now i'm finished with this series too

And finally, that Amarantha portrait :)

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Hi I just finished rereading the Night Angel trilogy and you're the only person on Tumblr that I follow that's read it too, and it's my favorite book series ever ever, and I'm full of all the feelings so I thought I'd pop by and say hello. Also I'm an INFJ! My name's Kira :)

Oh my god. Hello, Kira! I’m Zehra and I nearly got a stroke while reading your message because NAT are such great books but nearly no one knows them. Would you like to tell me what you think about them?? I haven’t re-read the books since 2k13 but they’re still my fav books and got me into reading and everyone who has read them is automatical my friend. 

( btw feel free to send me your next message as PN if you want and if that is easier for you )

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So my dear friend wrote me a really cool thing, and since I couldn’t sleep very well last night, I drew some of it…(and then added the last doodle, which took way too long to be a doodle OTL )

Fairytale AU where Reigen is a charlatan who (not so) accidentally adopted a fairy changeling, Mob. :)



Let’s all celebrate Yamato&Sora’s 13th Anniversary, ok? OK.

This took a while to finish, :’D but now I’m free to slave over other things. Yay~~~

And, why yes, they’re wearing their respective christmas’ presents.

  • me: I'll finish writing up my theories based on Series 3 sometime soon.
  • also me: I'll finish before they film the special.
  • still me: I'll finish before the special airs.
  • me again: Before they start filming Series 4.
  • meeee: If I try hard, maybe I can finish writing up the main points before they finish filming the first episode.
  • me: Dammit.
  • brain: By the way, now I have a new Series 2 theory.