigns x
  • One of the most important things to consider is that he’s not had it easy, and I’m not even gonna link the No Mercy interview because it’s too sad for me to watch, but the fact that he made it into the group with hard work and perseverance and is just such a happy and positive person despite everything is so amazing to me. He’s a literal bundle of joy and I’ll remain forever grateful that he made it into Monsta X.

Unless you are a lawyer, it will probably strike you as odd that Count Olaf’s plan was defeated by Violet signing with her left hand instead of her right. But the law is an odd thing. For instance, one country in Europe has a law that requires all its bakers to sell bread at the exact same price. A certain island has a law that forbids anyone from removing its fruit. And a town not too far from where you live has a law that bars me from coming within five miles of its borders. Had Violet signed the marriage contract with her right hand, the law would have made her a miserable countess, but because she signed it with her left, she remained, to her relief, a miserable orphan.

lifemadeoflies  asked:

I love your blog omg I always come here after every ep to read your opinions. One of my favourite scenes in the whole series was in 7x04 when caleb was talking to spencer on the other side of the door. I was so heartbroken honestly that scene never fails to make me cry. I feel I'm in the minority who actually liked Spaleb, I thought they were actually so cute together. Can't wait for the finale, luckily they missed a week so now the finale wont be during my exams but the day after they finish x

I love that scene too. I feel like people keep telling themselves that “PLL isn’t as good as it used to be” so they don’t allow themselves to the amazingness behind that scene. Unless, of course, they just genuinely didn’t like it for what it was, and not because of mental comparisons, which is fine.

Yeah I think you are in the minority in regards to Spaleb. That’s not a bad thing at all, because it’s not like minority = bad and majority = good. It’s all opinion based. While I think less people share your opinion, it’s equally as valid obviously. Heck even if you’re literally the only one out of the millions of fans (unlikely but hypothetically), your opinion is still valid.

I think the reason the majority didn’t like Spaleb is because instantly we all knew it wouldn’t last. No good writer will spend 6 years building up Haleb and Spoby, only to introduce Spaleb in the final year and have that be endgame. It just isn’t a logical choice to make your fans fall in love with couples for 6 years and then change it in the final year. I could never take Spaleb seriously. I always knew that the writers were doing it just to switch things up… just for the sake of saying “season 7 is different”. And also the final outcome was heartbreaking; Hanna screwed over Spencer so bad. Not intentionally, but nonetheless, she did. She let Spencer fall in love with him only to take him away for herself. Again I know Hanna never intentionally hurt Spencer, because actually she thought she was doing Spencer a favour by saying “go for it” but at the end of the day Spencer’s heart was broken and I hated seeing that, especially since it came from her best friend. I just didn’t enjoy Spaleb but each to their own! I really enjoy them being civil now. “I like how easy that was” was really nice to see between them.

I know right, same. That week off made all the difference for me in terms of my exam schedule. So excited too!

So my dear friend wrote me a really cool thing, and since I couldn’t sleep very well last night, I drew some of it…(and then added the last doodle, which took way too long to be a doodle OTL )

Fairytale AU where Reigen is a charlatan who (not so) accidentally adopted a fairy changeling, Mob. :)

zannereid27  asked:

Hello fellow Captain Swan shipmate, I would just like to let you know I watched all three seasons of z nation in the last two weeks twice and it's all because of you. Like I really like that show which is a big surprise that I'm not a fan of the zombies genre at all. And I'm going crazy cause I don't know when season fourth coming back with the film anybody else in the fandom. help please!!!

It’s quite addicting, isn’t it?

When I first discovered it on Netflix a couple of years ago, I think I was in withdrawl from iZombie, so I figured I’d give it a shot. After I finished the first season, I was like, 

Then season 2 eventually came out on Netflix, and I was like, “Oh, cool! I need to see what happens now.” By the end, this was me:

Then when season 3 came on Netflix, I binged the hell out of that shit, and now I’m pretty much in a perpetual state of:


because no one else I know watches Z Nation in real life, and I have no one to discuss it with.

From what I’ve read regarding the season 4 renewal, the show will probably premiere again in September or October, but that is soooooo far away right now, and I need my fix, so I’m probably going to binge the whole series AGAIN just as soon as I finish these fic chapters I’ve been working on.

I feel your pain, I really do! So feel free to send me Asks, PMs, whatever, if you want to discuss, rant, squee, or theorize. I need people to obsess over this show with, too!!!


North & South;an instrumental playlist for Margaret Hale and John Thornton

   ‘You look as if you thought it tainted you to be loved by me. You cannot avoid it. Nay, I, if I would, cannot cleanse you from it. But I would not, if I could. I have never loved any woman before: my life has been too busy, my thoughts too much absorbed with other things. Now I love, and will love. But do not be afraid of too much expression on my part.’
   'I am not afraid,’ she replied, lifting herself straight up. ‘No one yet has ever dared to be impertinent to me, and no one ever shall.’

{ listen }

anonymous asked:

Hey I'm a bit bummed by the revival... Do you have any literati fic recs? They don't have to be fix-it fics just any fics ;)

Yes! Of course! These are all post-series because that’s what I feel like reading right now so I assume you do too lol. My post-series canon is basically some combination of these.

  • your hair was long when we first met - quidhitch (this one is short and post-revival based but i read it last night and it made me feel a little better, even if i’m not into the whole step-dad premise)
  • the finish line’s a good place we could start - missgoalie75 (based on the revival a little bit. much better than the revival and published before it was released.)
  • chiaroscuro - lady_slytherin (not at all revival-centric but based post-series. one of the most beautiful fics i’ve ever read)
  • fall is for funerals and vonnegut -  enserio (this one was written before the revival came out and after it was announced but it’s based on the idea of the revival. it’s basically the ideal resolution. 10/10 would recommend)
  • across the world - once-was-serendipity (pretty long but worth it. not involved with the revival whatsoever. a lot of angst (arguably too much but i digress). i know this is a lot of people’s favorite.)
  • a different kind of freedom - kyrene3 (really good. really in character. not revival based but super cute with a good resolution.)
  • forced conscious expansion - missgoalie75 (not really post-series. more au where they never met in season 6 but still it’s really good and i think it satisfies the same alternate ending need. also i’ll take any opportunity to plug kris)

Here is another list that’s slightly more inclusive, and here is my fic rec tag. Go nuts.



Let’s all celebrate Yamato&Sora’s 13th Anniversary, ok? OK.

This took a while to finish, :’D but now I’m free to slave over other things. Yay~~~

And, why yes, they’re wearing their respective christmas’ presents.

  • me: I'll finish writing up my theories based on Series 3 sometime soon.
  • also me: I'll finish before they film the special.
  • still me: I'll finish before the special airs.
  • me again: Before they start filming Series 4.
  • meeee: If I try hard, maybe I can finish writing up the main points before they finish filming the first episode.
  • me: Dammit.
  • brain: By the way, now I have a new Series 2 theory.

Bernie Wolfe Appreciation, day 18

S18 E48 Brave New World: The moment she starts putting it into words with “I can see how uncomfortable the whole thing is making you,” my heart just turns over in my chest because you can see where this is headed. 

This whole scene is Bernie trying to take away all of the discomfort she’s seen Serena suffer throughout the day. It’s her trying to smooth things out in the kindest way she knows how. From her saying she kissed her because she wanted to, to toasting their “undeniable sexual chemistry” and saying:  “I think it’s wise?” with the little lilt at the end. It’s all aimed at making Serena feel okay about it, or as okay as possible.

There are definitely things Bernie could have done differently here, such as ask Serena what she wants, but her actions stem from her care for Serena and I think that is a wonderful thing.

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